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  1. hi Selling my lodestar autoguider as dont get the time to make use of it. Originally bought new from FLO and comes pretty much as good as new, stored indoors in case and only used around five times. Comes with all original parts. Price is £345 including delivery to mainland UK places. Alternatively collection from surrey area. regards Jamie
  2. jam1e1

    Say hi and plan a meet up!

    hi Stu640 good to see some people local too! will be good to catch up / meet with everyone soon - hoping for some clear nights ! Once got some clear nights ahead will suggest a couple of dates, Ranmore common is nearest semi dark place im familiar with so suggest that as a starter
  3. jam1e1

    Say hi and plan a meet up!

    Near junction 8 of m25 Stu - good for travel!
  4. jam1e1

    Iridium Flashes no more....

    ...a couple less streaks on my allskycamera video frames then! i like the iridium flares personally, set skysafari to notify when head over. ive seen quite a few other flashes from other satellites, assume iridium are the brightest?
  5. jam1e1

    Say hi and plan a meet up!

    hi Stu Bignor is good - been there once but over 2 years ago - not for a while! Hoping to get there again soonish again. Normally head to Ranmore, if its looking good can plan to head there - though weather not holding out too well at moment! Likewise if can get in a session would be good. Jamie
  6. hi all Been a while since a meet up has been organised! Would be good see who is about (all welcome) and then arrange a meet up, so please drop a note to say hi if you are up for a meet up soon. Weather this week not looking great so will keep an eye out, hopefully sometime next week if weather improves! Jamie
  7. jam1e1

    Action required to move to new 'Clubs' location

    will start a new topic - been a while! Jamie
  8. jam1e1

    Persieds Last night (Friday)

    got up around 320am ish to watch, saw quite a few and a couple of really good ones. Captured some also using the all sky camera (posted a couple in this thread if interested:) Jamie
  9. Couple from me, 15 secs using Oculus all sky camera got up to watch a few around 320-4am, saw few more than the camera captured, was a great sight, felt like there was around 1 every couple of minutes. Cloud here all tonight hence why got up this morning! Jamie
  10. jam1e1

    Unusual Object ...... Any ideas ??

    hi Sean Also caught some pairs similar to yours last night, at 2.20 and 3.36 am, see below at 15sec exposures: 2.20 in bottom right 3.36 top middle Seen this a couple of times before, could be satellite pairs Jamie
  11. jam1e1

    SW 150ED

    regarding the ST2 - i use EQ5 legs and ST2 with APM 150ED on it no issues, you need to get balance right but once positioned your set for the night .....as I type just looked out and seen the ISS go past -wish I had got my scope out earlier!!
  12. jam1e1

    Action required to move to new 'Clubs' location

    hi move to new area , will give it a go to get something going in September when darker
  13. jam1e1

    Solar and video astronomy

    hi Sara so i had a problem with my Lunt 50 a while back, Lunt did take a number of days in my experience to reply initially , however, they did fix my issue FoC and quickly once responded.....not ideal but give them 3-5 business days they do get back eventually.... ive since upgraded to lunt 60PT they are superb, as Stu Zakalwe says once get the views going its a great piece of kit.....similarly i find the views take a couple of minutes for eyes/brain to adjust and features start to pop out
  14. hi just saw a very fast moving object that may have been space junk / satellite, i only caught sight as it passed about 15 degrees west of arcturus, traveled diagonally down about 20 degrees west of jupiter - what was abnormal was 1) the speed much faster than seen a satellite before, only took around 10 seconds 2) it flared up really bright 3 times slightly erratically each time around mag 2.5 to mag -1, then faded to about mag 4 as went to horizon, time was about 10.46pm tonight and location near gatwick - anyone else see this? Not sure what was, my guess is could be space junk? Couldnt find on sky safari - measurements above are rough estimates!
  15. jam1e1

    Beware SkyTee 2 Mount

    one thing ive found really important to consider with ST2 and suggest consider as caution is 'side direction' of mounting the top puck and scope - what i mean is that the top puck mount has come loose on mine from mounting in direction that the thread unscrews even with bolt tightened. Reason being the weight of any attachment can cause the thread to loosen against the mount head, causing whole assembly to slip. i.e. safe mounting - weight plays into anticlockwise direction of thread tightening: unsafe mounting - weight plays into clockwise direction of thread loosening: Personally i wouldn't mount anything more than 3-4kg on it regardless so agree with Johns previous assessment. Hope make sense, thought worth raising given previous points raised Note as for side puck, ive had no issue mounting 12" newt on it with combined weight on puck of ~17kg or so loaded (OTA/rings/EP/Finder), in addition on the counterweight side 2x5kg weights , so 27kg total, id say that is at maximum end - vibrations damp relatively quickly. Jamie

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