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  1. thanks ill do same- so it was literally as brutal as that!!! ive never had issue before as never left mine out in rain until recently........i take down and put up each night used....planning on doing a semi perm fixing to house to make it easier. My only small concern is potential water ingress or longer term if don't have heater on every night...hope it works out ok, mine will have similar treatment soon!
  2. thanks that would be great - just dont want to drill wrong place and end up ruining it
  3. i cant answer directly, however be aware on my OO when i adjusted the mirror cell holding/collimation screws it affected the depth i had to put my paracorr in and therefore come to focus - point being you may need extension tube or hope that focus point will match.
  4. I did a brief review on my OO 12" F4 when bought new from OO. Optically its superb and the star colours really come out well and sharp on a good night of seeing with paracorr across most of FoV. I got the 1/10 mirror and performs very well, feels a step up from skywatcher in terms of optics and focuser, owned both 8" and 10" before. However, i had some minor mechanical issues. 1) when unboxed there was a fragment or two of broken glass, however never determined where it came from and mirror appear fine so let that one pass ( i fed back to them). 2) The primary mirror moved slightly when passed over vertical hence lost collimation- cut a long story short i had to disassemble scope and found out the collimation / adjustment screws on primary were never quite adjusted correctly, fixed myself and now solid holding and recollimated fine. 3) the focuser 'broke' the other day(after about 2 years of owning), in summary the 10-1 focuser lost all grip, had to take focuser apart and found a screw had some how come loose, now fixed. Scope is back in working order. Had i been less DIY capable would have posed a frustrating experience, however managed to fix so all good. 4) the scope ring tighteners are quite small and on a cold night really hard to properly tighten if fingers cold hence couple of times ive had scope slightly slip though not too big of deal. 5) the dovetail is not very long at all c 8 inch roughly hence not much play to move up/down to get EP in good position if using non dob mount - you can buy bigger adapter but they quoted me c£150 for adapter to get longer dovetail. Overall, optically I love it, QA could do with some work and mechanically there are improvements to be made. Keep in mind SW were not flawless, but price a lot lower given economy of scale. Would I buy again .............Yes if got a good discount (i.e from a show where they tend to give discount e.g. astrofest) tried to keep it factual as possible, hope that helps. J
  5. my three are: 1) seeing Saturn through 8" newt for first time - rings and colour really stood out and felt unreal 2) seeing Bodes nebula from a darker site (M82) - subtle banding structure in the galaxy was a notable step up from light polluted views 3) seeing a number of meteors burn up , some so fast literally covered the sky in a split second , other slow burning with hints of yellow / blue for couple of seconds. once once broke up where it 'appeared' to be nearby and it was like glitter from a firework falling from the sky other memorable events include seeing Jupiter through newt for the first time and wondering what all the dots surrounding it were and thinking my scope was broken - not realising they were the moons! Seeing veil though oiii filter from a slightly darker site than home, amazed at the difference it made. Solar flares through lunt60......the list could go on
  6. Glad to hear - would you mind sharing a picture of the part, as I had exactly the same issue other night - reason not seen before is because ive not had out in rain previously, thought mine had leaked at first!
  7. Looks great Adam - think im going to get a similar setup as next project. Have you experimented with different FoVs? i.e. some of the lenses are not fixed. Did you find the housing easy to construct? Plan is to build one camera setup ,then possible add two and plug both into same PC....however will plan for one and see how that turns out.
  8. thanks, just to add the software captures all frames then marks up ones if you select the identify function. I like the detail captured in your setup, been doing reading around on it and seen some people have 2-3 cameras set up due to limited FoV, hence more opportunity to capture meteors! starlight xpress oculus all sky camera https://www.sxccd.com/oculus-all-sky-camera given that its quite light polluted in my area pleased the level of detail it can capture
  9. was cloudy here....checked allskycam recording but couldnt see anything unfortunately
  10. Stu strangely enough i had exactly the same problem, although I did start from AZ set to north star accurately. I use a regulated 12v 10A supply on a RCD so dont think power was issue in my case. (Edit: just rechecked Im referring to AZEQ6...assumed it was same) Out of interest, do you align with encoders off then switch on? I left on whole time and wonder if that contributed. Also when i turned to park at home, it was off in alt by about 8 deg..... Next time going to try couple of adjustments: - align with encoders off, then turn on and sync to aligment stars - double check the two alignment stars are within spec as per manual (circa 90deg apart az, in alt circa 15deg separation and between 15-60 deg)
  11. ill be there on friday, booked 1st session talks although unfortunately rest seem sold out now
  12. depends if subs are 3s or 15s so far Ive always watched back as interesting to see all the 'action' in the skies - mostly planes unfortunately! I use Allskeye software that captures and it does have an auto find function, although havent tried it as yet. I use JPEGview to flick through png frames using mouse wheel, takes about 5-10mins depending how slow i go. there is also a video creation function that autogenerates a video which you can configure for FPS, hence the attached mini video
  13. good effort! i find my Oculus only captures the brighter meteors, whilst more FoV there is a trade off of sensitivity (if thats the right term!). I have thought about doing video setup too
  14. thanks for comments, been a while since caught something more unique, wish had shorter frames so could have had more detail!
  15. hi Been using the Allskycam to record nights where cloud free (rarity!), captured this via allsky camera on 31st Jan 19 circa 3.04am UK time, my best guess on this is a meteor or space debris burning up / exploding....reason I say this is there is what appears to be a smoke cloud after the white object appears. Subs are 15secs, have included a video and couple of frames (have original FIT files too if anyone interested). See video @27secs Welcome any views J meteor.mp4
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