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  1. Multimeter ok for voltage and current but won’t be able to detect noise or ripple in supply you’d need an oscilloscope, the noise can affect accuracy hence why worth ensuring a decent supply ( I found this out hence why changed supply)
  2. Have you considered power supply as this also makes a big difference ie if cheap version it can introduce error if noisy hence worth ensuring a decent supply with minimal noise and sufficient current. The supplies on Flo website are a great choice as switched to one myself after using a cheap eBay variant that didn’t work out
  3. this looks great! Assume its an 'upgrade' from the skytee2? At least thats what im thinking of replacing it with! Although i have an AZeq6 already...... a heavy duty manual mount would be great
  4. i think you've got the 180deg lens, i got the 150deg hence expect yours would be fainter as slightly 'slower' lens - though ill swap your skies for mine just been thru last nights captures, spotted a pair again in first capture and separately a flare from single satellite (suspected) in second, similar to yours. did a video of the pair too, but no flares on this run. pair.mp4
  5. here are 4 frames from a similar ish one , found sequence odd as one flared then second frame had 2x similar side by side but weaker and one in same place
  6. Looks like a pair that’s caught one half flare and other full satellite flare, ie similar orbit but one slightly ahead. I’ve noticed over over last couple of weeks where for a few nights a pair appear over different areas of sky , in one capture had equally similar slightly odd looking capture. I’ll post a few when get a chance and can dig them out. Normally they don’t flare and just see the light traces. In summary I’ve noticed similar. (Writing from phone hence brief explanation)
  7. Thanks yes it’s not the most prominent capture! Took me a few takes to find it, plan to raise it to a more permanent fixture so can capture more sky
  8. that's great only just saw this - your milky way is so much more prominent! i changed my lens to the 150deg one, as i have a lot of ground level things in way, also is slightly faster so should capture more stuff ps just realised your frames are 45s, ive gone for ~15s hence partly why my captures are 'dimmer'
  9. hi came home after a night out and by chance decided to setup the allskycamera as clear skies at 1am, looks like managed to capture the meteor that was reported in the news, although initially thought my capture was a plane. Really low in the horizon unfortunately, but happy managed to get it. Initially i reviewed footage this morning and didn't see it, although realised later i was looking at wrong part of sky then found it after second search! see top right of capture about 4 seconds in - video is 3FPS and captured at 5.51am this morning - luckily still was capturing as auto switched off at 5.54am! This was captured over around 5 frames. Direction of travel roughly SW. Jamie meteor 08092019.mp4
  10. looks like it most likely is the meteor after brief email with ukmeteor team
  11. Ive asked UKmeterornetwork team to help confirm/validate also - so not validated at the moment Just made the video, its in top right of capture from about 4 seconds, the direction of travel is roughly SW. Timestamps of frames is 5.51am and lasts about 5 seconds, which seems to align roughly with the video on ukmeteor network. ive made the video 3 frames per second. If it is validated ill start a new thread in imaging widefield with it (hope no issue posting here?) meteor potential.mp4
  12. i didnt see it but think i potentially have a capture, ill get the frames and share shortly - appreciate any help to validate if it is
  13. I use the ST2 with both an APM152 and 12" F4 Newt, not at same time, but only on side puck. I upgraded the puck to a longer one too as the manufacturers ones are insufficient in my opinion, think its the ADM one i upgraded to. Note with a frac suggest get the pillar too for viewing around zenith. It dampens relatively quickly and performs well for me - as per above comments yes there is room for improvement, but for a fair priced/performance setup does the job.
  14. thanks that's super really useful! im saving up for one camera setup to start with, likely go for 8mm too and see how i get on with that.
  15. Great captures! Got a few questions as looking to do similar setup to yours 1) how did u find best balance of Fov? 2) how much data roughly does it generate per night? 3) are the captures filtered down to just relevant meteor shots, or does it record whole video too? 4) would you mind sharing a picture of setup as want idea of how would look if did permanent setup?
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