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  1. jam1e1

    Action required to move to new 'Clubs' location

    hi move to new area , will give it a go to get something going in September when darker
  2. jam1e1

    Solar and video astronomy

    hi Sara so i had a problem with my Lunt 50 a while back, Lunt did take a number of days in my experience to reply initially , however, they did fix my issue FoC and quickly once responded.....not ideal but give them 3-5 business days they do get back eventually.... ive since upgraded to lunt 60PT they are superb, as Stu Zakalwe says once get the views going its a great piece of kit.....similarly i find the views take a couple of minutes for eyes/brain to adjust and features start to pop out
  3. hi just saw a very fast moving object that may have been space junk / satellite, i only caught sight as it passed about 15 degrees west of arcturus, traveled diagonally down about 20 degrees west of jupiter - what was abnormal was 1) the speed much faster than seen a satellite before, only took around 10 seconds 2) it flared up really bright 3 times slightly erratically each time around mag 2.5 to mag -1, then faded to about mag 4 as went to horizon, time was about 10.46pm tonight and location near gatwick - anyone else see this? Not sure what was, my guess is could be space junk? Couldnt find on sky safari - measurements above are rough estimates!
  4. jam1e1

    Beware SkyTee 2 Mount

    one thing ive found really important to consider with ST2 and suggest consider as caution is 'side direction' of mounting the top puck and scope - what i mean is that the top puck mount has come loose on mine from mounting in direction that the thread unscrews even with bolt tightened. Reason being the weight of any attachment can cause the thread to loosen against the mount head, causing whole assembly to slip. i.e. safe mounting - weight plays into anticlockwise direction of thread tightening: unsafe mounting - weight plays into clockwise direction of thread loosening: Personally i wouldn't mount anything more than 3-4kg on it regardless so agree with Johns previous assessment. Hope make sense, thought worth raising given previous points raised Note as for side puck, ive had no issue mounting 12" newt on it with combined weight on puck of ~17kg or so loaded (OTA/rings/EP/Finder), in addition on the counterweight side 2x5kg weights , so 27kg total, id say that is at maximum end - vibrations damp relatively quickly. Jamie
  5. jam1e1

    Orion Optics UK ODK12

    personally i wouldn't worry - ive bought from them also, whilst there are stories out there, if something goes wrong they do respond, also they did respond to queries around delivery. Still got mine and my most used scope, very pleased with it (OO12" newt F4) jamie
  6. here is a 2 min video from 11th May - loads of satellites / space junk /planes etc all night - in fact i cant always determine which are meteors now! interestingly there are also occasional 'tumbling type' satellites which flash intermittently - all sorts of stuff to add to our captures mainly interested in meteorites/fireballs though the latter are rare, caught one in about 9 months! (fireball not in this video note) 11th may.mp4 (circa 118mb ) Captured using StarlightXpress All sky cam via FLO - swapped from 180deg to 150deg lens recently due to limited horizon, though bonus of slightly faster lens captures more objects
  7. jam1e1

    FLO & GDPR

    great point James - ive seen a couple that i'm sure I never subscribed to....makes more sense now!
  8. jam1e1

    FLO & GDPR

    FLO is the only one I have actually resubscribed to out of 15ish so far....
  9. nice post some pics when you get it. i was considering one of those, although went for OO12" F4 - mirrors are excellent and focuser is good you wont be disappointed
  10. jam1e1

    Sky Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT

    hi some answers to above: >Has the revised software been released for increased alt az GOTO accuracy yet & is it proven better? To be fair its pretty accurate as standard - i get accurate to objects being in view or near centre of 12mm EP in 1200mm focal length scope. Routine that works for me is follow the guidance in manual ie if doing 2 star alignment keep them in 30-60ish alt range and roughly 120 az apart (dont quote me but exact specs are in manual). Once aligned to two stars, sync encoders on both 1st and second stars. Providing follow that and use decent power supply it meets my visual needs. >Can you back up the Synscan data if updating causes a crash or wipeout. Is a CD/DVD ROM provided? Not that no of...never had need to > What slow motion manual control features are there & can cables be used? None if mean manual 'push' adjustment, i cant see it easily being used manually by half locking clutch - my guess is it would probably wear it out. Given Ive got ST2 too and AZ6GT and mount same scopes on both with no issue, suggest use ST2 for manual. (scopes are 12" Newt F4 and APM150ED frac) hope that helps Jamie
  11. jam1e1

    Make or Break

    suggest to ask them to come out to investigate and fit a light shroud to narrow down the light spill - worked for me where used to live
  12. thanks Stu got you....ah i see you need to buy the wifi adapter too....if didnt need two devices i'd have bought too!
  13. i may have missed the point here - why would you want to run the Synscan app too -i.e. what benefit or feature does it give? asking as ive been using SS6 with synscan handset which works well so far..... thx Jamie
  14. hi i use the SkyTee2 with pillar and apm152 scope (1200mm) and works well! think this is slightly shorter than above but may be heavier - either way cannot go wrong with this mount. Just note the payload of top loading puck is much less than side puck! (couple kgs at best, else will slip) cheers Jamie
  15. Good plan! If not helicopter / plane, at a guess could be something burning up on reentry to earth ie space junk? It looks like a cross between plane/ meteor but at same time neither certainly one or other

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