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  1. ISS lunar transit on 22nd March Taken with a Sony A7sIII and a 135mm lens for the tracking video and a Nikon P1000 for the transit.
  2. The polarscope is rotatable you can have the RA axis at any position you like to do the polar alignment.
  3. Undoubtedly the 1999 solar eclipse which I witnessed from northern France but just to be different videoing a spectacular pass of the dragon capsule CRS-18 over the UK back in July 2019. The capsule, second stage and two tumbling solar panel covers rose quickly up travelling across the sky much faster than the ISS. It was amazing watching multiple electric blue thruster firings expand into space as it went overhead applying course corrections, all to soon it faded rapidly as it encountered the earth’s shadow, but it was a fantastic sight. Mel
  4. I also noticed someone on The CN forum managed to buy one off the shelf. I'm order number 10019 fully paid up 14 months and haven’t heard a peep from Astrotrac, very disappointed in their loyalty in that they are not prioritising those of us that funded the research and development of this mount. The good news is the mount is out there and we should get them soon.
  5. Just seen this thread, I managed to get a nice shot of it as well.
  6. Thanks I’ll check mine when it arrives on Monday
  7. Do you mean like this? I may be selling the bracket that holds the 183c camera soon as I’ve decided to go back to Atik cameras. Mel
  8. I used to have some very nice Leica ultravid 8x32's which I bought secondhand and used for about five years and sold them for almost what I paid for them. If you can afforded it good preowned optics will hold their value, I made the mistake of looking through some Swarovski 8.5 x 42 Swarovisions and then nothing else would do Mel
  9. I was using a tripod with a video head on it.
  10. I was using my Sony A7s with a canon 200mm F2.8 lens 1/15 @51,200 iso
  11. Yes, this is the third time I've managed to capture a Dragon spacecraft with RCS jets firing, we have to have a favourable ISS pass timed with the sun being not too low below the horizon so that the craft is not illuminated and most crucially of all a clear sky, I've missed a few due to bad weather. This is by far the best capture I've managed, several people have mentioned the thruster firings were easily visible in binoculars.
  12. After watching the launch for Cape Canaveral I knew CRS-18 would pass over the UK as the ISS had done an overhead pass only 30 minutes earlier, the only doubt was if the cloud cleared and it would be high enough to be illuminated by sunlight. Well it was spectacular, the RCS thrusters we’re pushing out circular plumes of glowing blue gas as the course corrections fired as the Dragon capsule, second stage and the two tumbling side shrouds passed over. If you look very carefully there are two or three pinpoints of light behind and to the left, any ideas as to what these might be? All to quickly it moved into the earths shadow and faded from view but ai was still able to track it for a short while. Mel
  13. OK as requested here is a TIFF version from the raw file of a full frame shot through my Redcat 51, taken with a SonyA7s @1600iso 15 seconds exposure. Yes its not perfect but I think its more than acceptable for the price of the lens, I've overlaid crops for smaller camera's, the red line is APS-C, the yellow line Micro 4/3 and the green line for my Atik One 6.0 which is what the lens will primarily be used for. Redcat Tiff.tif
  14. I think the Redcat is performing very satisfactorily, whilst it’s not up to the quality of my FSQ85 it only cost a fifth of the price. This was a single fifteen second exposure on a not very transparent night so I think some of the random shapes are down to the atmosphere as much as jpeg artefacts also it was shot at 3200iso, I do realise the left hand edge is inferior but this will not be a problem when used with my CCD and CMOS cameras. When I get the time I'll convert the raw file or maybe the one I shot at 1600iso, I posted the brighter shot to show how good the vignetting was for this lens, it’s better than my Takahashi in that regard. A daylight comparison with my Canon 300mm F4 L lens showed it matched that for performance, maybe I’ll do a star test of them both together.
  15. Managed to get a test shot out of my Redcat this week, here is straight out of the camera jpeg from a full frame DSLR, the bright star at the centre is Deneb, I'm pretty well pleased with the result but just wonder how it compares to others? Thanks Mel
  16. They are getting very faint now, this is my latest video taken a couple of days ago and most of the satellites are mag 7 unless they’re flaring which will happen a lot less in winter, the faintest stars in the video are about mag 10.
  17. Video of the SpaceX second stage carrying the first 60 Starlink Satellites passing over Oxfordshire 22 minutes after launching from Cape Canaveral this morning. Plenty of course corrections going on from the reaction jets. It passed directly overhead so I lost sight of it as I repositioned the tripod. Look out for the small dot following it which must be the fairing , it’s well below the spacecraft as after it passes overhead and is going away from me it then appears to be ahead of the spacecraft. It was magical to watch and sorry about the heavy breathing on the audio
  18. I use this mount for my lens and the micro focuser works really well. http://www.astrokraken.fr/samyang-135mm-f-2-bracket-micro-focuser-a145773756
  19. Great news, my ieq45 is a fantastic mount but I've been eyeing up the CEM60 and the sexy new CEM40, any news of when that will be available?
  20. With camera lenses it’s fairly simple, set the lens to its infinity mark and take a shot if it’s in focus the spacing is correct, If the lens is at anything other than infinity you could have problems because moden lenses use internal floating elements that change their spacing for different distances. Wide angle lenses are particularly critical for this, I have the Sigma Art 14mm F1.8 which I use via a Sigma adapter on a Sony A7S and it works brilliantly, I initially was using a Commlite adapter and getting terrible coma so much so I thought I had a faulty lens (still showed it at F8) after contacting Sigma they of course suggested using their adapter which cost £130, I was sceptical because both are just tubes with no optics but it cured the problem. I measured the tubes to see what the difference was between them, 0.2mm
  21. It wasn’t brought by the postman but it’s a new addition from Astrofest last Friday, a shiny new ZWOASI183mc camera, lens mount and mini guider ?
  22. Has to be Swarovski Swarovision 8.5 x 42's ultra sharp right to the field stop, I made the mistake of looking through a pair and five minutes later I'd bought them ?
  23. I’ve heard the first production units will start to become available Dec / Jan but there should be an update with photo's of it in use appearing very soon.
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