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  1. Looks like you have a good start anyway! I would have to agree with steppenwolf about the filter. I had a CLS-CCD clip in for my DSLR and I thought it only made things a lot worse. The other thing you might try is to use more but shorter exposures since your uncooled camera builds up quite a lot of heat noise. I don´t mean like really short but maybe 2-minute subs instead of 5-minute ones. Especially for such a bright target. My experience is that when you hit about 80 subs it really starts to bring the noise down with DSLR images.
  2. Thank you! It is very evident in the full size and uncropped image I´m afraid...
  3. While struggling to sort out spacing and tilt issues I might as well gather some data while testing This was captured during this week since we had several clear nights. Bubble nebula (NGC 7635) and Lobster Claw nebula (SH 2-157) with the ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool and TS Photoline 80 f/6 with 0.79x reducer/flattener. 78*5 min Baader 8nm S2 73*5 min Astrodon 3nm O3 70*5 min Astrodon 3nm Ha
  4. I am fighting those issues for sure, but the power of cropping and resizing is not to be underestimated! Your are right about the selective sharpening. I use an extra layer in Photoshop, filtered with high pass filter and blend mode of the layer set to soft light. Then I add a layer mask and only apply it gently to the dark structures.
  5. Oh wow... can´t see that one from where I live. Thanks for showing it to me in such a beautiful way!
  6. You´ve got some great detail in there and the colours look right to me! O3 is a pain in the... if you don´t have enough data I often find myself collecting as much O3 as the Ha and S2 combined and still feel it´s way to noisy.
  7. Running some test now with 5mm less spacing than what TS states is correct. Just a few test shots but so far it looks better!
  8. That´s very interesting! I don´t know if I´m brave enough to try it but I will be sure to look into that some more!
  9. OK, I haven´t had a chance to do much RGB imaging with this scope yet. But I will look into that. I might reduce the spacing by quite a lot just to see the effect it has...
  10. I´m still working on sorting out possible tilt and other issues with my TS Photoline 80 f/6 APO. I´ve experimented a bit with backfokus distance (from 122 to 125mm). Ackording to TS the flattener (TS 2" flattener, no reducer) is supposed to be at 123mm from the sensor. I don´t see much difference when altering the distance a few millimeters. However, I´m starting to wonder whether this is tilt, spacing or something else. The "flaring" of stars in the corners does not indicate wrong spacing, does it? Changing the focus in and out makes the stars a bit better but not perfect. What kind of
  11. Finally got started for the season and had a few nice nights in mid august. Still fighting some problems with spacing and/or tilt but I think it turned out all right anyway. I have two suspects and don´t quite know how to identify the culprit Either the TS 2" flattener is not that good or I have focuser tilt. I think. The search will continue. Rotating the camera 90 degrees gave deformed stars in the same corners as before rotating... so that might indicate what? The flattener since it rotated with the camera? Anyway, hope you like the image. IC1318, Gamma Cygni Nebula. Ha: 41*5 min
  12. ...and there I´m lost again just when I thought I had it down
  13. Help me out here guys... let´s say I have a flattener that needs 123mm spacing and I solve that with spacers, filter wheel etc. Then I add my filters, for example a 3mm Astrodon filter. I understand that this affects the spacing by approximately 1mm. BUT... does the filter add 1mm spacing or does it require me to add an extra 1mm? Two alternatives here to reach 123mm back focus distance: 1. 122mm spacers + Astrodon filter 2. 124mm spacers + Astrodon filter Help appreciated
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