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  1. Hi Graham! Sorry for the late reply! Weather has made me forget about astrophoto for a while... I have the 105mm because I wanted to use it also for my 300 and 500mm tele lenses.
  2. Thanks Göran! Don´t you know that we ALWAYS need more data?
  3. Thank you Olly! Since I use the lens stopped down to f/4 it works very well.
  4. Thanks Gina! Sorry for the late reply, been off the site for a while. I always use unity gain for all my work.
  5. I have the Canon version and I use the ZWO lens adapter for Canon lenses. https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/product/new-eos-lens-adapter-for-efw
  6. These are the solution to that https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p3286_TS-Optics-Microfocuser-for-your-camera-lens-up-to-135-mm-Diameter.html
  7. It means I image at f/4, sometimes at f/2.8. I might have a less than perfect copy of the lens or something because I´ve seen people imaging at f/2. Here are a few photos of how I set up. One with the Samyang and one with how I mount together with the guide scope. But in that picture it´s the Canon 300/4L lens I use
  8. I just don´t get sharp stars in the corners at f/2. Even at f/2.8 I get some elongated stars in the corners.
  9. Well, I need a lot more data for this one! Anyway, here is a try at bicolour image of Simeis 147 - the Spaghetti Nebula. 67*5 minutes of 3nm Ha and 27*5 minutes of 3nm O3. Samyang 135/2.0 lens @f/4. ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool
  10. I was thinking of posting my image of Simeis 147 after capturing some O3 yesterday. Then I saw your image and realised I need a LOT more data That is some serious detail and depth! Great work!
  11. Thanks Göran and sorry - I entered the wrong equipment info! It was the Samyang 135/2.0 lens, not the 24mm!
  12. I´ve seen that done and it looks awesome! Looking forward to you giving that a go
  13. @Allinthehead As you can see here, it is a structure visible in the O3 data. Below are the stretched versions of O3 and Ha (not final edits, though) O3 data: Ha data:
  14. Thank you Olly! Framing is important for me... being a landscape photographer by day it´s hard to avoid I started out with the right part of it, the plan was to capture the Rosette and the structures around it but I soon realised that I had to add a frame to the left and recompose a bit.
  15. Thanks! No, it didn´t show up in the RGB (although I didn´t have much of that), it was from the O3-data used to enhance blue and green channels.
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