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  1. Great image dave very nicely done Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
  2. That's a cracking image for your first widefield you must be very happy well done Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
  3. Cracking couple of images well done Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
  4. That's a great effort well done Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
  5. Have fun and hope the skies stay clear for you Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
  6. I was reading about that, worth a look I think Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
  7. Very nice image Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
  8. That's a great image and well worth getting published well done Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
  9. That's great news Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
  10. Cracking images just shows what you can do then you improvise
  11. robbie c


    Hi Avo back from Tenerife and as promised I'd let you know how it went, I won't bore you with the drive up the mountain although the motorbike police escort through the back roads of one small town was great fun as most of the roads were closed due to a Carnival going on. When we got to the hotel the views are stunning with Mount Teide about 2/3miles away. Watched the sun setting which was very nice to see as it slipped below the mountains and the stars started to come out (A word of warning the temperature starts to drop very quickly after that) So went back to our room put some jeans and a top on and sat out on the balcony. Then the coaches with the tourists arrived for their viewing of the night sky, they were there for about 1hr but once they have gone the hotel turn off all the outside lights and that's then I was Treated to an amazing very dark sky, I've never seen so many stars, back home it can be hard to see the Milky Way well up there its hard to miss it as it goes right across the night sky. The hotel has a 8inch Dob that they let me take out and use for as long as I wanted and its well worth it with skies that dark. While I was out there I had some of the other guests come out and asked if they could have a look so I showed them Venus and when I showed them Jupiter with three moons on show there was some very loud 'WOWS' followed by that's amazing I've never seen any thing like that before! so some happy guests went to bed with big smiles om their faces. I stayed out until about 3;00 before turning in for the night very happy and very tired. So if you get the chance to stay up there for the night do it you won't be disappointed as the tours only stay there for about 1hr, I'm hoping to go next year and spend at least 2/3 days up there. Robbie
  12. Cracking images Dave well done Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
  13. To get a image as good as that through a dob must have been a challenge and it's awesome how did you manage to track it Sent from my iPad using Tapatalkf
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