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  1. fwm891

    How do I further lower brightness on this RDF?

    Old solar eclipse glasses cut a piece from them...
  2. fwm891

    Herefordshire Astronomy Group

    Out of interest I looked at the sky simulation for Kingstone, Hereford still a blot to the NE: Francis
  3. fwm891

    Herefordshire Astronomy Group

    Thanks Mark, Great help last night from all concerned. 891 has been a favourite of mine for years since first imaging it. Not sure what the arrangement is with Madley EDC I've been thinking about taking my scope over to the Kingstone sports field which has very low horizons all round and I think the skies might be slightly darker than Fownhope, but access not so good. See what comes of the add - not too expensive so may just get one anyway... Francis
  4. fwm891

    Dual finder scope mount

    I'm looking for a dual finder scope mounting if anyone has one cluttering their shelves... Cheers
  5. Update. Well been using this scope now whenever the skies have co-operated (even dodging from gap to gap between clouds). I thought the azimuth bearing was going to be a problem and it was. I tried first calming it down with a strip of draught excluder but that proved too resistant to motion, even cut it into smaller and smaller pieces didn't work particularly well. Finally I've used some PTFE sheet 4mm thick (*bay) to match the bearing thickness and placed three rectangular pieces (40 x 20 mm) one above each of the baseboard feet - it now turns with enough resistance to stop when required and smoothly nudge to keep objects in the fov. Next job will be the EQ platform - I'll start another thread for that in the DIY section. Otherwise the optics are very nice and hold collimation well. I took some time initially to set the secondary mirror up, now it just seems to need a minor tweak to the primary after transporting to a local darker site. The 30 mm supplied eyepiece is good for general views and the couple of ES 68° eyepieces I bought recently (24 & 20 mm+ a 2x barlow) really deliver with this 10-inch scope. The metal tube is quite weighty but handles easily enough, the base also handles well and the two pieces sit easily in the car. The AstroZap stray light shield is very useful keeping unwanted lights out of the eyepiece. Like most scopes in the lower/mid budget range there are little niggly bits (for me the az bearing) but it delivers where it matters in the optics.
  6. fwm891

    NGC 891 and friends

    38 is my count. Wonderful area and superb image.
  7. fwm891

    a truss dob?

    Well in a similar situation. I have a frac I used for imaging and just bought a 10-inch dob for visual. It's not a lightweight/ultralight but I've used it more because it can be taken outside quickly and used. Without thinking is it going to be clear for X hours for imaging... Remember the mirror is the heaviest part of most dobs (mine has a metal tube - so light dob conversion at some stage!) I thought about a 12-inch but glad I got a 10. Can pick out lots of little ngc objects, the veil is easy too. Here's to 2 years of weight lifting
  8. Try here: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=astronomyshed+-+colimation&view=detail&mid=D6180B4EFEA6AB5D119FD6180B4EFEA6AB5D119F&FORM=VIRE
  9. Mono's good - try inverting it to a negative view you'll be surprised how much more that brings out
  10. fwm891

    28BYJ-48 Stepper motor questions

    I presume the '48' refers to the number of steps per revolution? Why not use a 200 step per rev stepper and do away with the extra gearing. Little Nema 17: https://www.amazon.co.uk/DorisDirect-Stepper-13N-cm-Holding-Printer/dp/B07BT8GGLZ/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1541877987&sr=8-16&keywords=200+step+stepper+motor https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adafruit-Stepper-motor-NEMA-17-ADA324/dp/B00EYIFW70/ref=sr_1_20_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1541877929&sr=8-20-spons&keywords=200+step+stepper+motor&psc=1
  11. fwm891

    Dew II

    I would think that the heat from the sensor is channelled to the bodywork to dissipate/radiate away to external air. Therefore a heat band around the camera would (to me) be in a way counter productive.
  12. I have updated the postal details on this sale

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