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  1. Not used Gimp but I think it's like Photoshop without ($$$$$) sign. It should have a saturation adjustment. Try small adjustments and gradually build up colour, also levels, make levels adjustment in small increments but avoid using the sliders right at the blank and white adjustment ends as that will result in clipping these areas. Adjust saturation and levels switching between them . Once you've had more practice you'll get more confidence in bigger adjustments but I still prefer keeping changes small. With a Ctrl+Z after the check on differences...
  2. Hi Grant - I've had a play with your image file. I've processed it in PI, theres a great deal of information in your image. There's a patch of blue in the lower right of the image I haven't tried to remove. Can I ask if you covered the camera eyepiece during exposures as that can cause awkward patches of light on images. My try...
  3. Great report Alan and thanks for your thoughts in the PM. I've now ordered a 16 inch f5 from John Nichol which should arrive in a couple of months. Now working on the base and truss tube ready for the mirrors. I like the look of your mount and can see me 'borrowing' a few pointers. Like others with my 10 inch dob I used an RDF rather than a finder scope plus a low power eyepiece. Thanks Francis
  4. I use https://www.12dstring.me.uk/fovcalc.php Whether visual or imaging by entering the scope / camera / eyepiece combinations you can then enter a target and get an impression of what you'll get either on the camera or in the eyepiece. For imaging I usually save the image and print it so I have a reference sheet. If I'm wanting to have a visual clue as to what various objects look like in a particular area of sky then I'll enter ngc refs for the objects from a chart first and print off my own ref sheet for that area - ticking themoff as I record or view them.
  5. This is a single 300s sub processed in PI. The sky got just too bright to continue with,, I'll have to try shooting this first before M20 nextr time...
  6. Worth the wait - you bet. This for me is one of the best objects in the night sky (for us northerners). After 2 this morning before it slide out from behind tree cover managed to get a few 300 (4) and 2x 600 second subs before the sky began to get brighter and brighter. TS RC8 with 0.67x reducer, ASi533 MC Pro at -12°C, Baader UV/IR cut filter on an iOptron CEM60 mount. All processing in PI Hope you like (need some breakfast now)...
  7. I don't see any Baader boxes....
  8. Thanks Steve, Just finished making and fitting a pair of tilt rings so I can reverse the tilt of the focuser when altering the primary. I have no problem with back focus now - probably too much...
  9. Anyone want to sell me a Baader Steeltrack - low profile 2 inch focuser for Newtonians. A standard Steeltrack is too high. Would be interested in a low profile Moonlite as an alternative.... PM please
  10. The colli quest continues. I did find one unexpected problem though. One of the adjustment machine scrrew for primary tilt wasn't engaged with the mirror. I had to tilt the scope vertically and rotate the said screw anticlockwise till I heard the thread click then re tighten the screw. I was then able to do a visual basic adjustment with a peep/cap sight (Cheshire)? after unscrewing the baffle tube exension. Star test was reasonable so a few more minor adjustments and try out on M 27. diffraction spikes are still not as clean as I'd like them to be. Must make up the tilt rings! Image
  11. Sadly been there got the tee shirt...
  12. Finally getting near with the collimation pispite having to find stars in the bright evening skies and patchy cloud cover to do it. After making a few final tiny tweaks to the main mirror tilt I've done a test on M13. The integrated image has 4x 3=120s and 3x 300s. Processed in both PI and PS. Colour is off and stars at the edges are still slightly elliptical. Stars still have soft edges and my back focus seem short so mirror separation may be another factor here. Comments welcome.
  13. Thanks very much for all your help Martin. I've been retired ten and a bit years now - enjoy it, it goes quickly.
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