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  1. General enquiry. I ordered the books early December after downloading the electronic versions as I felt the book would be easier to work with. I've emailed enquiring for updates but not heard anything? Anyone ordered around the beginning of December 2020 and got their copies...
  2. APP - not free but really great for muliple panel mosaics. There is a free trial version. Just been processing what should be a 9 panel mosaic but currently just 7 processed using APP to stitch the panels together.
  3. Update on the process - run the panels through a mix of PI and APP. The separte subs for each panel were run through PI to first stack then DBE was applied to each stack, then saved as fit files. The fit files were then loaded into APP in mosaic mode to be combined into the 7 of 9 configuration. Saved as both fit and tiff files, taken back into PI for colour work....
  4. I had hoped to finish this last night but a short snow shower right at the start finished that thought. I had planned to get a mosaic of nine panels completed, 5 x 300s per panel. In the end I captured seven complete panels and 3 subs on one other which I've omitted at this stage. I want not only to capture the remaining panels but also to do this again and double up the sub count. Details: Scope: RASA 8 Camera: ASi 522 Pro cooled OSC (used with an IDAS NB-1 filter) Mount iOptron CEM 60 standard ( guided via a TS 80mm guidescope and ASi 120mm guide camera) Processing i
  5. Looks like hes got the same weather I've had for...
  6. I made that decision too, sold the mono gear and invested in an ASi533 OSC. Looking out at a drab grey sky now...
  7. Now I have APP working (for me) I've redone this 4 panel mosaic. Each panel comprises 6x 300s subs and these were initially processed in APP with no calibration frames and none of the tools options in APP used. This fairly raw mosaic was then opened in PI, croped to removed the stacking, frame alignment errors and rotated/fliped to give a fairly correct orientation. Next, I hit the image with SCNR to remove any green, then a luminance mask was applied and repeatedly worked flicking between background and subject applying colour and density corrections with saturation and colour transforma
  8. Echo what Huw said - it's superb Adam
  9. Thanks. Yes thats a cable. I've tried curving the power and data cables in all sorts of different directions but still get some form of shadow or spike (or both) something I'm starting to live with...
  10. Finally got a night where I could capture all four panels on M45 in one session with the bonus of very little moon. Each panel is built up of 6x 300s subs at a gain setting of 100. I've processed this in a mix of APP (assembling the mosaic, LP removal and a general background balance) then moved to PI for a touch of DBE, saturation and saving the image in different formats. Then a tweak in PS. The kit: Scope: RASA 8 with an Idas NB-1 filter, Camera: ASi533 Pro cooled to -12°C (felt like it warmed upto that temp!), Mount: iOptron CEM60. Guided with a TS 80 guide scope and PHD 2 dev3.
  11. I keep finding that after a long spell of clouds that old favorites become first stop for a new session. M45 is built up from 4 panels, each panel has 6x 300s subs so a total of 2 hrs. Each panel was aligned and stacked in PI, DBE applied and then saved as 16 bit tiffs. These where then assembled into a single image in Photoshop CS3 and brought back into PI for further processing NGC2244 is built from 12x 300s subs entirely processed in PI. Scope RASA 8, Camera ASi533 OSC and mount iOptron CEM60. Mount guiding PHD2-dev3 (really like the multi star guiding), guidescope TS 80
  12. Thanks Alan - Yes but for me it's waiting for things to get out of a bank of trees to my SE.
  13. New object for me. Found it by chance looking for another object in CdC. Comprised of 15x 300s subs through an IDAS NB-1 filter Scope: RASA 8 Camera: ASi533 OSC gain 100. Mount: CEM60 Processing PI only.
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