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  2. SOLD

    Still for sale
  3. SOLD

    Having sold my RC's I have a 2 inch Howie Glatter 635nm laser collimator giving a pencil beam and a second interference filter giving a ring pattern for sale - photo to follow Asking £110 which includes postage to mainland UK addresses.
  4. Guider calibration in Maxim DL 6

    Tried changing the settings - no change though. Looking to see if things are different in SGPro...
  5. Guider calibration in Maxim DL 6

    Thanks Daz, Also been reading the manual !!! note to self "should do this more often"...
  6. Having some problems getting guider calibration in Maxim. Always getting a message "< moved less than 5 pixels" and each calibration step showing only 1 or 2 pixel movement sometimes only in one axis. Any thoughts anyone? Guider camera is an SX Lodestar, mount iOptron iEQ45 Pro. Camera image is updating every 2 secs (that's my usual guider period) and the graph is quite flat although not along the axis'. PA is good goto's are usually on the CCD but just can't figure out why guiding isn't playing ball! Cheers - Francis
  7. CdC and N S E W control?

    Thanks. Trouble is the iOptron Commander bypasses that option...
  8. I used to use CdC to control my scope years ago and seem to remember that there was a small N S E W / stop pad that sat on to of the charts allowing you to tweak the scope position after a slew or centring? Then I was working with EQMod but now working via iOptron's Commander and ASCOM. Am I just confused in later life or is there a plug-in etc that gives a small motion control with CdC?
  9. I did my NEQ6 belt mod sometime ago and remember that Chris Ch (of EQMod fame) published some changes for the eqmod **drive rates as there was a gearing change from the original gear ratios - seem to remember that initally after the mod it ran slightly slower and always short of the target. Changing the **drive rate compensated for the mount not travelling far enough. It still ran slower but didn't wake the neighbours up in the process!
  10. Anyone using the iOprton StarFi unit (Particularly with the iEQ45 Pro). If so any problems... Cheers, Francis
  11. M101 in LRGB

    Super image Sara. Adding the 3nm Ha in there, has that been too restrictive in the 'red' areas - perhaps a 7nm or similar may have just tweaked those areas a little? Not sure need to keep going back to this...
  12. Yes it worked. Not tried in anger yet but at least its showing images (of the garden) so hopefully getting there... Francis
  13. http://www.daddog.com/ascom/sxcamera Required the above plug-in to update ascom for the SX camera
  14. Hi, Just taken delivery of an SX Trius 825 mono and wanted to try SGPro as my license for Maxim has expired, not using the image processing side of Maxim makes it an expensive renewal - so I thought I'd give SGPro a go!!! Firstly Maxim sees the camera and will capture from it, sees my Lodestar guider, Xagyl FW and iEQ45 Pro mount. When I try to link toi these in SGPro mount, FW and Lodestar are all seen but the Trius isn't and I can't find anything on the SGPro site/forum to help. Anyone out there know a work-round for this ? Cheers Francis
  15. Thanks All, need to modify my OAG for the Xagyl filter wheel and SX825 Trius then I can try and repeat these guided.... TBC