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  1. You'll part with lots of other kit before you part with an Avalon FR...
  2. fwm891


    Not to mention the size of the filters needed to cover the format... Phaseone have always been superb.
  3. fwm891

    Are Nikon DSLR darks a waste of time?

    Interesting. I have 2 Nikons a D5100 which has been modified removing all filters back to bare chip. And an 880E which is 'normal'. As this is a test of thermal noise generation/removal how did you eliminate sensor temperature changes during capture of the various data sets? If the sets were captured one after the other or on different nights/sessions, then there could be differences which would not show when you set camera noise reduction to operate on individual frames where sensor temperature variations would not be a factor?
  4. No sign at any stage of the eclipse from Hereford. Good video feed from the Griffith Observatory ... Rather have had the real thing though!
  5. fwm891

    JamesF's observatory build

    Looking very Tudor - black woodwork?
  6. fwm891

    Carbon tube for 10" OO mirror

    If your saving the sono tube then yes it would be difficult, might do it adding multiple layers as poly sheet will slide against itself quite easily, or put a cloth layer round the sono, then a poly layer...
  7. fwm891

    Carbon tube for 10" OO mirror

    Wrap the sono in polythene tightly first that will give you a smooth barrier between the sono and the CF. Or I think TS do a CF tube for 10 inch optics. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10113_TS-Optics-Carbon-Composite-Tube-Upgrade-for-GSO-254-1250-mm-Newtonian.html They do others
  8. fwm891

    1st Moon shot in years

    I've been having some software problems the last few days which I seemed to have overcome yesterday afternoon - the only thing visible was the moon so its hello Moon! SX825 mono with 7nm H-alpha filter, Altair 115 EDT-APO, captured with SG Pro, processed in PI. 20 x 0.001 second subs
  9. Thanks All the 224 looks a good choice and its easy to put the uv/ir cut filter on the nose of the barlow/extender. With that size chip it could be fun! getting a planet on there to start with
  10. That's what I'm asking...
  11. I have a 10 inch f5 dob on a homemade eq platform which keeps object fairly constant in the eyepiece - even up to circa 200x mag. So what I would like to do is take some images of moon/planets etc and stack the images as needed. I'm guessing I need at least a 2x amplification in fl to start with judging by the software simulators. Budget approx. £250 max... Ideas and info gratefully received
  12. fwm891

    Which Mount ?

    It doesn't but has its own 'Commander' that acts as a bridge between the scope/mount/software. I have an iOptron iEQ45 Pro which has given very little trouble. If I even get a bigger scope it would have a CEM60 without second thoughts. I echo cotak for guiding on my iEQ45 Pro. Well done - just seen your got it post...
  13. Celestron make the Edge HD Range which are designed for photography. I don't think the AVX mount is robust enough for the 11 and 12 inch models you've quoted. The edge HD 800 is probably the largest OTA to put on an AVX mount.
  14. fwm891

    Found please remove

    Which scope ? I have one for a wave series 115 EDT
  15. Worst thing I've done - selling my Avalon mount. So smooth even with a 12 inch RC loaded or with my 115 EDT-Apo and an 8 inch RC in tandem. Never missed a beat. Good luck with the sale - just not got the cash for this one.

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