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  1. Fantastic image Peter! I love a good wide FOV, awesome work
  2. It looks like a lovely Comet, nice one for the heads up Mike!
  3. Hey wkarotten, Have you tried checking to see if there were satellites/debris passing the stars in your videos at the time you filmed these videos? Maybe look on heavensabove or similar sites There is so much stuff up there now, the flashes of light you have recorded appear to be tumbling and or flaring satellites, if you identify what stars they are appearing by and the time you should be able to find what the objects are. You never know what you'll see in the night sky so well worth recording things and taking pictures, and being ready to, i had 2 cameras within arms reach but
  4. It sounds like you had a great time! Scotland is awesome, you got some lovely pics too
  5. Wow fantastic image! Your flickr is full of awesome images and that is some serious kit!
  6. Awesome! Don't see this kind of thing much, well done
  7. Congrats on the guiding Rustang, great image!
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