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  1. "Astronomers have put together the largest and most comprehensive "history book" of galaxies into one single image, using 16 years' worth of observations from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope." https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2019/hubble-astronomers-assemble-wide-view-of-the-evolving-universe "The vast number of galaxies in the Legacy Field image are also prime targets for future telescopes. "This will really set the stage for NASA's planned Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST)," Illingworth said. "The Legacy Field is a pathfinder for WFIRST, which will capture an image that is 100 times larger than a typical Hubble photo. In just three weeks' worth of observations by WFIRST, astronomers will be able to assemble a field that is much deeper and more than twice as large as the Hubble Legacy Field."
  2. Thanks for the great thread Damian, really enjoyed reading that and feel even more brewed up for the meteor shower tonight!
  3. Fantastic image bpanko! The fisheye perspective really works, brilliant!
  4. Sorry if this has already been posted, I thought we would have to wait years to see an update to the Hubble Deep Fields so this was an awesome surprise! https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2018/hubble-paints-picture-of-the-evolving-universe
  5. Great to read these reports! Maybe we saw the same thing Pig, a spent firework is what i thought it looked like too. It lasted 5 or 6 seconds and was travelling north, really cool to see and a lovely night to be out.
  6. Thanks for the link celestron8g8, i'm not totally sure what it was but it was a nice way to start the night!
  7. It could be a pair of satellites, i was out last night too and saw a group of 4 satellites at one point! Overall i saw about 8 meteors and more satellites than i could count. The first meteor i saw was was one of the most amazing i've ever seen too, must have lasted 5 or 6 seconds, great night!
  8. lol i thought you might say something like that! I never carry my mobile on me either ?
  9. Hey Olly, You said you watched this for a minute or 2, i'm sure you would have already posted pictures or video if you took any, but did you try to record this?
  10. I thought it was a good episode, Maggie is great too
  11. I think they did the same thing to the SynGuider 2 as well. Thanks for the info
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