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  1. I shot a few luminance subs on this last year but never completed the project. If i ever get my mount fixed i i would love to have another go after seeing this, excellent capture! Callum
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I think i have a multimeter somewhere, i will try and dig it out and check tomorrow night along with everything else suggested. Dont think i will opt for the power pack until i have no other option. The mount has always ran fine off the main though, dont know why it would all of a sudden be a problem? Callum
  3. Thanks for the reply guys. I am powering from the mains. The NEQ6 plug itself has a red light on it so it cant be the fuse as far as i understand? The wires inside the mount also look fine, im stumped! Callum
  4. Hi, its been a while since i have been involved in anything astrophotography. Probably about 6 months since i last done any imaging. Mainly due to no time but also because my mount died. One night it just wouldnt power up - the red light wouldnt turn on and no sound of the gears moving to signal any sign of life. So i went through the trouble of ordering a new motherboard as i thought that could be the only problem. I only just got around to installing it last night and was gutted to find it made no difference! So does anybody have any other ideas why the mount is lifeless? Cheers
  5. Seen this announcement in my email inbox last night, i am intrigued! Callum
  6. Evening folks. I've not been able to image the past few months due to work but mainly because my NEQ6 packed up! And now that summer is around the corner and clear nights are inbound i want to get back out there. So i need a new motherboard it would seem. Looking around i can only find motherboards for the EQ6. Does anybody know if its the same as the one used in the NEQ6? I think the only difference in the mounts is the motors, but i thought i would post here hoping someone can confirm that they run with the same motherboards before i place an order. Cheers! Callum
  7. You have made excellent progress from your first version! Those Ha jets are looking great. One little thing to pick at is a slight green hue around the edge of the galaxy. A quick hit from PIs SCNR should easily take care of that problem Callum
  8. Nice colourfull duo and a rich star field, makes for a great image. Well done. Callum
  9. As a general rule i wouldnt apply much if any noise reduction to the luminance in images, i.e the galaxy here. Thats where all your detail is and NR will do it no favors! Look forward to seeing how this image progresses like i did with your M1 image. Callum
  10. You have pulled that off nicely. Flat background, vibrant colours, nice details in the arms. Excellent processing good sir! Callum
  11. Nice progression! For your last image you said you used a mask for core adjustments and i'm guessing you didnt want that bright star included? If not, you can always use the clone stamp to remove any features from the mask you dont want included, in this case that star hope that helps. Callum
  12. Great stuff Tich, hope you didnt mind my green comments too much Callum
  13. Wim makes a good suggestion with the stars above to get the channels to line up better. Also, i wouldnt use Masked Stretch for taking the image non-linear, it gives a very soft looking result. I found that using Histogram Transformation gives a much better contrast base to work off. If you wanted to work on the stars after that then i would then create a masked stretch version and blend its stars with the HT version using a star mask and Pixel Math. Theres a good tutorial for this method from John on this page: cloudedout.squarespace.com/blog/?offset=1418583715170 Callum
  14. Cheers fellas, would love to return to NGC1333 some day with the CCD to see what difference it makes. I think it will be a big one! Callum
  15. Hi Wim, I couldnt really explain full without writing up a proper tutorial. But put simply, the way i go about extracting anything faint is to remove the stars as best as possible using star masks and the tools available in PI, then extract the large scale residual layer, work on it with HDR and contrast adjustments, then throw it back together with the stars and small scale structures. For this image i created an exaggerated version (which i just explained) showing much more dust than this, then a more natural version and worked with Pixel Math to combine the aspects i liked from each ve
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