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For those struggling to collimate there Astrotrac Polarscope (as I was), check the tube housed in the main body of the scope for flex and ensure it is the right way round.

today I removed the tube and swapped it around, this made ALL the difference, collimation was a breeze after this.

I have already swapped out the grub screws for thumb screws and remember to make tiny adjustments each time.

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Also check it for parallax, mine had terrible parallax out of the box. And the collimation of the rotating polarscope arm, mine was significantly out when I checked it (fix = pieces of tape under one side or the other). Finally, get a couple of inches of pipe-insulation to prevent it dropping out every time you breathe too hard :)

Apologies in advance if you've already done all this, but I'm spelling out my own experience...

Cheers, Magnus

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Out last night and managed a 15 minute sub with no trailing at 24mm. Astrotrac reset after 45 minutes and Polaris bang on in the polarscope still.


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    • By kriss13
      So this thread will cover in fact PoleMaster, Astrotrac and GiroMini  because this is my setup.I bought the PM (PoleMaster) since the Astrotrac has a fail polar scope (no matter how you fiddle about it), and of course the dedicated adapter to mount PM on the AT (Astrotrac) arm.
      PM is a real joy to use, but somehow I suspect the AT polar arm has some "issues", so I bought another PM adapter for AZEQ5 and mount it right on the GM (GiroMini).It was based on another suggestion I made to a fellow astronomer, but nobody did it.
      Long story short, below the new adapter in place. I am certain this is as close to the rotation axis as it can be. The plan is to replace those M3 screws with M3 thumb screws in the future for easy setup and not to have the PM there when I don't use it.
      I will post more pictures "in the wild" and on site results ,but now the clouds are here because my new ES 82° eyepieces also arrived

    • By michaelmorris
      I'm off to Kelling Heath Star Party again in a few weeks and I'm having a sort out of stuff to sell at the event.  I'll be on pitch 167 (the new area behind the loos on the yellow field) from Wednesday 20th September.
      Amongst possibly a few other things, I'm planning to have the following items for sale
      Astrotrac (Mk1) with custom polar scope and battery pack.  This has given me years of faithful service, but I've realised that, taking only 5 minutes subs with a 50mm lens, I just don't need the accuracy this lovely bit of kit can deliver.  I've downgraded to a secondhand iOptron Skytracker which can be mounted on my existing birdwatching/camera tripod and hence take up less room when we go away.
      This is the early Mk1 version of the Astrotrac.  I works really well and comes with a custom-made polar scope consisting of a EQ5 polar scope mounted in a custom adaptor.  It also comes with a plastic box for housing 10 x 1.2v rechargeable AA batteries and the original power lead.
      The latest version of the Astrotrac costs >£400 + >£100 for the polar scope.  I'm asking £295.
      Lunar and planetary webcam user guide - Martin Mobberley - £4
      Norton Star Atlas (18th Edition) - Ian Ridpath - £4
      A selection of Sky at Night and Astronomy Now magazines from the last two years - FREE to a good home
    • By GTom
      I was wondering, is there an alternative to the  ATTH3010 declination unit one could use with the Astrotrac? Counterweight is important, because I'd use a 90/600 APO.
    • By ian_bird
      An AstroTrac and a Red Dot Finder
      I have been looking for something like this for a few years. Finally found it - so thought I would share.
      It's an adapter that allows you to mount a Red Dot Finder "firmly" on a camera Hot Shoe.
      From Geopitik via Teleskop-express.
      It has a screw (with a nylon tip) that you can use to clamp it down (clamp it up to be more accurate) so it does not move.
      Happy I found it!
      PS - Yes - that's a PoleMaster lower left. ;-)
      PPS - And a guide scope upper right.
      PPPS - Dying to see if this lot works! ;-)

    • By frostynixon
      First time i used my new astrotrac mount. I wanted to start easy and only attached an 85mm lens to my D5300. This is a 8 minute exposure at Iso 100 and f4.
      I`m not so much impressed about the performance of the lens, but i think the performance of the astrotrac is quite good. The image scale is 10" per pixel.
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