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  1. I remember us sitting down and planning that 2 panel mosaic in your cave! We hung the mosaic off of the blue star at the top. You wanted M31 to be horizontal. I wanted a slight slope. Luckily - I won! (In my opinion!) Happy days! Best Regards Ian
  2. Try this... http://www.grinderphoto.se/images/m-31-2x2-mosaic.html From the talented Jonas! Cheers Ian
  3. Hopefully it's just a link/glich issue. But remember - the cloud just means "someone else's computers". Using the cloud as your prime backup is just "asking for it". Hopefully in this case you didn't just "get it". Fingers crossed. NB - IT Professional working on Databases for large Multi-National Companies - so I know a little bit about what I am talking about.
  4. The Canon 10x42 L Image Stabilized Binoculars are a) extremely expensive, and b) utterly stunning. When you turn the IS on - it's like you just clamped the bins to a tripod! They get ten times more use than my old (non IS) Nikons ever did. Just because of the IS. I would really recommend finding a dealer near you that sells them - and going there and giving them a try. When you do - you will understand why there are a number of Astronomers with one kidney and a pair of Canon 10x42 L Image Stabilized Binoculars! They really are that good.
  5. You had a good point. A very good point. I appreciated you drawing it to my attention. Cheers. Ian
  6. James Good point. I have redacted my post. Thank you. Regards Ian
  7. There is a lot easier way to do all of this. It has worked for me for the past 15 years.
  8. Hi Still available here: https://github.com/fermigas/ltvt/wiki/LTVT Download#FullDownload Cheers. Ian
  9. Does jumping out of aircraft count? You do get to fly about a bit at the end. Hopefully. Cheers. Ian
  10. Nice Olly. Very, very nice. As always. And with the image capture details missing from your Farcebook post. Thanks. Ian
  11. I run two lengths of this (cut to size) from my shed to the mount, and run cables inside: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008L1AO2Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 One for Power, the other for USB. So I can keep the mount cabled up, and provide power for the heated puppy pads. Cheers. Ian
  12. Hi I use a Heavy Duty Tarpaulin from B&Q. It's Blue on one side and silver on the other side. So I have it silver side out. A liberal application of Gorilla Tape (great stuff!) to turn it into a vaguely tube like shape. A decent mount cover underneath, heated puppy pads under that and you are good to go. Mine's been out there for 10 years. Mount head, OTAs, Cameras, Filterwheels, electronics (in a waterproof box) - the whole lot. Whip the covers off and I'm up and running. Cheers. Ian
  13. Hi Olly Two questions regarding Ralf Ottow and his binosaur. 1) How does he get enough backfocus to bring the light beams from two C11s together into your eyes? Does he re-shape the secondary? Or re-shape your head? 2) This is most important. Do you have his telephone number? Cheers. Ian PS - Give my love to Monique. I still make the salad she taught me how to make. I had one last night in fact.
  14. Ah. My mistake. I should have known better. 'binosaur'. Now there's a name and a half! Two C11s were a Test! Blimey. So the full sized binosauras was two 40cm OTAs? Surely a man of such talent could come up with a waist holster for them. And probably the bionic arms you would need to hand hold them. Although thinking about it, possibly outside of his field of expertise. Glad to hear that the French at least know it's "a trouser". But, as you say, a bit unsporting of them on the payment terms. Have they no sense of history? 30 days payment terms*? A mere piffle. 30 year
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