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  1. Hi Sean Thanks for sharing your findings on the Edge, sounds like the focus locks will be adequate for intended subs. Keep up the good work on those longer focal length targets! Mike
  2. Hi Sean Thanks for input, sorry for delay in reply. So i'm assuming the mirror locks on the edge do a pretty good job of avoiding mirror flop, if so approx. how long a exposure might you get before your stars become egg shaped at F10. I would only be needing 5min max. ....but 3mins (give or take 1min) would be adequate unguided. Your input appreciated! Mike
  3. Well done Sean those are both very good results and testament also to just how good the Edge optics are... even toying with the idea of getting one myself. On axis guiding is another option... assuming you were Off Axis Guiding are you using the Atik OAG or Celestron's own? Mike
  4. Considering the glare from Venus that's nice resolution!
  5. This planetary grouping from 20th March around 5.30am shows Saturn to the left with conjunction of Jupiter above & Mars below, sharp eyed may also see... Io, Ganymede & Callisto in a string just right of Jupiter. Image taken from Lesmahagow, South Lanarkshire looking toward the SE. Pentax K1 / Pentax 67 165mm lens / Exp. 2 secs @f8 / iso 200 Ioptron tracker at siderial.
  6. Derek & Richard Thank you for kind feedback, lucky to get a short break in the clouds before we were hit with a heavy shower. Derek, well we took a few knocks since we last saw you, just hit with one thing after another which kind of killed my enthusiasm for anything including imaging & astronomy, I guess we all go through times like that but otherwise all fine thank you. Scope been sitting under a dust sheet past couple of years but I recently bought a HSM (motor focuser) from Starlight Instruments and waiting 3 Astrodon filters on backorder. Hopefully get back up to speed later in the year, just difficult to plan ahead for any starcamps at moment apart from current situation. Hope yourself and Annette are well too! Mike
  7. Just a quick cropped image of the Venus/Pleiades conjunction with Hyades looking on by moonlight from last night. Pentax K5 / Pentax 12-24mm lens / 1.4x rear converter / Exp. 30secs @f10 / iso 500 Ioptron tracker at siderial.
  8. Another image of the Moon, Venus & Spica yesterday morning. Pentax K5 / PENTAX-DA 12-24mm F4 ED AL [IF] lens @24mm / f9 / iso 1600 / 5 sec exp.
  9. Here's a screen grab from using Aladin from same website, I orientated the image to match your image field.
  10. Hi Matt I'm sure most will tell you they use a similar annotation option in Maxim... I don't have Maxim so just go straight here... http://cds.u-strasbg.fr/ I use Simbad mostly but various search options at top of that page for referencing if you can at least identify some stars then there's not usually a problem. I may be wrong but looking at your image it looks like your faint fuzzy (mag 14.7) is the beautiful face on barred spiral galaxy UGC 2227 Mike
  11. There is currently a display of NLC's if you have clear sky and low north horizon. The display at moment is VERY low in altitude and less than average brightness with little structure so possibly not worth getting out of bed for....but they could brighten before daylight comes in. Good luck if you have clear skies, I'm off to bed. ? Mike
  12. Hi Mike Thanks, yes all well here ...same with you I hope. Very frustrating situation as I was really looking forward to Galloway, a repair project for the lighter nights for me then! :-( Catch up soon as we get back on the road. Mike
  13. Hi Guys Sorry to say I had to cancel Galloway Spring Starcamp today as caravan transformer is fried, have a reconditioned unit on way but van will need a bit of creative rewiring. Unfortunately can't make the Galloway Autumn Starcamp either due to dates coinciding with other commitments but wish everyone a great time! ;-) I will however be at Kielder, just bringing MPV so hope to see some of you there! :-) Mike
  14. That's a good start on the 'The Skull' NGC 246, a beautiful planetary with quite large angular size compared to the likes of M57 partly due to being relatively close around 1600ly, sadly a bit low for us here at 55'N otherwise it would be a much imaged target. I'm not familiar with the ASI cameras but looks like it could be a heat issue in the corner, anyway if you're making the move to CCD then that issue should be eliminated, nice to see your results if you go after this one again with a CCD. Mike
  15. Ok... now booked 18th-25th March ... see you all then!
  16. Got a message from Lesley about the November starcamp... bad news but good call Mike & Lesley....under the circumstances!
  17. This sub from last October before cloud moved in, playing around with barlow on a marginal night in garden on the small bright planetary nebula IC2149 (Easter Egg Nebula) in Auriga. Inset for comparison is a near IR image taken with the MMT on Mount Hopkins, Arizona. APM 175mm Refractor (barlow to FL 8750mm) Atik 414EX (mono) at -20'C / Bin 1x1 Lum 240sec sub Artemis Capture
  18. Considering the fairly low altitude of the Triffid that's a very fine result indeed Carol, well worth the journey... it's a keeper! Mike
  19. Just booked with Lesley this afternoon, all being well 15th-20th Nov for now... but may extend nearer the time. Look forward to seeing you there Mike ...and the usual suspects!
  20. A very fine image of an object we don't see on the forums too often due to it's -37 DEC ... so thanks for sharing this southern gem of a planetary nebula, a very interesting subject. Do you have any details of your imaging scope/f-ratio/camera? Mike
  21. Great image and a very busy area of sky ...that NGC 2020 looks an interesting object in itself, another 'bubble' type nebula...
  22. Great image and nice crisp star images, even some detail showing in NGC2438 ....I would be happy with those seeing conditions overhead from here in the UK! The Little purple planetary is PN M 1-18 .........there is also another tiny blue planetary off to the right of that which is... PN G231.1+03.9 but doesn't show too well at this scale, it would be visible in a full resolution crop section. Mike
  23. Hi Derek Just switched on in time to see the launch live. Yes impressive stuff ...one way to cut down space junk is not to put it up there in the first place... like old rocket boosters! Mike
  24. Mike Yes indeed... Thanks, look forward to the Autumn event ...if not before it... Best regards Mike
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