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  1. ok, wow. Thanks. Carsten
  2. How can they be parallel? They should be still in a train like orbit? I don't get it. Cheers, Carsten
  3. Thanks for that heads up! I clarified my post. In fact FLO was the only seller caring about my questions! Thanks for that! Carsten
  4. I am happy that I did not order the 72ED. This seems to be a real journey and with all the spacers, flatteners and mounting problems it seems tedious and expensive. At least for imaging. Edit: Thats what I feel about it after following many discussions and also trying to get more information from sellers. Now when the scope is out in the wild I may find more substantial information for my special needs/equipment. Carsten
  5. That rough estimate is enough to make me try again with my D5100 Thanks! Carsten
  6. Wow, ist that D5100 astro modified? Never seen so much red with them. How many subs/@what time? Carsten
  7. Yea, my thinking as I watched the vid. And they are definitive NOT for crimping. So I agree with that, having them crimped calls for trouble. The original XTs worked flawlessly (soldered with 80W iron) in my helicopters at 22V, which is at 800-1000W input above 30Amps... Carsten
  8. Search for something like this: It is just a BT to Serial adapter. Carsten
  9. Hehe, yes thanks for that other mythbusting post! I also tried similiar and busted the "UV and composting" myth (for me at least). A sample single wall piece was exposed to the sun/weather and the other one in my compost heap. Nearly two years and no degration (other then cosmetically) EDIT: Also used a (grey) PLA 1.25" to Nikon Adapter which holds my Nikon D5100 to the scope, worked even while Merkur Transit for hours into the summer sun (germany tho). Carsten
  10. If you don't insist on a full parametric design and work more like an artist than an engenier you may try Blender. http://Blender.org Best try first the Beta of 2.8 which is much more beginners friendly. I did all my 3D things in Blender. https://www.thingiverse.com/calli/about
  11. I have some designs up thingieverse which relate to astronomy. Even started a small Skytracker for small cameras. Works but is only in concept phase. Made 80% of my astrophotos with a printed 1.25" inch to Nikon Adapter https://www.thingiverse.com/calli/about Cheers, Carsten
  12. I think I posted also here, I just put one of these cheap BT modules onto the serial and it works. Controlling by mobile or PC. Carsten
  13. stupid post deleted ? Where is the delete button?!
  14. Looks a bit unballanced... From left to right.... Moneywise SCNR
  15. I did a very basic video some years ago. It got almost as much bad as good comments, so be warned ? But maybe you get the idea of the workflow I use. All my images are done Alt/Az and processed in Gimp, so... Get you a 2.10 Version to support higher bit depths. In the comments to the video you can find the de-noise plugin I used. Carsten
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