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  1. The polarscope is rotatable you can have the RA axis at any position you like to do the polar alignment.
  2. Undoubtedly the 1999 solar eclipse which I witnessed from northern France but just to be different videoing a spectacular pass of the dragon capsule CRS-18 over the UK back in July 2019. The capsule, second stage and two tumbling solar panel covers rose quickly up travelling across the sky much faster than the ISS. It was amazing watching multiple electric blue thruster firings expand into space as it went overhead applying course corrections, all to soon it faded rapidly as it encountered the earth’s shadow, but it was a fantastic sight. Mel
  3. I also noticed someone on The CN forum managed to buy one off the shelf. I'm order number 10019 fully paid up 14 months and haven’t heard a peep from Astrotrac, very disappointed in their loyalty in that they are not prioritising those of us that funded the research and development of this mount. The good news is the mount is out there and we should get them soon.
  4. Just seen this thread, I managed to get a nice shot of it as well.
  5. Thanks I’ll check mine when it arrives on Monday
  6. Yes it’s still available, I bought it new about six months ago and never ever used it.
  7. This ZWO ASIAIR is brand new boxed never been used, £135 inc postage.
  8. Hi This colour camera is in absolutely mint condition only having been used twice, it comes boxed with all the leads and accessories. I'm looking for £625 including postage .
  9. Do you mean like this? I may be selling the bracket that holds the 183c camera soon as I’ve decided to go back to Atik cameras. Mel
  10. I used to have some very nice Leica ultravid 8x32's which I bought secondhand and used for about five years and sold them for almost what I paid for them. If you can afforded it good preowned optics will hold their value, I made the mistake of looking through some Swarovski 8.5 x 42 Swarovisions and then nothing else would do Mel
  11. I was using a tripod with a video head on it.
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