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    Vusual and Photographic astronomy. I'm a newbie to Telescopes/Astronomy but not to Astronomy and Space in general! I've always been fascinated with the night sky and what goes on out there!
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  1. Hi. If you can simply Hoover up/out the webs without touching Mirror surface, then do that. If you do have to disassemble it and clean it, I suggest you head over to YouTube and type a search in along the lines of "How to clean a Newtonian telescope Mirror Safely". It will be difficult to explain how to clean in words without illustration's etc. All that being said, if it is just some cob Webs, and the Mirror looks fairly clear and free of major dust, then i would just try to remove webs while Mirror is still inside Telescope, being careful to hold OTA ( Telescope optical Tube Assembly ) level to the floor, so if you drop anything inside telescope OTA, it will not fall and damage Mirror! Finally, look up "How to collimate a Newtonian reflector telescope". Your telescope is likely not been collimated for a while, so this is critical for it to produce good views. Eyepieces can be found all over the web. Pay no more than £20 for a 10mm, and £20 for a 25mm. They will suffice for a while as you gain experience and learn if Astronomy is for you and your children! Best of luck! Plz let me know how you get on! Wes.
  2. This is one of the best, most easy to understand explanations for this highly complicated and DEBATED issue in our beloved Hobby I have ever seen! Thank You! Wes, Liverpool, Bortle 8-9.
  3. lol that was the problem my friend! I/we couldn't measure it because we didn't have it in our possession yet! I/we wanted to buy 1.25 EP's for it but because we didn't yet have it ( in the post ) we couldn't be sure we were buying correct sizes! Thanks for the advice.
  4. Hi. I'm just wondering does anyone know the barrel size/eyepiece size for this particular telescope my friend has bought and is in post. Is it 0.96 or 1.25 ? It's called a "Prolux 900" and it's a 114/900 Newt. reflector and is German, made by "Astro-Teleskop". Here's a picture. I would be massively grateful if anyone knew/could tell me, or even make an educated guess from personal experience ?? Thanks, Wes.
  5. Hi all. Anyone know for certain what barrel size the German made Telescope, made a company called Astro-Telescop, called Prolux 900, Newtonian reflector, has please ? is it the older 0.96 inch, or newer standard 1.25 inch Barrel size that your eyepieces fit into ? I've looked online but got nowhere unfortunately! I don't have the 'scope with me to measure, it's in the post to a friend of mine. Thank You in adavance for any help! Here's a link with pic of Telescope in question
  6. So sorry for such late reply guys! Thanks for all the advice and comments. Really grateful! I managed to see Jupiter, Saturn in much greater detail a few nights later, after collimating my 'scope! Goes to show sometimes it's the basics that we fall short on! Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  7. Great to hear ( or should that be "See" !?? lol ) that you found a good way to see Mars in such fine detail my friend! I recall a long time ago, the seeing conditions were as good as i ever remembered, and i was viewing the Moon. Anyway, i decided to see just how far i could push the optics in my Skywatcher 130/900 newt Reflector telescope, and i ended up managing to push her past 400x mag and the views of the Moon, although a bit wobbly, were astounding!! I could not believe i had managed to push the theoretical max mag for my 'scope from 260x all way up to 400x + without the views being a blurry mess!!?? I'll never forget that night! it was so exciting and such a joy! Goes to show, in the right conditions, one can indeed push ones optics wayyy past their theoretical limits! Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  8. You know, that seems like a great idea for me to try out!?? Thank-You! Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  9. Hi. I owned a 127mm Newtonian reflector ( same optics as yours has ) and i had some amazing views of planets, stars, and even some Nebs in Orion, and i live in the worst possible location for astronomy, Bortle 9!! ( Basically a scale to indicate how badly light polluted your particular viewing location is, it goes from1, which is the best/darkest skies, all way up to 9, which is the worst, most light polluted skies possible ) So you have a great Telescope and will see some breath-taking sights no matter your location! Best of luck! Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  10. Hi all. Just wondering, does anyone know if there are any fake Baader eyepieces on the market ? Reason I'm asking is because i seen a Baader ep for sale and the Glass looks low quality, and the general appearance of the ep just doesn't look quality ?? here's a link directly to the ep in question. It's on Ebay, and is claimed to be a "Classic Ortho Baader Eyepiece". Thanks, Wes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Baader-planetarium-10mm-classic-ortho-telescope-eyepiece/264910238411?hash=item3dade172cb%3Ag%3AwV0AAOSwYxFfkydk&LH_ItemCondition=1500|2000|2500|3000|7000
  11. Welcome! Great to see you here! Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  12. I agree mate! I'm actually 40 myself in January too but it's not mid life grumpiness, it's genuine shock and concern! A child could watch his vid and think it's funny to copy him and view the Sun through telescope and be INSTANTLY BLINDED!! I commented as much to Dylan in the comments on YouTube! Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  13. Welcome to SGL Richard! I see you have a 130PDS ? I had one of those for my second telescope purchase, after first owning the Skywatcher 114/500 Newtonian Reflector. I had some amazing views of Planets and some brighter Nebulae with my 130PDS! and that was achieved in my Bortle 9+ Skies!! I now own my 3rd 'scope, a Skywatcher 200 ( 8 inch Aperure ) Dobsonian. The views are breath taking! Wes, Liverpool, UK.
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