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    Vusual and Photographic astronomy. I'm a newbie to Telescopes/Astronomy but not to Astronomy and Space in general! I've always been fascinated with the night sky and what goes on out there!
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    Liverpool UK
  1. Thanks so much peter. I am assuming then that i can stack just the lights and darks, with necessarily stacking bias and dark flats aswell, should i not want to ? ( Just to try simplify things ? ) My problems seem to start when i try stacking bias frames ? Thanks again for help Peter, i'll let you know how i get on sir. Wes.
  2. Yes they;re all same camera, the guy who provided them is from an online site. Here's the link- http://www.astropix.com/html/i_astrop/practice_files.html The files are Zip compressed files, if that helps ? I'm thinking have i done something wrong to the files or do i need to change their format or something ? It's incredibly frustrating. Thank You Peter.
  3. Please will someone help me!!! I'm losing the will to live!!! Basically i downloaded a load of Lights, Flats/Bias and Dark frames to practice stacking for when i start imaging myself. The problem i'm having is DSS keeps saying "The pictures are not compatible in length, width, number of pixels, etc etc etc" and won't let me stack said pics??? It's driving me mad!! Please does anyone have a solution please!?? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. My goodness i sooo wish i had £1700 quid spare cos i'd already be on my way up the M62 !! It's gorgeous !! and a Bragain !! Wes, Liverpool.
  5. yes i believe that would help. By reducing glare, i managed to see more detail/phase/
  6. Thank You so much! You talk so much sense and wisdom! I will adopt your advice and let you know how i get on! And my goodness yes i will be extremely careful not to accidentally stray into sun light! Thats one area of this fine hobby i am actually really aware of, safety! Thanks again so much Waddensky, i greatly appreciate your help and advice! Wes.
  7. Thanks for the info Waddensky. When we had a few hours clear weather recently, i was viewing Venus, but the brightness was simply overwhelming my 'scope/eyepieces, and i'm not sure why ? Admittedly, my eyepieces are bog standard SW 10, 25mm and a couple unbranded Plossl's, 3.4mm and 20mm respectively, so maybe my eyepieces simply aren't good enough ? It was my first ever time viewing Venus in my 15 Month Astronomy Journey ( though wanted Telescope for years ) so i was so disappointed when i couldn't get it to resolve/see phase(s) ? It's just so damn bright ! Which until then i always expected to be a great help cos i thought the brighter, the easier to see/resolve ? I suddenly feel as clueless as a first time newbie all over again lol. Wes. Skywatcher Newtonian Reflector 114/500. Skywatcher 130/900 Newt. Reflector. Skywatcher 200/1200 Dob mounted on Skywatcher EQ5.
  8. Hi Knobby. You know i never even thought of doing that ?? I have done it with full Moons many a time but it never even crossed my mind to try with a Planet ? Thank You so much, i'll try that next time.
  9. Hi all. Just wondering, anyone got any tips for seeing Venus without so much glare please ? I've tried different power eyepieces but the glare is stopping me see Phase ? My 130/900 Newt Reflector is well collimated. I'm wondering maybe a filter of some sort, but the few different coloured filters i have didn't help ? Any advice from more ecperienced members would be greatly appreciated ! ( By the way, if anyone has a device to Banish those damn Clouds, i'd be over the Moon ! (( Well, strictly speaking, UNDER the Moon ! But you get my point ! haha )) ). Thanks, Wes, Liverpool ( Bortle 8 )
  10. Just throwing this one out there. Anyone got any tips for both finding Uranus, but also "knowing" that you're actually looking at Uranus and not a star very close to it? Uranus and Neptune are my Achilles Heel at the minute! I consider myself "Semi - Newbie" lol. Been using 'scopes for over a year, and have Skywatcher 114/500 newt. reflector. Skywatcher 130/900 newt. reflector and ( you guessed it! ) Skywatcher 200/1200 Dob ( mounted to SW EQ5 Deluxe ). I'm just not ever sure that i'm actually looking at Uranus, even though i've star hopped my to "it ?". Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated! Wes, Liverpool, UK ( Bortle 8-9 Skies )
  11. That's a good point actually! I assume the theory being that when it's barely visable to naked eye, you will get less glare and see more planetary detail when veiwing through telescope ? Intersteing? I shall bare this in mind for future! Thanks!
  12. my goodness that dosen't surprise me at all! But is kinda funny when you think about it! lol
  13. haha that's the spirit Marvin! To heck with all the faffing about! and why bother cutting a hole in the roof, why not just blast a hole out instead!?? Much more fun!! haha ( on a serious note, i honestly, sincerely have an amnazing time veiwing out that window of mine. I'm very very lucky in that it face due south, and i have roughly 160 degree angle of veiw from east to west.
  14. Yes i think it's only gonna work outdoors? I'll give it a go indoors and let you know if i have any joy.
  15. awww such a shame! I hate it when trees get in the way! then those damn street lights ruining your veiws aswell! I've seriousely considered "Accidentally" cutting the power to street lights near my home! lol
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