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    Vusual and Photographic astronomy. I'm a newbie to Telescopes/Astronomy but not to Astronomy and Space in general! I've always been fascinated with the night sky and what goes on out there!
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    Liverpool UK
  1. What a beautiful looking Telescope! Looks high quality! I completely sympathise with you my friend! This weather we've had recently is a damn pain in the backside! I've got my new 200mm newtonian ( a big step up in aperture from my 130mm! ) practically begging for some star n planetary light! lol Can't wait for clear skies! wes.
  2. Hi, i work in construction and i can safely say that the idea is great in principle but it will not come cheap! There's a lot of things to consider! Planning permission, structural surveys, major construction works, neighbours opposition, access, high costs, unforeseen construction issues, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc! All that being said, this is only my opinion, and i'm sure if you were passionate enough, and really put the work in to research the idea and get quotes, ideas etc, i see no reason why it can't be achieved! Just please DO NOT spend a penny until you have found out about local planning laws/issues and only get quotes from people/firms you know you can trust and who have years of documented excellent building work to back up their claims! I can't stress highly enough how important it is to research and find reputable, well run building firms/companies who you can trust! There are a lot of con-men around and they will promise you anything they think they need to in order to get your money! Please be super careful! Do your homework and always write contracts for works to be done and pay in agreed stages of construction as per stage completed and inspected etc. I wish you the best of luck sir! Wes. Liverpool.
  3. wesdon1

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Hi Glob and welcome to SGL. Wes. Liverpool.
  4. Absolutely stunning image! Amazing work sir!
  5. Thanks for the info about your experiences and the qualiuty similarities of your older Japanese EP and the Meade 140. I shall remeber this for future purchases as if i can get as good quality as TV cheaper then it's a no-brainer. You obviousely know a lot more about these things than myself so i thank you for the great advice sir!
  6. Hi again everyone! I ended up buying second hand and saved some cash in the process!. I bought a Televue 2X barlow, which the quality of which is simply astounding!?? My goodness the quality difference between my "Standard" SkyWatcher 2X Barlow and the Televue Barlow is like a brand new Eurofighter Typhoon Military attack Jet and a beaten up rickety Cessna that can barely fly!! haha seriously though i'm so so happy with it!! I also bought a Televue 8mm Plossl EP. I Paid £77 for the Televue 2X Barlow and £55 for the Televue 8mm Plossl. These things rock!! haha i'm genuinely shocked how much better they are than my SkyWatcher EP's that you get as standard with any low to mid priced SW Telescope!! I CAN'T WAIT for Jupiter and Saturn, amongst others, as after testing my new Barlow and EP on Moon a few nights ago, I am expecting special things when the weather is good and hopefully the seeing is acceptable! Thanks so much for the great advice everyone! I'll keep you's posted on my experiences with my new toys! haha! Sincerely, Wes.
  7. Haha hi again "Susan". Ye definitely i'll let you know how i get on with them. I've thought about 2 speed focuser ( if thats the same as a micro-focuser ? ) myself to help with perfect focusing. It's something i will eventually buy, because as you wisely point out, it's cheap to get into but once you're hooked the bills increase exponentially! haha Wouldn't it be lovely if one won , say, 100 Million on the Euromillions and be able to afford to build ones own private Observatory with something huge like a 2 metre Aperture Reflector inside! oh that would be amazing! I'd never be out the place! haha Well back down to earth, i'll be more than happy when i get my new EP's!
  8. My goodness i'm so sorry sir! I mistakenly called you "Gerry" ?? I got your name mixed up with another SGL member!?? Apologies sir! Oh right i didn't realise a 6mm BST wasn't available ? I will just do exactly as you have suggested and buy BST 5mm and 15mm, and if i can afford it this month, the 32mm Plossl as well. If not i can always buy the 32mm next month. I will let you know how i get on with buying them and what prices i paid/performance etc etc. I'm so excited and can't wait to build up my eyepiece collection and see the views they give me! Thanks so much for your help and advice sir! Wes.
  9. Oh my goodness that's very brave indeed sir!! I'd be TERRIFIED of the laws of physics catching me out and the hoover hose sucking itself onto my beautiful ( Very EXPENSIVE and DELICATE !! ) Mirror !! haha Respect to you my Friend !!
  10. Hi again Gerry. Thank You for your kind and very informative advice. Yes my 'scope is F6, and i have a 130/900 SW Newtonian Reflector too, which is F6.9 ( Effectively F7 i assume ? ). Yes i do wear glasses though they I do get fairly good views without Glasses, though with Glasses the view is obvs much sharper. I'm now thinking, after all the kind comments and advice, to initially try purchase eyepieces second hand online, so i can get more quality per pounds spent. I think i'll buy a Baader Ortho 18mm, and a BST 6mm, and then judge what i find is best by what my views are like. Would you say this is a wise decision or could you please suggest 2 eyepieces, one for low power and one for mid-high power? Either from 2 different brands or the same brand but reasonably priced both new and used? ( No pressure! haha! ) I have around £150 to spend this month. Thank You in advance for any advice and obvs Thank You for all your kind and wise advice you have provided me! I'm learning fast but still have years of experience and knowledge to acquire! Thanks Gerry Wes.
  11. oh right i see? I didn't know they only slightly increase temps? I thought the awful thermals that ruin veiws when using 'scope in urban areas would be replicated on a tiny scale with Dew Heaters but obviouselty with such a small temp increase it shouldn't really happen i would assume?
  12. Hi. I've always wondered if using a heated dew shield will cause a blurry image due to thermals created by heat in really cold environment? It makes sense to me? The warm air will rise and distort the light coming into the objective/opening of Newt. Reflector or Refractor/SCT etc etc ? Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  13. Thank you for your advice sir. I like the idea of buying GSO and/or Revelation eyepieces as they are fairly priced. I will definately have a look at that option. Thanks, Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  14. Hi Gerry, so sorry for late reply. I only have SGL on my home PC so sometimes i don't know i have messages until i visit the site. I was thinking of getting a Baader Classic 6 or 10mm as the Morpheus and others are quite expensive. I assume you own Baader Classic eyepieces? Is that what the BCO stands for? Are you advising me against the 6mm Baader Classic? is so, why? Is it not as good as the other sizes of the same line? Thanks Gerry. Wes.
  15. Thanks mate. I'm thinking along the lines of buying a nice Baader Planetarium eyepiece as they're relatively cheap from what looks to be a quality brand? Or maybe a Celestron Omni EP? Wes.
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