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    Vusual and Photographic astronomy. I'm a newbie to Telescopes/Astronomy but not to Astronomy and Space in general! I've always been fascinated with the night sky and what goes on out there!
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  1. Yes i agree it's always a good idea to see before buying 2nd's if at all possible, as there are some awesome bargains to be had. I too have bought 3 2nds during recent years, and 2 were pristine, but 1 was always troublesome! It was a SW 200p OTA, and i was never satisfied with it's optics?? to this day i just assumed that it was a rare faulty one from the factory, because the main and secondary mirrors looked utterly pristine, but when viewing things through them, the veiws were just awful, no matter what i did to try "resolve" the issue! lol.
  2. I just wanted to let others know, incase they weren't aware, that although the prices for Astro-gear has increased significantly recently for reasons beyond the Retailers control, i have noticed that the prices for used equipment for sale on various popular auction and other second hand sites have started to settle down now and indeed come down quite a bit! At the beginning of the year, sellers were asking for ludicrous prices for Astro-gear, oftentimes asking for more than the products were costing new!! ( due to Retailers struggling to obtain fresh stock! ). So if you're struggling to afford
  3. lol the plot thickens!!?? £530!!!??? Nah on a serious note, i have only ever heard good things about yourselves/FLO so i am comfortable that your price increases are unavoidable my friend. I was just a bit shocked early on when the prices shot up. I am aware that 30 years ago this hobby was insanely expensive and out of reach for the majority of people so i am still grateful for the availability, massive range of products and relatively small costs in comparison to my forefathers. Thank You for your reply my friend! Sincerely, Wes.
  4. I'd suggest the GoTo mount, and telescope, together, working fine and in good overall condition, would sell for around £200-£250, possibly more if enough people are intersted in buying it. That's my guestimate going by the pricing trends I've witnessed during recent months. I'd suggest you auction it on eBay with a starting amount that is the absolute minimum you would be happy to sell for, and see how the auction goes ? Best of luck my friend! Wes.
  5. May i ask, very respectfully, why a Skywatcher 200p Dob that was retailing for around £290-£300 last year is now retailing for £399 ? That's a huge increase, and one would have assumed that selling many of them would make the prices come down, not go up ? Normally when something sells well, the seller can reduce prices to reflect higher income through increased sales volume, thus maintaining his/her profit margins ? I understand demand makes prices go up, but conversely increased sales volumes make prices go down, i always assumed my friend ? Thank You for in advance for any help regarding thi
  6. So sorry to be replying almost 2 months later! Yes i was completely blind sided by it tbh. I was also doubly annoyed bc i was just weeks away from saving up my estimated costs of around £4-5'000 to buy a completely new setup, everything needed for astrophotography. I've since bought it all, but much lower spec'd equipment where the price rise was just too great. Now all i need is this damn British weather to play ball!?? lol. Wes. Liverpool. ( Bortle 9+! No joke! I've had to invent the "9+" Bortle scale for where i live cos it's almost as bright as a Beach at midday in high summer!!
  7. Call me naïve, but i honestly didn't see the price rises coming, despite covid...? Wes.
  8. Thankyou! Your post/comments clearly demonstrate what i been complaining about! I was looking on eBay practically daily, and at Telescope retailer's daily online, for many months while i was saving up a lot of money to buy a new SCT 9.25 inch, Quality EP's, Ha Filters, Mono Camera, Colour Camera, Adapters, basically a massive hoard of equipment, to start doing some serious Astrophotography and the ability to do quality visual also. Then this huge price increase, across the board, just happened without warning!!?? Suddenly, my projected total costs went from £4'100 to £6'450 !!?? I am still so
  9. Yes I've since contacted many suppliers in Asia, and spoken to various retailers in UK and Europe, and basically what you say is what is actually happening. Plus also in Asia, there has been massive effects on staffing levels and interruptions to manufacturing and distribution of essential materials needed to produce not just Telescopes, but many other products. This Pandemic has really gotten us by the proverbial's, unfortunately. Wes.
  10. Yes a couple of other more experienced members have said the same things about the 70's and 80's prices/availability etc. I do accept that we are living in amazing times for Telescopes and technology! I just got such a shock when prices rose so suddenly and so steeply! lol. Wes.
  11. very good point! I sincerely hope so! Only time will tell... Wes.
  12. I know!! I have seen the retailer in question myself and my goodness his/her prices are just plain wrong!!?? I actually emailed a couple of sellers asking them how on earth they could possibly justify the prices they were asking in their ads, and rather tellingly, I got no reply whatsoever!!?? lol Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  13. Hi, you make a very fair point my friend! I do agree we have been spoiled during recent years due to massive decreases in prices, and 30-40 years ago, one could only dream of owning a 20 inch Aperture Telescope of such high quality!!?? or even a 12 inch Telescope without paying thousands of £££'s!!?? So in that context, the prices are dirt cheap!! I guess one should keep ones eyes on the bigger picture!!?? Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  14. I was under the impression that the retailers had raised prices because they saw an opportunity to make more profits because their new products were now being sold used on eBay et al for more than their new prices!!?? Maybe it is the suppliers ?? Possibly for similar reasons i outlined ?? I'm really surprised the mainland China prices were so similar to UK retail prices ?? That's quite a shocker bc one would expect the prices to be much cheaper at source!?? Strange ? Oh my goodness i really hope prices do drop significantly post Covid!?? But either way, I'll never fall out of love with this am
  15. Hi. Yes I totally understand the Covid issues, and yes I would agree their will inevitably have to be some increases in prices, but just as an example for you, the extremely popular Skywatcher 200p Dobsonian Telescope was priced £289 a few days ago, and now it's priced at £399!!?? That's wayyy too much of an increase, surely!!?? I was looking to buy a new Dob, a 12 inch SW Flex-Tube, but now after price increases I'm not sure whether to!?? I can actually see one potential plus point to all this though ?? ( I hope!?? ) at some point in the future, the Covid situation will settle down, and all t
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