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    Vusual and Photographic astronomy. I'm a newbie to Telescopes/Astronomy but not to Astronomy and Space in general! I've always been fascinated with the night sky and what goes on out there!
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  1. Yes i'll ask Moderator to move it to Planetary, Thanks. The view was/is indeed dreadful. No detail, just a blurry mess. Should be much better later in the year.
  2. You descriptions of them are exact same as my experiences. After few responses i received so far, i'm 99% certain it's the seeing conditions combined with them both being too low at the moment. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Hi all. Just wondering, has anyone else viewed Jupiter and Saturn recently in UK and had terribly blurry and distorted views of said Planets ? I have a big 8 inch Dob and i'm wondering is my collimation out, or is it awful seeing conditions causing my problems ? I viewed said planets through my 5.1 inch Newtonian reflector during last years best viewing times for said planets and the views were amazing. Now i do know that at the moment, said planets are relatively low on horizon, until later in year when they will climb significantly higher, but even when i viewed said planets low on horizon earlier in the year last year, i still managed decent views ? I'm at a loss to explain whats wrong tbh ?? So i would greatly appreciate anyone elses experiences recently, and whether they have noticed similar issues as mine ? Thanks. Wes, Liverpool, UK ( Bortle 8-9 ) Skywatcher Newtonian Reflector 130/900. Skywatcher Dobsonian Newtonian Reflector 200/1200. Skywatcher Newtonian Reflector 114/500. Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe Mount. Skywatcher EQ2 Mount. Skywatcher EQ1 Mount. Various low end eyepieces. 2x and 5x Barlows. Infinite enthusiasm...
  4. Amazing pics mate. I haven't the equipment to do Solar yet, but will do soon. Looks really intersteing. I currently do Night time viewing and plan to do imaging soon too. I love my big 8 inch dob,.
  5. Hi all. Just wondering, is anyone else struggling to get good resolution/detail with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in recent days ? I have a 8 inch Newt. and i am really struggling to resolve the aforementioned planets at the moment ? I was just wondering is anyone else having the same issues ? Last year i had amazing views of Planets with my 5.1 inch Newt. Reflector, but that was around middle to late in year when they were much higher up in sky. So i'm thinking is it just simply atmospheric blurring due to them being really low near horizon, or is there something else going on ? Like my 'scope being way out of collimation ? or something else i haven't thought of ? or is it just plain and simple bad seeing ? If it is the latter, will others please confirm they too are having very bad seeing with Planets at the moment please ? Thanks in advance for any replies. Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  6. Hi, thanks for your comments! I was indeed like a kid at Christmas with the new dob! lol. i'll seek out M13 during next session thanks! Wes ( Bortle 8-9 )
  7. Hi Phil. Thanks for the advice, i shall do that soon my friend! Wes, Liverpool ( Bortle 8-9 )
  8. Hi Baz! Thanks for your reply! I will take your excellent advice to improve further my viewing with the 8 inch dob! I also saw hints of blue and green in M42, but i have not yet tried to split E & F in the Trapexium, i shall give it a go too! I was sure i saw Uranus in the 8 inch, but Venus was very distracting! lol. I shall go at it again soon! I bettre hurry though! It's setting earlier and earlier every night now! Wes, Liverpool ( Bortle 8-9 )
  9. My goodness definitely do! I am so pleased with the difference in details, light gathering etc! You could even sell your 150/1200 to ease the financial hit of buying the 200/1200. Cheapest i've seen the 200/1200 Skywatcher dob is at Rother Valley Optics, for £289, as of 16/03/20. Maybe even buy used, just make sure it's optics are pristine. I've since seen Planet Mars, and i'm itching for Saturn and Jupiter to be higher in sky later in the year as they looked awesome through my smaller 4.5 and 5.1 Newtonians, so i absolutely cannot wait to see them with my new big 8 inch!
  10. My goodness i had first light with my new 8 inch dob last night and it was awesome! I had previously been using a 5.1 inch Newtonian Reflector, and upgraded to a 8 inch Reflector. Anyway, i looked at M42 Orion Neb and it was lit up like a Christmas Tree!! I could even see some faint colours in the Nebulae!! I was blown away! Then i swung to Planet Venus and after dealing with the glare, i managed to resolve it to it's roughly 50% Phase!! Colours the lot!! I was so happy with the difference in details and resolution with 8 inch aperture instead of 5!! I can't recommend the 8 inch SkyWatcher 200/1200 highly enough!! What a Telescope!! I also saw a Globular Cluster, as well as countless stars, and even got a look at Planet Uranus right by Planet Venus!! Amazing considering we had an almost full Moon and in my awful Bortle 8 Skies!!?? Truly blown away and i CANNOT WAIT for Moon-Less nights and to see Planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mars...etc etc etc!! Wes, Liverpool, UK. ( Bortle 8 ) SkyWatcher 200/1200 Dob. SkyWatcher 130/900 Newt Reflector. SkyWatcher Newt. Reflector 114/500. SW 25mm/10mm/3.6mm EP's. SW 2x barlow Lense. Filters etc. Home designed and built Dobsonian Mount. SkyWatcher EQ5 Deluxe Mount. SkyWatcher EQ2 Mount. SkyWatcher EQ1 Mount. Infinite enthusiasm...
  11. Thank You so much my friend!! I've been looking for some accurate weights for skywatcher EQ5 Head and Tripod!! Very very helpful even nearly 8 years after you posted this! lol Wes, Liverpool, UK.
  12. Thanks so much peter. I am assuming then that i can stack just the lights and darks, with necessarily stacking bias and dark flats aswell, should i not want to ? ( Just to try simplify things ? ) My problems seem to start when i try stacking bias frames ? Thanks again for help Peter, i'll let you know how i get on sir. Wes.
  13. Yes they;re all same camera, the guy who provided them is from an online site. Here's the link- http://www.astropix.com/html/i_astrop/practice_files.html The files are Zip compressed files, if that helps ? I'm thinking have i done something wrong to the files or do i need to change their format or something ? It's incredibly frustrating. Thank You Peter.
  14. Please will someone help me!!! I'm losing the will to live!!! Basically i downloaded a load of Lights, Flats/Bias and Dark frames to practice stacking for when i start imaging myself. The problem i'm having is DSS keeps saying "The pictures are not compatible in length, width, number of pixels, etc etc etc" and won't let me stack said pics??? It's driving me mad!! Please does anyone have a solution please!?? Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. My goodness i sooo wish i had £1700 quid spare cos i'd already be on my way up the M62 !! It's gorgeous !! and a Bragain !! Wes, Liverpool.
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