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  1. Hi I have just downloaded registax6 and it won’t work with my cannon eos400d I have changed to jpeg to raw on my camara settings I am using windows 10 is there any help and advice would be very much appreciated thank you so much
  2. hi i have just bought a second hand canon eos 400d and would it be worth taking the ir filter out of it or just keep it as it is is there another way of using it for astrophotography or not thanks in advance stephen
  3. hi sorry if i have already put this on but cannot find it is anybody using these camaras for astrophotography is there any downfalls with them i think i will be using it on a explorer scientific102 thank in advance stephen
  4. can somebody please advise me if these camaras are ok for astrophotography thanks
  5. Hi could you please tell me what you need to see this nebula ie what size telescope and best eye piece and of course a clear sky thanks Stephen
  6. Hi has Rigal burnt out as i cannot see it anymore in orion's constellation i was told it was a aggresive planet that was burning out very quick anybody seen it thanks Stephen
  7. hi there i am going here in January and just wondered if there are any star gazers out there if so is it a dark site thanks Stephen i might even take my telescope
  8. Hi my grandson has just asked me if there are stars and planets visible during the day I said yes and now Iam getting questions galore of him is there anything he could see any help would be appreciated regards Stephen
  9. hi just been to sort my mates Dobsonian out do you need to align the the lens of so is it hard to do cheers
  10. That's what I saw but was blurry
  11. Is Saturn viewable in the early mornings in the Doncaster area I thought I saw it but was very blurry
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