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  1. Got to agree that the softcase isn't much use for protection against knocks and a peli is probably the best thing there, but I've pretty much run out of room for yet another box and I'm reluctant to store anything valuable outside.
  2. I read on here somewhere that Mars is at opposition about 14th October next year. Best time to look at it will be a window about a month or so, maybe eight weeks either side of that, whilst it's at it's largest in our skies. I missed out on last opposition, last summer because it was far too low, had a single fleeting view of it before it went behind a house. It's supposed to be quite a lot higher next opposition, so for you and I it'll be a lot easier to see. Something to look forward to, weather permitting.
  3. After a day on my feet my ankle is hurting so I've only had a looksee not so long ago at the moon using 10x30 IS binoculars. NOW it's getting interesting to look at again with crater Langrenus prominent on the terminator below Mare Crisium.
  4. I am thinking that I do have to do something to make removal easier and not drop the caps. Maybe a cord like paracord and superglue or hot glue based. Probably will look horrible, but it'll be to do a job that isn't just to look pretty.
  5. I went to the camera shop in town today. Didn't have any caps that'd fit. We looked. Zilch. Nada. Then I had an idea; I asked if they had any film canisters. Kodak grey topped film canister caps fit. It's a bit of fingernail action taking them out but they work a treat! Tip: Don't push them right into the objective end, but leave them protruding enough to allow you to dig them out with your fingernail and get a couple of spares in case they go flying in the dark.
  6. Hi Florent I wish towns and cities here would do that too, or at least introduce PIR activation to the lights that are on residential streets. The savings would be enormous and we'll get darker skies, wildlife won't suffer etc. I do concede that main roads probably need lighting all through the night, but wish their colours aren't that horrible pinkish orange or white. Can't they be old-style sodium vapour yellow (low pressure sodium vapour?)
  7. Hi Miles and welcome! If you're anything like me you'll tire of looking at the full moon; not only is it over-bright, but it is flat, dull and samey - the only real draw are the crater rays. Wait till there's shadows; it'll knock your socks off!
  8. reezeh

    New member

    Hi Marvin and welcome! Of course, being named Marvin begs for you to use Marvin the martian as an avatar!
  9. Is it realistic to 3d print an adjustable occulting bar that threads into eyepieces' filter threads, with a centre that can be screwed in and out to get the bar up to the field stop?
  10. Did you see anything worthwhile then, like help with any doubles? Even anecdotal recollections if you're happy to hit me with them.
  11. Quite what is meant by window screen? Is it that stuff Americans put on their doors to keep bugs out of the house? What mesh size, if that matters?
  12. Hi, or as I'd most likely say howdeedidleedoodleedoo dude! I best make it "dude" here and not "dood" as that freaks out the Dutch!
  13. Probably those living in low latitudes have a distinct advantage too methinks, Peter!
  14. I'd say that's far from a disaster @alacant
  15. It's either that or an enhanced version of @Demonperformer's idea of a wall. What's the "enhancement" I hear you ask... Well, build the wall on rollers far enough away to be at infinity focus and drive it in sync with your telescope. You'll be able to ogle the Pup as long as you want!
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