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    Astronomy, photography, playing chess badly and telling jokes that'll make you groan
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    About 53º47'N 1º47'W
  1. reezeh

    Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 Info

    Because of the timing and some weird activity called "work" in the morning, best I'll manage is a glance; assuming I don't just roll over in bed and I'm not clouded out. Watching the weather forecasts the last couple of months, it's been cloudier and rainier here than anywhere else in Britain.
  2. reezeh

    What did the postman bring?

    Just a weedle book today, from First Light Optics. Wasn't the postman, but DPD this instance. Only Volume 1; vol 2 is on order but out of stock, looking forward to that as it's what we're moving into.
  3. reezeh

    Hardware rather than software

    Sorry I didn't read from the top. I just saw you're having port problems. Having a more thorough look I agree with what's been said, though a card might be the safer option than dismantling your laptop...
  4. reezeh

    Hardware rather than software

    Reminds me of my camera problem with the Starlight Xpress; on the laptop I got for it, works well on one port but not the other. As you're having a similar problem, I'd guess it's the port or its driver. After all the struggling with the camera on the older (supposedly compatible laptop) I'm happy to leave it at that. Logic doesn't always seem to work and computers are the work of the devil sometimes. So if you can live with connecting just like that I'd recommend you accept it for now. You'll probably waste far more time trying to fix it than the time you'll save on the faster connection and I'll put that effort into getting a more compatible pc.
  5. reezeh

    What did the postman bring?

    I'll say you can print a dome!
  6. reezeh

    Bewitched Witch...

    I can almost hear her threatening Dorothy and Toto!
  7. But you're paying twice the rent or 1.5 times the council tax!
  8. reezeh

    What`s your favourite constellation?

    I still remember discovering the coat hanger whilst just sweeping around with my 60mm refractor.
  9. I dunno, although there's definitely an upper limit, maybe a permanently spinning lens might extend on what has been built. I do know spinning liquid mirrors have been done, but they're not tiltable. It'd definitely be an interesting project for some research department. Or just build it in space or on the moon.
  10. reezeh

    What did the postman bring?

    Considering their Highland black is budget, it's astonishing nice. They did an Irish one; Clontarf 1014 which I'd certainly buy again if I see it.
  11. reezeh

    What did the postman bring?

    This morning this arrived... It's a Herschel wedge. A sun thingummybob. A big yellow thing in the sky wotsit... Gonna pair it with my 152mm refractor... WHEN I GET TO SEE THE SUN!!!
  12. reezeh

    3D Printers

    I'd much rather see the warnings. Can't overstress safety. It's a good thing you did; any newbie or inexperienced random browser might see them and stop to think. I'm wise enough to know beforehand it's a great help for others and hopefully will save their vision. I have an analogy with telescopes pointed at the sun: their potential likelihood to do you permanent damage if you're not careful are the same as sharing a bath with a toaster whilst it's toasting your bread.
  13. reezeh

    3D Printers

    True. Just that my experience of aperture being more than necessary when seeing won't support it is that you see less of what you want and more of what you don't want. You'll never see anyone with a 60mm telescope grumbling about bad seeing! And of course this is all just something I've been wondering about and thought I'd ask in a thread about making in a 3D printer.
  14. reezeh

    3D Printers

    Better than something simply tied to the end that's obviously there, but still I've misgivings about anything that isn't practically locked in place. True, with precautions taken even full aperture should be as safe as it can be, considering you've got to be ocd about it, a stop would help make things safer. Besides as I already mentioned earlier; there's no real advantage in using an aperture that doesn't add any more resolution to a seeing-limited situation. There's certainly no need for the extra light gathering ability in that situation either!
  15. reezeh

    3D Printers

    Don't worry about it. You'd have to be pretty old to be my mummy now! And yes, even though I've not been on the forum for long (I still see myself as a new member) I'm not as green as people are tempted to assume from that. I've long been connected with astronomy - it's work that got in the way a lot and still does. That's why to keep myself with it I'm getting an urge to enjoy it in daytime. I can't stop up till 5am looking through a telescope if I've got to set off for work at quarter to eight... and before anyone suggests it; noway am I able to sleep from five in the afternoon to 1am. I do get a fair bit of time off though working for a school! Talking of which, I've mulled over the idea of arranging with the school an observing evening, but considering they're like gremlins (as in the film) I keep dismissing it.

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