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  1. Not to mention the fact that this thread is 2 yrs old.
  2. According to the hilarious Netflix show Space Force, nobody can lay claim to anything outside of Earth.
  3. Double image, sounds like they are out of collimation.
  4. This has been discussed before. I think anyone who tried it found it good. I think the secret is to close either eye whilst looking through each filter.
  5. Thanks. I couldn't find them on Argos.ie. They look kinda cool. Just reading reviews. They are flat and not spherical. Oh well!!!!!.
  6. Hi, today I got a PM from dexter77 and he asked me this: Today I've received my SW AZ5 on steel tripod. It looks very good and I'm going to use it with Mak 127. I've noticed that slow motions are working in strange way, could you tell me is in normal or should I adjust something? 1. Azimuth Slow Motion. I've noticed that I can use slow motion only when I really tighten azimuth clutch. When I loosen it a little bit then slow motions are not working. Is it normal? 2. Altitude slow motion. Slow motion is working very smooth whenever I loosen or tighten clutch. I've recorded video, you can see it here, is it normal work of azimuth slow motion in that mount? My mind is all over the place lately so cant advise. Please reply to dexter77. Thanks.
  7. 10 people interested so far. 7 women 3 men.
  8. Tonight on my local community FB page, I've been chatting with a guy who is into astronomy and imaging. I asked him if he'd be interested in starting an astro group for the local community. He agreed. We will keep in touch, and when this Covid is gone or eased off, we will put in action to formally create an astro society here in Maynooth. He is a recent cancer survivor whose immune system is compromised, so he has been isolating since March. Should be fun when we get up and running. Sorry for the use of the Covid word. This post is about a new astro society in my locale, and I'm gonna be a founding member.
  9. What's up with those two?. They look like you just told them that the dog park has closed down.
  10. It is. My apologies. I veered it off course.
  11. This was reported months ago here on SGL. its very real. However i think it nothing more than a digital camera on a mount (IIRC)
  12. My 1st view of Saturn was with a 90mm Celestron Fistscope refractor (F11.....IIRC). I cant remember the EP. I remember me words to this day. I cant post them here. It was in 2010. Probably a 10mm Celstron Plossel.
  13. Ive used a 4mm eyepiece ONCE here in Ireland to view the Moon . It felt like i was hovering a couple of miles above the surface. Ive never had that experience again. It was a night when everything was perfect.
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