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  1. Perhaps I'm being cynical but I would not put it past some manufacturers to hike their prices at times when customers have been pre-prepared to expect such price rises - as in the current political circumstances, the fall in the pound etc - irrespective of whether such price rises are justified.
  2. Hello from Argentina

    Sounds like a brilliant place for astronomy. I look forward to reading your posts.
  3. Hello from Argentina

    Welcome. Enjoy your new telescope! Do you have reasonably dark skies where you are?
  4. Venus and Mercury now

    Yes, indeed. I might be mistaken, but I think this is the first time I've seen Mercury now for several years. In fact I only recall seeing it at all a handful of times. It's a very elusive planet. Venus on the other hand I see often, despite on occassion not looking for it intentionally.
  5. Venus and Mercury now

    Good heads up, KL. They were both nicely visible to me from an upstairs window. Thanks for pointing these out, I'd have missed it otherwise.
  6. Connection to house

    Slightly off topic, but does anyone know why wifi from the house is sometimes usable down the garden and other times isn't? What affects the strength of the signal assuming factors like distance, router position etc remain constant?
  7. Yes, I think it must be something like that. I have the impression the article was considering what would happen to time in relativistic physics if the speed of light were infinite.
  8. Just something I read in an old New Scientist article 4 March 2017... ".... if the speed of light were infinite, massless particles and the information they carry would move from A to B instantaneously, cause would sit on top of effect and everything would happen at once". OK I get that. Then it says ... "The universe would have no history and no future, and time as we understand it would disappear." Why?
  9. Electrical supply to observatory

    If I had paid a registered electrician to do this I would expect to receive all the appropriate certification that the work meets the legal requirements.
  10. Atik Horizon - Horizontal Banding

    Good news! Sometimes it turns out that it really is the kit that is defective. We tend to assume it's something we're doing wrong don't we! I hope you get a chance to use it and we see the results soon.
  11. Covering a scope at the end of a session

    I only ever leave my telescope out under a cover for a few days max if it looks like I might get the opportunity to ue it over that time. If the weather is dry during the day I usually remove the cover to let the telescope 'air'. I also turn the cover inside out to let moisture evaporate.
  12. Pixinsight issues?

    I'm a relative beginner at PI and haven't come across anything that would put me off. It is complicated and the learning curve is quite steep, but it is very rational in how it works, although not always intuitive. I'm relatively familiar with Photoshop for processing and I now realise the advantage of using software specifically designed for the job of processing astro images. I still sometimes resort to using photoshop because it's more familiar, but I know that really PI has everything I need, and more. PS My problem is isn't the learning curve it's the forgetting curve which is even steeper!
  13. bright flash

    Or a tumbling bit of space junk.
  14. Erm ..... why would you want to do this? Is this so you can listen to music whilst looking at photos on the camera's computer screen?
  15. Is most of the sky this boring?

    Maybe its just me but I think a star field without a deep sky object is beautiful and not boring at all.