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  1. I’ve just come in from a half hour session with the bins. The Moon has just loomed large over the horizon. I see NEOWISE is still visible towards the west. It’s right next to M53 and a similar brightness. Is anyone planning to image them? Jupiter looks good, as does Saturn. Through my 15x bins I can just about see the rings.
  2. What publiciser could resist a name with “101” in it as the “introductory galaxy“? Even though it isn’t.
  3. Yes. It’s easy to get distracted. I go on there seriously intending to look up ‘how to’ something or other and I end up watching episodes of Yes, Prime minister or Eric Clapton playing blues with Bob Dylan or something.
  4. This video is an object lesson in how to make a YouTube video to promote yourself and various products in an entertaining way. He’s very good at it, making the video I mean, but you won’t learn much about astrophotography except, perhaps, how hard it can be. In fact it might put some people off trying. There are many people who put videos on YouTube genuinely aimed at teaching people how to do things - DIY jobs, playing an instrument, astrophotography and so on. But this ain’t one of those. P.S. I quite enjoyed it. oh, and P.P.S. We’re doing a great job for him talking about it.
  5. Quite a clever combination of information, entertainment and advertising. I suspect most of us don’t travel the learning curve like he did by spending thousands on expensive kit at first step. Most people seem to ease themselves into astrophotography bit by bit, Initially with simple kit and then working up. Mind you we still spend as much if not more in time, effort and money in the long run!
  6. @Skipper Billy Isn’t the point of a super bias to better model the fixed pattern noise? So I’m just wondering whether it might look worse, but actually do a better job at correcting the light and other frames. I guess the only way to see is to process with and without. Just a thought.
  7. So is the GEM series replacing the CEMs? The GEM45 looks like a nice mount. Nearly 2 grand in a case though. And the iOptron GEM45-EC German Equatorial GoTo Mount with RA Encoder is almost another thousand pounds. Is that worth it for the RA encoder?
  8. There’s the iOptron GEM45. Slightly heavier at 7.2 kg than the CEM25, but much lighter than the EQ-6 R.
  9. Yes, I too had noticed that FLO has them as unavailable. And this
  10. “The other option I'm considering is buying a CEM25p before they disappear.” Are they going to? Pity. I was looking at the possibility of getting a CEM25 as a portable mount.
  11. @knobby OK. That’s interesting. But if you’re using SynScan app presumably you can’t use SkySafari? Actually my question was a general one really, and not mount specific. I’m thinking of buying a portable (ish) mount, but I haven’t decided which one yet. I was considering whether to plan to control it via my iPhone, possibly using SkySafari. Then I got to thinking how does autoguiding work with a WiFi Dongle plugged into the mount socket where you usually plug in the cable from the PC? Then I thought maybe people use the ST4 guide port since most mounts come with those.
  12. How is autoguiding achieved when SkySafari is used to control a mount using WiFi?
  13. Wow! Like flying over the surface of the Moon.
  14. Yes, just seen it too with a pair of 16x50 bins. A fuzzy blob basically.
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