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  1. OK. I didn't know that. I just got the bits as supplied and assumed that was the way to do it. It does have the advantage of being able to rotate the whole assembly to compose the subject. Presumably that's also true of the click lock is it?
  2. Erm. .... Well, may be I'm connecting the Skywatcher flattener wrongly but what I do is to screw a 2" adapter (left) to the flattener, which in turn is connected to the DSLR adapter and camera (right). I'm always slightly worried the 2" adapter will slip out of the focuser. So I tend to loop the DSLR's strap over the guide camera bracket just in case the worst happens.
  3. Is there a reason for not buying the SW flattener designed for this scope? Also I thought my ED80 came with a 2" to 1.25" adapter. But then I bought the scope with a case which included several bits and bobs.
  4. My problem with USBs has always been USB plugs jiggling in the hub's sockets and losing connection with the computer. Sometimes I've only had to brush by a cable to cause a drop out, usually requiring the computer to be rebooted. Absolute pain. I solve the problem by cable tying the cables to the mount which stops cable movement transferring back to the hub.
  5. Ah .... beat me to it! Just found that. It's worth buying one just for the name!
  6. Yeah. I was gonna say my solution is the shuffle over a bit and dig somewhere else. You'd have thought they'd have thought this was somewhere between likely to inevitable. Sod's Law if nothing else.
  7. Are they surprised? I don't think I've ever dug down anywhere and not hit rock/s.
  8. I hesitate to mention the B word, but now we're leaving the 'you know what' I'm up for moving Britain to a better, cloud-free climate .... somewhere in the Pacific maybe?
  9. Yeah, I said that. I have to delete one image at a time on iPad which is a bit of a faff. It's easy to delete the whole quote too. Would be good if forum software enabled quote without images. Back on topic now.
  10. Excellent suggestion if using a PC. Doesn't work on an iPad of course, but pics can be highlighted one at a time and delighted. Bit of a chore but can and should be done. Anyway this is off topic so I'll shut up now.
  11. I regret clicking on a thread in which three posters quoted in full a post containing 4 (was it?) images. It took an age on an iPad to scroll to the bottom of the page. There has to be a better way for forums to work surely? I can't remember what I was going to post now. Sorry, rant over. Oh yes, I regret not buying a half decent mount for imaging first off. I spent several years learning that the mount is king. Secondly I wish I had built an observatory for a permenant set up and now think it's too late.
  12. Lovely set. Good to see someone had fun getting some nice images during that lovely February summer we had. I think they're all good. I like the Markarian's chain too and the last one (Rose nebula?). I think there might be more you could pull out the Orion Nebula. There is some nice detail there. I'm a bit envious of you actually because I kept seeing all that lovely clear sky in Feb, but for various reasons couldn't get out there to use it. Then this weekend when I went down to Cornwall where I do my astronomy we got storm Freya big time! Duh!
  13. My DEC axis does not rotate completely freely either unless I rotate the RA axis so that the telescope and counterweight shaft are horizontal. In this position I can set the telescope balance very accurately by moving the telescope backwards and forwards along the saddle. It goes without saying that this balance is set as in 'imaging mode' with camera, guide cam etc attached.
  14. I wonder whether this is problem with polar alignment rather than the mount? What method of polar alignment are you using. Total RMS of 1.5" isn't disasterous for a short focal length scope. I'd probably get round stars with that too .... and that's all that matters isn't it! I do slightly better than 1.5" RMS usually, as long as it's not windy. What worries me slightly is your concern that the tripod might sink in the ground. Before I put some flagstones down I used large plastic saucers under the tripod legs to spread the load. Might be worth a try.
  15. Yep. I completely agree. Yes, they are a tad lengthy and slow. But that means you can process an image as you watch - well you can if you watch the video on a tablet (say) and use PI on a computer, which is how I did it. I think astro dude does a good introduction to the PI user interface in the first video. This is really helpful because PI does seem a bit confusing when you first see it. Important to mention that his first 12 videos only deal with calibrating and processing images form OSC cameras.
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