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  1. Glasses or No Glasses?

    Ditto for the convenience of using a spectacle cord or lanyard. Picked mine up in Boots I think. I've never been able to observe through bins or telescope with glasses on. I'm slightly astigmatic too but that doesn't seem to matter.
  2. Dithering question

    OK liveable with then. I disconnect my laptop from the Internet anyway when I'm imaging to stop it getting distracted by emails or checking on updates and downloading them.
  3. Bodmin Moor - an International Dark Sky Landscape

    Do you know how this bid for a dark sky area in west Cornwall is going, or even who submitted it? Really the area would need to cover areas both north and south of Bude. Some of these areas are Bortle Class 2 if the online light pollution map is to be believed. That's slightly better than Bodmin and Exmoor.
  4. Dithering question

    @StarwizGood! How did you solve the problem?
  5. The Coathanger and the Little Cocoon

    That's lovely. The coat hanger is one of my favourites, and nicely positioned at the moment. I nearly always look for it when out with the binoculars at this time of year. Interesting to see the vast sea of stars in the background that your image reveals. Good to see this is a DSLR image. When I first looked at it I thought it would turn out to be an image acquired with something like a ZWO1600.
  6. My impression was that there were fewer people at the show on Friday than there had been in previous years. It occured to me that the show might not be commercially viable if numbers were down that much on both days. Was it busy on the Saturday?
  7. Dithering question

    A problem very similar to yours is discussed on this forum. It might help. Good luck.
  8. Dithering question

    Yes. However, I've stayed with using an ST4 cable between the guide camera and mount (exactly as you have it Starwiz) and can confirm it works absolutely fine with dithering as Stuart says. I've been looking back at the PHD2 manual, which you can download from Here. The information you need to set up dithering is on page 27. It's not written very clearly, but how to do it is there if you read it carefully. Essentially you need to set parameters in PHD2 so it enables a server, how much to dither by and how long to allow the mount to settle down after dithering and before taking the next exposure. It sounds complicated, but I just followed my nose and got it to work. The difficulty I had was how to determine how much to dither by. In the end I had to play with a scaling factor in one of PHD2's parameter settings until I saw a definite shift in star positions between exposures. There's probably an optimum shift value but I don't know how to determine what that might be. What I do seems to work anyway.
  9. Dithering question

    If APT works like BackYardEOS it tells PHD to dither between exposures. It was just a matter of clicking the right settings in BYEOS and PHD2. I imagined it would be more difficult, but actually it just works seamlessly.
  10. I suggested this last year and earlier in this thread. I keep hoping FLO will take the hint and arrange for some SGL badges "proudly sponsored by FLO". Hint hint hint hint ......
  11. Yes, I agree it's good to encourage young people. It just seemed odd that there were so many of them, maybe 70 to 100 in number, and they weren't particularly well behaved, running around between the exhibits and making a lot of noise. It seemed to me they weren't that interested in the exhibition either. The exhibitors seemed as nonplussed by the whirlwind as the visitors I thought. Hey ho! I got chatting to quite a few people and asked them if they used SGL, but none of them did except one and I had the feeling he wasn't a member either.
  12. I went today. It was relatively quiet this morning - oh apart from an hour before lunch when two coach load's of school kids descended on the place, rather livening things up! I had a good long discussion with the ATIK people mainly about their new Horizon CMOS camera, which they hope to have for sale in a few weeks after beta testing. Somehow or other I managed to spend a hundred and something quid on two dew heaters, controller, a couple of Batonov masks, a 2nd hand book from the history of astronomy stand and a guide and calendar from the Astronomy Now stand. I enjoyed it though. Met a few familiar faces. Some good chats and some nice stuff on display. I only attended one talk - the one on dark matter. The speaker was vary good and there were lots of interesting questions afterwards. Enjoy it if you go tomorrow!
  13. Polar aligning an ALT AZ EQ6

    almcl - I too experience this problem. Like others I tweak the alignment and tighten the bolts iteratively until polar alignment is achieved and the mount is secure. It's a very common 'feature' generally of mechanisms requiring fine adjustments followed by some kind of tightening procedure. I have the same problem with the focusing on my ed80 telescope. I get the scope nicely focused then tighten the fixing bolt and it's gone out of focus.
  14. cheap DSLR

    My 200p focuser looks like this ... The 450d reaches focus when the focuser is wound out about half an inch.
  15. cheap DSLR

    OK sounds like you've got it covered if it is an issue.