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  1. Yes as John says that sounds like it - about the size of a finger nail. I found a good sketch, but don't expect to see this fine detail, but that darker central spec can flicker star like among the haze. Glad you saw the comet ! andrew
  2. It's not given up too much in these light nights... At 50x best described as an irregular haze surrounding a tiny rough cut diamond ! andrew
  3. Hi Liam Yes, it's yours - a lovely little eyepiece. Send me a PM with your details and will mark as pending. Thanks, andrew
  4. Hi Tony No box sorry - the vixen ones are quite flimsy cardboard, so keep it in a bolt case. andrew
  5. Selling two 50 deg eyepiece for wider fields - both Japan in nice condition and price is posted. Vixen LV 9 £39 Meade 3000 16 plossl £24 Pending Thanks, andrew
  6. I'm after maxvision one myself John ! If I come across some, will let you know. I don't think there's much difference in the several different versions though. andrew
  7. That's great Kerry - a cherished memory. It's strange that things which appear so insignificant in the eyepiece, make a hugh impact on the mind. andrew
  8. You could get a maxvision 28mm for around that price - which would be a fine wide field for that scope Jules - right to the very edge. andrew
  9. Still looking for one of these.
  10. That's brilliant John - a great thrill, a great display ! andrew
  11. The comet is looking good tonight - the best view so far i think. It's just about dark and at 38x with averted version the elongation is getting more apparent. Lovely clear night here. andrew
  12. You could try for the Supernova in the fireworks galaxy - NGC 6946 - good luck ! andrew
  13. I can see the Supernova on your image - it's looking quite bright ! andrew
  14. It's a stunning night. Been looking at the live pictures of the Supernova and it's still looking 'bright' - hope someone gets a view tonight. andrew
  15. I guess the other factor is the light nights - about a week of darkness left for those on the south coast. Should be an easy target for imagers though. andrew