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  1. That's a glorious part of the sky you were exploring - it should be even more stunning in a month or so with the sky getting marginally darker. Great list of objects on view though. andrew
  2. I had a bit of a binocular tour around the Sagittarius region the first time this year. It's a little hazy/dusty low down tonight, and being lightish nothing really shone out. The Lagoon area and Star Cloud region were subdued, but caught a glimpse of the Butterfly Cluster M6 which I have not seen for a couple of years - just a haze. So I looked in the telescope for a better view and 19x the clusters main stars and shape were clear. It was too hazy and a bit obscured to see M7 a few degrees lower down. Under better conditions, this whole region is one of the highlights of summer observing though - dust sprinkled stars all over the place For those with a clear horizon, they both will fit in a binocular field. andrew
  3. Thought I'd have a look at the cluster tonight as it's heading rapidly west. It was ok in the wide field refractor but as you say, much more satisfying in binoculars - a lovely sight. andrew
  4. Another fine photo. Over the next two nights it's very close to a couple of Virgo galaxies - almost within touching distance ! Hope you get a chance to image it. andrew
  5. Thanks for the links Dave. Only a sliver on show here, but the Lunar eclipse on the 7 aug. looks a bit better placed. Good luck to all those travelling to see the event. andrew
  6. Let me know if you have a 20mm maxvision you wish to sell. Thanks, andrew
  7. Just had a look at the comet tonight around midnight with no moon to interfere. It was noticeably more diffuse than just a few weeks ago, at 19x and 38x in the 4" . Although it's not really dark this time of year, was more like a faint galaxy to me, and the brighter core had lost it's sparkle. Perhaps a bit fainter than 8 mag. now. andrew
  8. I have had the 10x50 version for a few years and they go 'deep' for their budget. Contrast for DSO and the diffuse comets seen with them this year can vouch for that ! andrew
  9. Had a brief look out last night, at naked eye perhaps the moon looked slightly smaller, and in the telescope. It should have been a bit less bright also, but difficult to judge by naked eye. andrew
  10. I think a problem you could have, and you would only know by trying, is the diameter of a 8" scope in relation to the arm of the mount. How far can you get to the zenith without obstruction ? andrew
  11. Just don't blow to hard andrew
  12. In spite of the bright moon, which i managed to obscure behind a tree I was able to view the comet. Just before midnight even with the skyglow from the moon it was possible to see a faint haze/glow at 38x in a 4" now close to Arcturus. Given the conditions it must be now near it's best and should look good when the moon retreats. andrew
  13. You can borrow some of mine Stu ! andrew
  14. Weather set well here - thanks for the details. andrew
  15. Meade sold, Vixen still available. andrew