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  1. In Search of the Southerly Messiers

    Gosh - great report! It's a wonderful area of the sky indeed. I saw M6 and M7 a few weeks ago but they're a bit higher up for me. The views sounded great from your trips though. andrew
  2. Florence on the way

    Around closest approach it will be up around M2 area, so quite accessible. It might be possible from around the 29th to follow it heading toward the M30 region, if you can't view down to Fomalhaut. andrew
  3. Florence on the way

    Asteroid Florence is making a close approach over the next few weeks, nearest 1 September. It should be quite bright and seen in small telescope - had a brief mention at the end of sky & night. It's low down in the south, but if you can see Fomalhaut it could be good to follow over the next few weeks as it heads north. http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/asteroid-1981-et3-3122-florence-pass-earth-2017-binoculars andrew
  4. Sky at Night - cleaning gutters?

    Yes a very good episode. I guess there'll be a few electron microscopes on Christmas wish lists ! andrew
  5. I went out around 10.15 and saw perhaps the the very bright one you had on your record 10.22. From my location it sped past close to Altair - distinctly orange with a lovely glowing tail. andrew
  6. Meteor Showers

    another lovely one heading for the south east horizon - almost cascading shimmering in a puff... andrew
  7. Meteor Showers

    A beauty just sped by Altair - orange glow ! And a belter by Vega - hope your all enjoying the view ! Another smokey one under Cassiopeia... andrew
  8. Meteor Showers

    It's looking promising for the Perseids tonight - also a small window before the moon rises too high. andrew
  9. Binocular Sky Newsletter, August 2017

    It's nice and clear here. After a look at the nova - in a telescope I'd add as it's must be around mag. 9.5 now, I had a look at Cassiopeia with 10x50s. In spite of the bright Moon I had a fine view of Eddie's Coaster which stood out well as a milky glow trailing under the brighter stars. The maps where a great guide thanks, will look even better under darker skies. andrew
  10. Binocular Sky Newsletter, August 2017

    Some little gems there Steve. Don't forget this mag. 9 nova which could be visible in 15x70s. andrew
  11. It's all kicking off !

    Just been viewing the Nova again. Clouds, moon but still some nice clear patches. I think it confirmed from last night, it's a bit fainter than the comparable close star HD 170700 - I'd say just a bit brighter than 9th magnitude but still holding up well. Just been thinking, it's a pinprick to look at, but we're seeing a massive explosion in our galaxy... andrew
  12. Sorry to here your news John - sometimes the simple things in life are the most important. andrew
  13. It's always good to read some observations from a completely different part of the sky from us. I was not too familiar with the Pavo Cluster so i looked it up - quite a lovely sight !
  14. It's all kicking off !

    Get them scopes out ready... It's not often to see a nova and supernova from the back garden ! andrew
  15. It's all kicking off !

    The forecast tonight is for a few more clear spells - so hopefully you'll both get a look ! I didn't try again with binoculars, but Neptune is mag 7.8 and the Nova is around a full mag. less bright, so it might be challenging. andrew