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  1. Science Cafe

    Other than iplayer, you might be able to pick it up on Radio Wales medium wave. andrew
  2. Science Cafe

    On the radio this morning. A stargazing edition, an informative roundup with contributions from Cardiff Uni. astronomers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09mjp02 andrew
  3. Wanted - Nagler 3-6 Zoom

    They have a pair of used one's in Telescope House. https://www.telescopehouse.com/offers/preowned/televue-3-6mm-nagler-zoom-eyepiece-preowned.html andrew
  4. Lovely Crescent Moon

    Lovely Moon sliver tonight with earthshine and Iota Aqu in tow. andrew
  5. Observing on a budget.

    And of course ultimately no outlay is needed - some of the best things I've observed recently has been two wonderful meteor showers. andrew
  6. Mars & Jupiter nearing conjunction

    Another view of Mercury around 7.30, just above the tree tops. A pale yellowy glow but still quite bright topped off a lovely dawn morning. andrew
  7. Mars & Jupiter nearing conjunction

    Lovely Epiphany view of the pair this morning - especially in binoculars. Jupiter, Mars and the double alpha lib. andrew
  8. That's so frustrating as the telescope will probably not focus without one. Perhaps you could get some money off from the supermarket as the item was not complete, and just buy a separate diagonal to use with the telescope. Hopefully someone on here will read this have a spare one which they could pass on for your daughter to use. Hope you get it sorted. andrew
  9. Time to play with my Christmas toys

    Great report Neil - from your description it sounds like you saw Mercury also. I saw it this morning very close to the horizon, naked eye and in 10x50s and it really stands out - brighter than anything else in that vicinity. Your putting those Christmas gifts to good use ! andrew
  10. Nice description Alan - been a while since I've seen a comet. I think this information sounds a bit to optimistic ! http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/c2017-t1-heinze-binocular-comet-for-the-new-year/ andrew
  11. Another nice planetary dawn

    Just had a view of Mercury, surprisingly bright against the brightening dawn - around 7.30 naked eye. A good view in 10x50s. andrew
  12. After a rainy afternoon it's cleared to a crisp dark night. Just been looking out with 10x50s at Ceres, well placed now in Leo. Hope you have a chance to view tonight with new telescopes or binoculars. andrew
  13. What can you say other than absolutely glorious - enjoy Christmas ! andrew
  14. The Apollo Era

    Another link with this era gone with the death of Bruce McCandless. Reading this just now made wonder what it must have been like just to float in space with no safety cord - to be totally on your own above the earth... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-42465059 andrew
  15. That's a great record and end result - unique. And a Merry Christmas to you also. andrew