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  1. Looking in the telescope earlier, i noticed it was showing up slightly better at low powers John - 19x so i thought it might be possible in binoculars. Scale wise like M33 but not as bright and it helps to know the exact spot ! andrew
  2. I was able to see Comet 41P/Tuttle this evening with 10x50s. I had been looking in the telescope so i knew the field stars. It's just a circular patch/smudge and very diffuse, but good to see a binocular comet. andrew
  3. Looked again also and not much change. Came across this amazing image from Spaceweather this morning from 22 march, which gives an indication of it size - Comet eats M108 ! andrew
  4. This is a bit odd. On my laptop the comet is shown in the bowl, and for 8 tonight is just above a 6th mag star HIP56944 and matches that star and position on Sky Sarfari. It exactly matched with Comet Johnson which i saw a few nights also. andrew
  5. A busy but fruitful night Michael. Always nice to see some fleeting visitors.. andrew
  6. A few have commented on the phone version being out. The PC version is very accurate, so you can go with that. I was looking at the comet earlier and that location you have is spot on - see thread. Hope you see it, it's just a smudge though with no real tail. andrew
  7. That's a wonderful grouping - just smudges in the scope last night, so great to see them properly ! Glad it cleared for you. andrew
  8. Had a good night also John, and inspired by your galactic wanderings managed to see Comet Johnson for the first time andrew
  9. I had my first view of Comet Johnson tonight, after searching since Christmas is was good to see it ! It was much smaller and fainter than Comet 41P and of a more streamlined appearance - it was tough to observe though. In the 4" at 31x and to confirm i changed eyepiece to 38x and the smudge remained, possibly around 9th magnitude. It's well placed in Hercules. andrew
  10. It's so diffuse and large - full moon scale, binoculars could well provide the best views especially as it's brightening. I could not see it in binoculars this evening, but could see it in the telescope before M97 and M108 appeared in view. andrew andrew
  11. Just been looking to John since dark, although there's a lot of moisture in the air tonight. Also coincidently with a 1.6 deg field x31 but for me only a 16 plossl is required ! Hope to see some nice images later. andrew
  12. Thanks, i have a suitable 16mm eyepiece now. Please close.
  13. I've just been looking at 41P in Ursa Major, it's in a great location for a change ! See observing comet section for details. andrew
  14. Just had my first view of 41P tonight. It's very diffuse, even patch and could not see much brightening towards the centre, perhaps around magnitude 8. This was in the 4" at 31x and at 50x it was much larger although i think it will be better seen at lower power. It's really well placed and heading for M97 M108 tomorrow. Should make a good photo opportunity ! andrew