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  1. After all the excitement of Oumuamua, a new interstellar object has been discovered - comet 2019 Q4 Borisov. Could generate a lot of interest leading up to Christmas. https://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/possible-interstellar-comet-headed-our-way/ andrew
  2. Looking a bit more closely at that Milky Way image, just to the right of your head looks like the Lagoon nebula, the Star Cloud, Omega and Eagle nebula in almost a straight line. I viewed those objets last night in the ST80, the Eagle nebula was a lovely sight. andrew
  3. Stunning report Stu - there's a lovely youth hostel in Manobier, right on the coast. andrew
  4. I've just been out, with the ST80 to see some of the treasures of Sagittarius. Caught the Lagoon before it was lost in the trees, and had a lovely sight of the Omega and Eagle nebula. A tiny Saturn at 22x surrounded by stars, and the Dumbbell like a translucent bubble, one of my favourite objects. andrew
  5. Selling a Vixen NLV 12mm eyepiece. Very comfortable 20mm eye relief in VGC - boxed with bottom cap. £32 posted in UK. Thanks, andrew
  6. I saw it at last apparition in 2012. It had an outburst in brightness to around 10th mag. so I was able to view it with my 4" refractor. I've seen no observations to date so it must be faint. andrew
  7. Just cut the lawn and It's cleared up here after rain. I'm only just across the channel from you guys so it could be fine. andrew
  8. I've not looked at Jupiter much of late, but the GRS was very bright - about the most prominent feature on the disc last night. I was using a barlowed plossl also, in twilight conditions with a ST80 at 68x - not the best for planetary views , but the image was fairly clean as the glare from the planet was reduced. Quite a darkish tone to me. andrew
  9. Thanks David - not looked at it for some time. Just had a look in the ST80 at 68x. Obviously disc is small but GRS darker than i've seen it for a while and prominent, more blackish in tone. Being still quite light and atmosphere steady helps with the glare, but the view is ok. andrew
  10. Sounds like an atmospheric place to observe from. That whole area around Sagittarius gives some lovely wide field views in binoculars, and is much better placed for you than here in the UK. andrew
  11. How old is the telescope? - they have a two year guarantee. andrew
  12. A small pair of binoculars might be the best astro upgrade you can make - enjoy the views. andrew
  13. It's clouded here now but had a good view just after 10, a rust hue and a good thick crescent bowl. andrew
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