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  1. That's a wonderful record of your night under the stars - the photos really convey the sense of occasion. andrew
  2. Themis and Uranus

    I was looking at some things to see in binoculars and noticed asteroid Themis is very close, half a degree from Uranus. Although to faint for those, at just below mag. 11 would be readily seen in a telescope. Has anyone observed it when looking at Uranus ? Themis is the asteroid a few years back where water was discovered for the first time, so it would be a nice thing to see. It's shown in sky safari. andrew
  3. orionids 2017

    It's stormy here to, although the forecast might clear later - tomorrow could still produce a few. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/41691827 andrew
  4. Next clear night...

    Some chance over the weekend to see some Orionid meteors. andrew
  5. Once in a life time... Heads up

    Clouds aside, and that the neighbours have not yet put up the garden Christmas lights. andrew
  6. Tonight will be a 'once in lifetime opportunity' to view Uranus naked eye - from your back garden, with no telescope required ! http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/868163/Uranus-opposition-how-to-watch-tonight-blue-planet-night-sky andrew
  7. Binoculars 150 quid budget

    Have a read through these reviews from Binocular Skies - you won't go far wrong ! http://binocularsky.com/binoc_reviews.php andrew
  8. Venus and Mars

    Sounds like you all had a great morning, lovely pictures. It was a nice dawn, and it looks like a few of us had a good view. andrew
  9. Dawn Planets Line up

    Nice shot Peter. OK this is my poor phone 'effort' with Venus low down - you can just see Mars ! Looked nice through the telescope. And yes Kevin the moon was like a silver mirror setting in the west. Lovely autumn morning. andrew
  10. Dawn Planets Line up

    Lovely view this morning, in the crisp early dawn light. andrew
  11. Had a look tonight, not quite dark around 8, but before the moon became too bright. That seems about how I see it John - still brighter than 10th mag. Nice pass of the ISS also ! andrew
  12. Vixen LV 15 eyepiece. Sold

    Now Sold Thanks, andrew
  13. Vixen LV 15 eyepiece. Sold

    Hi Steve You were pipped to the post, sorry - but first refusal. Thanks, andrew
  14. Selling a Vixen LV 15mm in good condition. With caps and box, nice sharp Japan made eyepiece. £36 posted to UK. Thanks, andrew