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  1. andrew63

    Comet C/2018 Y1

    This comet is well placed in Leo, and is a large diffuse haze in 10x50s tonight. andrew
  2. Another view tonight, up around Regulus. It was brighter then a few nights ago around 9.45, even in moonlight with a slight haze, much easier to see in the ST80 at 15x and 30x. It's large and diffuse, similar to recent comet 46/P but a bit more irregular in shape. See Sky&Telescope link. https://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/comet-iwamoto-ascends-and-brightens/ andrew
  3. Managed to catch a glimpse of comet Y1 Iwamoto tonight under blustery conditions. It was just a smudge and pretty indistinct at 30x in the ST80. Not great skies, but good to get a view of the new comet. andrew
  4. Really like the wide view in image four Paul, very atmospheric - lovely crisp morning. andrew
  5. I have a very nice meade 15mm super plossl for sale in VGC. This is the original 5 element design. bottom cap only. £25 posted Now Sold Thanks, andrew
  6. I've just been out with the ST80 and a vixen 10LV which gives 40x - a nice magnification for clusters and nebula. It's cold and misty and plossls at this length can fog easily with your eye right up to the lens. Also in fast refractors the edge correction falls off a bit, say outer 10%. The view with the LV is excellent right to the field stop, M42 with the trapezium is resolved to the edge and the double cluster is a fine sight in a sharp flat dark field over the whole 50 deg. field. If you see any for sale, they can be a great addition even if you don't need the long eye relief. andrew
  7. andrew63

    Anyone Else Rolling the Dice.

    The forecast was cloud, but a iPhone image a from few minutes ago, clear with fast rolling clouds here. andrew
  8. andrew63

    Comet 46P /Wirtanen

    A New Year look in 10x50s and the comet is still reasonable bright, in good conditions. It's in a sparse area for bright stars in Lynx, but found it with a brief scan. I had a look at the clusters in Auriga for comparison and for size and brightness I thought it was very similar M38. A nice start to the year! andrew
  9. With the Christmas comet 46P just past, a bright new comet recently discovered looks likes providing a New Year treat in January. C/2018 Y1 could be a binocular object, see chart. https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/c-2018-y1-iwamoto-jan-feb-2019 andrew
  10. Received - now pending. Thanks, andrew
  11. andrew63

    Observing Comet 46P

    Yes the odd glimpse naked eye to, like a small cloud - and the conditions are not that great. andrew
  12. It's cleared a bit now, still a slight haze, but framed nicely in the same field with the Pleiades in 8x30s andrew
  13. A very nice 10 BCO eyepiece in excellent condition, £32 posted. Now Sold, please archive Thanks, andrew
  14. andrew63

    Observing Comet 46P

    The conditions tonight are not great, managed to catch Mars and Neptune earlier. With a slight haze and fast moving clouds, in 10x50s the comet was possible a bit brighter over a few days ago, even in the poorer seeing. In the telescope it's among a 9 mag. star so it looks like it has a very bright nucleus. andrew

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