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  1. andrew63

    Vixen NLV 10 or 9mm

    I'm looking for a Vixen NLV eyepiece in the range of 10 or 9mm, if you have one available let me know. Thanks, andrew
  2. Just had a good view in binoculars - Venus around 5 degrees away from the moon, so nicely framed in 8x30s. The scene was further enhanced with a transatlantic plane on it's way home. andrew
  3. andrew63

    Lunar X and V

    Lunar X and V are nicely placed now 19.35 - both well shown bathed in sunlight. andrew
  4. BothX and V nicely caught, bathed in sunlight. andrew
  5. andrew63

    Lovely crescent Moon and Venus

    Just had a view myself. Looked good in binoculars and earthshine also, with Venus brightly shining. andrew
  6. andrew63

    80ed vs 72ed evostar

    Also consider the bare OTA weight goes up a fair bit when you add rings, diagonal, finder and eyepiece. andrew
  7. Nothing wrong with the standard 6x30 finder, that are usually supplied with the telescope - I use one all the time. andrew
  8. andrew63

    eyepiece for st80

    I have used the ST80 quite often, mainly in the 15x to 50x range. The BST is a reasonable choice, I have used them but not in fast short tube refractors. There is one for sale here in the classifieds, 18mm as suggested, it might be a good option to try and see how you like them. andrew
  9. Nice job SilverAstro - I actually forgot to change north up for refractor view ! Chart for refractor use below. andrew
  10. andrew63

    star maps for binocular astronomy?

    I'm sure your going to enjoy the view through them - I've had those pair for a few years and really enjoyed using them, especially on faint diffuse objects as the contrast level is very good. I tend to look at The Binocular Sky Newsletter here to see whats of interest and then use Sky Safari with a five degree field to match the binoculars in the field, and the same with Stellarium. andrew
  11. andrew63

    Heads up: Mag 10.3 nova found in Ophiuchus

    There's a similar brightness nova in Canis Major, so much better placed. It seems to be fluctuating between around 10 and 12th mag. on different nights. Not had a chance to look yet, see chart link but around mag 10.5 last night. Chart is for refractor view. https://www.aavso.org/apps/vsp/chart/?fov=60.0&scale=D&star=N+CMa+2018&orientation=visual&maglimit=14.5&resolution=150&north=up&east=right&type=chart andrew
  12. andrew63

    Venus and Mercury now

    Just looking at Venus and Mercury again - Mercury bowl like at 85x but the star of the the show - have a look at the thin Moon it's breathtaking ! Quick iPhone grab does it no justice. Glorious earthshine with v Psc close. andrew
  13. andrew63

    Venus and Mercury now

    Just had a view between the clouds - Venus was a shimmering globe. I had a better view of Mercury in the achro. At 50x with the lens masked, could see a upturned phase, bowl like - this was around 18.30 andrew
  14. andrew63

    Various Bits and Bobs

    PM micro
  15. andrew63

    Venus and Mercury now

    I was looking at the pair in binoculars just after 6, just viewed in the telescope at low power. Surprised that Mercury, even at 19x is unmistakably planet like - a tiny orb. andrew

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