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  1. I had a brief look at the comet last night in 10x50s between the clouds. It was brighter than I thought it might have been, and in comparison with M3 I felt it was as bright. It's still a good binocular object. Andrew
  2. I had another view of Comet Neowise tonight in 10x50s. It is still well visible and brighter that I was expecting. Messier 3 is a good comparison to the north and it's of very similar brightness. Good to catch up again with this famous visitor. Andrew
  3. That's a fine image Chris, well worth all your effort. Andrew
  4. It's still a naked eye sight and wonderful in 10x50s, with a long tail. Though lost a bit of it's sparkle, Comet Neowise is putting on a great show! One from the garden around 10.50 last night. Andrew
  5. I took some images last night, 16 July around 11. At the front of the house there's an old fashioned street light, which lit naturally the foreground shrubs in a 10sec exposure. Andrew
  6. A magnificent night here! Comet Neowise still an easy naked eye object with the tail still showing well in a darker sky. Had my first view in the ST80 at x16 and the nucleus was breathtakingly intense - very beautiful. Looking wonderful in 10x50s, also took some photos. Another memorable night. Andrew
  7. Caught some glimpses around 11, tail still naked eye and a great sight in 10x50s - close to two stars in lynx. andrew
  8. Well I've never been on this section before, but I have a photo ! Comet Neowise from tonight. Andrew
  9. Had a glorious few hours with Neowise tonight. I decided to go down the bottom of the road, with a clear northern horizon. From just after 10 till midnight, a lovely sight again, still a thrill on first view - unmistakable naked eye and alive in 10x50. I took a tripod with me and took some photos, I'm glad I did to have a record of this glorious visitor Comet Neowise. Andrew
  10. Gosh, some of natures finest spectacles on view - what a great night and images. andrew
  11. It's come into view again, it just keeps taking your breath away. The tail clear against a darkish sky naked eye and framed by tall trees - a spectacle in binoculars. andrew
  12. Yes, I've lost it behind a tree - great to have seen it morning and evening. andrew
  13. Just saw the comet, it's dark enough to be a lovely view with flowing tail in 10x50s - it's 10.50 andrew
  14. You should takes kids along Stu, will be worth it. A memory for life... andrew
  15. I had a stunning view of Comet Neowise this morning from 3.15 onwards. It was an easy naked eye sight in crisp clear conditions. In 10x50s it was just spectacular - the nucleus sparkling and breathtaking with the tail pointing straight up and filling half the field. I could see it fanning out with a dark split in the middle, in fact my first impression was it looks like a photograph. I think it was around +1. The ISS passed overhead, it was a memorable morning! Andrew
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