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  1. I think your plan of something like an AZ5 on a sturdy photo tripod is a very good solution . Much easier to use than an equatorial mount. andrew
  2. I have used a 102 mak on a manfroto tripod and fluid head and it was fine - this tripod is substantial and not really suitable for lightweight travel. The small dovetail has a 1/4 hole and just fits directly to tripod head as you would attach a camera, or you could bolt a vixen type clamp to the head. andrew
  3. A new comet C/2020 A2 Iwamoto has been discovered, it's very close to Vega in the pre-dawn skies. Latest estimates around 10 magnitude last night. andrew
  4. One of them I remember is M69 in Sagittarius. andrew
  5. No I've seen it often, but always a thrill to catch a glimpse. Hope you enjoy those summer messier's. andrew
  6. Just caught a view of Mercury, in 10x50 binoculars and then naked eye. It's quite bright, managed to see it through some leafless trees as it was setting below the mountain. andrew
  7. I had a look with the ST80 between breaks in the cloud, right up by the double cluster tonight but could not see it. andrew
  8. Really enjoyable episode. andrew
  9. All this week on Radio 3 on The Essay, intimate portraits/reflections by astronomer Dr. Stuart Clark on our relationship with the night sky. Starts with an evocative view from VLT observatory in Chile. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000cz35 andrew
  10. Just caught a brilliant Venus low down. Bright speck iphone shot in clearing. andrew
  11. After all the excitement of Oumuamua, a new interstellar object has been discovered - comet 2019 Q4 Borisov. Could generate a lot of interest leading up to Christmas. https://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/possible-interstellar-comet-headed-our-way/ andrew
  12. Looking a bit more closely at that Milky Way image, just to the right of your head looks like the Lagoon nebula, the Star Cloud, Omega and Eagle nebula in almost a straight line. I viewed those objets last night in the ST80, the Eagle nebula was a lovely sight. andrew
  13. Stunning report Stu - there's a lovely youth hostel in Manobier, right on the coast. andrew
  14. I've just been out, with the ST80 to see some of the treasures of Sagittarius. Caught the Lagoon before it was lost in the trees, and had a lovely sight of the Omega and Eagle nebula. A tiny Saturn at 22x surrounded by stars, and the Dumbbell like a translucent bubble, one of my favourite objects. andrew
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