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  1. That's a great set up - it a lovely 'crisp' night here. By the way, there's a 2 for 1 special on comets - both in Hercules and looking good tonight ! Comet Johnson looking more an oval shape. andrew
  2. I was just looking at this APOD image and then logged in to read your report - great night ! andrew
  3. You have a good selection of scopes and the best one in France ! I feel for DSO the base is really above 4" . An option could be as suggested a startravel 120 and do not rule out a short focus 6" newtonian both would work well on a skywatcher AZ4 mount, solid and highly portable. andrew
  4. Hi Dave Telescope House has a used one for sale. andrew
  5. While for those who haven't heard yet, June 8/9 there's a mini Moon - it's at apogee. andrew
  6. Had another view of Johnson tonight, clear but not very transparent. It was brighter than a few weeks ago but not much to see at x31 and x50. Looked at 41P which was even more of a diffused blob at 31x andrew
  7. That's a very impressive setup they have. Nice video. andrew
  8. Hi Dave, for the time, that's a pretty good match. By the time it has risen, 3ish london time it will have moved closer to Scheat B Pegasi. Star and comet should be visible in the same binocular field of view and is very clear to view in 10x50s. andrew
  9. Another predawn view of Comet Lovejoy today. No charts or aids needed, just a quick scan with 10x50s along Pegasus and is readily seen - brighter than 7th magnitude. In the telescope a bright haze at 31x. Had the orchestration of the dawn chorus to accompany me, a lovely morning and a worthy visiter ! andrew
  10. Nice job Mark, early morning skies can be very clear - sounds like Johnson could be brightening a bit. By the way, you could have added a very easy third in Pegasus, Lovejoy the brightest of the bunch - a good excuse for for another early rise ! andrew
  11. I've included this link to Cloudy Nights observing section. There is a entry from the discoverer himself, Terry Lovejoy, which might be of interest to comet watchers. Scroll down to cometguy. andrew
  12. Hi Steve Comet Lovejoy is in outburst, I saw it before dawn 4-5ish in 10x50s and it is by far the easiest of the new comets to observe. It's in Pegasus and the view was similar the Messier 15, perhaps around 7th mag. with very bright coma - much easier than 41P. andrew
  13. I've just been looking at Comet Lovejoy, at 4ish quite low, there was wispy cloud but it was very apparent in the 4" 19x like a small globular cluster. By 5 it was much clearer and i could see it in 10x50s - much easier to view than 41P ! Looking at the comet and M15 they are similar, Lovejoy perhaps not as bright around 7mag. At 38x it opens up a bit, an irregular hazy whip, it's a nice little comet. andrew
  14. Comet E4 Lovejoy has brightened very fast, now around 7th mag. so is a fairly easy target to observe Is moving toward M15 in Pegasus and could get even brighter. Reasonably high before dawn - it's a busy time for comets ! andrew
  15. It looks like this comet has rapidly grown in brightness, from recent reports. Near Enif in Pegasus before dawn, might be worth a look. andrew