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  1. andrew63

    Observing Comet 46P

    The conditions tonight are not great, managed to catch Mars and Neptune earlier. With a slight haze and fast moving clouds, in 10x50s the comet was possible a bit brighter over a few days ago, even in the poorer seeing. In the telescope it's among a 9 mag. star so it looks like it has a very bright nucleus. andrew
  2. Descriptions can be a bit misleading - bright comet is relative. Have a look at a sketch of galaxy M33 taken with binoculars - this is quite a good approximation of what comet 46P looks like. It's of similar size and brightness, all you might see is a coin sized hazy smudge. I hope you do see it and your patience is rewarded! andrew
  3. andrew63

    Observing Comet 46P

    Just saw a lovely slow bright Geminid in clear patches, could be a good shower. andrew
  4. andrew63

    Observing Comet 46P

    Just been looking at 46P - it's large. Very diffuse in the 4" at 19x and disappears with magnification. Also saw it in 10x50s as a large haze. andrew
  5. andrew63

    Observing Comet 46P

    This map from comet watch - if you look just under the the Pleiades with a pair of 10x50s you should view it around that date. andrew
  6. andrew63


    That's a nice budget and the views will be improved - these are recommended by our binocular man on this site. You'll even have a pound left over for wrapping paper ! http://binocularsky.com/reviews/Opticron_Imagic_TGA_8x42.pdf andrew
  7. andrew63


    You can go around the houses a bit, from the above links I think these were considered as good as anything in the around £100 range - I use 10x50s. I'm sure he will be delighted with whatever he ends up with for Christmas. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/all-binoculars/opticron-adventurer-10x50-t-wp-binocular.html andrew
  8. andrew63

    Venus - huge!

    If you get a chance, have a look at Venus before breakfast , just been looking at it - a glorious thin crescent. Also had a look in 10x50s just now 7.40, and it's a lovely sight, a clear crisp sliver. andrew
  9. I managed to get a first glimpse of Comet 64P/ Swift-Gehrels this evening around 7ish. In the 4" refractor it's visible, but not that obvious. I could not see it at 19x but at 50x a ghostly haze was just visible, I could also see it at 33x with a 15mm plossl. Conditions were good but hazy cloud was around and the sky still had a hint of firework activity. It could be just brightening a little and is well up under Andromeda, also worth mentioning that Sky Safari is spot on. Made for a good night after the Moon and Saturn show! andrew
  10. andrew63

    Crescent moon and Saturn conjunction now!

    Thanks Neil - just caught it in time before it went behind the trees. andrew
  11. andrew63

    New Comet

    Some up to date info. from Sky&Telescope - an early rise is needed ! https://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/observing-news/machholz-12th-comet/ andrew
  12. andrew63

    New Comet

    A new bright comet mag. 10.2 was discovered a few days ago by Don Machholz. It was discovered visually, which is rare these days in the constellation of Virgo. Not too much details yet. andrew
  13. andrew63

    Televue Pearl River f5 Genesis

    Very nice Stu - that's Christmas sorted! andrew
  14. I just put a heads up, it's really close just before dawn. andrew
  15. Comet 38P in Gemini is very close, around a half-degree from the Eskimo nebula tonight - should make a fine sight. andrew

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