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  1. pbyrne

    Double image with planets/stars

    During the day point them at a distant object, telephone pole, etc. Close one eye and see where it appears in the field with the open eye. Repeat the process with your other eye. If they do not appear in approximately position, one may be higher, lower, etc., then the culmination is off. Did you adjust the width between the lenses to see if that solves it?
  2. pbyrne

    Vixen NPL 30mm

    Found one.
  3. pbyrne

    COMPLETED - 35mm panoptic for sale

    I think we need a price. Pics will be helpful.
  4. pbyrne

    Eyepieces for Mak 150/1800

    I have the 127mm Mak. The Baader zoom works perfectly in my scope for lunar and planetary viewing. It cuts down on the hassle of changing eyepieces and offers crisp views. There's a Mark IV for sale in the for sale section at a great price. Further down the line you might want to consider a pair of binoviewers. With the Mak they are amazing, the 3-D effect on the moon is mind blowing. I use mine with Series 4000 plossls and they work really well.
  5. pbyrne

    COMPLETED - SOLD Baader Zoom 8-24 mk iv + 2.25 barlow

    I will take the Barlow.
  6. pbyrne

    Vixen NPL 30mm

    Hi all Looking for one of these for a bino pair. If you have one and need some cash, let me know. I can pay via Paypal as a gift. Thanks
  7. pbyrne

    Absolutely gobsmacked!

    Binoviewers and the moon, they were made for each other.
  8. pbyrne

    Barlows, adaptors, T-rings etc...

    Do you still have the Hyperion zoom? Paul
  9. Hi all I am planning to dip my toe in the dark world of lunar photography. Before I plan a purchase of a camera I have a question. I plan to use my f/5 Newtonian scope, should I Barlow it up to f/10 or f/15 for better results? Thanks for any advice. Paul
  10. pbyrne

    COMPLETED - *SOLD* - Vixen NPL 30mm Plossl

    Pm sent.
  11. pbyrne

    Found a Sketching Kit box solution

    Amazing details, that lunar sketch is photographic in appearance.
  12. pbyrne

    Beginning To Sketch

    I found starting off that open clusters were a good introduction. There was little or no shading, except where the cluster was concentrated. When I saw the results it gave me the confidence to move onto other objects. The more you sketch the better you become. It is daunting to begin with, but give it a go and you will surprise yourself. Good luck.
  13. I'll take the diagonal. PM sent.
  14. Like John, there is nothing that I have ever owned that I would be taking to the grave with me. I have owned BGOs, Naglers, Panoptics, Radians, Ultimas, and have sold them off, usually to buy something else.
  15. pbyrne

    Mare Vaporum - The reptilian humanoid face

    I can see the face in your sketch, do you think the reptilians who are running the world are responsible? The human brain has a great capacity for defining shapes in all manner of places. Love the image, BTW.

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