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  1. Details look good to me in the first..... though the file looks a bit "thin".... are they single exposures stitched? If so, excellent result. There are lots of light artifacts though.... I expect you shot this at dusk perhaps? Still blue sky? Your sky needed to be a bit darker to avoid this. OR... you can add a blocking filter which will cut out some of the visible light spectrum - like a Baader 685nm or Astronomik 742 - this also calms seeing at the cost of some angular resolution. Very good first effort! Clear skies Mike
  2. Thanks mate!! No! Very little time. Was lucky on first attempt. Moved my entire setup TWICE after chasing it.... but a waste of time and energy. The next two nights were better if still low - but at least not dealing with the trees, was setup a bit further back and just had a roof to contend with.
  3. Wow. Isn't THAT insanely good. Hats off to you sir! Very best regards Mike
  4. Nice view!! I was admiring it from my porch... but with recent surgery I am out of action for another week likely. Besides, here the meridion was still only 20 degrees. Still lovely to look at with my binoculars! Cheers Mike
  5. Right up my alley!! Yes! Much can be achieved with smaller scopes. I am finding the seeing in my driveway just does not support more than 5 inches much of the time - but with a bit of effort results like this can be had! Clear skies! Mike
  6. All were low in the sky at dusk... 22-25 degrees elevation. 24th not great, but nice as part of the set. 25th and 26th better. Capture details at bottom of each pic. 24th, 24% Waxing 25th, 35 % Waxing 26th, 46% Waxing My "window" on 24th. lol. Got only a little better the next two nights. Clear skies!! Mike
  7. Thanks much Lee! Was fortunate I woke up early and looked out. Weather has been basically awful for about a month now mostly. Naturally, all this week is clear - but I have work. I am too old to get up at 4AM to shoot, then work till 6PM. LOL
  8. Nice crispy view of the full disc here: Some crops from the full size file here: And for those who made it to the end of this post.... here is the full size file at Astrobin: https://www.astrobin.com/full/rgvus9/0/?nc=WestCoastCannuck&real=&mod= Clear skies!! Mike
  9. Wow!! Really outstanding Steve!! Lovely work.
  10. SW 120ED + ZWO ASI 183MM + Baader 1.25X corrector + 610nm filter. More details at bottom of pic. Moon was just over my neighbors roof and the trees behind my house at 28 degrees elevation... 15 minutes past sunset. Lots of light left in sky.... but JUST dark enough for the 610 to block the rest. Was fortunate to get this one decent clip. Closeups are 1:1 crops from the full rez disc Please check out the full file uploaded of disk: 2453 x 3904 pixels Clear Skies!! Mike Full disc uploaded
  11. The second to last section is incredible! Shame you could not complete the mosaic. I totally commiserate. I have been there far more times that I would like to admit.
  12. Wow... I am mightily impressed you achieved such detail in daytime. Nicely done! REgards Mike
  13. Well... THOSE are pretty spectacular! Fantastic work! Mike
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