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  1. Thanks Roy! Thanks Neil! It looks like the scope is a keeper but need more than one daytime session and one evening! .... about the focusing, its the focuser that is the problem! lol. Single speed R and P. If I keep it, I will end up ponying up the ridiculous cost of upgrading it to a dual speed.... $250usd. Not a chance finding one used. I am finding the images very good so far!
  2. I missed this one. A nice well processed image.
  3. After processing.... I was not satisfied with the Vixen files. I frankly struggle with Hi-rez processing and again I thought they could be better. I redid most of them with different software and sharpening on less frames. On a few of the pics, I included both versions. For Hi Rez... I believe this is the way forward for me. Astra Image for my 183MM files, and IMPPG for my 290MM files. All photos here were shot with an IR742 filter. One of these days I will get my filter drawer system worked out and I will be able to quickly change and check different filters and effects. (need
  4. Have had two runs with the Vixen now, but yet to really power it up. Promising though I think. This from the 15th, in daylight after work. Was all packed and finished well before dark. (Early AM start to day). Seeing was forecast to be good and it was. My results this night at least as good as after sunset was on the 16th. (for another post) This was from my driveway. First up, prime shots with Vixen VMC200L , 290MM camera. and IR742 filter. Details pretty good I think? IQ suffers a little from the low contrast daytime raw data, but I am pretty happy with these otherwis
  5. Looks great! I like the more black version myself.... and was processing pretty much the same phase at the same time I think. LOL Shot daylight on 15th.... and twilight on the 16th. 15th was better I think. EDIT.... : 70mm???? !! Crazy great results Neil! Awesome really. :))))))))))) Cheers! Mike
  6. Great effort given the seeing Trevor! Yep... we take what we can get and make something of it. Nicely done.
  7. Nice work! I think I rather like the daylight version this time, but both are nice!! Mike
  8. Hiya Neil! You must be looking forward to having your pair of slayers in action - especially the big Newt! I look forward to posts! Thanks much on critique and comments!!! As always it is VERY much appreciated. I also noted the soft limb..... and was just too tired to back up and attempt to fix it. Too long ago now to know why it happened.... seeing or focus shift possible - I am HOPING the cause is too many reference points for an area that did not have much contrast - confusing AS!3 - in which a fix is possible. I DID drop the brightness a tad.... there was some stacking
  9. In the complete absence of new data.... I have gone back to stuff I thought I may improve. Pretty happy with this. New from the raw data. APM140 + Siebert Optics Barlow at 2X + ZWO183MM + Baader Green 520nm. 4 panel Mosaic. Reduced in post to F9.8 view. First some crops.... And the full mosaic. Hope you will indulge me.... was a great night. I just took delivery of another scope (VMC200L)... so have likely guaranteed continued clouds out my way. Clear skies to you all! Mike
  10. Good stuff! Indeed the potential is there! I hope you can get your mount running right and some decent seeing - I bet results will be satisfying. :)))
  11. The Svbony and all the other GSO clones have their place and work well enough if your FOV is small. No, not recommended with a bigger sensor like a 4/3. Where they can be used well is when you are only using the small middle area - and for that they work fine. (like my ASI290MM, or other small sized planetary type cams). I use my Antares .5X (also a cheap one) with my 180MAK and 290MM to reduce the focal ratio, but I don't bother usually with my 1 inch ASI183MM - near the edges of frame suffer. Clear skies Mike
  12. Sweet Mount!! I expect that if anything can withstand some wind, it can. haha. A nice result Wouter.
  13. Thanks all! It was a good day. Sadly, the seeing forecast for last night (1/5) was spot on in spite of looking lovely and clear to the eyes. Images were just a blurry mess. I still took a couple clips... might have got "lucky" enough for a reduced size shareable image. Have to see. Cheers and Clear Skies! Mike
  14. A night time window has been elusive.... but right after getting home from work on Wednesday, the sky was clear and the moon high - for the heck of it, I checked the seeing forecast.... and low and behold, it was forecast to be 5/5 and set to get much worse as night fell. So... what the hell - take what you can get. I set up in the shade of my carport and gave her a go. Indeed the seeing was quite decent. I am very happy with the full disc... the MAK shots suffered a bit, but not bad. Have the next 4 days off... forecast pretty dismal for seeing. I will no doubt give it a go anywa
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