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  1. I had thought I replied... Thanks much for your kind comment Kirkster! Thanks Kon! It was a lovely and very RARE occurrence of mostly clear sky. This winter has just been dismal. Only a few glimpses of the moon (or sky for that matter) since these two sessions. :((((((( Clear Skies!! Mike
  2. Outstanding work Craig! I have never tried a mosaic with so many frames. One of these days !
  3. Been a while.... Its been a dismal few months on Vancouver Island for the sky... Can't remember the last time I had two nights in a row. High rez was iffy... but seeing plenty good enough for nice results from 120ED. First is last night's effort with 120ED. Second image is done with my recently aquired Hi Rez setup - Orion 180MAK and ASI290MM. Even shooting in IR seeing was MEH.... but hi frame rate and lucky imaging still got me something. Third is from the 22nd and my 120ED again. The MAK's results of that night did not overwhelm me. Please open up the full discs to see the 100% file! Seeing was well matched to the 5 inches of aperture. Clear Skies!! And Merry Christmas! Mike
  4. Got a decent clip in this morning in spite of a total blanket of wispy clouds and fair seeing. Full size uploaded. Clear Skies!! Mike
  5. And yet another!... this makes 5 in a row for me now... with a chance for tomorrow. This mornings 33% in 4K. (Mosaic with 1.5X Barlow)
  6. That is a 8 inch SCT? 2000mm lol ... yeah, you want to lose the corrector for sure for the moon. I have the Baader T2 Prism as well, and I can reach focus without a corrector on my 120 ED (900mm FL). I get a frame filling full disc view of the moon with my 14.5MM 55 degree Orions - no need to go to the 32's. You may very well need an F6.3 reducer/corrector to see the whole moon viewing with your 8 inch.
  7. Thanks Sunshine!! I just might! Thanks Craig!! YES... I was REALLY wanting a good green. I don't have one, or a blue. Ordering one soon... probably the Baader. Thanks Lee!! Been a great week for imaging for sure. Even this morning was not a total bust. And, rather than start yet another thread..... here is my effort from this morning. Was waiting for a clearing in the clouds.... but, it ended up clearing well into daylight - 30 minutes after sunrise. My best daytime capture (685nm filter)
  8. Yep. Binoviewing is awesome. I mostly view the moon.... Last three mornings in a row actually. I am also new to it with a used original Baader Maxbright setup. Rarely view one eyed now. Glad you have had a great start! Clear Skies Mike
  9. Lovely description of a fine morning! I can relate as I spent a lot of time binoviewing luna after imaging the last three mornings and views were spectacular with steady seeing and perfect transparency. Quality time! Clear Skies Mike
  10. Again gifted with great seeing, I went for maxing potential resolution. Slightly oversampled with SW 120ED at F11.25 with ASI183MM and Baader 610nm filter the resulting 4172 X 6264 pixel file stands up well at Full Size. Some reduced and crispy crops first... Next up is a crispy reduced file at 4K And for those that made it to this point.... here is the FULL size at Astrobin---> https://www.astrobin.com/full/tojmhm/0/?nc=WestCoastCannuck&real=&mod= Thanks for making it this far!! Clear Skies Mike
  11. I still find this crazy amazing you got this kind of result in daytime. Always love your work Marty. Cheers Mike
  12. Thanks Craig! Looking great right now for another good one! Of course, I have no idea on seeing yet, but looks possible to be more of the same. :)))))) Thanks Lee! :))))) Thanks Michael! I really appreciate the comment on processing. Its taken me a couple years of experimentation to get results from Astra Image I am really happy with. Of course... data is king though - nights like this make all the effort taken to learn really pay off. lol :))) Now heading upstairs to try again! My gear is temporarily set up on my front deck as I can't lift anything for a few more weeks. (recent surgery) I would SO like to try out my C8 in this seeing..... but can't lift it. lol Ah well - I consider myself fortunate I still can do something. Very best regards Mike
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