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  1. Skies and schedule have not been overly kind lately... might have one more to share from another recent night. Shot with Sony A77ii + Minolta 400/4.5 @ 1680mm (1.4X + 3X teleconverters) Shot on a tripod - no tracker - wired release of about a hundred shots each panel - stacked best 90 of each side. Software : PIPP, AS!3, ICE, Astra Image and LR6 Full disc at about 50% - snip about 75%. Feedback of any kind most appreciated. Thanks for looking! Clear skies!! Mike
  2. Lovely!! Clean and crispy!
  3. All full disc shots with Sony A77ii + Minolta 300/2.8 @ 1260mm Shot on a tripod - no tracker - wired release as many frames as I could get while moon moved across frame. Software : PIPP, AS!3, Astra Image and LR6 Varying stacks of around 100 frames. First two at 1600px, second two a little better at 2048px. Please check full rez! Especially of the last one. Thanks for looking! Clear skies!! Mike
  4. Thanks Steve! I really enjoy pushing the envelope with my birding gear! Thanks Sido! Was cloudy last night.... and cloudy now - but I will stick my head out before Sunrise and hope for the best. I love the thin discs best! Cheers Mike
  5. Grabbed a couple hours sleep and got up to shoot this. I am happy enough - if tired. Sony A77ii + Minolta 400/4.5 + Kenko 3X TC + Minolta 1.4X TC Each panel a stack of the best 100 of 120 still shots. Programs used, PIPP, AS!3, ICE, Astra Image and LR6
  6. I will never figure out seeing.... should have been horrible, but it wasn't. Got home from work after rain all day and saw some holes coming. Got my gear out from the car (I had been hoping) set-up and shot a couple quick series.... then thick fog rolled in and that was that. But... files are pretty good! Here is the full size stacked and processed file. Stack of 71 images. Sony A77ii + 400mm + 3X TC. Well.... I was heading up to bed 4 AM.... and made the mistake of looking out the window. Still foggy, but I could see the moon----- clear above! So... I tried going up a small nearby mountain to get above the fog. Got a good series, better than the last. This one I processed in colour. (I only added a bit of tone to the last one) Stack of the best 163 of 209 images. And a final effort that I really like. Posted at about 1/2 original resolution... but nice viewing size of 2048px.
  7. I feel your pain! I was a bit luckier though... I could see a few big holes coming as I got home from work around 1AM..... set up, shot a couple quick series and then while waiting for the next hole, the fog rolled in otherwise I am sure I would have stayed much longer. Great images caught!! Best regards Mike
  8. Is it still a mosaic if you only use two panels? lol Anyways, it was fun learning how to do it. With my Sony A77ii, 300/2.8, 3X TC+2X TC I am at 1800mm and can barely fit the moon in the frame - if I tilt the camera. Tonight, by trial and error, I learned how to stack partials, then merge them. I did several series... this is just the second finished and the best. I may never get to all the rest.... there is only so much time in a day. Two panels of 170 frames stitched. Programs used, PIPP, AS!3, ICE for the stitch, Astra Image for deconvolution and LR for finishing. Full 100% file uploaded. Would love to hear thoughts or critique! Regards Mike
  9. Hi all. For a couple years now I have been happily shooting the moon with my A77ii + Minolta 400/4.5 + 2X TC. I recently picked up a rather odd duck - a 3X Kenko TC. Still have not had a great seeing night - but I am satisfied it will be used instead of 2X - it also opens up the possibility of stacking it with my 1.4X (my 1.4 + 2X cannot be stacked with each other) and gives me enough reach that I can compare my 400/4.5 with my 300/2.8. Jury still out pending a great seeing night! Here are two stacked photos from last night - first with 300/2.8 @1260mm and second with 400/4.5 @ 1680mm. (3X + 1.4X = 4.2X magnification) Files open to 100% size. Very best regards Mike
  10. Really nice work and great results. Lots of lovely details there.
  11. Beautiful work. Nice and clean and crispy.
  12. Thanks! It was REALLY crappy seeing. hehe Here is the best single of the stack in full size with no PP. ISO320, 1/100s, F11. (wide open) 1260mm
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