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  1. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  2. very nice, the Jupiter is particularly good.
  3. Lots of proms visible there!
  4. With all had days like that Dave, at least we are not missing too much action.
  5. Some very nice fine detail in those proms!
  6. Very interesting to see a single frame, a very good level of detail visible there.
  7. Some nice detail there despite the low altitude of Jupiter.
  8. Fabulous capture, lovely detail on Jupiter and Ganymede!
  9. Some very nice detail visible there.
  10. Fabulous capture and a great advert for the C9.25 scope and Asi290mc camera.
  11. I definitely saw them that night as well, also the early hours of this morning as well.
  12. Fingers crossed for no sandstorm this time!
  13. I remember seeing the impact marks on the news, it would have been fascinating to have been imaging it back then.
  14. Cant wait for dark tonight, hopefully they are still putting on a show!
  15. No definitely not, even though the idea was to use for imaging DSO's which I haven't for a couple of years. I use it regularly for solar imaging and my storing OTA's so they are already cooled for use in the winter.
  16. I miss those naive imaging in some ways. Manually tracking a planet, while trying to get the focus, exposure and then hit capture
  17. My 1st Saturn image was with the rings completely closed from 2010, dont laugh!!!!
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