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  1. I state that I am a beginner of the webcam era and planetary shots First experiments in planetary imaging and first personal considerations and discoveries, since not the time to read books and watch tutorials. I wanted to experience the effects of staking a progressively greater number of Frames starting from a shot of the moon taken with the Mewlon 180c and an ASi 224. I will shortly provide the link on my YT channel. The video is preliminarily treated with PIPP without activating the "Quality Options". The video thus created is processed with Registax. it has the functi
  2. Someone tested a Mewlon 180c on a vixen AP? just curiosity
  3. 25.02.2021 97% Full Moon Skywatcher 120ED Asicap on SAMSUNG J3 ASI224+ BArlow Televue 2x Registax of a single capter (1 image)
  4. I'm watching for a FOK, motorized, with macro and micro manual option, but also remotable. Changing at the original back accessories, i'm looking at Esatto 2". But there is an option jast for the Mirror Knob focuser, so without changing the original back train and mooving only the primary? thanks
  5. Clavius 21.02.21 (Left) & 23.02.2021 (right). Different conditions of Light and Seeing. Takahashi Mewlon 180c Eq5, no motors (I specify that videos are of few frames) ZWO ASI 224 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMI1UDD4DHfjNWTiXBVWsMg
  6. 23.02.20021. GASSENDI e le sue rimae Takahashi Mewlon 180c Eq5, no motors. ZWO ASI 224 +Barlow TV 2x few frames with Sharpacap (5/8 sec). Processing: PIPP + Autostakket+ Registax. images compressed from my FB page. the original videos are a few frames (a few seconds), as I don't have tracking yet https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMI1UDD4DHfjNWTiXBVWsMg
  7. 24.02.2021. Skywatcher 120/1000 Achromatic Refractor ASI224 + Technosky IR/UV cut filter + Televue Barlow 2x EQ5 no motorization Acquisition with Sharpcap Processing: PIPP, Astrostakker, Registax https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMI1UDD4DHfjNWTiXBVWsMg
  8. Clavius 21.02.21 (right) & 23.02.2021 (left). Different conditions of Light and Seeing. Takahashi Mewlon 180c Eq5, no motors (I specify that videos are of few frames) ZWO ASI 224 the images are compressed, come from my FB page. i have upload in this channel the original videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMI1UDD4DHfjNWTiXBVWsMg
  9. Polyphemus Why limit yourself to one eye ..... While waiting for a motorized Baader focuser, I was able to turret the Baby-Mu with Baader Maxbright II with the shortest possible solution. With the two Ploss 25 mm Televue, the moon is a marvel. Too bad the slight parallax that makes the center of the field "unstable" and forces you to look for a specific position. But the benefits compared to monocular vision (in my opinion), are great, in terms of overall beauty of the vision, comfort, resolution, contrast, etc ... I find now difficult to go back to observing (if not for specific purp
  10. I am really excited ... like a child. I remind everyone, that I resume astronomy now after 25 years, from where I left off, that is planetary imaging. Finally today I can also re-believe, with a planetary webcam, for the first time, the Clavius crater. Mewlon 180c
  11. Absurd convenience in various contexts. One of the reasons why I switched from QHY (I had a 462c) to ZWO ASI (i have any problem with QHY camera, but i prefer the other support). The photos of the lunar surface are simple cell phone screens. ZWO ASI provides a handy app for Android. There are also indirect solutions for IOS, but I have not yet had the opportunity to test them. With the app you have full control of the camera, which is powered directly from the android device. Obviously the battery runs out quickly. You can capture videos or images. To connect the camera's USB 3.0 cable
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