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  1. Leo Triplet & tidal tail

    A stunningly good image Barry (and Steve). Your image from 2016 is great, but this is definitely a step up; very well done. Geof
  2. Thanks Peter, your feedback is much appreciated. Cheers, Geof
  3. M81 and M82 LHaRGB data captured between 9-13 February 2018. 12x10 min (2 hours) each HaRGB; 24x10 min (4 hours) L for a total of 12 hours. Maybe I overstretched the luminance trying to get at the IFN, which is barely visible - at least I'm trying to convince myself that a hint of it's in there....!!
  4. NGC2244 (Rosette Nebula) L-Ha-RGB

    Thanks Mike, happily my wife does like the printed and framed version, which now hangs proudly on the wall above her bedside table 😀.
  5. Rosette or Poppy....?!!

    Maybe we should rename it the Opium Nebula - certaining she usually finds any mention of my hobby by me as pretty mind numbing....!! I’ve previously dragged her out to the scope to show her Saturn and Jupiter and she just says, ‘that’s nice, can I go in now?’ She did get a kick out of the total solar eclipse last year though, so maybe there is hope.....
  6. Rosette or Poppy....?!!

    I told her it was a rose for Valentine’s Day, that I given blood, sweat (well these temperatures that’s hardly true), and tears trying to get it done in time. To which she said, ‘thanks, it’s really lovely, but the black center makes it look more like a poppy...’
  7. Rosette or Poppy....?!!

    So having spent the past couple of weeks collecting data to print and frame this as a gift for my wife today, she said so what is it, a poppy? Oh well, I guess its the thought that counts... Cheers, Geof
  8. NGC2244 (Rosette Nebula) L-Ha-RGB

    Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement
  9. I managed to grab some LRGB data last week to add to the Ha data captured during the 95% supermoon on 29 Jan, so here is my attempt at an LHaRGB image of the Rosette Nebula. I'm still very much in the 'how do I do this?' stage of processing mono CCD data, so I was largely making this up as I went along. Comments/feedback welcome. Cheers, Geof
  10. Widest Field Eyepiece-

    Thanks Ruud, I’m sure you’re right, I should definitely try that out, though I’ve rarely (if ever) used the 4” for visual. It’s an F5.8 quad dedicated to imaging. I also have a WOZS71 which I used to use piggybacked on my old Meade 10” LX200GPS and that yielded really great widefield views. Unfortunately the ZS71 hasn’t seen the light of day (well night) since I got the 4” APO. Cheers, Geof
  11. Widest Field Eyepiece-

    I took advantage of TH’s on line Astrofest discount and ordered the Agron purged ES 68 deg 40mm eyepiece on Friday and it arrived today ready for a lovely clear night tonight. I’m primarily an imager, but once in a while like to put my mark 1 eyeball where the camera normally lives. I’m currently using my 4” APO for imaging, which leaves the C14 free for visual, albeit not at the same time, as the 4” is piggybacked on the C14. Anyway, I dropped (not literally) the eyepiece into the C14’s 2” diagonal and pointed at M42 - wow, what a difference to my cheap and cheerful Meade Super Plossl 40mm (a mere 44 AFOV)...!! I could see almost the entire M42/M43 complex in superb detail in the FOV using the HC to nudge around to get the extreme edges of the Nebula’s wings. Detailed structure visible in the core nebulosity arround the trapeziun was a delight. I drifted over to the Running Man, which showed nebulosity around the stars, but I could not make out the RM. Up to HH, then Flame, I could clearly see nebulosity around both regions, but no sign of the HH itself. Next M78, which I’ve never seen visually before, but was an easy target. Getting on a roll, I thought I’d try some of my old favourite targets that were far too large for my old 40mm eyepiece in C14. The double cluster was still just too big for the FOV, but each cluster easily framed with a couple of nudges back and forth making the views a real delight for me. Next M81 and M82, again not in a single FOV, but fun to nudge back and forth. The starburst region of M82 clearly visible as was the spiral nature of M81. Hopped through several open clusters, M44 (Behive) way too big, but M38, M41, M50 to name a few looked great. Tried M45, again a too big target, but nebulosity around the stars clearly seen. Back to M42, to see it in a fully dark sky as it transitted - just lovely views , then dropped down to M79 (glob), just to see how that sits in this widefield eyepiece - very small, but perfectly formed... For an imager, this was a fun couple of hours and I’ll try for some more challenging visual targets another night, but I wanted to get back to imaging, so packed my new ‘precious’ away. Cheers, Geof
  12. Tonight’s forecast - Fri 9th Feb

    Go for it Dave, I was undecided on Friday, but got going just before midnight and bagged a good 4 hours. Good luck Geof
  13. Tonight’s forecast - Fri 9th Feb

    I’m into my 5th hour imaging tonight though had to trash quite a few subs due to passing cloud during the first couple of hours. It’s also pretty gusty tonight, but I’m indoors monitoring via RDC in front of my log burner so no wind chill for me tonight 😀. Hoping to get another couple of hours in the bag yet and the forecast for tomorrow night is also promising - shush I hear you say.....
  14. Tonight’s forecast - Fri 9th Feb

    Damn, those metors are getting low.....!!