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  1. IMO these are all excellent observations and recommendations 👍
  2. Maybe the colour balance was already ok...🤷‍♂️
  3. I rarely use PS in my planetary imaging workflow and do not know the autocolour function. I use the autobalance option in the Registax RGB Balance tool for colour adjustment, if I think it needs tweaking.
  4. There is some good data here. I prefer the 1st smaller image, I think the other 2 images are over processed for my liking.
  5. What an amazing project. I would never have the skills or confidence to try any of this, so I hopw it all works very well for you.
  6. Maybe Euclid couldn't hold his breath any longer.....🌬️
  7. A quick Google search shows it listed at other booksellers as well as eBay, Amazon, etc., though I have no idea what the delivery timescales will be from them.
  8. Thanks Ian, I was a little disappointed, but note that it's been given a north up orientation, so whilst I haven't checked I suspect that all the images may be displayed the same way. Also the Mira variable V720 Ophiuchi has been highlighted, with reference to it being found just 9' south of the main star cluster, so orientation is important for that reference.
  9. I just received a complimentary copy of this new atlas from Cambridge University Press (CUP). I was contacted a couple of years ago by the author Ronald Stoyan, who asked me whether he could use my version of M107 in the revision (2nd Edition) he was producing. I of course said yes and am delighted to see its inclusion. My original version may be seen on my astrobin page here. The image in the 'Atlas' has been cropped and rotated about 90°, so it's lost the crucifix appearance as I displayed it, but I'm still pleased to have one of my images published. The atlas itself is an excellent, large hard copy publication about twice the size of my iPad. As well as colour photos of each Messier object alongside pertinent notes, there are are also some 60 pages of introductory notes covering not only Charles Messier and the creation of his catalogue, but references to other prior and subsequent observers and their observation notes and lists, including an introduction to the Herschel 100. If you want your own copy the Atlas is now available from many of the usual book retailers as well as direct from CUP - UK prices range from ~£50-£60.
  10. Well done Neil, I got it from South Norfolk too…. iPhone 14 10s handheld
  11. It's a cracking image Dave. As others have said, you're too harsh on yourself.
  12. Excellent images Kostas, good to see that you’ve broken the back of the collimating issues. Whilst you’ll still need the ADC for Saturn, with Mars and Jupiter both up at ~60 deg elevation later this year, it’s questionable whether there’s any benefit using an ADC for them. I found that the loss from the additional ADC prism glass was greater than the gain from dispersion correction on Mars once it was above ~50 deg last time around. It will be a case of try it and see. Unfortunately, Mars is going to be a pretty small (<15”) this coming apparition - we never get the best views when it is high in the northern hemisphere. Those in the southern hemisphere are the ones that periodically get it both big and high. Geof
  13. I was very pleased to find this waiting for me when I returned home after my replacement hip surgery done on Wednesday (14/02). Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the 2nd place and congratulations to Kostas and Nigella for their respective 1st and 3rd places. There were many great images posted, so I’m really pleased to make the top 3.
  15. Wow Kostas, you don't hang about...!! Sorry that I've only just seen this thread and what a great first light 👏
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