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  1. geoflewis

    Observing Comet 46P

    Ditto from me....
  2. geoflewis

    Observing Comet 46P

    ok, so tonight I got it naked eye, then with the 15x70s and to round things off big and blousey with the C14 where it filled about 50% of the FOV with my ES 68/40 eyepiece
  3. geoflewis

    Observing Comet 46P

    My eyes definitely are not what they once were, but at 1:00 am when I gave up on M79 due to horizon murky cloud, the bright stars of Orion were already significantly dimmed and M45 was hazy, so it was not a good time to test the naked eye visibility of 46P. I got it in the 15x70 binos, but only just....
  4. geoflewis

    Observing Comet 46P

    Got it in my 15x70 bins last night through thickening haze that was too much for my imaging target M79 down at <10 degrees alt. No way was it naked eye and honestly was surprised to see it in the bins. Geof
  5. geoflewis

    The gift of excellent transparency

    A cracking report Neil and I'm very envious of you getting visual on the HH. The skies were great here in my part of South Norfolk (well its only 15 miles from Seething), but it was crazy windy so I couldn't image anything (I couldn't even secure a good focus with the auto focus routine). I didn't want to move the camera as it's set for a target I've only part completed, so that prevcented me doing any visual with the c14 too. I did get the 15x70 bins out though to look at the Mars/Neptune conjunction, which was afine sight and also 46P which was an easy get, but I then gave up. I did think about driving over to Seething, but I feared that it was too windy even for visual and that no one would be set up - clearly a big mistake...!! Glad that you had such a great session. Geof
  6. Good capture. I almost forgot about this conjunction, but remembered as they were getting low in the SW around 9:30pm. Set my 15x70s on a tripod as I couldn't make Neptune out hand held. As you say, windy conditions but I saw them both, with Neptune below and to the right of Mars. Geof
  7. geoflewis

    M33 - RGB

    Wow - superb..!!
  8. geoflewis

    Observing Comet 46P

    Ok, I didn't know that just the P/Wirtanen worked, but glad you got it. I just added a screenshot to my earlier post
  9. geoflewis

    Observing Comet 46P

    You need to enter 46P/Wirtanen
  10. geoflewis

    Observing Comet 46P

    That caught me out too. I tried various combos of C/, P/, with/without 2018 none of which worked, but after Googling, decided that it's named 46P/Wirtanen, so tried that and it worked.... , so hopefully it will for you too
  11. geoflewis

    Observing Comet 46P

    Hi Neil, Rather than me trying to post a workflow, please try the workflow in the below link from Farnham Astro, which is the method I use for adding comets one by one. http://www.farnham-as.co.uk/2013/11/adding-comets-to-stellarium/ For 46P, use the online search tab and enter 46P/Wirtanen into the search bar. The search should return the comet, so then tick the checkbox and click the Add objects button. I'm not sure if there is a way to add a full current list, but if there is then I'd also like to know. Hope this helps. Good luck, Geof
  12. geoflewis

    Observing Comet 46P

    Tonight is my first clear sky in ages, but 30-40mph wind gusts, so no chance imaging - well I tried but couldn't even get a focus V curve due to telescope shake, so I gave up on that and decided to look for comet 46P with my 15x70 binos instead. First I added it to Stellarium to work out where it is, then star hopped from 2.5 mag Menkar ( α Cetus) down to 3.8 mag Azha ( η Eridanus) and back up to the line of 3 5th/6th mag stars ρ (Rho) 1,2 & 3 Eridanus and there is the big fuzz ball of comet 46P/Wirtanen. Despite being low down in the murk and locating Azha was very difficult naked eye, once I got that finding the 3 stars ρ (Rho) 1,2 & 3 Eridanus and the comet was very easy. As a very rough guide to locate Azha, I imagined a straightish line from M45 (Pleiades) through Menkar and about half as far again towars the horizon. Whilst not particularly bright Azha was the only naked eye star that I could see in that region, so once I'd found that I was good to go with the binos. Good luck anyone else trying to finding it by star hoping tonight (7/12) - I hope the above helps. Cheers, Geof
  13. geoflewis

    Imaging download time

    ....one is more than enough, just glad to help you resolve the problem. Cheers, Geof

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