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  1. M45 The Pleiades

  2. M1 Crab Nebula in HOO

    Excellent detail and I really like the HOO mapping....
  3. NGC891 @2800mm FL

    Thanks Chris, cheers Geof
  4. NGC891 @2800mm FL

    Yep, I'll have to shoot it again, but typically that was the first clear night in a few weeks and I'd always wanted to have a go at that target.... Here it is - very bland....
  5. NGC891 @2800mm FL

    I love it. It knocks the socks of my lame effort with the C14 a couple of weeks ago during full moon....
  6. shed size 6x6 or 7x5

    Lovely set up - seeing those excellent storages units in there had me looking around for a cooker hob and kitchen sink....
  7. Laptop Device Connectivity Problems

    I'm following this thread with great interest as I have been plagued by connectivity problems, which mainly seem to affect my Hitec Mount Hub Pro. I have tried various solutions - different cables, adding an extra d-link powered hub, moving cameras and mount cables to the d-link, different ports on the laptop, etc., etc. Mine is a permanent set up in an observatory, so connecting the laptop to everything is a single cable currently connected to the D-link with the MHP and AP1200 mount running off that. The MHP runs the usb to Lodestar and QSI cameras, the focuser and dew straps. Sometimes everything connects ok, other times the MHP won't connect. Last time out trying to image on Monday I got the same message and came to the same conclusion as Andyb90 I even took my laptop to beside the pier and tried to connnect the laptop direct to the HMP, bypassing the D-Link. I rebooted my laptop a few times, even removing the battery once to ensure that it was really turned off. I recycled power to the MHP several times, tried different sequences of connecting the laptop to the MHP (power off/power on first, USB first, etc.), I used several different USB cables of different lengths, but the MHP just would not connect, so I gave up as I acnnot run an imaging session without it. Yesterday I opened up the obs to try to troubleshoot the problem in the daylight and low and behold everything connected first time....SWTF......!! I've looked at device manager (I'm no computer techie), but I don't see any unused Com ports and when it does connect the reported Com ports are always the same unless I try using a different USB port on the laptop, which I only do if trying to trouble shoot the connectivity issues. I would not use the MHP other than I need it to control the focuser and dew straps, so if that doesn't connect I'm screwed for imaging as I can't adjust focus.... It seems that not only do I need to wait for a rare clear night, but I then need to be lucky with the connections - I can't control the UK weather, but really wish I could fix these connectivity issues once and for all.... Regards, Geof
  8. 4 images in one night from a Quattro

    What a superb session, well done on a great set of images.
  9. shed size 6x6 or 7x5

    I have a 12x8 obs which includes a 4x8 warm room, leaving 8x8 for the observing area and I wouldn't want it any smaller.... Great looking pier BTW
  10. Great captures, well done. I was out in my observatory imaging NGC891, but popping out every so often to observe the moon approach Aldeberan throughout the early hours. I watched the start of the occultation through my 15x70, but packed everything away soon after that, so it's really good to see your image of Aldeberan emerging as the occultation ended.
  11. M45

    Wow, how cool is that - gorgeous....
  12. Astro Modified Canon DSLR

    Not sure of the protocol here, but I have a astro-modified 600D that has sat in a box for the past year since I purchased a QSI CCD camera. It was modified as new by Astronomiser (Andy Ellis) when I purchased it in Sept 2013 and comes with a dummy battery cable (great for long imaging sessions as no battery failures), plus an original battery and Astronimik 12nm Ha and CLS clip filters. I kept it just in case, but it hasn't seen the light of day (weel night) for months...... Actually I have a bunch of no longer used equipment that I probably should sell as I now have my gear permanently set up in an observatory - redundant items include a Rowan belt and wedge modified NEQ6, WOZS71 incl 0.8 FR... I know that there is a Sales/Wanted section here but what, if any, are the posting rules? Sorry if I just broke them Regards, Geof
  13. fraudulent imaging

    Yep, the days of staying out all night with my rig in freezing, dew saturated conditions are gladly behind me. I was always concerned about the electrical gear (power supply, laptop, etc.) getting soaking wet, even though I had a laptop tent to protect it from the worst of that. I now have an observatory with a warm room, so will retreat to that if I want to monitor what my rig is doing close up, as I did last night when I was checking out how it performed when flipping, as I'd had camera rotation issues last time out. However, I do now also retreat to the warm glows of the log burner and TV back indoors using RDC on my wife's very old Vista laptop to monitor my astro laptop running Win 7. What's not to like....
  14. Well I am pleased to report back that tonight I performed a flip whilst imaging M52, which is in almost identical location to the Bubble Nebula where I had problems last time out. Before the imaging session I checked the tightness of everything and added a reference mark to the Moonlite rotating flange to monitor if it moved. I also stood by and observed cables, etc., during the flip with no sign of any snags. Well everything looked good by eyeball, but to complete the analysis I solved pre and post flip images on astrometry.net with the folloeing results: Pre Flip Orientation: -179 degrees E of N Post Flip Orientation: +1.03 degrees E of N Summing those gives me a rotation of 180.03 degrees - I can live with a 0.03 degree error. YIPPEE . I didn't get all the data that I wanted tonight due to clouds rolling in, but it was definitely worth getting out there to test the flip. Thanks everyone for your input. Regards, Geof