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  1. I'm currently working on M82 and close to getting all the data I want, so I may then pop over to M81. I haven't imaged that on it's own for several years and then with a much inferior rig and DSLR camera. There's a fair amount of Ha in there too and my DSLR back then wasn't even astro-modified. I'd also like to take another look at M51 as I haven't tried that with the C14 either. So many galaxies, so little time and so few clear nights.....
  2. Absolutely, so with a decent run of clear nights you should have a lot of fun the next few months with Leo, Virgo & Coma Berenices all now coming into play - I know that I'm looking forward to it
  3. Well Dave, that is an absolute cracker-jack of an image. As I mentioned on the 'playing tonight' thread, I really like the FOV and your processing is spot on IMHO
  4. Yeah, I did get out after your encouragement (kick ), but the transparency was poor due to freezing fog and it wasn't long before I gave up too....
  5. That's a big question - easy to ask, but not so easy to answer...!! Have you tried here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milky_Way See the section on 'environment' towards the end, which explains a bit about the MW's association with other galaxies and voids within the Virgo Supercluster. Not sure if this is what you wanted, but I hope that it helps.
  6. Just found this thread, what a cracking read - all of it, but especially the OP by @Ships and Stars
  7. I get the feeling that I'm wasting my time imaging tonight. PHD2 graph just took a dive and star intensity is far below what it was previously. I looked outside and stars are still visible, but I can also a bank of cloud/fog to the north, which Met Office sat images show heading this way, so I'm shutting down. Hope others have better conditions into the wee hours.... So when I went out to lock up the obs it was so shrouded in fog that I could hardly see it at the bottom of the garden from the house, so def a good decision to quit and have a full night's sleep tonight - mind you just poured myself a whisky mac nightcap first
  8. After the kick up the rear from Steve @kirkster501 I’m now back out imaging M82, which I discovered actually now clears my neighbour’s trees soon after 9pm. Going to get some more Ha and perhaps some more L. It won’t be a late one for me tonight as we’re out visiting my cousin in North Norfolk tomorrow for a Burns night dinner at his club.
  9. It seems that there's always something to try your patience with this hobby......
  10. Yeah, I guess after 20+ hours imaging the last 3 nights I've suddenly become very blasé......, so thanks for the kick . Glad you're out there tough Steve, as you deserve some luck with the skies.....
  11. I'm still in a quandary about imaging tonight. I've just been outside to take a look and in both directions my neighbours security lights are shrouded in mist/fog, but when I look up there is a pretty clear MW, but then again the Pleiades seem to have a veil across them. Underfoot the lawn is crisp, so I do think its freezing fog, but perhaps very low level hence the clarity overhead. I can't get onto M82 until around 10pm to finish that off, so maybe I'll just wait and see how conditions are then.....
  12. Thanks everyone, it was good to get a decent run of nights to capture this. I just checked my data and forgot that I added more data one night before switching to M82, so closer to 13 hours total integration. @cfpendock Chris, this was captured with my C14 + x0.67 Optec telecompressor lens and QSI583 camera. It was a tight squeeze
  13. For those of you that kept me company over the past few nights, I've just posted my image of the Hidden Galaxy IC342 Not sure what to do tonight as I've just popped out to see unexpected clear skies, though the sky looks very milky, so I think the promised fog may be developing. I hate to waste a clear sky, but I'm going to leave it while longer before making a decision.
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