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  1. Hi @The Trubble Telescope, welcome to the forum and also welcome to the 'I forgot to turn off the mount tracking' club. Your horror story is very similar to my own experience, soon after I set up my new observatory back in 2016. After a couple of days poor weather I was itching to get out under the stars, but when I tried, I too found my C14 jammed in the rafters. The mount was no longer tracking as it had wound the 'Y' cable that serves both axes around the mount, until it tore in half cutting the power as seen below.... It took me a few hours to reconnect all the coloured cables,
  2. Hi Peter, thanks for doing this. I've been playing with it for hours today, but didn't get close to either of those 2 versions, of which I think the first version looks the best. The attempts that I made always left 2 yellow/green rings where the outer edges of the halos were, but I'm not really much of a photoshop user so don't know what I'm doing...... I'll keep trying.....
  3. No worries Peter, I couldn't resist teasing you about our camparative problems . Yes, the hard double edges on the reflections really make this very difficult to process away and certainly beyond anything I know how to correct.
  4. My heart bleeds for you Peter - take a look at what Alnitak did to my image of the HH and flame that I posted earlier.....
  5. It's been a few years since I imaged this target and that was with the same scope but using a modified Canon 600D DSLR. I captured the Ha last month, since when I've struggled to find a clear sky to add the RGB data, but I got that a couple of nighyt ago, with a nearly 1st Qtr Moon close by. I almost wish that I hadn't bothered as the data from all 3 filters has large halos around the 2 belt stars, with the one around Alnitak a total nightmare. Here is the resultant image, which hasn't been fully processed, as until I can work out how, or even if it's even possible, to fix the halo around Alni
  6. I had another somewhat interupted session shooting Orion with my Canon 600D+35mm lens on the SA mount last night. I still don't have as much data as I'd like as I was dodging clouds and snow flurries yesterday evening - somewhat unsuccessfully....!! I set the camera running last night under a clear sky and came indoors to keep warm. When I went back out 20 mins later everything was covered in snow, so I had to start over. but even then I was only getting 10-15m sessions between clouds and Orion started to set into trees, so I had to give up. Anyway, here is what I've managed to extract from th
  7. I took another look at the Orion image which had a very red background, as are all the images off the astro-modified 600D with the IR filter removed. Used Affinity Photo levels to better align the channel peaks with the following result, which I think is an improvement. What do you all think please?
  8. @FenlandPaul I've downloaded it and had a play. I need better data, but I managed to stack some images, so definitely progress. I like the option to preseve the foreground, so I'll be able to shoot some of those too now, as previously I've avoided that. I'm using a Star Adventurer to track stars, so the foreground is always blurred, but I'm guessing that I could use a shorter exposure to freeze the ground in the base image, then align just the stars. Will try that out anyway. Thanks again for introducing me to this software
  9. Thanks Paul, I've just had a look at their website. I'll definitely check it out, though I generally struggle with all these tools, unless I have someone to show me what to do. Usually I get part of the way in, then something doesn't make sense and I end up flaying around..... Lovely pic BTW...
  10. Thanks Paul, I'm not familiar with Seuator, so what does that do please?
  11. Thanks Mick, Yes, my QSI mono CCD camera is always going to outperform my DSLR, but for the shere joy of pointing this camera and 35mm lens at the sky and firing off a few fairly short exposures, this is hard to beat. As you point out, processing the data is something else completely and for which I still consider myself as having a fairly limited skillset, but it's still enjoyable. As I get older, I suspect that I'll do less heavy duty DSO imaging, but I'm not quite ready for the bath chair yet (hopefully)......
  12. I fully empathise with your thoughts. I have multi £10ks invested in my obsrvatory and gear, but am struggling to use it the past few months due to the dreadful weather. I will continue to use it as and when I can, but I've just bought a 2nd hand wide FOV (35mm) lens to pair with my old astro modified Canon 600D and a Star Adventurer Mount that I also bought last summer. Here's a review of my outing with the new lens last night.... I only had a couple of hours in total and had to swap around the sky to shoot where there were clear patches, but I can tell you it was great fun, without all
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