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  1. geoflewis

    Saturn with polar storm - 5 Aug 2018

    Many thanks, Geof
  2. geoflewis

    Saturn with polar storm - 5 Aug 2018

    Thanks Pete. Geof
  3. geoflewis

    Saturn with polar storm - 5 Aug 2018

    Thanks Bryan, it's one of my better Saturn's this year which is surprising for quite late in the season. Cheers, Geof
  4. For me it was the total solar eclipse last year visting my cousin in SC, USA - awesome...!!
  5. geoflewis

    Saturn with polar storm - 5 Aug 2018

    Thanks Simon, It's good to hear that you also got it, as it's a tricky challenge at it's low altitude from the UK. I also have found that it is pretty elusive with the IR filter, for me it was much clearer with the red. Cheers, Geof
  6. geoflewis

    Saturn with polar storm - 5 Aug 2018

    Thanks Martyn, much appreciated. Geof
  7. geoflewis

    Saturn with polar storm - 5 Aug 2018

    Thanks Peter, Yes, it showed best in R, but was also there in G, but not B. I also got no hint of the storm with my IR 742. Good luck, Geof
  8. geoflewis

    Veil Nebula - Update

    Lovely image
  9. Hi all, I got out with the scope last night for some imaging again, the first time in approximately one month. Holidays, other priorities, dust storm on Mars and it being just too darned hot being my excuses.... Seeing for Saturn was good and to my surprise and delight my first run with the Red filter showed the polar storm. I completed my usual set of 3 minute runs for each of RRR-GGG-BBB, with each channel being derotated in WinJupos before building the RGB image in PS. I then applied a derotated stack of the 6 R+G files as a luminance. I've included the coordinates of the storm which can be seen as not more than a smudge at the top of Saturn's globe, just to the left of Saturn's central meridian. With good seeing on Saturn I was hopeful to get something reasonable on Mars, so hung around for that, but at only 10(+/-) degrees altitude the seeing was very poor and I lost it behind trees as it approached it's transit at approx 12 degrees altitude, so that ended the session.... Cheers, Geof
  10. geoflewis

    Saturn With Moons

    Cracking image....
  11. Avani, those are without doubt the best Mars images I have seen this year - remarkable...!! Geof
  12. geoflewis

    Looking 4 The Encke with C11xlt

    Yep, you got Encke, well done
  13. geoflewis

    Venus from the 15.8.2108

    Excellent image Pete, but I think that 15.8.2108 is a tad outside the challenge date range...!! Could you also tell us a bit more about your time travel experiences please..... Cheers, Geof
  14. geoflewis

    Help ! Image too bright through camera

    As Peter says, you will need to adjust your settings for each target. Jupiter is much brighter than Saturn, so using the same settings that you have for Saturn will over expose Jupiter. Try reducing gain and gamma and reducing exposure time (ms) / increase frame rate (fps). Good luck, Geof
  15. geoflewis

    J Herscel Crater

    Thanks DP, I hadn't even considered that, I was merely filling in time between capturing Jupiter and Saturn, shooting random lunar features, totally unplanned. Me thinks that I need to pay the Moon a bit more attention. Cheers, Geof

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