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  1. That definitely looks like a face with a 'comb over' across the left eye....
  2. Thanks Peter, the seeing here the past few nights has been quite variable, but what's really killing the imaging is the strong gusty wind, causing the Mars image to explode on the laptop screen. I've just come in from a difficult session, which I aborted after capturing just 1 x each R,G,B+IR. I've decided to try to produce my first full Mars map this year, but I'm missing some big chunks, especially Syrtis Major, plus I only have a v poor look at Olympus Mons. Hopefully I will be able to get Syrtis Major over the coming week, but will have to wait a while longer for another look at Mons.
  3. I returned from an astronomy free Kelling star party on Saturday and was very pleased to be reunited with my C14 and a clear sky on Sunday night. I captured 6 x RGB+IR videos, but the seeing was quite variable early on and conditions breezy, making it difficult to keep Mars stable on the chip. Things quietened down as Mars gained altitude close to it's transit, so in the end I only used the last set of RGB+IR videos for the below image. Each video was processed as best 1000 frames in AS3! (approx best 7.5%), then sharpened in Registax (R6), derotated and LRGB combined in WinJupos, with a further mild sharpening in R6, before final post processing in PS and Affinity. Thanks for looking.
  4. OMG, what a superb series of images
  5. Lovely images and annimation throughout the thread - excellent work.
  6. Very nice images there. I used to have the 10" Meade LX200 GPS and IMHO it's a very fine instrument for planetary imaging, as you have clearly demonstrated
  7. A very nice image there Steve.
  8. Nice set of images and annimation, though as others have said and as you suspected, the last one is overprocessed.
  9. Well done Adam, I'm pleased that you persevered and got an excellent result.
  10. That's a really nice Mars image Stuart
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