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  1. Not sure to be honest, I have seen images with hints of detail at both ends of the spectrum. I guess different ends of the spectrum reveal different features maybe, I might try my 224mc next time I imaging Venus.
  2. Sorry, just noticed you using a colour camera I think my advice will probably be wrong for that camera. {must read the post completely} I would still give it a go though, maybe without the IR cut to begin with.
  3. Definitely worth a try, I used one before I purchased a UV filter. It might worth trying doubling up the no47 with an IR cut filter as well. I know this method has been used for "budget" Venus UV imaging, as the Baader UV filter is £170+. You will probably need plenty of gain, a longish exposure and plenty of frames. Look forward to seeing how you get on.
  4. A very interesting read. Love the detail in "white light" images, particularly in Penumbra. The Solar flare looked equally superb!
  5. No problem always happy to help. Just a few other questions. What is the focal length and R ratio of the scope, also how frames did managed to get during your imaging run?
  6. I don't think so, not sure about how sensitive at that end of the channel the camera is. I think the filter I use is a Baader uv/ir cut.
  7. It all seems so long ago now, as I sit here listening to the wind blowing outside. loving all the sketches and the memories that they bring back
  8. The 2nd image is excellent George, lots of very nice detail visible. Maybe a little to red to my eye are. Are you using the RGB align and RGB balance options in REG6? I think you are just over doing the sharpening after you have enlarged the image perhaps?
  9. I have always wondered if that was the case Olly, it certainly would not be very rewarding having to use, then criticise a product for a printed magazine.
  10. I owned a Vixen 2" 42mm LVW, it was a good performer in my C9.25. Nice and lightweight, pretty sharp across most of the field of view. I have replaced with a 35mm Televue Panoptic, which is quite a bit more expensive and substantially heavier.
  11. Some nice detail there, despite the problems you are having. An ADC certainly has helped my Asi224mc images, as for the focuser. Have you got a crayford on your Mak, or are you just using the knob to focus? i have fitted a thick Tiewrap on mine to allow finer focuser control, without nudging the tube too much.
  12. Exactly what i thought, might still look nice in a couple of months though
  13. It will be a sad day indeed if anything like that became the norm. Going on the internet and reading all the reviews of products, is so much better than reading the reviews in magazines, which nearly always are positive. That said, the reviews are still only one persons opinion and as you have said Olly, "that is for the reader to decide".
  14. I also heard rice is good for drawing moisture out of things, I have used on mobiles that have been immersed. It worth trying that maybe before any disassembly of the lens cell.
  15. another nod for Autostakkert, very easy to use, lots of functionality. delivers excellent results
  16. Very nicely captured, love seeing the rotation.
  17. Got to be worth a try with Mars in such a good position for opposition next month. That said I would be using the QHY5L=iiC, you might find you will be doing more than one run with the seeing conditions in UK most of the time
  18. Looks like some sort of Optical aberration to me. If you scroll through the frames, the Moons distort at around the same time as Jupiter does. The distortion travels around the disc as well.
  19. I don't know if sharp cap allows it, but the general consensus is you are better saving files as SER files rather than AVI files. What did the original unprocessed output from Registax look like ?
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