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  1. Not been coming on here much, real life and all that. Saw this dating back to beginning of year and thought I would throw in my own views on the Nikon Nav's. Had both the 17 and 12.5mm Nikon's for about 3 or 4 years now, memory and age thing, sorry can't remembere exactly. Anyway, I would not swap them for anything currently on the market or indeed, at all. I use a F4.7 dob and a cheapish revelation coma corrector is attached when using the 17mm both with and without EiC fitted, the views are perfect. I also use a dioptrix on the 17mm only due to astigmatism, this fits good and tidies up my astigmatism. On the 12.5mm the exit pupil is well under 3mm and so astigmatism does not really cause a problem nor does it need a CC. With the EiC's and a 2x TV powermate plus the aforementioned extras I effectively have 8 ultrawide gorgeous pieces of glass giving superb views that covers most viewing needs. I do also have a a 26mm Nagler for lower power viewing needing a little more FOV but to be honest, the 17mm Nikon has become my workhorse and is generally the first eyepiece I reach for.
  2. I bought these for my mum and dad as a present but they are on holiday when he is on so I am selling them. I have already seen this show and it's fab. Anyway, they are in block 102, lower tier. Thats the one nearest the stage. row P. So good quality seats. These 2 cost £105 but as I like you guys and would rather sell to people I know at a cut down price I will let them go for £75. #bargain They are on sale elsewhere for a lot more. pm me for details. Tickets will be posted to you recorded delivery. Steve SOLD
  3. Selling the OTA only, its basically this. Has a time waster on this so simply want rid. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/skywatcher-skymax-102-ota.html Included with the ota is the red dot finder and a 1.25 90 degree, collimation is perfect. Will take £110 including insured postage. PM me to discuss. Its a bargain.
  4. As for a tripod and mount, these two items along with the scope above keep under your budget and seemingly tick the boxes. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/sky-watcher-38-stainless-steel-tripod.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/sky-watcher-az5-deluxe-alt-azimuth-mount.html hth Steve/Baz
  5. Decent quality refractor that doesn't bust the bank and without too much CA, worth considering this one. http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Telescopes-Opticstar.asp?p=0_10_1_1_54 I have one very similar to it and although there is some CA on planets and the moon, its not as bad as it could be. It offers great wide field views and is very portable, it even comes with it's own carry bag.
  6. Interesting idea Olly, always thought that the two don't really mix that well given there are supposed conflicts between the two. I won't go into detail there as I have no wish to cause offence. Anyway your on the sw 10mm shortlist ?
  7. If you look at my opening post below which after reading this I feel some may have overlooked, the question in addition to the greatest (wish I had put most admired) scientist etc, I also ask why you would like to sit down with 2 of them to have dinner and why. Sorry if this has lead to misleading although superb answers. Steve/Baz
  8. I would go with stephen hawking, albert einstien and winston churchill. Both winston and stephen were well known for having a pretty wicked sense of humour although I know less about alberts personality. I think he was a quiet guy except when engaged in conversation about things that interested him that changed. I also know winston was passionate about science and technology, obviously stephen and albert were the greatest minds in thier respective times. How much would they have to discuss, relativity, black holes, even imagine being able to tell albert his theory on gravitational waves has been proved by LIGO. Your going to have winston interjecting and asking so many questions about science and a little banter going on between him and stephen. So together we would dine and I think I would sit at the table and probably not need to say very much all evening and just soak it all up. What a evening that would be. You can tell I have thought about this a little eh ???
  9. Yeah go for the WO swans, great bit of glass for a F8 scope. The 40mm will give you x30 in your scope, a 5mm exit pupil so a pretty dark sky but more over a lovely 2.3 degrees of sky to look at. And I reckon it should be pretty tight across the field as well and would be a great low power eyepiece. Sorry shane mate although a 32mm plossl will be cheaper, at nearly a full degree less tfov I wouldn't share your enthusiasm for one. Hey nearly forgot, if you cn get your hands one a Moonfish 30mm/80 degree fov that would also be a great eyepiece. http://moonfishgroup.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=50&language=en
  10. can't read the article, I need to subscribe to see . That said I think I will go with the LIGO scientists version of findings wjatver the NS say/think. Some of the greatest minds in the world are involved in that project, have use of technology that makes the average pc look like a wristwatch and appear to be corroborating what Einstien predicted generations before and much of which has been proved.
  11. I was thinking about this earlier. The number of amazing minds and great scientists the world has had is amazing, there are without doubt thousands. However there are in my mind a few that really pushed the boundaries. So If you could have dinner with two great cosmologists, astronomers, physicists et al, who would you choose and why? As a wild card you can add a non scientist but they must add entertainment value. The winner gets a stock 10mm Skywatcher eyepiece ?
  12. Just goes to show you the genius of einstien, a man who was years ahead of most of his peers. I would have loved to have sat at a dinner table with him and chatted about physics. Dumbed down of course. ?
  13. Hello all, long time since I made a report so here goes. Went into the garden with the dob and an insane idea that I might be able to see M77 galaxy, I soon realised the futility of that idea. Anyway, decided to look at a few open clusters and try out my newly purchased Revelation Coma Corrector. Ok so I am using an F4.7 dob but also a quick look at my sig shows my glass is of a reasonable quality so they should be well corrected. However at the edge of the field from say 3/4 across, the starfield views were starting to suffer in my nagler and nikon 17mm and there was distinct coma forming in last 15%. Popped the Rev CC in and bang, coma gone. Maybe a tiny bit right at the edge of the Nagler but in the Nikon, nothing. Not going to call other more expensive CC's but for a sub 100 quid version I am major chuffed. So upshot is, a worthwhile bash in the garden and glad I bothered buying because I hummed and ahh'd for some time due to my recent lack of viewing. My juices have been reflowed, ooohhhhhh matron ?
  14. good find stu, I am getting a little obsessed with reading about neutron stars, black holes and quasars at the minute. I find the subject fascinating for many reasons but probably most of all because of the energy involved. As far beyond our minds comprehension as distance is when not explained as a light year.
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