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  1. I recently measured mine with the pinprick card test and got mine to around 6.3. So hard to measure when you are using homemade devices with only a ruler to measure and magnifying glass the distances though.
  2. Yeah sorry Baz I shoulda said take the picture through cheshire, my bad.
  3. Sorry that takes me into overgeek. If I need technical help in future I shall ask one of you instead
  4. ^^ based upon that post above you get the following: 24 (X34) - 14 (X58) - 9 (X90) - 7(X115) - 5.6 (X144) - 3.5 (X230) the 24 has a fov of 65 giving a very nice 2 degrees in your scope. PS> You could argue there is space for a 4.5 though. (delos territory)
  5. You have a lovely powermate that will reduce your 14mm to 5.6, that's one gap filled. Then another 7mm Pentax XW to fill the gap between 9-5 and your sorted. Now you can get an APM 24mm UFF with money saved from not needing a 5, It's a great eyepiece, 1.25 barrel too.
  6. Ah but you live in texas Louis, not in the UK where in my town there are many air pollutants at not that great a distance from my home. Basically our population density is quite high and thus air polution will naturally be higher. Hence my statement. Cheers Steve
  7. I have a double atlas which I haven't actually had chance to use due mainly to the weather. However it is my intention to work through it constellation by constellation with my first weapon of choice being a 4" frac. Any that cannot be resolved will be hit with a light bucket, ie; large dob.
  8. Post up a picture taken through the focuser tube, let us have a look. A 2nd eye looking things over may see thing your maybe over looking. Just a suggestion.
  9. wowser just been looking up the TEC140 and quickly came away from the website. I have spent enough this last 6 months. Personally I would say that is the type of scope that I would prefer to be mounted on a pier
  10. This is pristine, almost off the shelf quality. Very minor marking on barrel. Difficult to see but honesty - policy and all that. £35 postage included in price.
  11. Helps keep your mrrors cleaner longer louis
  12. this is the dis-continued much acclaimed T5 26mm. This comes with the original box and caps. I would describe the condition as optically excellent with some cosmetic signs of use on the housing, these can be seen in the pictures. There are usual signs of usage on the chrome barrel but nothing untoward. I use a compression ring type fitting as a matter of good practice. On the body there are a few faint minor scratches which can be seen on pictures 5 & 6. The price reflects the condition. £425 posted. Only advertised on here for now, so you nice people have first dibs.
  13. I thhink most cool their dobs in the horizontal position with covers off. Regarding early morning moon clarity the air tends to be more settled very early morning so often gives better seeing. There could be many reasons why your views are suffering as you claim, you will get to the bottom of it though. I went through something like this once with my 12" flex tube a few years back, mine was mainly collimation I am slightly ashamed to say. Steve
  14. Yours being the 12" OOUK dob then John I think, great mirrors.
  15. Great selection there. Remember using the 6" F11 but didn't really appreciate it's qualities back then (8 years since).
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