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  1. Absolutely outstanding science, amazing landing. I loved the technology of the landers data and accompanying graphics, felt like I was almost there watching it land in person. I filled up a little as the emotion was so powerful on touchdown, the release of emotion was palpable. Well done again all the teams involved, truly inspiring result for all your dedication.
  2. fantastic, I love all the star forming regions in the bottom right section.
  3. Do we have an indication of how long this is likely to last before fading. Weather here is awful for at least another week .
  4. just had a look in stellarium, pretty low in the sky and at mag 13.4 going to need pretty dark skies. My nearest dark sky at about sqm 19.5 - 20 is 12 miles away. With the current situation I don't know if it's wise to drive there.
  5. I will measure when I get back but if suitable then I shall take you up on that keV thanks.
  6. Hi all. My granddaughter got a SW 90az for Xmas. Her mother put it together for her. I went up the other day to tweak the mount as it was very slack and noticed the loose finder scope, think it is 6x30. Anyway, reason it is loose is mum accidentally threw the rubber O ring away. But of a long shot but wondered if anyone has a spare O ring they could let me have. Regards
  7. At a loose end this morning so decided to reprocess some data I got the other night whilst playing around in Orion. I am struggling with Live Stacking, for some reason my laptop doesn't like sharpcap for livestacking, I might try the ZWO ASIstudio next time. Anyway, as my live stacking skills are a bit naff I am taking stills and stacking but all good fun. So I have been playing around in GIMP and slowly getting better results (in my eyes anyway). The HH part is only just visible and this is the one I really want to try live stacking on. First effort Reprocess
  8. Had a play around with the M42 data and managed to drag out a little more detail and get it a tad darker although now loosing detail from heart of the nebula.
  9. Still learning at this game, at some point I will take more time to try to learn a little more by reading stuff, haha. (not really) First effort is M42, 10 minutes of data, enjoyed playing around with the settings but finally settled on 8 second at 300 gain, quite happy with my play around effort. Just about got running man too Now the flame and horsey, never seen the horsey in any way before except on here from others images. I have stretched this to hell and back. I could probably get a better result but the fact is the HH is there. 20 minutes worth of data = 16 seconds x 75
  10. I found another free video to watch which I know some of you will find interesting, especially the ones who are into their solar viewing/imaging. I watched this the other day and like any documentary, it can be a little slow at times but there is some very interesting content and fascinating cgi based on science fact. It is 50 minutes so not overly long either. There also appears to be links to a lot of other astronomy related content on there as well. Enjoy Solar Superstorms
  11. I watched it on amazon prime too, I found the link above after so everyone could watch it for free. Anyway, prime threw me links to loads of other stuff as suggetions as well. I tagged about 20 of them and I am slowly going threw them. One I watched yesterday I am linking to as well called solar superstorms, some very interesting stuff in it.
  12. I am not sure if I have seen these so good effort with the links. I am still a sponge with astro related stuff, sadly these days it's a sponge that dries out a little too quickly but I still persist.
  13. Think I saw it in options, thanks for the heads up
  14. I watched it on prime, then it threw up 30 more options to me. I shall watch them in my own time and there may be other recommendations
  15. I have just watched this documentary about Voyager's 1 & 2. Starts from conception, to launch, through the solar system and onto inter stellar space. It has many of the original people who worked on it as contributors and personally I found it very interesting and at times, profoundly emotional. 2 hours long, early on a little slow but once it gets going it is superb. https://watchdocumentaries.com/the-farthest/
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