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  1. bomberbaz

    best illuminated reticule eyepiece

    Thanks mate, thats 2 of you straight away happy with a fairly budget, of the shelf type version. Seems like I got had with a cheapo off ebay I think.
  2. bomberbaz

    best illuminated reticule eyepiece

    Seen that Dave and although it claims good ER, can't find specs for it. Don't suppose you have them do you fella?
  3. Looking for a good, quality one. Bought one a couple of years back and its always been pretty rubbish. Think it was a clone of a sw version. Found this one here 23mm IR-EP which is attractive due to higher eye relief. Can anyone make anymore recommendations of a quality one that will last a good few years? cheers all steve
  4. Ok so I know you get what you pay for, so I am not expecting the earth. However what I am looking for is a 70 - 80 mm ota up to F7.5. Want it for wide field views mainly, might use it for terrestrial. Anyway, I have looked at these 3 OTA's initially. Skywatcher 705 which comes with an unwanted AZ3 which can be sold to offset costs which are under a £100 quid. Skywatcher Startravel 80 which is a well documented ota coming in at under 100 quid. OPticstar AR80S OTA which looks a cracking OTA but is at the top of my budget of £125. (Yes I know its £149 but I could stretch it) Looking at these the most cost effective option is the 705, the best known and seemingly best used is the ST80 but the most expensive and least known about is the AR80S. Can anybody give me experience of any or all of the OTA's to help me decide which way to go.
  5. bomberbaz

    Imager looking to view

    well I was just going off what you said below old bean. (Cider is my tipple, we don't all drink at the miners you know )
  6. bomberbaz

    A new Dob owner

    TIP: "All" eyepieces cost about 20 quid. Thats what I tell my mrs.
  7. bomberbaz

    A new Dob owner

    Slightly dearer but here you go https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opticstar-2-XS-70-Super-Wide-Angle-32mm-FMC-Eyepiece-UK-/322562430833
  8. bomberbaz

    A new Dob owner

    I have used something very similar to this Budget eyepiece, the 32mm just under 45 quid. You are using an F4.7 scope so you are not going to get teleview nagler views. You may get a good view accross maybe 50/60 % of the eyepiece with refocussing needed if you start edge on viewing. Like I say, I used one and it was ok but eventually I upgraded to get a better view. It was a useful stepping stone for a year or so. However, what it will do is open up your eyes to widefield views and the potential these offer. First time I switched from plossl to a 68 degree view I was blown away. The above is a good balance between cost and quality for now, satisfies your need/want for wider field views without busting the bank until you are in a position to upgrade. I would troll 2nd hand sites first though, you might strike lucky with an ES EP.
  9. bomberbaz

    Imager looking to view

    you have bortle 8 skies, a mount that will handle a 200, go for it. Yes over budget but make the most of the lovely dark skies you have, when your homing in on faint galaxies and faint nebula you will realise how well spent your money was. Eyepieces however are a different money sponge altogether
  10. bomberbaz

    Heads up on a Nagler 9mm

    oh wow the price of secondhand glass has come down then. Used to be around a third off for decent ep's 2nd hand, obviously the market has fallen somewhat
  11. bomberbaz

    Heads up on a Nagler 9mm

    Just browsing around at glass and spotted this at £200 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Televue-Nagler-9mm-2-And-1-1-4-Telescope-Eyepiece/263997228172?hash=item3d7776048c:g:-FUAAOSwctJbybHo:rk:2:pf:1
  12. The Nirvana was used when I had a coma corrector and was tight across the full field, ota is a F4.7 dob. As far as I remember I don't recall any issues other than even with the CC it got a little ragetty at the very edges but it wasn't a huge problem and certainly given the price is a third of the nagler definitely value for the money paid. The nagler is a beauty, I wouldn't sell this for anything. It is my main finder and wide field viewing EP. Its as sharp without a CC as the Nirvana was with one. If your on a budget and after a good widefield EP then it should be on your shortlist. Now if you are looking for a very low cost but good eyepiece at 22mm, the Skywatcher 22 SWA eyepiece is superb. Indeed I once compared it to a 16mm Nagler and it beat it in clarity and tightness of the stars. http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/astronomical_accessories-eyepieces/skywatcher_swa-70_2in_eyepieces.html
  13. I used to have a 28mm Nirvana, I really liked it and got on well with it. I only changed it because I could for a Nagler as in my signature.
  14. Raising a very good point here, new mount and hey presto, away you go. If you like gadgets, this one doesn't really need a battery pack (or so I hear) as it runs for ages off standard AA batteries, will easily manage your current 130 newtonian and its controlled from your smartphone with a free app. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/sky-watcher-az-gti-wifi-alt-az-mount-tripod.html Not sure if its available from stores where you are though
  15. bomberbaz

    A starter camera

    Thanks guys, all great tips. Not in a rush so will be looking at all the options in detail. Have to say a starter as mentioned above seems a good idea. I had a similar one like I said a few years back but the scope being used didn't match very well. This time I will take my time. cheers, steve

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