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  1. Box sorted, strong as new now. Bit of gorilla glue and some expoxy resin seems to have done the job. Although don't that gorilla stuff expand and get everywhere Took some tidying up but still shows!
  2. good point steve, I shall enquire but whether hermes will pay out is another thing
  3. I have been up to the local obvs at Todmorden today and @Peter Drew & I gave the OTA a good look over and I am pleased to say it is in good order. Optics are spot on, tube itself is very clean & free of blemishes etc and focuser is fine too. I contacted the seller regarding the bashed case and he assured me it left him without the broken corner bracket and just a loose lid, pfft . By the way he was referring to things I gather he was very inexperienced in astronomy matters. Anyway I have to write off any chance of a partial damage related refund and just do my best to fix
  4. Some good points there stu, I am going to try using my binoviewers again next time I do WL with the lunt and newly acquired ED 100, see if my results improve which I am confident they will. cheers
  5. Bit pricy these stu, although I am always up for improved results if worth it. What's your overall take on this, do you feel it is worth the more than double price of the Lunt ?
  6. As new, has seen light four times only. The standard focuser has been upgraded to an 1:8 version and is included with the OTA. The OTA itself has not got a mark on it, it is pristine. The only marks are on the dovetail bar as you would expect. I have the original box as well as the 6x30 finder, 26mm plossl eyepiece, original manuals. £225 - Price includes standard shipping.
  7. Unused, condition is pristine. comes with original box £65 - Price includes postage.
  8. The main body is spotless bar a few scratches on the silver barrel. The 2-1.25 adaptor has a paint scuff on the outer rim that does not affect performance. These reflect up to 99% of light against the standard versions which are 90-95%. No box but I will find one. £90 - price includes postage.
  9. It is used but in good condition. As a used item there are a few scuffs on OTA but no dents, the most noticeable one is in the pictures. Comes with a red dot finder. Optically it is perfect. £225 - Price includes postage.
  10. I did use these for a finder scope, sold the scope, kept the rings. Now the rings are longer needed. The rings have large, delrin tipped screws for easy adjustment. The rings are pristine, the bar has the usual marks on from usage. £60 - Price includes postage.
  12. Good point, well made Dave. I did notice the ring, just had a 2nd look and still not sure what to make of it. The artefacts look like dust/fluff on the inside. I will wait until I get a face to face 2nd opinion before I make a call on this.
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