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  1. Very nice some fine detail showing there
  2. Certainly is, so are the clouds though. Not managed a single session yet this year!
  3. Agreed, edge rind artefact. I have tried many methods to reduce it. During capture, during stacking and final processing. I have had a little improvement by keeping the alignment boxes during stacking away from the limb areas. best idea is to have a sharpened image and an unsharpened image and using layers combine the two together to mask some of the artefact.
  4. We will have hopefully developed a cloud clearing device by then.
  5. Orion really is the gift that keeps on giving, so many interesting things to look at.
  6. Looking forward to it already, have you checked the weather forecast
  7. I have very fond memories of 101940, my old PST. I found it very user friendly, no steep learning curve which i found with the Lunt50mm. I can only speak personally and say that my PST delivered results visually immediately.
  8. Great positive story Mike, uplifting to read it the other day
  9. Getting seriously intersted in Astronomy has changed my attitude towards the winter months. There was a time when i really disliked the winter, even though i have always had an interest in Astronomy. I now look forward to the long nights, with the Lockdowns especially its so important to have as many "distractions" as possible. I don't suffer from SAD (Seasonal affective disorder), but i have always wonder whether you less likely to be effected by it if you are an astronomer.
  10. Ground-worker, carpenter, joiner, roofer, electrician, computer progammer, weightlifter, contortionist and eternal optomist!
  11. same for me, looked really cool through the eyepiece as well.
  12. I swapped mm Mak180 for a SCT C9.25, because i wanted a bit more versatility with my scope. The slightly shorter focal length and abilty to use a reducer have certainly given me this. Planetary imaging wise, which is what i do most, i am not sure there is a huge difference in the two scopes. Visually i have enjoyed using on a variety of objects, its big, but pretty managable (at the moment)
  13. Certainly been plenty to see in that area of the sky recently.
  14. I had a nice view on the night before the conjunction. So strange to see 2 planets in the same field of view, i enjoyed observing it more than imaging, which is unsual for me especially on Planets.
  15. Not one single item of astronomy equipment this year, not even a book. Bought myself some Celestron Pro 15x70's though
  16. Pretty much what i ended up doing, nice end result for you as well.
  17. Pete Presland

    Hello All

    Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
  18. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
  19. Still some nice details visible
  20. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
  21. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
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