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  1. Hi All! Does anybody know where to get a good artificial star at a decent price? Spending 100$ on a simple white LED with a potentiometer seems a bit strange to me EDIT: just found this one at FLO-looks decent: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/other-collimation-tools/hubble-optics-5-star-artificial-star.html Does anyone have some experience with this one? Best, U.
  2. well,my fellow stargazers beat me to giving you more tips One more thing: i suggest starting out without the barlow lens and well, using the moon as a target which you know by now - with the moon, you can get by with quite short exposures, that reduce the wobbles And: if you dive into astrophotography, usually the most expensive hardware is agood mount ... best! U.
  3. Hi Bodger! Well, the wobble is , im afraid, nothing you can do a lot about. Regarding the dark picture: darkness is a function of the scopes aperture and its magnification, ie the more mag, the darker, the larger the aperture , the brighter. Regarding the softness: how far is the tower from you, and how is the seeing today? for a test, you might want to try a target no too far away, like 1-2 miles...
  4. You are right! Neg magnitude seems to be an understatement... Imho not a comet... hope it's not some kind of artefact.
  5. @wornish you are totally right. For the same reason, i stick with 10.13.6. I have used Macs since 2008 for making a living but i´m not sure whether i'll buy another mac again. About wine: if you are not going to update that software, wine *may* be an option, but i'd use vmware w/ a current version of Win10.
  6. I love wine but it's really a hell to configure with some software. If you just want to run Windows software, and don't want to spend a lot of money, virtualbox is free while vmware is much better but costs a few squid. You will also need a Windows license key and install medium which might cost anything betweeen 10 and 40 squid.
  7. C/2020 seems to be clearly visible on LASCO C3: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/lasco-coronagraph Its no Halley, but considerably brighter than all stars in view...
  8. I'm certainly no pro, but to start things up, i would nowadays ONLY start with the following things 1- a good deck chair with arms rests - in your case 2 desk chairs 2- a wellpriced 11x70 binocular like for example: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2005_TS-Optics-11x70-LE-Porro-Prism-Binoculars---perfect-for-twilight-and-night.html 3- a free star map application like stellarium or CDC. Only if you and your daughter start using the binos on a regular basis, it's time for the next step. PS the arm rests are vital bc that bino gets VERY HEAVY w
  9. These are probably extremely stupid ideas but i'll fire it off anyway: there are these egg-box shaped silencer foam thingies. Maybe glue some of them together as a silencer around the part of the mount that contains the gears? Can the mount be belt modded? I personally use eqmod.
  10. Wow ... a 400+ squid weather station! Oh boy ... Mine is definitely more frugal... https://www.froggit.de/product_info.php?info=p316_wh1080-se-profi-funk-wetterstation-solar-touchscreen-usb--neuer-aussenmast-.html ...but i fire my money out for cars Regarding the BT/Wlan question: I'd also go for Wlan if possible - you can then beam the data over longer distances.
  11. He'll run out of money. But the debris will remain... until they fall back to earth. I do hope they are small enough to get vaporized on reentry.
  12. With an optimized setup, i got the time for hardware setup and start cooling down to 11min 3 sec. Again, thank you all
  13. APT has the possibility to show you USB commands, and there's a free demo - here: https://www.astrophotography.app/downloads.php
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