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  1. I'm curious-Which parts of the eq6 mount will stay outside? I#m thinking of moisture?
  2. This is the first time since i don't know when that i actually had good weather conditions over here ! Unbelievable!
  3. WOW! All the 3 winners made stunning entries. Incredible. I'm jeaulous
  4. Thought i'd share somethingpositive Last week, i saw new LED lighting being fitted in our town. I was mad about it, thinking "oh no-now those #'+*! are making the light pollution even worse with that!" But- although they don't look like it, the new lights are keeping the photons much more on the street, where they belong. And i have at least a dozen of them within 100 yards. So, not everything keeps getting worse! What are Your experience with new vs old street lighting? Best, Ulrich
  5. Well, sorry to hear that youre giving up! I had some pretty rough months myself: (extremely bad weather + lots of work) = no imaging since end of december! In fact, this is the worst 8 month streak for many years, with some two good weekends hitting full moon. And also lots of haze this summer - even on good nights - no idea what's the reason. But i still hope for the rest of the year. I have an advice for you: maybe just wait a few months? Maybe you get back into it. And: it's really no contest - it's impossible to beat, let's say, the hubble telescope. We all just do it for ourselves... But hey, take a look at astronomy pictures from the seventies! You really can do better than professional astromers who worked hard just a few decades ago.
  6. Hi Matt, thx for your review!
  7. completely OT but i just *love* your dogs
  8. "Impressive... most impressive." - Darth V.
  9. Impressive... most impressive
  10. Regarding GIMP: I'm using it but its ergonomy can not hold up with PS. Regarding the learning curve: you will probably have to google a bit, but you'll find good explanations for all the workflows. There are very stable versions with 64bit processing, but there too you'll have to google a bit :/
  11. Hello Dear Stub, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Helkivad_ööpilved_Kuresoo_kohal.jpg
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