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  1. Thank you very much Reggie. I find it really tricky to know whether i have got the most of an image or not. I looked at this thread on the house computer a couple of days ago and thought the last image looks a bit "over-saturated" in the centre of the disc. looking today on my laptop, it looks ok again. I guess mostly down to screen calibration of the individual devices.
  2. What a find,beautiful image with those moons on display and the GRS taking centre stage on the disc!
  3. Lovely Venus image NV, the gibbous phase is clearly visible and its nice and sharply focused. I am completely unfamiliar with your camera, so I don't know whether you are operating at the optimum imaging scale or not with your scope. what's the pixel size for the camera? I would guess probably not and a Barlow would bring you nearer. It will probably not however show on more detail with Venus, you need a UV filter (not cheap) to show the faint clouds. Its worth a try though because I am sure I have read in the past about people having some success with just a I/R filter. I did try a few years back a Violet filter and a I/R filter to capture the clouds, but never managed any. It wasn't until I purchased my U/V filter I started to capture them.
  4. It certainly didn't last long according the spaceweather site, its already gone. You did well to capture it.
  5. Beautiful set of images, great to see you sharing the experience as well
  6. Very nicely captured, looking forward to seeing some more images as well
  7. Nicely captured, the clouds do add some drama to the images
  8. Nice to get anything with the weather around
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