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  1. as a user for a couple of years now, I can highly recommend this app Space Launch Now - Watch SpaceX, NASA, etc...live! – Apps on Google Play
  2. Well mine arrived earlier today and although clouds may have been included, they weren't Setup with my OMC300 which it handles very well indeed and so trawling the lowlands around Sirius at around 110x. Very impressive build quality and smooth motions so far. My first DSC setup and this works really well. Very pleased
  3. yes, just before 9pm so most likely my purchase that you saw. I noticed that there was only one DSC unit in stock earlier in the day and with recent financial approval from my lovely wife I decided not to hang around any longer!
  4. After seeing the unit Rowan had at the IAS in 2019 I knew that I'd be getting one of these mounts sometime. Finally pulled the trigger on the AZ100 with Nexus last night
  5. This is the beast that I got to power my dual scope/camera setup with plenty of spare capacity for a future IT and maybe mount refresh https://www.nevadaradio.co.uk/product/nevada-ps-30m/
  6. IC 1396 Another process of data collected using my Samyang 135mm @ f/2, from two sessions at the end Nov/early Dec 2020. Integration of 71x300s subs (~6 hours) with an ASI071MC Pro and IDAS D2 LPF in the suburbs. Mounted on a guided AZ-GTi, all controlled by AAP. Processed using MaxImDL (calibration, alignment & stacking) and PixInsight (everything else). Image appears slightly garish on FB but the TIFF looks nice enough on my monitor
  7. A friend of mine rates the Pentax 135mm f2.5 SMC that he has. I have the Samyang, it's very good
  8. Superb image, love the colours I recognise the Ha "problem", with a dual scope setup I've collected around 120 600s Ha subs on one target whilst trying to capture the RGB subs lol
  9. yes, nice report Adam. 'out of the box' with a slightly lighter imaging load (Samyang 135mm f2, ASI071MC, AAP, 8x50 finder/ASI0224MC guider) I usually have an RMS figure somewhere in the range 0.7-1.5". For my needs with this setup or a slightly heavier 60mm f6 scope this is adequate and quite impressive! It's makes for a very capable and mobile imaging setup CS, Andy
  10. My latest Samyang 135mm f/2 process, M31 from last Nov/Dec 2020. Integration of 88x180s subs captured over two nights with an ASI071MC Pro and IDAS D2 LPF in the suburbs. Mounted on a guided AZ-GTi, all controlled by AAP. Processed using MaxImDL (calibration, alignment & stacking), PixInsight (bulk of image processing), with final tweaks in Photoshop CS3.
  11. I've owned two OO scopes (10" and 12"), both with great mirrors. Still have the 12" whose 13-year old hilux coated mirror is in superb condition.
  12. A shot of M45, the Pleiades open star cluster, captured from the back garden on 16th Oct last year using my mobile rig. 135mm Samyang lens at f/2 with ASI071MC Pro camera and IDAS D2 LPF on SW AZ-GTi mount, all powered using ASIair Pro. 42x180s, so just over 2 hours total exposure.
  13. I bought the dewshield version of the mask, together with camera rings from here http://www.astrokraken.fr/bracket-system-for-samyang-rokinon-135-f-2-telephoto-lens-a183920490 Works well
  14. As I'm anticipating cloud on Monday when I saw some clear sky over in the west this evening I bobbed over towards Freckleton for a good SW horizon. Before they dipped into the murk on the horizon I managed to grab a few shots with the DSLR / zoom lens. An 'electric conjunction'? I'll get my coat...
  15. Possibly just a concern that with a 14.5" aperture scope, a 15 minute exposure will likely overexpose the cores of many stars/objects in the FoV.
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