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  1. fireballxl5

    M15 Aug 2018

    An LRGB image of M15 that I captured on 31st August last year using my 6" refractor and mono CCD at 0.69arc-sec/pixel. Similar process to those of M3 and M13 that I captured earlier in May, just multiple 30s subs, so 26mins L and 20mins each of RGB. CS, Andy
  2. fireballxl5

    Tak FSQ 85 advice please

    How do you want to fix the CCD to your scope? I have the same scope and at first used a 2" push-fit nose piece on my CCD but this resulted in tilt and misshaped stars in the lower LH corner. I fixed this by changing to a screw fit adapter. Just one or two additional parts other than what came as standard. Sorted this through Ian King Imaging. HTH, Andy
  3. Looking for a full set of unmounted 50.4mm narrowband filters. Will consider individual filters, especially good quality Ha Must be in excellent condition. Will pay a fair price:) Thanks, Andy
  4. I've tried both, Lumicon OIII (20-year old visual) and Baader Continuum. My vote is for the Continuum
  5. fireballxl5

    Cone Nebula LRGB

    Nice reprocess with the Ha but I much prefer the original LRGB I have a similar set of subs that I've been struggling with for some time, I just can't figure out how to use the Ha without it dominating the scene. Really like your first image.
  6. fireballxl5

    Fireball 02/02/19

    sounds like one that's been observed by a friend in the NW of England at the Trough of Bowland.
  7. how about this? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/misc/jtd-dual-rig-telescope-alignment-saddle.html
  8. fireballxl5

    M31 Andromeda

    lovely image! Is this with a standard FSQ85? No additional flattener? I need to try this target with my (same) set-up.
  9. fireballxl5

    My posted image looks totally different on another PC

    nice 27" IPS monitor here and I see dead people sorry an obvious halo around the terminator
  10. fireballxl5

    Best autofocus software?

    That seems odd then. Mine are both definitely controlled as two separate focusers. Is it something like the drivers are pointing to the same serial port?
  11. fireballxl5

    Best autofocus software?

    Although it looks like both drivers are included in the v2.0.x.x download - it's some time since I set this up and from the v2 manual... "If you wish to run two focusers from programs such as MaxIm DL V5 or independently from the chooser then you should install the second driver by running ‘LakesideAstro2(2.0.0.x)setup.exe’ which is also included on the CD."
  12. fireballxl5

    Best autofocus software?

    download 2 different versions of the driver - they have different names (one has #2 at the end). Select them as Focuser 1 and Focuser 2 as you wish in Maxim. See screenshot of Lakeside website showing the 2nd driver link. HTH and CS, Andy
  13. fireballxl5

    Best autofocus software?

    I've have Maxim controlling two Lakeside focusers independently. Fortunately Lakeside provide two versions of the driver to allow this.
  14. I've used sailing gloves for over 10 years now. These are my current ones, a nice Christmas present https://www.gillmarine.com/gb/sailing-accessories/sailing-gloves/championship-gloves-long-finger-7252.html

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