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  1. love the colours in both of these images - nice
  2. another +1 for the Baader Optical Wonder Fluid, great stuff!
  3. it's worth noting that PI is great SW, very good value (compared with HW costs & other photo processing SW) and the tax helps governments pay for stuff like the health service...
  4. I managed to make use of the limited period of semi-darkness last Saturday (13th) to capture this image of Sh2-115 (main image) and Sh2-116 (planetary nebula PK 85+ 4.1), the small ball of nebulousness to the lower right. This is a first posting of data using a 'new to me' Chroma filter set (thanks @Steve 1962), so this image was taken using a 3nm Hyd Alpha filter. Just 6 ten minute subs before the cloud came over at around 2:30am. Data captured using a 85mm refractor/mono CCD at 1.7"/pixel. Minimal processing in PI (DBE, MLT and some curves). Cal files need re-doing at some point Hope to collect some OIII and RGB soonish. CS, Andy
  5. wiki is your friend. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WR_134
  6. Great image Rodd - I very much preferred the 1st version I found the area using star SAO 69541. This is the region from SkyMapPro v12 with some of the background and the Fov of my 150mm refractor/CCD combo...
  7. I have the JTD device carrying my FSQ85/QSI690 combo. To allow use of the JTD I reluctantly had to switch from piggy-back to side by side. Luckily I already had the heavy-duty ADM side by side system, but now that I'm here I won't go back! CS, Andy
  8. It was a long time ago, but when I first tried imaging using my OO GX250 with my SLR (in late 90's) I didn't have enough back-focus. I overcame this by using the full range of the primary mirror holder to move the mirror further up, into the tube. This pushed the focus point further out at the focuser. If you can do this it should avoid the need of the Barlow.
  9. Great detail in the close up and great colour, like the high res image
  10. Interesting design there. How compact is your observatory? If that was in my observatory (approx 9x9 feet) I'd be concerned about tripping over the wedge in the dark! Hope it works out well for you. CS, Andy
  11. potential issues with the optics aside, here's a 100% crop of the LRGB combined image using MaxImDL v6.09 for comparison. HTH, Andy
  12. I have a dual rig setup for AP with an 85mm scope for RGB and 150mm scope for lum. When combining these stacks in PI I usually have similar problems though more pronounced. In these cases I transfer the part processed stacks to MaxImDL to create the combined LRGB, going back to PI to finish off. I'd try a different app for RGB combination to see if it's just a limitation of PI. Having said this, mine may just be a problem with my lack of PI knowledge/experience.
  13. it's just been cancelled for today
  14. ZWO ASI 290MM Mini - great guide cam https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi290mm-mini-usb-2-mono-camera.html#specifications
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