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  1. Regarding my images using the Tak FS60CB, I should add that these images were taken using a crop Canon 40D (astro modified). Pixel scales as measured at http://nova.astrometry.net are as follows: 252mm, 4.59 arcsec/pixel 366mm, 3.14 arcsec/pixel 610mm, 1.86 arcsec/pixel HTH, Andy
  2. shout out for the versatility of the light-weight Tak FS60CB system - some images for your consideration at 252mm (reducer @ f4.2), 366mm (flattener @ f6.1) and 610mm (1.7x extender with flattener ~f10). Admittedly used on an AstroTrac rather than the SA...any excuse to post some of my photos HTH, Andy Antares & Rho Oph @ F4.2 NA and Pelican @ F6.1 M20 @ F10 Sun & Moon @ F10
  3. Skywatcher GTi mount

    Great video review Wolfie - want one!
  4. after many years of manual focusing using MaxIm I've bought myself a Lakeside focuser... One question for the dual scope riggers...can you control 2 Lakesides from one PC? TIA and CS, Andy
  5. Melotte 15

    may be an experiment, but it's a great result!
  6. Separate luminance in nb

    In a similar vein, I've now got some reasonable Ha data of M27 (from last night with the moon around) and some poorer RGB data from last weekend that I'd like to use to create a LRGB of this emission nebula. Would it be best to create a synthetic lum channel from the Ha and then proceed as normal for LRGB? How do I create a synthetic lum? Any advice on how best to do this would be very much appreciated. Regards, Andy
  7. Good point Olly. I have see some drift over 3 hours but the 10 minute subs are fine. Using 2 subs as you suggest, is there a way to measure the drift? Regards, Andy
  8. CR2 Thumbnails not Showing in Win 7 Pro

    With my older camera (7D) thumbnails are shown OK, with my wife's newer M5 they aren't. Using Win 10 64-bit. The Canon software works but windows explorer support for both camera would be better. Any advice appreciated.
  9. 2017 TSE from Grand Teton National Park

    Thanks guys!
  10. Show us your set up in action at night.

    My current solar eclipse gear (and me) in action on Monday near Moose in Wyoming - well it was night-time for just over 2 minutes lol
  11. Camera Upgrade?

  12. Wow! That was a spectacular eclipse! We had a great view from just north of Moose Wyoming. Still on our 3 week holiday travels and so not had much time to check or process the data but here's a straight JPEG conversion from raw of one of the images I've managed to capture... Tak FS60CB @f10 with modded Canon 40D
  13. Aug states Solar Eclipse

    Thanks for the offer Tom, I'll give EO a test run (using a USB cable though) and get back to you if necessary. CS, Andy
  14. Show us your travel kit

    My travel setup for local dark sites and beyond. Tak FS60CB usually with F4.2 reducer (fl=252mm) but shown with 1.7 extender & flattener (fl=610mm) for the solar eclipse. Just added guiding kit for some nighttime imaging at this focal length on my AstroTrac. Camera is a modded 40D.
  15. Best Focal Length for Totality Photo ??

    An overexposured view from 2006 uisng a 640mm fl scope with a cropped DSLR shows how extensive the corona can be...I'd go with 625mm - In fact I'll be using a 610mm scope on the 21st