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  1. Focuser

    Hi Dave, thanks for the feedback and advice. I calculated the step size by moving the focuser through it full range, measured the physical distance of travel and divided this by the delta change in position on the Lakeside controller. I'll check that the star doesn't saturate as you suggest. Thanks, Andy
  2. Focuser

    Hi there, bumping this thread as I'm struggling with autofocus and to also feed in some info for my FSQ85/Lakeside combo. I've fitted the Lakeside and I'm now trying to get autofocusing working under MaxImDL using its native routine (i.e. not FocusMax). At a focal ratio of f5.3 I've worked out a step size of 5.8um / per step. Does this seem about right? I select a 4th mag star and manually focus using a mask to give it a good start. MaxImDL will then create a V-curve but then go completely out of focus with the image noise giving a HFD of zero. At this point it usually jumps to a point on the curve that clearly isn't in focus. Looking for any advice on how to get this working Regards, Andy
  3. Teamviewer or VNC

    I'm currently using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection with no problems, laptop or desktop to PC in shed.
  4. 50.8mm, 50mm, 2" filters???

    Having recently moved 'up' from 2" mounted filters to 50.8mm unmounted, my understanding is that "2 inch threaded" filters are actually approx. 48mm of clear aperture with the remaining taken up by the threaded holder.
  5. Alternative to FocusMax/Maxim DL ??

    Can you use 2 instances of SGP to control 2 cameras/focusers?
  6. do you have a model number or know which Tak scopes it will fit to?
  7. Which APO refractor

    Love my Tak 150B , wouldn't call it portable though
  8. Surely there must be a mistake.......

    These guys should use the same data to avoid confusion lol... Clear Outside: MetCheck:
  9. Sky-Watcher AZ GTi - Biggest scope Mounted OK?

    Moving away from lovely Tak's, how about a SW Skymax 150 Pro at 6kg + accessories? Any way to accommodate this?
  10. Wheels for new R/O observatory?

    I went for 4 off O-groove sliding gate wheels (rated at 300kg each with corresponding track) on my 3x3m wooden roof (4-man lift)
  11. Space walk 360

    is there a way to watch it using rift? viewing in BigScreen Beta...
  12. Star adventurer and PHD2 problem

    Maybe the OP is working within carrying capacities but at longer focal lengths?
  13. Show us your Frac

    Close but no cigar! The double-double is actually Epsilon, so you are close in a way:) I've checked my astro log and the smallest aperture that I've recorded an observation with is 250mm (f4.8 Newt), so I'm not sure what the practical minimum is but give it a try! Theoretically 60mm should be enough with good seeing. Good luck! HTH, Andy
  14. wheels and runner for roll off shed

    just email! I see that you have already purchased so good luck!