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  1. Platesolving in APT

    Maybe my experience and details of my procedure will help? I have a very similar procedure based on PS2, imaging using MaxImDL which has PinPointLE built-in... 1. Position my scope CW down/pointing at Polaris (gravity/eyeball is the level of accuracy used) and cold start the mount (powered by Gemini 2). 2. Go-to bright star near intended target (at focal length 1100mm and a small CCD this is often outside the FoV). 3. Take an image of the star field and save file. 4. Check ordinates of bright star in SkyMap Pro and enter these into PS2 to solve (100% reliable ) - PinPoint LE in MaxImDL isn't as good for solving with only rough coordinates with my eye-balled initial alignment and blind solving almost always fails in my experience - EDIT: forgot to add sync mount on solved coordinates! 5. Goto bright star (again) and focus scope. 6. Goto imaging target, frame and go! 6 a) If part way though a multi-night imaging project, load previous image and plate solve in MaxImDL using PinPointLE with coordinates from SkyMap Pro (could use PS2 equally well). Not sure why the RA/Dec aren't always saved in the FITS file but hey-ho! 6 Goto centre of solved image to frame and go! (sometimes I need to do this twice for pixel perfect re-alignment). 7. Wait for the clouds to roll-in lol HTH, Andy
  2. which are available for purchase should anyone be interested...
  3. I use a Tracer 16Ah LiFePO4 battery to power my NEQ6 mount and it works great. Before buying I did read about how the LiPo discharge profiles weren't suitable for some mounts. Maybe too late now for the OP but I'm sure that you'll find other uses for the battery you already have:)
  4. Horsehead HaRgb

    Hi David, yes that does make a good comparison. Which software do you use to do this? Andy
  5. Venus and Mercury setting in the West

    wrong direction for Orion...looks like a plane's lights
  6. The end of LP filters?

    but very useful info. Is some body in the UK learning lessons from this kind of experience to determine policy for the UK's move to LED? Do the CPRE/IDA use this kind of info to try and influence local councils who are rolling out LED street lighting? CS, Andy
  7. It looks like the original TOA-150 rather than the -150B (improved focuser only?) I'd guess at £5-7k, maybe!
  8. FITS image viewer for Android

    Yes it does but I can't get it see an example FITS file that I've placed in the directory that I point it to. Thanks but still looking...
  9. http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=134794
  10. Hi all, Does such software exist? Clear skies, Andy
  11. Astrodon vs... The rest.

    I've had the SX Maxiwheel (with 50.4mm unmounted carousel, though only Baader LRGB filters) for 4 months and it seems to be a reliable bit of kit. Just need to decide which NB filters to get...
  12. As vlaiv noted, of these two scope combinations (10" F4 Newt with barlow & 10" F8 RC), the RC should give the wider, flatter field, hence why they are usually considered to be more suitable for AP. Maybe the Newt will be be more flexible, especially if you wish to use it for visual observation (although I understand that RC are ok for visual use), but there is usually a compromise to be made, you just need to determine where your priorities lie. Or buy 2 scopes
  13. M44 - The Beehive Cluster

    Very nice image! I see at least 8 faint fuzzies!
  14. Meade lx200 10 1993

    The original "classic" LX200 from that era did not have Autostar but it did have a handset allowing 'computer control' that was very good IMHO. I had a 10" LX200 classic of 1997 vintage that I loved until I got more into AP and found the tracking just too poor and so moved on to an GEM set-up. Maybe the guiding s/w at that time (Guidedog, early PHD1) just wasn't mature enough yet to deal with the kind of PE that mine had and current s/w (PHD2 in particular) would do a better job.