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  1. fireballxl5

    Quark problem...oh dear.

    send your Quark to me for evaluation, may take all summer
  2. fireballxl5

    M31 Andromeda galaxy with a DSLR

    Try the astro flat pro PS plug in, it's pretty good http://www.prodigitalsoftware.com/AstroFlatPro1_News.html
  3. looks to be the same star as in my photo of the SN from last 20th May last year.
  4. fireballxl5

    target framing assist which software

    I find the main benefit of plate solving is to have the software point to the same particular patch of sky when you're having to do this multiple times over a number of nights. Although this can be done well enough manually (well, at least using GoTo ), it helps to minimise misalignment of edges when you don't have much room for manoeuvre.
  5. Great image and A+ for the processing effort!
  6. fireballxl5

    M13 LRGB

    Thanks Ian. Just tried 30s exposures to avoid blowing the core and so I'm quite pleased with how the colours have turned out. Although it wasn't so dark last weekend I couldn't resist grabbing an image or two with consecutive clear nights. Maybe you'll get some time later in the summer?
  7. fireballxl5

    M13 LRGB

    M13 the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules, imaged last Saturday night from the suburbs of Preston. LRGB composition using my 150mm f7.3 refractor and mono CCD, approx. 30mins L and 20mins of each RGB filter in 30s subs. CS, Andy
  8. fireballxl5

    Show us your travel kit

    Nice looking mount! Can you provide details please?
  9. fireballxl5

    Need help

    one local society is Preston, not so far away? See http://www.padas.org.uk and also on FB.
  10. fireballxl5

    Solar Scope purchasing Advice

    My experience importing from the USA... Final_cost = (Price+Shipping) * Import_Duty * VAT Import_duty for optical/astro gear was 4%, VAT is 20%, this gives $902 for $699 listed price. The importer can/does add an admin fee when you collect. HTH, Andy
  11. fireballxl5

    Organising your imaging files

    I just use Windows folders to organise my files. Each imaging run is saved using the folder name format: yyyymmdd_Object_Scope_Camera Within this folder, sub-folders Date(s) and Processed. Subs go into the Date folder when they were captured. Cal files are stored in separate folders. I then have a catalogue folder tree for various object types, e.g. Galaxies where I put copies of my 'keepers' - I do have a few that I like Always on the lookout for a better way of managing my data... CS, Andy
  12. I'll take it John if it's still available
  13. I use DBE in PixInsight with my modded 40D using the CLS filter. HTH, Andy
  14. fireballxl5

    NGC4631 - The Whale Galaxy

    This is NGC4631 the Whale Galaxy and its side-kick NGC4627. There are a couple of other faint fuzzies in there as well. Data captured over a couple of late nights this bank holiday weekend in my back garden using a 150mm refractor and mono CCD camera. LRGB image with 10x600s Lum and 7x600s each of R, G and B, just over 5 hours of precious data. I struggled to tame the bright & sometimes hazy background sky using my still-developing ninja PI & PS skills lol CS, Andy
  15. fireballxl5

    Leo Triplet - Esprit 100 First Light - At Last!

    Very nice and well framed picture

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