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  1. Wow! That was a spectacular eclipse! We had a great view from just north of Moose Wyoming. Still on our 3 week holiday travels and so not had much time to check or process the data but here's a straight JPEG conversion from raw of one of the images I've managed to capture... Tak FS60CB @f10 with modded Canon 40D
  2. Aug states Solar Eclipse

    Thanks for the offer Tom, I'll give EO a test run (using a USB cable though) and get back to you if necessary. CS, Andy
  3. Show us your travel kit

    My travel setup for local dark sites and beyond. Tak FS60CB usually with F4.2 reducer (fl=252mm) but shown with 1.7 extender & flattener (fl=610mm) for the solar eclipse. Just added guiding kit for some nighttime imaging at this focal length on my AstroTrac. Camera is a modded 40D.
  4. Best Focal Length for Totality Photo ??

    An overexposured view from 2006 uisng a 640mm fl scope with a cropped DSLR shows how extensive the corona can be...I'd go with 625mm - In fact I'll be using a 610mm scope on the 21st
  5. Overnight dew in Wyoming?

    how about a flexible foam dew shield? Will this be adequate?
  6. Aug states Solar Eclipse

    I'll be based in an RV, staying in Yellowstone for the week around the eclipse so have a couple of observing location options in mind, driving there the day before. For imaging is anyone planning to automate using software such as Set'n'C or Eclipse Orchestrator? For previous eclipses I've always taken photos manually, but want to spend less time behind the camera this time.
  7. LiFePO4 Batteries - Any User Comments

    I have a Tracer 7Ah LiFePo4 that I use to power my AP kit on my travels. It works reliably and provides all the power needed by an AstroTrac, DSLR and dew heater for an all-night session. The bonus being that it weighs only 1kg and is allowed in airline hand luggage - nice! http://www.tracerpower.com/tracer-12v-7ah-lifepo4-battery.html CS, Andy
  8. Doublet for mono imaging?

    In my experience doing RGB imaging with an 'ED' doublet, colour was always difficult owing to bloated stars in the blue channel. I think that this results from the objective not being able to bring all light contained within the bandpass of the blue filter to the same point, even with careful focusing for each filter. In the end I bought a quad😀
  9. Skytee 2 question

    Mine is from around year 2000 and may actually be a Hal 200? Not sure now...I'll get my coat...
  10. Skytee 2 question

    Yes, the Skytee 2 works very well on the Hal 130 as demonstrated here...also tested with a TS152 f5.9 (approx. 11kg + counterweights!).
  11. Sorry, I didn't mean to appear disrespectful although it may come across that way in text 😕. I just trusted your numbers as you didn't seem to be querying these, just was it good enough guiding. As vlaiv had noted, your settings may need tweaking. I'm sure that this will be sorted. I guess that the proof is in the images. If you're getting nice tight stars then you're good to go. On nights of good seeing I'm getting ~0.4arc rms at a focal length of 1100mm and I'm happy with that. If you still have work to do then I hope you get the guiding you're looking for 😊 CS, Andy
  12. Just if you're confident that these figures are correct then that's almost perfect guiding so no need for you to ask for feedback. I know that the mesu is good, is it really that good? If so I want one!
  13. DSLR with flip screen - good/bad?

    Thanks for the pointers and advice. I use the 40D with my travel kit (60mm refractor on an Astrotrac) and so have no use for go-to or plate solving although I'd love to have these functions in the field! I have started to use a Polemaster with a Win10 Linx tablet for PA and initial focusing, so the flip-screen would really be used to frame when pointing away from the horizon, when this is particularly frustrating, and quickly check focus throughout a session. The camera would be modded and dedicated for Astro. I've seen that 600D's are available for £250 at MPB (thanks Alan). Would it be worthwhile going for the 700D over this? Andy
  14. DSLR with flip screen - good/bad?

    so that's pretty much an overwhelmingly positive option - thanks everyone! 1st bid placed for a 650D on eBay lol