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  1. fireballxl5

    Takahashi FC-76Q Review

    oh dear, I've already got the FS60CB and 1.7x CQ parts...
  2. Isn't the only difference between these 2 Astronomik filters the fact that the -CCD version has an IR block to stop this light from from reaching the sensor. CCD's are normally sensitive to IR but this light is usually brought to focus at a different distance compared with RGB and so is normally out of focus on imaging systems that include a refractive element, such as a camera lens or refracting telescope.
  3. fireballxl5

    Considering full frame Osc

    Back Focus Distance of the FSQ85 EDP Flattener is 56mm - see http://www.takahashiamerica.com/blogs/product-announcements/takahashi-announces-a-new-flattener-for-the-fsq-85/
  4. fireballxl5

    Melotte 15 the Heart of the Heart

    Nice image and colours. Not sure who gave this tip, but it works a treat. Invert the image and apply SCNR (green) to remove magenta halos around stars in PI. HTH, Andy
  5. fireballxl5

    The Wizard Nebula - HST process

    thank you very much
  6. My first attempt at imaging Sharpless 142 (Sh2-142) together with open cluster NGC7380, otherwise known as The Wizard Nebula. I've done this using Hydrogen Alpha, Oxygen III and Sulphur II narrow band filters with my 150mm refractor and mono CCD. Processed using PI and PS. This is six hours through each filter in 10 minute subs (18 hours total) collected over several nights during the clear spell that we had in late Sept and into October - it seems so long ago now!
  7. Yes, I bought one that came with free halos back in March 2013, replaced foc later that year. Also, CCD's are usually more sensitive in the green and so this will make the OIII data seem brighter than you may expect.
  8. Yes, it's been my go-to photo app on the phone for a while, very useful program
  9. fireballxl5

    MaxIm dl

    I am also a long time user of MaxIm. It's great for plate solving, scope control, image capture, calibration and stacking. I also always failed to get the guiding working and so opted for PHD/PHD2. Although the release notes say that... Version 6.15 Autoguiding: All new multistar guiding implementation, with improved performance and reliability. Track box size can now be adjusted for multistar guiding. I've not tried this. Still very happy with MaxIm for controlling my kit and so not made the jump to SGL
  10. fireballxl5

    Small Network Storage

    Maybe more costly than you'd like but I've been using one of these for the last couple of years and I'd highly recommend it. Synology DS215J Desktop NAS https://g.co/kgs/Dez975
  11. fireballxl5


    here in the NW it was quite breezy and my guiding was affected for a long period. It settled down around midnight and was fine after this. Maybe you had similar problems? maybe I didn't get enough sleep - the symptoms clearly don't fit with this cause, doh!
  12. fireballxl5

    A quick Bubble Nebula NGC 7635

    Great image Dave and interesting process. Over the last few weeks I've also been targeting the Bubble and collected a full set of LRGB and NB data with no particular plan for how to use the data other than maybe add Ha to the RGB using the same PI script. Will now try adding the O3 and S2 to see what comes out.
  13. fireballxl5

    Seasonal Witches Head Nebula

    Will either work well with just 7 subs?
  14. fireballxl5

    Takahashi FS-60Q - worth it or not?

    Thanks for the compliment Victor Yes, I use the 0.72 reducer, purchased from IKI through his Tak website - https://www.takahashiuk.co.uk/Focal-Reducers/39-/Takahashi-TKA20580B-072x-Reducer-for-FS60CB From my experience the FS60CB's main issue (with both the flattener and reducer) is poor control of red rather than blue. The 1.7x extender CQ appears to give well controlled colours, though at the expense of the longer focal length and resulting FoV and guiding requirements, etc. HTH Andy
  15. fireballxl5

    Takahashi FS-60Q - worth it or not?

    There are other, and in some ways better options at each end of the focal length range offered by the FS60CB/Q system, but it's my favourite travel combo. FS60CB @ f4.2 FS60CB-Q @ f10 CS, Andy

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