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  1. Scary video that helps to visualise just how many satellites are scheduled to be launched over the next 10 years or so (or rather those that have had licences to launch applied for). As is explained in the video, not all may happen for various reasons but there is also concern for unannounced plans that Chinese companies may have... Don't watch if SpaceX's recent activities are too much for you
  2. not for a long time, but some of my first astro images were of double stars...
  3. This works https://www.wickes.co.uk/Fischer-Principle-Threaded-Rods---M12-Pack-of-2/p/511124 Bought some yesterday as the EQ1 shaft isn't long enough for the CW that I need to use with my AZ-GTi.
  4. nice looking scopes do you have any performance details such as image circle diameter, spot diagrams etc for the 104mm with flatterer? CS, Andy
  5. Order placed 20 mins after notification of pre-order post on SGL, delivery scheduled for 23rd Had some time for a trial fit yesterday evening and seems to be working fine, controlling my 224MC & 071MC cameras and AZ GTi mount Need to sort a dedicated power line for it and figure out if/how it can power the anti dew strap. As is typical, I'm away on a business trip for the next week so it'll have to wait
  6. Nice setup Dave I'm going a similar route though swapping out the 4-channel dew controller for an ASIair Pro when available CS, Andy
  7. Space Launch Now app is reporting that launch is scheduled for 15:00UTC, so 3pm.
  8. will this work with the other Canon fit Samyang lenses such as the 14mm?
  9. I've been a user of DxO PhotoLab for around a year and currently use v3. I've found its noise reduction tools really useful for AP. It's great for daytime photography
  10. I have one of these I no longer need https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/accessories/dew-control/four-channel-pwm-dew-controller/ Yours for £40 + p&p + fees
  11. I bought my 1.25" Baader NB filter set in March 2014 from IKI. Owing to illness I didn't get to use them until Dec that year when I found terrible halos with the O3 filter. In fairness to Baader, they did recognise that it came from the 'bad batch' and replaced it without issue. The replacement is great CS, Andy
  12. It's great to see this development work going on but owing to lack of time and knowing that COTS designs are imminent I'll wait for a consumer offering...
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