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  1. Here's my image of M97, The Owl Nebula, using a Lum, Ha and OIII combination processed as LRGB (LHOO). I captured the data over the weekends of 20th April (21x600s Ha, 18x600s OIII) and 10th May (31x600s Lum) totalling approx. 11.5 hours of exposure. Image scale 0.69arcsec/pixel using a 150mm refractor. If I push the image I can see that I've captured a faint outline of the larger, outer shell, so I may return to get some longer exposures on the other side of summer. CS, Andy
  2. The AZGTi works fine using the app on a smartphone, it's just that the tactile? feedback from a physical handset is probably more convenient when observing through the scope
  3. if yours is the V3 handset from an NEQ6 then I have the same need, so very interested in any response
  4. I managed to get around to trying this but I need an adaptor. Which/how do you connect from the D-type plug on the handset to the GTi?
  5. +1 for PPP. I've used this for animating movement of asteroids from individual still images.
  6. Just been postponed till tomorrow morning
  7. I once went on a visit to collect one scope from Glen, but left with two scopes lol He was a crafty salesman lol PS, they were an 152mm F5.9 with a bonus Calton 80mm F15 - both great scopes?
  8. Yes, very nice image of the horse and flame ? Can you confirm pixel scale or imaging camera for this please. Also sub exposure durations. I'm looking at the CEM25P for a lightweight travel mount and so very interested in real world performance.
  9. they do state that it decreases to 1.5e- at higher gains...is that good enough?
  10. I have a couple of the LiFePO4 versions, the 7Ah is great for airline travel. Highly recommended.
  11. upload the image to http://nova.astrometry.net/upload and this will come back with solved coordinates and an annotated image.
  12. nice image with great colours Brian! I also managed to grab 6.5 hours, but only Ha and OIII. I've been playing with the data today but may need to add some Lum to bring the signal levels up.
  13. is this because these targets aren't in the SGPro database? If yes, then you could try other planetarium software that has telescope control - I use SkyMap Pro, but there are other capable programs such as Cartes du Ciel. I use Pinpoint Lite to plate solve (within MaxImDL) and this just does plate solving, no target selection/go-to, for this you go-to the target beforehand (I use MaxIm or SMP as detailed previously). For info, plate solving does fail sometimes, even PS2. In these rare cases I try to get a deeper image with a larger pixel scale resolution (just bin the image to give a coarser resolution) - this seems to help. HTH, Andy
  14. Hi @Brian28 I usually use the internal database within MaxImDL to go-to targets and then use PlateSolve2 if (when?) PinPoint Lite fails to solve. Otherwise I use SkyMap Pro to find more difficult targets such as comets and then solve within MaxIm/PS2. As it turned out, I didn't go for the Ring as the Owl seemed a better target as I haven't imaged it before and it was much higher altitude. Thanks for the suggestion? And then when setting up I remembered that I had started a long term project for when the Moon is around, Sharpless 174 in Cepheus. This is a tough target for me, needing 15 min exposures in Ha to get any signal that is significantly above the background. Why SkyMap Pro calls it a "bright nebula" I'll never know lol! So last night, this morning I moved on the Owl with the intention of creating a HOO image at some point. Here's 2 hours of Ha from earlier today. I'll aim to grab some more tonight.
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