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  1. Same here, you just end up with bloaty blue stars that are a royal pain to process! I gave in and bought a Tak FSQ85 - nice:)
  2. maybe the S lol
  3. Yes, as Peter confirms G1 can be controlled from a PC via a standard serial port (with USB adaptor if necessary). G2 has options for either USB or Ethernet (preferred for easy assess/control via a webpage). I've had both G1 and now G2 on my MI-250 mount for 10 years now. Check out Tom Hilton's fantastic website dedicated to supporting Gemini at There's lots of info on both versions here.
  4. I'm a long term, happy user of MaxImDL, though mainly for image capture, calibration and stacking. It's a breeze and solid software when you've got the hang of it:) I tried to use it for guiding many years ago and struggled but then PHD1 (Push Here Dummy) guiding software appeared taking over that duty. Although MaxImDL may have been improved for guiding in the meantime, I can strongly recommend PHD2 for guiding duties. A great combo IMHO. PHD2 - Good luck!
  5. It's more likely your body heat that they are detecting with their IR cameras...
  6. Enjoy! I love my FS60CB
  7. Quite a claim nowadays lol Glad your query is answered - I use TV in just the same way.
  8. Like your plan. I've got the FS60CB with both flattener and reducer. I use the scope for travel on an AstroTrac with a modded DSLR. I find it a great combination. Here are a couple of images, NA/Pelican with the flattener, Gamma Cyg with the reducer. Tempted to extend using either the 76mm or Q unit...
  9. I've found PHD2 to be so much more reliable than 1. Using a Lodestar Mk1 at 2700mm to guide my piggy-backed wide field scope.
  10. I've got Sky Safari 3 Pro, bought years ago - great app btw. Is the upgrade to 5 worth while? Andy
  11. Regarding astro software compatibility with Win10, see this thread on UK Astro Imaging...
  12. Nice travel kit Richard. I've got something similar but mainly used for wide-field imaging with a crop dslr. I'm not sure about using the Tak extender for imaging, but for wide field you'll need the flattener (f6.2) or reducer (f4.2) as it's got a very small flat image circle at naive focal length. I use mine mainly with the reducer - very nice images (imho) and light weight - an easy load for my astrotrac. Andy
  13. I've found that the usual limit on outhouses and sheds is a max of £2,500. allows a max for these buildings of upto £75,000 but this includes house contents. I guess that you've got to be sure that both can't go up in smoke or be ransacked in the same event! Andy
  14. I've not tried them, but someone recommended I'll give them a try when the renewal comes up.
  15. maybe they are, but as Meatloaf might sing, 3 out of 4 ain't bad! The iOptron only has built-in power over the SW doesn't it?