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  1. Always difficult with the processing side of it, i spend hours and hours, never really making up my mind
  2. Some very nice detail visible there Avani, especially considering the distance still.
  3. Very breezy again tonight unfortunately. Some pretty good seeing at times though. Lovely subtle cloud detail again, a little different from previous images. Captured with Celestron C9.25, baader UV filter and Asi 290mm camera. Stacked 10% of 25,000 frames Some pleasing cloud visible again.
  4. Excellent image again Luke, good to have other images to compare details with my own.
  5. Also new seller status, but a whooping 200,000 items for sale?
  6. Exactly what i saw as well. I have had chat with customer services tonight to report the activity. They are going investigate, they also said if they remain on there they are safe to purchase, as Amazon will back any buyer who has genuine problems with a purchase. When i did a little "Google" detective work work there seemed to be no evidence of these sellers. They all seem to be registered in Germany, hence the GMBH suffix.
  7. Superb Luke, i think that's your best image to date. Very nicely processed, not too much, not too little, excellent!
  8. Due to having some funds in my Amazon account i have been looking for a new mount on there. I bought a HEQ5 from Tring at the weekend, but unfortunately it is out of stock on there Amazon shop. So continuing the search this week, i have started to notice quite a few suspect looking sellers on there selling used EQ6-R, Orion atlas mount. They all seem to be sold as used - like new and the price is £598.38 + £13.15 delivery, seller Pluskaufenmbh. I knew the price was to good to be true when i saw it only my mobile at dinnertime. So tonight i have a had a proper look into them and i am sure there are a couple of bogus sellers doing this at the moment. I naively thought Amazon were strict on this sort of thing.
  9. Venus and the Moon looked very nice just after Sunset. A lot of high hazy cloud, so i did not bother capturing any frames tonight. Its going to clear after tomorrow mornings snow/sleet showers.
  10. Should be quite easy to see the phase, even considering how bright Venus is. Maybe try a few different filters to dim the brightness a little?
  11. Superb image Avani, i wonder what media will around in another 196 years
  12. Pretty sure i saw one of these at Astrofest 2 years ago, or something very similar. I will have the 130 please, looks an absolute beauty
  13. I like to capture Venus in the morning, mostly because i can follow it up to a higher altitude.
  14. Still a bit showing despite the conditions. Always worth a short session on Venus whenever there is a clear sky.
  15. Jupiter has quickly become very dominant in the morning sky already. This will make a very nice view, weather permitting. Thanks for the additional heads up
  16. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  17. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  18. Pete Presland


    Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  19. Pete Presland

    New member

    Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  20. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  21. very nice scope, looking forward to hearing about your 1st light with it.
  22. It was lovely for a short period at sunset, but grim now. The wind has really picked up again and it lashing down!
  23. Lovely end result, the UV is showing some very nice cloud structure.
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