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  1. A nice sharp set of images
  2. I thought i might as well add my images of Neowise to the incredible gallery of images on here. I think i got the Noctilucent cloud mosaic wrong, i have not really exposd the comet at all well. Pleased with the other 2 images though particularly the one with Neowise just above the trees. Excuse the noise in the images, trying to capture as much Comet detail as possible. 2nd image is from my drive, hence the telephone wires in view. A very special evening and morning, to see such a sight after all the false alarms in recent years!
  3. I took my 20 x 80's last night, but i prefer the view in 15 x 70's and they are easier to scan other parts of the sky without the tripod attached. Neowise still looking superb even from my bedroom window in town as well.
  4. I had been planning an "all nighter" for a while and what a night it turned out to be. What with Neowise before midnight, A stunning red/pink Moon just on the horizon at the same time, the planets, the Neowise again before Sunset with a Noctilucent cloud display as well! The seeing was nowhere near the best, but at least some decent detail was clearly visible for a change. I am now able to image the Planets when low down around an hour earlier thanks to the neighbours recent pruning of the lower conifer branches. All images captured with my C9.25, ASI224mc and ASI290mm. I have been fairly gentle with the processing, as a more aggressive approach seemed to just add a lot of noise.
  5. A fine set of images, great to see the next generation of astronomers under the stars as well.
  6. Nice end results there, some decent detail visible there.
  7. Clear last night, didn't get out though.
  8. Excellent images, lovely level of detail visible.
  9. That's very frustrating, at least you got something I guess.
  10. I think it was brought forward to allow more prep time for a certain Comet in the sky at the moment
  11. I drove out into the country twice on Saturday morning, either side of imaging the planets, what a stunning sight!!!
  12. Welcome to the forum Marc P.S this a predominantly English speaking forum, you will get more response if you post in English language.
  13. Some really nice detail visible, despite the current small size of Mars.
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