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  1. Fabulous images, reminds of those days a few years back when the Sun was littered with A/R's.
  2. Been great to see the upsurge in activity recently, even if the opportunity to see it has virtually nil. Especially loved seeing seeing multiple active regions visible on Spaceweather at the same time, when was the last time that happened?
  3. Nicely captured Avani, good to see you imaging again and on your original account.
  4. I also owned a Mak180 "Planet killer" for many years. Never had to collimate it either, always seemed spot on with a star test. It had a fair amount of mirror slop, which was little annoying. That said it gave me some fantastic views of Mars back then, just looked it was already 6 years ago 2014 I sold it and bought a C9.25, which i thought might be a bit more of an all rounder, which it probably is. I would not mind betting though the Mak180 would have had the edge on the C9.25 when came to imaging the planets though. I just couldn't resist the extra aperture. Here is the beauty "
  5. There might be better that i haven't used but, the Televue Type 4 22mm Nagler, simply the best eyepiece i have ever looked though, it is a joy to use! Obviously there so many variables regarding eyepieces, that no one opinion is ever going to be absolute.
  6. very nicely captured. The Polar is large, much smaller now in the image i have just finished processing.
  7. Agreed much better looking image, especially the colour.
  8. great effort with todays weather, i would love get another look at it.
  9. I have also just ordered a copy for my grandson, who is obsessed with looking at the Moon at the moment. Especially early in the morning, much to his parents amusement Thanks for the link.
  10. yes very pleasing, this is a rare RGB image for me. I used to do lots before i owned my asi224mc, i think i should remember to do more of them.
  11. Mars from a couple of weeks back, probably one of the better images this season for me. A 6 (RGB) minute capture, derotated in WinJupos. C9.25, ADC, Asi290mm, X1.8 Barlow
  12. Great end result, i have very fond memories of using the old Spc900n and the even older Toucam Pro for planetary imaging. They were the days..... i still prefer my Asi290mm though
  13. Fabulous set of images, so much to look at on all of them. Excellently captured and presented, love annotations as well.
  14. Some nice detail visible there. The "double image" i think is what is known as the "edge rind artefact" i think its common in a lot of Mars images. A combination of a few things and not easy to remove/hide.
  15. Great capture, something i have never managed.
  16. The 2nd image is the right away up, i think i forget to flip the image when i captured the first one.
  17. Some nice details visible there.
  18. Some fine detail there, not much you do about the seeing conditions.
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