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  1. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
  2. Superbly captured, especially with the reflection in the water !
  3. Pretty grim viewing, with all the other problems astronomers have to endure.
  4. Perfectly frames by the branches, what a fabulous capture!
  5. Lovely image Reggie, happy new year to you!
  6. Nice looking image, the phase is showing very well.
  7. looks good to me, not sure about the "clouds" though. I would keep collecting the data and see what you get over a period of time. Its a fine looking image, well done!
  8. Lovely gibbous phase showing there, very well captured.
  9. Very nice end result, i am looking forward to those days when the Sun is a little higher clearing the conifers again.
  10. That is a good size A/R, nice to see some activity again already from the new cycle 25
  11. I quite like the obstruction view as well, that said i would be looking for a clear view as well!
  12. Very nicely captured.
  13. Clear here at the moment, but babysitting the grandchildren tonight, so SGL is going be the only astronomy tonight!
  14. Looks a little like the old EQ1 table top mount I used to have, but with a tripod. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Orion-9055-Tabletop-Equatorial-Telescope/dp/B0000XMX8O
  15. The 7mm eyepiece is really giving too much magnification approx 335X, for most nights seeing conditions. I agree that a quality diagonal will improve the viewing experience, it enables you to position the eyepiece where you want it especially on objects that are high in the sky. Televue plossl eyepieces are a rock solid investment. They are regularly available on the 2nd market, usually in good condition and if you resell they tend to hold thier value if looked after. As for imaging, is Planetary imaging you are thinking about?
  16. Not planning on buying much, maybe a new camera for Solar imaging. Looking forward to see Mars over the next 12 months as it grows in size, at a much higher altitude as well!
  17. Had a very brief view of Venus earlier, but nothing else.
  18. Congratulations on your 1st prom!
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