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  1. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
  2. A fine set of images, some nice action there.
  3. Pete Presland


    Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
  4. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire congratulations on seeing M42
  5. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
  6. Been grim here all year, good to see you some action though
  7. Nice looking image, especially for the conditions.
  8. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
  9. Never too late to post images, we all lead very busy lives away from Astronomy. Some excellent activity visible there, pretty much missed all of it myself. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Lovely Lunar halo for a while, couldn't resist aquock snap. Bit laying on the floor to a nice angle, with the scope blocking the glare from the Moon.
  11. First time this year i have been able to get a session out with the scope. Had some nice views of Uranus and the Moon. Could not resist grabbing a couple of images of two favourites that were on display. Vallis Schroteri, Aristarchus in the first image and Schickard, Nasyth, Phocylides in the second. C9.25, asi290mm, 5000 frames captured, stacked 1000.
  12. I thought that was going to be your answer, i remember someone else on here from Canada telling about the -25 temperatures and the Wolves howling!
  13. Nice little session, cold and little hazy in Bedfordshire. Just come in leaving a lovely Moon Halo behind, looked pretty cool!
  14. Ilook forward to reading your opinion of it, thank you for reminfing me about the book.
  15. Been earlier out with the new Bino's, had a decent look at Mars and Uranus, then the Moon. Very thick cloud here in Bedfordshire now, can not even tell where the Moon is behind them.
  16. Thanks for sharing, it certainly is one of the stand out winter constellations.
  17. I usually Goggle the buyer or seller, generally there will be internet history of some kind. Memberships of other sites, Facebook, Twitter other Astro related sites. Even if you can only verify they are using a real name and address. Unfortunately their will always be the odd "bad apples" , SGL is safer than most places on the net, thanks to everyones vigilance.
  18. I have also seen similar, when there has been a recent rocket launched. Sometimes the fuel is released and can cause odd looking phenomena, but usually not as bright or as defined as this.
  19. Hi when/where were the photos captured, could you see the "star" before you captured the photos? If not maybe some sort of interenal reflection in the camera perhaps.
  20. Nice report, i do love a nice double. Auriga is full of things to see, not managed a single session yet this year.
  21. Very nice, particularly the Prom image!
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