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  1. Thanks Mick Yes pleased seeing some return on the expense few and 12" @ f/3.8 is a nice option to have at a dark site. Thanks for feedback on image too. Offshore is that way forward, 55 hours data is exactly 54 hours more than I have managed so far this year from home. Thanks for feedback. Paddy
  2. It is [PR95] 50238 galaxy. That said it is listed as 1 galaxy on maps but appears to be an overlapping pair or two. On SDSS looks like two to me with the catalogued one @ 1.2 billion ly.
  3. Think it is IC 446/7 area Paddy
  4. Thanks Sara - one that will be surpassed soon enough - but i'll take my 30 seconds - appreciate comment. Thanks Ken - that'll to just fine - appreciated. Just above HIX - on super zoom it appears to actually be in front of star, which clearly makes no sense. Maybe some lensing, interacting galaxies or a jet? Probably just an artefact but worth an investigation - 'tis how things get found after alll. Paddy
  5. Thanks - there are quite a few interesting little features lurking in their when examined in detail. Some needing a bit of research! Thanks on both counts. Appreciate feedback. Thanks Olly, always something to work on, the stars where a pain but managed to find some extra features I had not seen before, little emission was a new one for me. Thanks for kind words. Thanks - some nice versions out there but appreciate kind words. Thanks - there is always something to work on but pleased with results so far. Thanks all, Paddy
  6. Apologies if have missed anyones post recently - work and sons exams prep taking priority just now. Here is a look at M81 55 hours of data from the new AP RH 305 (that i have a vested interested in with my camera and filters hanging off the back will live there for a few years returning some photons from my equipment - unheard of over here!) + the RC data which i could not help throwing into the mixer. Focused on the galaxy may return and have a look at what IFN is lurking in there, some subtle hints for now. Some nice detail around Holmberg IX including some red which I had not noted previously. To the lower right of the galaxy also appears to be a galaxy in front of a star (can't be so will have to look into that, maybe s little lensing or a jet of some sort) Hope you like. Paddy
  7. Looking good Rodd some nice detail in there and stars managed well at that scale. Paddy
  8. Nice tidy image Perter with limited data well done. Paddy
  9. Well worth the effort - like a new skill, lots of area and lots of big stars :). Looks like you have nailed it though. Paddy
  10. Nice work - as Olly points out the game is afoot, this may well change the way we all approach our imaging over next few years....... Paddy
  11. Very nice super target and processing. Paddy
  12. Nice to see one of the lesser imaged M catalogue targets. Wel l one. Paddy
  13. Nice start, well be interesting o watch it develop if you go after more data. Paddy
  14. Welcome back, great return. Paddy
  15. Very Nice work Maurice - lovely composition and processing. Paddy.