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  1. You can also download Alladin Sky Atlas http://aladin.u-strasbg.fr/ I find it very useful for rare objects and the overlays are very helpful. It can also link through to Simbad for various additional data feeds. It is a little clunky but worth the effort.
  2. While Olly provided a substantially more elegant presentation I agree, it is the advent of technology that actually moved us away from having to use observatories (other peoples gear) to being able to use our back gardens. There are many forms of evolution - as long as your chosen route provides you with progression, you are transparent on sources and most importantly of all, you enjoy the hobby, the variety should be welcomed and encouraged IMO.
  3. In response to that the users choose in live mode, they chose targets and how many subs from templates options - specifics can be submitted for targets that require a specific consideration. The basic model is a little more than is required just to be sure Here is an example of what I could do with the data.
  4. I would be happy to oblige - will clear it with the powers that be as to whether we can do here - great idea
  5. Guys - I think the point was I was confused, the fact you were not is clear. I fully accept that the source post may have been construed as advertising but I was only inviting SGL user to come and find me to talk about processing, to be honest, I did not even stop to think about telling them where to find me was an issue. A gentle word in my ear and I would have happily amended the post(the rest was dealt with by email and no need to be in the public forum). My confusion lies with the fact I can post the image but I can't say where I took it as if I do I may be construed as advertising. My
  6. Agree to disagree :). I do respect your views and those who share, I have been that person but ultimately the constraints became too much for me. Some people just chose to be different or do something different. Whether people feel this is OK or a lesser form of the hobby is not really important. We are all in the same hobby and should concentrate on the fun it brings. I mean I am sitting down with an exercise on neutron stars and the gravitational impact on other bodies for lunch, how much more fun can one have
  7. I'll second that 100% and then double your original 100% estimate to get closer to the truth! Not within the reach of all - other options just provide a route to that data - you lose some perks like full control but you are still sharing the control in some respects. Or to put another way, it normalises the playing field to a degree, those elite remote setups that where unobtainable can actually be accessed by the general public now. Seems like a nice option to have if it is your preference.
  8. I am fully on board with the point of view some may have that AP for them is the whole package from setup through to the final image. It is one avenue or approach to the hobby. However, I do not feel the need to judge someone because they are satisfied with another approach. Some people like coffee or even going for a run, both very odd things to me . Everyone is of course entitled to their personal views and to participate in the hobby in their prefered way. Likewise, we are all entitled to or dislike the choices of others. At the end of the day we are all participating in the same
  9. I have neither the inclination or interest in insinuation (sounds like subterfuge to me and I would only get confused ) - after deletion incident, I was confused with what I could post so "I chose" to avoid any issues and not post. Without explicit clarification it was not worth the risk or effort- I'll take this as approval and will resume though if in agreement? As to why this thread - hopefully in a suitably constrained manner seemed appropriate to have 'the right to reply' and offer an opinion along with some calrifications. On the plus side if we are all good then keep the eyes
  10. I'll take it under advisement Had posts removed previously so do not want a repeat of that. I can stick to the talking until I am sure. Paddy
  11. Thanks - though in a limited capacity. Not sure I can even post my pictures here as it may be seen as promotional so will avoid that. Personally, I have no interest in participation prizes, should I win something I would like to to be on merit and merit alone. Haha, that was me (on day one) - sorry! That sort of thing is easy to overcome, but then in winter if you get three good M42's appear from different sources some knock that too. I quite like the challenge of same data though and it keeps me on my toes, if other people produce better images from the same data then it is tim
  12. It is a matter of perspective an objective for me. I still have my UK scopes as well as those in Spain - the masochistic side of me still enjoys getting a scope up and working but I made a decision I wanted to become a better processor. As with most hobbies practice, repetition and gradual improvement was the process required. Under UK skies this was not going to happen, I was seriously hampered and without a change, this would have always been the case. Not to mention having high value equipment I very rarely used!! I then thought about the challenge and realised a remote set up with
  13. Very nicely done Richard, everything looks spot on from here, you must be pleased?
  14. Nice work Mike like the Pacman in widerfield a lot.
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