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  1. Thanks Richard
  2. Given up on the whether bit other solution now kicking in finally! Good luck with the changes - i am interested in how this camera's perform.
  3. That was my position as well. On paper it ticks all the boxes and all went downhill when I opened the app!
  4. I did look at that but the user interface did not float my boat. The equipment connection process (when I looked) seemed to be alien and would require reading some instructions. Not something I am rpone to If they have tidied that up could be worth another look.
  5. Not looked into the tech bit, neither will I, prefer the design and theory then will hand over. If you can run two 2 x Maxim and it can work out the cameras then it is neither windows or drivers. It is the software that needs a firm boot up the posterior! Windows architecture will know the cameras as different as on different ports. ID each one and jobs done (that said I am no developer!) Just need the image run to review each camera once connected and recognise its sate against the schedule. If one camera is still downloading the other will wait for it to finish then when guiding settles etc they both start again. Pretty simple stuff really. Master schedule, device states, accepted conditions and exceptions. Workflows that and there is the solution.
  6. Thanks Mike - yeah it will . Shiny new scopes, clear skies and nice weather. Suddenly the hobby does not feel to bad. Thanks Ian, One tries! Can honestly say that I am still learning more than I expect to with every image. Always nice when it comes out a little better than you had actually hoped
  7. Funny, in my mind setting up the software to manage multiple scopes, and cameras does not strike me as challenging. I design far more complex stuff for all sorts of businesses, just this week I have designed and built a resource allocation algorithm capable of running complex profit, cost and output routines for a tier 1 company. Surely after a few years the sequence packages can sync a couple of cameras, 1 mount and 1 guider so they all play nicely and sync activities without and issues. Whoever gets there first might just steal a march on their competitors! I know I will be signing up when someone gets it right.....
  8. Always the old data issue. Good luck.
  9. Nice work Steve - are you running independent software for image sequence on each then? Interesting data on the Ha. The 5nm will include some Nii which is extra signal for three when compared to the 3nm, I suspect this adds the additional contrast. I prefer 5 to 3 having had both.
  10. Nice Carole - atypical holiday snaps
  11. That is a great first light well done
  12. Thanks Tim, appreciate comment
  13. Data will always be the limiting factor - now its a case of shoot more and repeat
  14. Sounds cool to me. Should be a super end result. Have you got a wall wide enough to hang it on?
  15. As i understand it RCOS are no longer making scopes thus getting a flattener for this one has proved impossible! AO helps a lot but when going full frame there are some imperfections, often I crop out but there were too many nice fuzzies Thanks for comments.