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  1. Thanks Andrew - interesting but ultimately the extra it provides across the board is astonishing. Hopefully the images speak for themselves. Paddy
  2. Sorry, my bad! - It is worth selling an organ or a family member you do not like too much though if required. The fact I currently have two tells you how highly I rate the scope though. Someone is going to very happy when they get this home.
  3. Hi Dave Weight 9KG - it is a compact, quality little thing. Case no, but due to size you could pick up a small ABS box or similar for a few quid and create some internal foam moldings. Something like this would be great with dew shield down the scope is c.300x300 allowing for mounting plates etc. In fact I may buy one for my other RH (did not realise I could get quite so cheap until I looked, thanks for the prompt Dave!) Paddy
  4. Thanks Wim, yes that is true, was mindful not to get to techy as wanted people to stay awake through the advert . The scope is nice enough to sell itself but a few examples seemed a good idea. Paddy
  5. OK, I now have two of these and one has to go to help fund the new 400mm scope If you know your scopes you already want this photon hoover, can not praise it highly enough. For use in UK it is a dream. At F/3 it really does maximise the clear nights we get. You can easily half your typical sub length time (if you're using a refractor in NB then 1/3 of the length is comparable!). Some images acquired in the UK on this scope, with details below as evidence If you are lucky enough to have better skies than me this scope will help you realise the full potential of the sky. The FL (600) and aperture (200) provides s astounding combination of speed and resolving power versus scopes with similar FoV's. The stat's (when paired with an 8300 chip are). FoV: 77.4 x 102.8 arcmin / Image Scale 1.85 arcsec/pixel (If comparing to a Tak 106 on same chip: FoV 87.6 x 116.3 / Image Scale 2.1 arcsec/pixel). Of course, you have an extra 94mm of aperture on the RH, which in real terms is (πx100sqr'd)/(πx53sqr'd) > 31416/8825 - so the RH has 355% of extra area (granted the is a central obstruction but this only reduces brightness, not the resolving area). Pair this with the F/3 speed and you have a lot of data coming through. Of course, I am not going to say this is 355% better as the sky is always a limiting factor! On paper it could be better as also slightly faster. Considering Dawes limit; angular resolution is about twice that of a 106 (again sky limited) - Taking out all the jargon, a light bucket with 3.5x the area, twice the resolving power (detail) and 20% faster than a tak. (* Tak data is used only for comparison, not getting into which scope is better, very different pieces of kit, RH reflector/Refractor etc. Most people are familiar with tak data so a logical benchmark). The sale is for the OTA and 2" FeatherTouch focuser. As per the configuration below. (*Stock google image - This scope is still in Obsy hoping for some final photons, it will be removed in next week when I will post some pictures. It is in superb condition with no marks, issues or problems. Price £4,000. Seriously, do not miss the chance to get your hand on this wonderful bit of kit. You will kick yourself if you do Paddy Some sample images and key facts (All UK) Here is Cederbald 30 - a fairly dark and difficult target. Taken under decent UK skies. 12 hours of data. Key here is all subs 300 seconds only, including the lum. A decent leg stretch on a relatively difficult target. Of course, when seeing is good you can really maximise the data collection. This was my second image on the scope and consists of ONLY 4 hours of data! Lum @ 180s and RGB @ 120s. On this night I managed a full RGB on a dark target before the moon popped out in the shortly after 1am! This one has quite a lot of data c40 hours (13.5 of that was HA though for jets). But was taken under extremely poor seeing. I just kept going to try and resolve as much as possible despite the seeing. So even when seeing is poor it will still resolve great detail and with some patience excellent data can actually still be collected. A look at M33 19 hours of data (approx 4 hours fo that was purely for the HA). Another tricky dark nebula LBN 9. 15 hours of data. And for a narrowband view here is my first light on the scope. Just 11 hours of data @ 600 second subs. Thats 1/3 of my normal time per sub on a refractor (and there is still more data/signal in the RH 600s sub!!) And just to back up the 600-second fact here is a single 600-second calibrated HA sub on the RH (just STF stretch in Pixinsight - no processing whatsoever) And, for those that have read this far, I would be happy to provide you with a sample or two data sets to practice with while you wait for your first light. Of course, I will also be happy to share any processing tips I have learned using these scopes. (not many as you can see the raw data is very good!)
  6. Nice work - where are you finding this sky to take images. Not the one above my head When using masked stretch it can kill the brightness of the nebula a little. Have you played with auto histogram, I prefer that.
  7. Just what i was thinking
  8. That's really nice Steve, great reprocess, the ambience created is spot on. Paddy
  9. Very nicely done. Great image. Paddy
  10. Nice close up shot with super detail, well done. Paddy
  11. Very nice Mike, lovely textures there. Paddy
  12. Nice work - I prefer this target in Ha anyway so work for me Paddy
  13. Nice work Richard, could you make brighter without compromising? Paddy
  14. Nicely done Mike, crisp and colourful. Paddy
  15. Nicely done and some nice structures around Alnitak which is nice to see. Paddy