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  1. M51

    Thanks Gerry - Would be nice to see that visually I agree, ultimately that is what led me to imaging (was that or have some owl eyes implanted). Seeing all the other images left me underwhelmed on the deep sky stuff. Still love peering at planets though something tangible about that Thanks Steve - appreciate two feedbacks ;) .
  2. M51

    Thanks Mike Thanks Alan - when you do you can also try with the high pass filter. I find in PI a few small iterations of LHE with kernal set to different sizes helps kick start the process. Thanks Mike
  3. M51

    Thanks Olly. Clarity works Thanks Danny Thanks - going to need a bigger scope for that pair (Oh no I said it out loud, the brain starts to ponder....) Thanks Barry - yes been refining a two part process (includes PS though, I know my bad). Really helps find details at various scales, of course, the trick is to apply them correctly, starting to get the hang of doing that more consistently now. Good luck - works on various FoV's too so a nice target for most. Thanks for comment
  4. M51

    Thanks Geof - appreciate comment
  5. M51

    A lot of that is a size issue I think, if you view at full size the brightness Vs detail is better balanced. Thanks Dave - glad you enjoyed. Thanks Mike - http://www.cedic.at/apfr/index.php#section4 designed to bring out details. It's good if it is new to you and some handy little PS use points in there.
  6. M51

    Hi all, My second look at this target - this time from the 14.5" RCOS @ DSW: 30 hours of data. I have been developing my details technique, i stumbled on AFP-R recently and my approach is like a hybrid of that spread across PI and PS. I could find a lot more detail but this felt about as far as I could go while keeping a good balance overall.
  7. Butterfly nebula mosaic *Finally making progress*

    Nice work Sara. Only mistake I can see is the fact you 'made a plan ' that never works out well for me! The new set up looks to be doing a super job.
  8. NGC4038 - Antennae Galaxies

    Nice work Peter - nice galaxies and the tails or good without being pushed too much
  9. M 16 in Ha

    Nice work Stefan
  10. M 27 in Ha

    The HA is excellent with some great details. colour is interesting but see why you are not happy yet, not sure that palette works (for me anyway)
  11. part 2 cygnus loop in binn 2 with color

    Nice work Chris - Decreasing the brightness a little may help you find some more detail and keep the image more controlled.
  12. NGC 7380 in Ha

    Nice work Rodd great detail there
  13. 9+ hours of DSLR M42, reprocessed

    Super image Martin well done
  14. WIP - Trifid Nebula ( M20, NGC 6154 )

    Nice image Mike - I wonder if more range in the contrast would show some more detail.