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  1. Sh2-126 Ha Rgb

    Very nicely done Richard, everything looks spot on from here, you must be pleased?
  2. Pacman and California

    Nice work Mike like the Pacman in widerfield a lot.
  3. First go at HaRGB, Heart...

    Nicely done Tim - and you have kept it red too, even better
  4. Two versions of IC63 / IC59

    Nice work on a hard target
  5. NGC 5128 - Centaurus A in Close-up

    Nice great detail and the brightness is controlled very well
  6. NGC7023 - The Iris nebula

    Very nice Sara - the effort paid off. Some great detail in there.
  7. Soul Destroying - A night in the life

    Think you had it easy with so few issues, don't know what you are complaining about :). Nice first outing for the winter.
  8. NGC7822 & Co - Wide field and close up, side by side

    NIce work Goran looks like another great Samyung being well used there.
  9. M31 and a Couple Rarely Imaged Satellites

    Nice subtle version well done, processing is nice.
  10. M57, Ring Nebula

    That's nice at that scale and some nice outer detail as well
  11. Cederblad 214

    NIce work - agree a tweak to the green my find more range but that's a preference thing rather than a requirement
  12. Nice work Rodd - pops nicely and great detail.
  13. Grus Quartet ZWO ASI 071

    That's a lovely vista and a great first mosaic
  14. Veil Supernova Remnant Bicolour

    Super work Richard well done
  15. M51

    Thanks Gerry - Would be nice to see that visually I agree, ultimately that is what led me to imaging (was that or have some owl eyes implanted). Seeing all the other images left me underwhelmed on the deep sky stuff. Still love peering at planets though something tangible about that Thanks Steve - appreciate two feedbacks ;) .