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  1. Thanks Chris. Thank you Mike Thanks Frank Thank you No surprise there - they seem to actively 'boycott' my images. Each to their own. I am happy with the feedback from my peers, means a lot more than prizes (unless they are large cash ones of course ) Good spot but not MT - I do it a little differently! First, it is worth considering the characteristics of the scope. If you take a look at the big star with blue halo to the right in linear view..... A bit of a challenge! The AP 305 blows stars pretty impressively, the trade off is the super detail though. This is the first attempt at using data from the 305 so adapting my process needs just a little more work. Thanks for comments.
  2. Good luck - the race against the weather is always a challenge. My new gear is on route from Italy, testing then off to Spain. Hopefully this will increase my own personal output. Thanks for comments. Thanks Richard
  3. Been doing work - daft invention! Finally got around to looking at some data from my shared set up in DSW AP 305/ML8300. 26 hours of data (and about the same processing! ) - Stars are harder to manage on this scope, characteristic of it but the detail is pretty impressive. This includes a lot of test data hence the crop caused by the camera being removed and refitted. C&C Welcome
  4. Nice Rodd one of my fav targets - is there more to come data wise?
  5. I like it - has nice structure to it and star colour looks good too
  6. Nice work lovely star colour. Background could be a little darker I think.
  7. Looking very good, nice work.
  8. Very nice - look forward to the final version
  9. Loving the colours well done, nice work
  10. Nice work Moke - I do like the less saturated versions. Well done.
  11. Nice work Richard. Stars eh, what will they put up there next Great preview now go and get another version with no moon......
  12. Another lovely image - super.
  13. centaurus a

    Top drawer well done.
  14. Nice work Barry as always - a GC needs fizz and finesses both seen here.
  15. Nice Tim - spend some more time on this and you will start to resolve that finer detail as well - coming together nicely.