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  1. Barry-Wilson

    Leo Triplet

    Lovely image Ola - delicate and confident processing.
  2. Lovely wide field and surprisingly deailed view of the Rosette. Very sharp optics on the Canon lens too. I agree that for this target there is always room for one more .
  3. Barry-Wilson

    M106 and companions

    Much better now - maybe even a touch darker? Next - the colours need balancing and you can see this from referencing web images and making a comparison with your, eg M106's core colour is more orange/red and less yellow, the turquoise blue you have is more cobalt. Is there a histogram tool in StarTools to allow you to do this? HTH
  4. Barry-Wilson

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    Much appreciated Richard. Thank you for the praise . Cheers FaDG.
  5. Barry-Wilson

    Soul Nebula IC1871 from SE London

    I think you are right Carole, the lower half is more blue from OIII . . . when you don't have lighting flooding across the sky from a massive city that is . It is remarkable the detail you have captured especially in the Whirling Dervish and the pinnacled structure in the lower half. Well done in your testing home conditions.
  6. Barry-Wilson

    Leo Triplet (M65, M66, and NGC 3628)

    Lovely image with good focus, flat background and nice round stars. Very well accomplished indeed . For my own personal preferences, I find the colours in the galaxies a little too cool, with some of the soft yellows of the cores missing. HTH.
  7. Barry-Wilson

    M106 and companions

    Lovely framing of the galaxies on the diagonal and you do have further detail lurking in the image as you suspect. I am not sure how the image looks on your monitor, however once uploaded on SGL, the background sky is too light and also is strongly blue/mauve. Simply correcting these two points will render significant improvement. You could then contemplate next steps.
  8. Barry-Wilson

    M81 and M82

    Very nice image Dave - smooth background and colour balance and you have the pale blue tips showing in M82 as well as some jets and core details. Well done with all of these details as I have not found the UK skies of late to have great seeing. Capturing Ha brings further detail to both galaxies, particularly M82, if you manage to get the time and weather.
  9. Barry-Wilson

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    Apologies, time for a beer I think
  10. Barry-Wilson

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    Thanks Ian. Understood Ciaran. It is likely that ccd/cmos imaging bringing higher resolution to the amateur is encouraging us to push the colours for our art more than a professionally calibrated image would do. Now this technology is available, we are perhaps a little intoxicated with its potential and the simple joy it brings us in revelaing the universe while sitting in the comfort of our house . This is an ESA Hubble image of M82, here, and its colours are not as bright or saturated as mine. It does fill the frame though and this enables the detail to be seen above the noise floor - got to get me a satellite telescope !
  11. Barry-Wilson

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    Gav - now, what approach do I take with this answer . . . ? For e-Eye, it is a combination darker skies, better seeing (better transparency, less pollution?) more clear nights, higher altitude. Then there is a scope advantage with bigger glass and smaller pixels. However, a good long clear spell during the New Moon in February and steady seeing (and similar image resolution) enabling say 30 hours of integration, I think one has the potential to capture the same photons and detail .
  12. Barry-Wilson

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    Yes, the good old 80/20 rule applies. The 'additional' processing time arises from experimenting with modifying masks to highlight the jets, tweaking Curves etc; undoing the change, trying again etc; bespoke mask to deal with an oddity of a single star etc. Much of the image is arrived at with 'limited' processing. I use the Batch PreProcessing script to calibrate but not align. This can take some time with many subs, plus a repeat for the Ha, which at a longer integration requires its own Cosmetic Correction (sorry for the PI jargon if you are a PS person). I have screenshots saved for a new tutorial on bespoke masks. And I do plan a tutorial to show the basic PI workflow, a question I often see arise from new PI users who need some elemantary steps and structure to get them started before they have sufficient confidence to venture off piste . (See https://barrywilson.smugmug.com/PixInsight-Tutorials). Harry's Astro Shed is of course a very good resource!
  13. Barry-Wilson

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    I have carefully looked at my M81/82 pairing I imaged from Totnes a couple of years ago - you can see the pale shockwave/arc above M82 if you pixel peek at high resolution and with only a relatively modest integration, so some hope for UK imagers if you are lucky enough and located with a dark sky:
  14. Barry-Wilson

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    Much appreciated Goran. Thanks Sean. Higgh praise Olly and very much appreciated from your wealth of experience.

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