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  1. As an update - potential overseas purchaser has pulled out due to some 'inconvenience'. So back for sale. I am happy to consider selling the scope without reducer if a purely visual user is interested - £975 for scope, rings and case. CS!
  2. I bought this scope secondhand at the beginning of the year (from Dave Jackson of Hitec Astro) with a view to observing more (as well as my normal imaging). I have had fabulous views of the moon, Jupiter and Saturn. However, I do not spend enough time using the scope and it does deserve to be used by an enthusiastic observer. There are many reviews of this scope often using the label "legendary", and the views I had were a delight and there are many experienced observers who are better able to remark than I on the beautiful optics. It comes complete with the original Lomo report and certif
  3. An excellent video Gav, very worthy of the praise in this thread and no doubt took may hours of hard work. Terrific
  4. Hi Steve I have been meaning to experiment with planetary imaging for some time and your Jupiter images using your WO FLT132 have given me the final encouragement - thank you! I have just bought a second hand ZWO ASI224MC as a low cost/risk entry. I am now just contemplating the TV 2.5x or 5x powermate along with an ADC, perhaps the ZWO one. I am favouring the 2.5x as a more versatile tool along with being conscious of sky and scope limits. From your experience which would you recommend? CS! Barry
  5. Your latest revision Rodd is very good, with some fine detail in the Ha jets emerging. Well done, good job! CS!
  6. Excellent Ian and I am so glad my new-ish tutorials are helping you gain confidence with PixInsight: it can only ever be a benefit to have processing options at your finger tips. I have more tutorials planned, one in progress - it is simply down to time at the keyboard and all of the other competing demands on one's time. CS!
  7. Congratulations Peter on a detailed image celebrating your first light ?, lots of delicate Ha jets evident along with the faint arc. I am looking forward to more images as you hoover up the photons.
  8. Great image Sam and not easy from busy urban skies ?.
  9. Very well done indeed Gav. Great capture and processing skills for the faint outer ring of stars. This really is a difficult target and you have executed it with aplomb ?. Your enthusiasm for our hobby shines through yoour write up and I am so pleased that the Mesu is performing for you.
  10. A really excellent image Maurice. I saw the same faint dust in a recent M64 I have imaged from home however did not have the best luminance or RGB data to lift it from the noise. The faint blue is there and you have the tiny detail in the core. Well done on a top image.
  11. Lovely result Olly. Very helpful timing to see your benchmark image as Steve and I have data on this target and hope to finish soon. Your idea of collecting Ha is sound too: a screenshot of a raw uncalibrated single 1200s is attached to whet your appetite. The Ha will really help lift the active HII regions. Overall Olly a really impressive image from the new dual setup.
  12. Very impressive result Ciaran and great write up - perseverance and 'rule' breaking can indeed pay dividends ?.
  13. Excellent image Olly and congratulations on your new double rig. Who'd have thought you had a spare TEC140 lying around? I am looking forward to seeing the emergence of some grand and deep projects ?.
  14. Hi Peter - even with deep wells you manage to make the processing seem effortless and the image does not look pushed at all. Lovely detail in the core with hints of the ejected Ha jets. Excellent work.
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