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  1. 2" 1.0x Field Flattener for Ritchey Chrétien ( https://www.altairastro.com/2-1.0x-field-flattener-for-ritchey-chretien.html ) SOLD Thank for looking Dave
  2. Selling this scope as I have several scopes and I haven't managed to get much use out of this one and feel its a shame to let it sit unused. I upgraded the focuser from the standard ACU-2S to the ACU-3S at time of purchase at an additional cost of approx £90 I have the original receipts showing costs of £1560. I also have a copy of the zygo wavefront analysis of the mirror. The scope is in immaculate condition and I also have a bathinov mask included for easy focusing. Collection only Cash on collection. Questions welcome and feel free to arrange to look at the scope. Here are some links to images I have taken with the scope. https://www.flickr.com/photos/nightcasper/25076194551/in/dateposted/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/nightcasper/17346624915/in/dateposted/ www.orionoptics.co.uk/CT/ct8.html Here's some info on the optics off Orion optics website All our CT range primary mirrors are made from Schott Borosilicate Low Expansion Suprax glass (virtually identical to Pyrex), as are all our primary mirrors on all ranges of telescopes. The mirrors are all produced to exacting paraboloidal standard configuration to Ultra accuracies. How exact are they? Well, we don’t release one to our coating department unless it achieves a surface accuracy of 1/20 wave (1/10PV wavefront) or better. How do we know when we have achieved that very high degree of accuracy? The CT8 is the introductory model in our incredible CT range of telescopes. Not only will it enable you to see things thought impossible with a 200mm telescope but, we know you will find in using it that images overall, even the ones you are perhaps familiar with in the night sky, become so much more detailed and interesting. Having a 1/10PV primary mirror which, along with the secondary are both Hilux coated, fine detail on the planets becomes a far easier target, contrast is enhanced because of the super smooth reflecting surface which collects all the light into a highly detailed image plane, perfect territory for high magnification viewing. Price: £1,100 bank transfer
  3. Adaptor drawtube for Skywatcher Newtonian telescopes (adapter model number A20-240). (focuser listed in separate ad) £20.00 bank transfer Thanks for looking Dave
  4. Used feather touch focuser selling as i've changed my scope (also listed separately are adaptors for the skywatcher newtonian focuser) Features Designed and manufactured to the highest standard to ensure long life and no-fuss operation. Two focus knobs provide coarse focus and fine focus with a reduction ratio of 10-to-1 for unrivalled accuracy and repeatability. Includes Starlight Instrument's focuser brake system. Non-marring brass compression ring. 2.5" draw-tube travel. Specification Draw Tube Travel 63.5 mm (2.5") Lifting Capacity 8-10 pounds Reduction Ratio 10:1 Draw Tube Drive Mechanism Crayford Racked In from Mounting Face 35.69 mm (1.4") Racked Out from Mounting Face 101.73 mm (4") £300.00 by bank transfer Thanks for looking Dave
  5. Hi you are down the road from me I'm in Walmley sutton coldfield let me know and i will come and pick up. Cheers Dave
  6. Hi are these still available? Im also wondering if they are whereabouts in birmingham you are as im local and could collect? Cheers Dave
  7. nightcasper

    Tadpole Nebula IC410 in Ha

    Thanks for the comments Guys
  8. nightcasper

    QHY8L - Good Idea/Bad Idea?

    I used 4 seconds bias to get around the amp glow and never used darks but it's best to do some tests of your own. Dave
  9. nightcasper

    Peak Star Party 2014

    Hi all if any wants to pitch up on pitch 28 on the saturn field (electric pitch) they're quite welcome to as I will not be coming this year you might have to check with james to see if it's ok first. Hope the weather improves. Dave
  10. nightcasper

    M1 Processed at SGL9

    Cherrs Gav this is more or less what I get with my 8" RC it's been slightly cropped around the edges but that's it needs alot more time spent on it and then I would just crop it ato enlarge the nebula. Dave Sent from my SGP321 using Tapatalk
  11. nightcasper

    M1 Processed at SGL9

    Thanks for the comments here's a Total reprocess from the start to bring out more of the nebula this time used pixel math to just mask the nebula think it's done the trick . This is only 24 x 300secs (2 Hrs) the last one was 2 Hrs 35 mins. Dave
  12. nightcasper

    M1 Processed at SGL9

    During a cloudy night at sgl9 I processed this image taken at home 3/3/2014 conditions were not the best due to a slight wind resulting in egg shaped stars. 31x300 second subs (2hrs 35 mins) stacked and processed in pixinsight. Any comments welcome Camera: QHY8L CCD cooled to -20C Guiding: Maxim DL ,9x50 Finder Scope,QHY5 Mono with IR filter ( Finder Guider ) Optics: Altair Astro 8" F8 Ritchey Chretien Astrograph fitted with a Field Flattener. Filter: Astronomik CLS Filter, Mount: Skywatcher AZ EQ6-GT EQ & Alt-Az Mount connected to the Sky X and Eqmod via HitecAstro EQDIR adapter Image Acquisition: Maxim DL 5 Pro Stacking and Calibrating: Pixinsight 1.8 Processing: Pixinsight 1.8 Dave
  13. nightcasper


    Hi daz happy with my new pitch allocation and thanks to everyone evolved in organizing SGL 9 Dave Sent from my SGP321 using Tapatalk
  14. nightcasper

    What Telescopes etc are we bringing to SGL9?

    I'm bringing my 8" RC, SW 200PDS, SW ED80, AZ-EQ6GT,EQ5 PRO GOTO,QHY8L,ASI120MC and various other bits of equipment. Dave Sent from my SGP321 using Tapatalk
  15. nightcasper

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    Cheers Freff think I might try and get there between 11&12 and miss the mid morning traffic Exactly what I will be doing this weekend just hope I don't forget anything! And fingers crossed for clear skies :-) Sent from my SGP321 using Tapatalk

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