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  1. I currently have two bins, Hawke ED Frontier 8x43, which I picked out after trying multiple pairs at Greenwitch. And I later picked up a pair of Minox BL 10x42 BR. I think someone had a pair at a star party and I was impressed and got a pair from Altair Astro. One thing I like about the Hawke is it has dust caps front and back, whereas the Minox has caps for the eye side only. What I like about the Minox is I preferred the view with it, and it's more compact in the case, so takes up a little less space out and about. My son, who's nearly 11, could do with a pair of bins. He enjoyed looking through mine the other day. I could give him one of mine, do I really need two pairs and these are both very good. But on the other hand, I'd rather he picked his own new pair. I suppose I could try selling one pair to help fund some of it (am currently out of work, alas, funds are tight). No rush I guess as ideally I'd like him to try some at a shop and pick his favourite. Or maybe I could lend him a pair until I get a new job.
  2. Sweet! I think that eyepiece is a nagler? I regret selling my 13mm Nagler, my wife didn't get on with it, but I loved it! Ah yes I forgot that I also put a chunky red dot finder, the Baader Sky Surfer V, on the shield of the Tele Vue 60!!! I had to keep it straight up or it would swing upside down. I suppose the dob mob might wonder why I need a finder for a 60mm...
  3. Nice one, Charl and Harvey! The reprocess looks better to my eyes. My son Matthew has enjoyed doing a bit of solar and lunar image processing recently, I think my wife Sarah should let him get a camera, haha! Nice little ZWO maybe!
  4. Nice one, Roy! I've had to skip the solar fun today as I've been feeling a bit ropey following my vaccine jab last night. I hope/feel like it's starting to lift a bit now (not the prom!) I did manage some lovely lunar views though last night, still buzzing about those. It took me a while to appreciate how quickly things can develop on the sun.
  5. Very nice, Charl. I enjoyed the lunar views last night with my 60mm and 85mm scopes. I think my old faithful's are 10 inch dob and ED100. I miss the 16 inch dob but my back and knee don't!
  6. Very nice result from 63mm of aperture. I enjoyed some views with my little Tele Vue 60 last night. I put on the binoviewer and it was almost as tall as it was long!
  7. Nicely done, I shouldn't look as that camera is very affordable! It's amazing how many ways you could process the moon. Just the sharpness. Then the contrast. What colours you use or don't.
  8. Very nice! The detail looks sweet to me. Nice to see some images from an F14.
  9. Looks nice, thanks for the view. It was one of my highlights touring the moon last night with my 85mm and 60mm. Of course one hopes for good seeing but in its own way I sometimes like a bit of Earth or other imperfections in the image.
  10. Schickard was a lovely sight! And I really enjoyed Babbage and especially the Aristarchus Plateau. I was wondering whether to observe tonight, then my wife made me do it by saying "What about using the Tele Vue 85?" I paired it up with the Tele Vue 60. It's been fun mixing things up this month, I've used all my scopes I think with possibly one exception - I think we might have a Telescope House 66mm up in the loft. That little frac had a lovely stock focuser, I can't imagine I would have parted with it. I jumped a bit though when I used my 8mm Radian. I'd forgotten it had a solar continuum filter on, so I was greeted with a green moon!
  11. Nice one, Simon. I am in this crater's fan club too.
  12. Sweet images, Trevor! Thanks for the views! I can't take many more clear nights!
  13. Some nice detail in the Ford Transit Prom!
  14. Hey Aetherum! I have never done it but I would expect manual stacking in GIMP to produce poor results, quite possibly worse than the individual frames. I'd suggest to try Autostakkert, using hundreds or even thousands of alignment points: https://www.autostakkert.com/ Then after you have stacked the image, try sharpening it using ImPPG: http://greatattractor.github.io/imppg/ The result of stacking will probably be more blurry than the individual frames. However, it should also have far less noise, enabling you to apply a lot of sharpening to it. I do think it is worth stacking 12 frames. I have stacked a similar number before and it made a difference for me. How much the stacking helps will depend on how sharp the focus was and how good the conditions were. I hope that helps and clear skies to you too! You can have some of mine as I have had a good run! I'd love to own a Russian scope one day, with some Russian writing on it somewhere! (I like the Cyrillic alphabet and love the sound of Russian).
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