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  1. Great image(s) Ole Alexander! That camera clearly performs - you just have to live with the file size and be patient
  2. A great image - dual Esprits on a Mesu should be waiting for everyone coming home from the pub on a clear night!
  3. A fantastic way to present a stunning astrophotography achievement! Congratulations Tom! I cannot imagine anyone not bookmarking this,
  4. Thanks Wim! I updated the image here this morning after having found more dust in the Lum data. Mesu is the way to go!
  5. Thanks a lot Olly, much appreciated coming from you! Yes, doual rigs is the minimum requirement when skies are as they are....
  6. It finally cleared, and not only for one night but for three! Here is the result for the first two nights, mainly the second since the wind messed up much of the first one. Now it has calmed down but rain is back.... RGB collected with ASI071 on Esprit 150 with 0.79 x reducer, and Lum collected with ASI1600 on Esprit 100 (side by side on the Mesu), totally 12 hours. I also had my new traveling scope, a new small TS 71mm quadrouple Apo, piggy backing on the rig but have not had time to look at that data yet.
  7. Amazing quality of a single sub - hope you get more clear nights soon!
  8. Hi Gina, I got curious and checked ebay (since I have a few takumars but none smaller that the little radioactive 50mm). On ebay you have plenty of offers for that 28 mm lens from around 50 pounds (from Japan where I bought my three Takumars without any issues), but I see from your signature that you already have one. At that focal length (which I never tried for AP) I assume you can completely stop worrying about star shapes becasue you cannot resolve any stars except some blown out very very bright ones. It is a completely different ball game where you will be doing extreme under sampling whatever camera you use (even with 2 µm pixels you would do 15 "/pixel).
  9. Thanks Steve! Yes, maybe you are right, and have been on and off about the level of saturation and it is easily adjusted in PS but I am not sure. My version before this one was even more saturated.... After all it is a NB image so everything is allowed. In any case, here is a less saturated version and yes it may be better.
  10. So could I concude that as long that I am stuck to 16 bit and image at a dark site, I should go for long rather than short exposures with my CMOS cameras? Yes, I know we are getting a bit away from the topic of the tread but not much seems to happen with the Astrobin situation right now so we could see it as an Intermission....
  11. Thanks Valiv, very enlightening, I am with you, and maybe slightly worried, but would we notice a significant difference processing in 16 bit vs 32 bit floating and should we put out a warning not to use old 16 bit versions of PS, like me and Olly @ollypenrice?
  12. Vlaiv @vlaiv, that is a very striking demonstration that images saved as 8 bit should not be used for further processing. Would you be equally worried about 16 bit since that is what probably the majority here are processing. 8 bit has only 4% of the theoretical dynamic range of 16 bit. By the way, yes this thread started becasue Astrobin crashed and a lot of people have lost their posted images there, and waiting to find out what can be done. Then it turned out that Rodd has been using Astrobin to save his data rather than trusting a hard drive or some other storage device or cloud. But since his data is saved as 8 bit jpg on Astrobin I have now tried to tell him not to use Astrobin as a way to save data, but only for posting his images, and that he would be better off saving it as something not compressed, like tiff or fits. This may be especially true since he works with PI which I think is normally saving everything as 32 or even 64 bit, which you appear to prefer.
  13. What I am saying is not that an 8 bit image does not look good printed or on a monitor, but it is kind of dead when it comes to stretching it since the faint stuff and bright stuff is not there anymore. You would just get posterization stretching it outside its small dynamic range. So it is only good for the final product that we post and print.
  14. Could feel like that until you compare it to 16 bit, or 32 bit as Valiv pointed out. However, I have a question to @vlaiv: Why go over to 32 bit if there never was 32 bit information in the image to start with? Yes, I know you will probably tell me that stacking many 16 bit images creates more than 16 bit, but it is still quite a big dymanic range. In any case I am stuck on my old 16 bit PS, and the new pay-per-view PS has apparently lost quite a bit of the nice "bits" of the old one I have been told.
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