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  1. NGC 1333

    They are on a Sky Watcher EQ8 go-to mount that should be able to handle 50 kg (or maybe a bit less for imaging). I think I have under 20 kg hanging there. I did have some guiding issues last night but I think that had to do with poor polar alignment (the ground under my concrete pillar shifts a bit when it starts freeing solid this time of the year). So, more things to adjust before next imaging session. Still, I now have plenty of data to play with until next time.
  2. NGC 1333

    Well, two of the refractors are quite small and are usually termed telephoto lenses. See this link:
  3. NGC 1333

    Yes Rodd, those two last ones are much better and you should be pleased. Very easy to turn down magenta in PS but I have no idea how to do it in PI since I have just bought PI and tried one or two things there (like stacking and DBE). I am sure Wim can tell you. By the way, it looks to be a bit too much magenta down in your left bottom, but maybe it should be like that? Anyway, I got my triple rig shooting away now and have done the meridian flip so I am off to sleep for a few hours.....
  4. NGC 1333

    Rodd, I think it is generally a great image but you have taken out more dust and detail than the data can support without showing all that noise. If you just back off a bit in brightness, like in Wim's version, it is a really fine image. I have found that I often go too far in trying to get as much structure and dust out of the dark areas as possible and then, when I am about to give up on the image, I back off in brightness, and it often turns out to be a quite agreeable image. Still, it is worth to see where the limit is and then back off, having to realize that the dust that you can see in there is just too noisy to be presentable. Possibly, about half way between your bright version and Wim's darker one would be quite nice. Here is a 40:60 mix between yours and Wim's version after I applied a bit noise reduction to yours. EDIT: and I also turned down the magenta saturation a bit and suppressed the lower end of the green i curves in PS
  5. IC 348 with the little Samyang 135

    Those mountains help - imagine being on the other side of them, like in Bergen where it rains 300 days a year..... (or in the UK)
  6. IC 348 with the little Samyang 135

    Yes Wim, about the rings around the blue stars, I would guess that was just light scattering of all the ice crystals in that air. By the way it looks good over here tomorrow night, while Stockholm looks quite miserable unfortunately
  7. IC 348 with the little Samyang 135

    Did not know about the alt-click option - have to check it out. That would have saved me from all that tiresome clicking during the last two years.........
  8. IC 348 with the little Samyang 135

    Thanks Wim, Yes seeing was not the best for the reasons you state but with such a short focal length I thought the Samyang 135 would be rather immune to that. Also, I had tighter stars earlier in the evening when I was aiming it at NGC7000 so I think I just need to put more regular attention to focusing and move the micro-focusing rings I have from the 300 telephoto lens to the 135.
  9. IC 348 with the little Samyang 135

    Thanks Olly! I am glad I could inspire (for some reason this seems to be a rather rarely imaged jewel up there) and I now know that I will be up for a lesson from the master..... Clear skies! (as you always have) Cheers
  10. IC 348 with the little Samyang 135

    Thanks! Unfortunately, I know that the focusing could have been even better but I will have another go a this object with the triple rig soon, hopefully tomorrow.
  11. This is a follow up of my first night with the triple rig, see: I had kind of given up on the Samyang 135 f/2 data on IC 348 due to substandard focusing (at least the stars were larger that I am used to with this lens), but since no clear skies have presented themselves I had a go at the data. Quite a lot of it since it is a f/2 lens, so I only did 1 min subs, so altogether this is 212 subs. Had to learn stacking in PI (I have been a strictly PS person and I have so far done stacking in Nebulosity) to avoid getting insane by clicking on a star 212 times. Well, here is what the 22nd saved version of this image looks like. Nothing for pixel-peepers but I think it is ok for regular viewing. Comments and suggestions of course welcome!
  12. M42 au chocolat...

    Just............ fabulous! Thank you Olly and guests for bringing us this!
  13. First light with the triple rig

    It is all very mysterious. I also noted that for Image Integration I only have Gradient Merge Mosaic as an option. When I bought Pixinsight I also installed it on my Mac at work and there I have all options and did registration and integration today. So, something got messed up on my laptop when I agreed to install their updates and got all those error messages. Even if I delete the whole PI folder and install it again (tried it a third time now) I am missing those crucial processes. EDIT: I did as you said and checked the module manager and those scripts were not there. Then I went to Install Modules and pressed Search, whereupon it found the 8 missing modules. I then pressed Install and now it works!!!!
  14. First light with the triple rig

    It has something called Merge CFA under Preprocessing. It could have something to do with an update I tried to do which ended with a lot of error messages saying that scripts were lacking. According to the PI people it had to do with that I have to write in my administrator password when I install things on my Mac but the update apparently tried to do this without asking for the password. They recommended that I re-installed PI which I have done twice now but I still lack the Star alignment stacking (and maybe a lot more). I will send them a reminder.
  15. First light with the triple rig

    Yes Wim, I now have PI but I seem to be missing essential parts. I thought of starting using it for stacking now when I have the Samyang f/2 taking 1 min exposures and doing that manually in Nebulosity means clicking on a star every 3 seconds about 200 times.... Well, my PI only give me the option of Comet Registration and PI have not responded to the complain I sent four days ago. Fortunately, I have got PS, so here it is without the green flare: