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  1. One of my scopes is an Esprit 100, and I love it, but since it is already a fast refractor at f/5 I would not try to challenge it with a reducer. It is perfect at its native FL and what it can do there. For getting more wide field I whent for a RASA 8 - its 200 mm aperture gathers 4 times more photons and it clearly shows it. To get a faster telescope there is no short cut other than getting a telescpe with a larger aperture, as I think maybe Olly @ollypenrice would agree on.
  2. While I was chasing dark nebulae with the RASA, I has my double Esprit rig aimed for two nights on this triplet of galaxies (actually much more in there than a triplet). I collected 6 hours of Lum with the Esprit 150 and ASI6200, which did bring out a bit of Integrated Flux Nebulosity (IFN), the dusty stuff illuminated by the glow of our own galaxy. I collected most of the RGB during 4.45 hours with the Esprit 100 and ASI071. However, particularly the red signal was quite low so I added 2.4 hours of old DSLR data I had collected with my Canon 60Da and Explore Scientific 127ED back in 2016. Seeing could have been better. At some point I should get back to these objects for more Lum and then also some Ha data. Right now only clouds and rain in the forecast.....
  3. Or the Canon EF 300 mm f/4. Both these Canon lenses will gather more than twice the light of a Red Cat and will cost you less if bought used. They are apochromats with flat fields. I have had some good experience with the 300mm f/4 on a Star Adventurer. Brought it to Australia a year ago, and you can see the images on my Astrobin (in my signature below) if you go down to Decenber 2019. I bought the lens on ebay. Be sure to go for the old version without image stabilizer (which is also cheaper).
  4. Well, it looks like it will now be raining for the next week, so be patient I also need a holder for the filter on the RASA8 / ASI2600 combo and I have ordered one from Artesky in Italy that is supposed to be in at the end of October: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p11535_Artesky-2--Filterhalter-und-T2-Adapter-fuer-Celestron-RASA8-Astrograph.html (I ordered mine directly from Artesky in Italy since I hope it may be faster) Meanwhile, if it clears I will just use the ASI1600MM and Baader UFS 2" filter slider with my Baader filters. I have a High speed Baader Ha and the ordinary Baader 8.5 nm Oiii that seems to work fine at f/2, as seen here on the rear behind of the Lion nebula: https://www.astrobin.com/3g6ee0/C/
  5. Great resolution with the 12 panels - almost as good as a one shot with the RASA
  6. Now when you remind me, a broader bandpass was actually what I was thinking two weeks ago when I ordered it. It arrived yesterday so something is really slowing down packages from the UK - guess it is related to that virus somehow (even more out of topic ).
  7. The plan was to go to Lizard Island in December (I have even invested in a travel scope), but that is not going to happen now. Maybe next year......
  8. Yes, as already said, you nicely separated the blue reflection - many have failed in doing that. Like it!
  9. Thanks Wim! Yes, that is the risk with wide-field imaging, you may find one night that you have done the whole sky
  10. Why the Optolong and not the IDAS - are they about the same or did I not do enough research?
  11. Thanks Steve! Unfortunately, we get clouds too, usually exported from the UK, so I may finallly get some full nights of sleep. But hopefully not for too long. Next time it clears the moon will probably be up so it is NB time - an IDAS NBX dual band filter arrived from FLO today. Would love to try it on the RASA and ASI2600 combo.
  12. Thanks a lot again Ian! Yes, with enough photons collected most of these "dark" nebulae turn out not to be dark at all but quite colourful. I think I am getting addicted to imaging them - so soon I may be into severe abstinence since clouds have settled here for a foreseeable future.
  13. Thanks a lot Adrian! Sharing them is often the best part of the process
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