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  1. Hello, NGC 7635, also known as the Bubble Nebula or Sharpless 162 was discovered in 1787 by William Herschel. At distance of ~7100 ly in constellation Cassiopeia, the bubble is 7 light years in diameter and is formed by very hot and massive O-star - the one at 6 o'clock near the border. The hot stellar winds forming the nebula are facing bigger resistance cold interstellar clouds in the lower part of the image than in the other directions, so the nebula expands uneven. This is the reason the star to be off the bubble center. The nearby cool hydrogen gas is shaped in pillars similar to the
  2. APT was updated to version 3.87. It comes with better support for ZWO and Altair Astro cameras, support for new Canon and Nikon models, settings profiles as well as more new features and many fixes. The usual list of the changes is available here: http://www.astrophotography.app/news
  3. Many thanks Alan! The spring will get back soon, but we are blocked in Sofia
  4. Hello, This is my second round of the ASI533MC Pro testing. Again a popular target is selected in order to give better base for comparison. In this project didn't use any filters in order the camera own performance. Other change is that the gain is a bit lower than the unity, trying to increase dynamic range. As additional note, have to add that 2/3 of the frames were taken with moderate sky This winter was not generous and had to use what is given... I'm quite happy with the result The camera is sensitive and gave deep look on the object even with the smallish 80mm refractor
  5. Hello, We are very happy to announce that APT has a new site https://www.astrophotography.app The old links should already redirect to the new place... There are bit more things to take care in the backend, but now this is the APT home Hope you find it useful and like it!
  6. Absolutely agree! It can be described better what speeding a scope does
  7. Olly, I see that you have 10" ACF in the signature. Did you try to image with it or it is only for visual use?
  8. Yes, I mean reducer Definitely I want to make the scope near to f/5 in order to gather more light faster
  9. The price tag of C11 EdgeHD+Corrector is our of my desired budget... CEM60 will have to work harder
  10. Hi Wiu-Wiu, The Meade is on focus because it has f/8 version which can be speeded to under f/6... Is C11 outperforms 10" ACF significantly or the advantage is based on the aperture and weight?
  11. The discussion is getting very interesting! The RC8 are very good scopes and all images with them are very good. However the 8" are too close to 130mm APO. What bothers me is that the images quality between RC8 and RC10 in majority is in favor of RC8 which makes me think that maybe 10" are too hard to be made with higher quality at this price tag??? Olly, your images shows exactly why I'm a refractor fan I see that you have 10" ACF in the signature. Did you try to image with it or it is only for visual use?
  12. Hello, I want to make an upgrade in the next half year or so and for some time am reading opinions in the net, however can't get clear direction and will be very thankful to hear your opinions Here is the background. I'm pure imager (once or twice per year am making short visual walkthrough for friends that has no experience at all). The setup which am building is permanent located in a small obsy - a 2.2m Uniwesal dome (don't mess with them unless you like big troubles). The mount is CEM60 and my primary camera is QHY22 with set of Astrodon filters - 3nm narrowband and LRGB. For ma
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