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  1. That's a great first DS image. Reduce the core a bit and it is perfect--almost like looking through an eyepiece with super sensitive eyes. Rodd
  2. Yes--The ASI 1600 has 2 USBs--one for a filter wheel and one for a guide scope (I am currently using the Lodestar 2x). I am thinking of replacing the Lodestar with the Skyris. the ASI 1600 is cooled and it plugs into an AC adapter that provides power. I have teh adpter on top of my scope--that plugs into a powered USB Hub, that has plugs for things like lights and AS adapters-etc. Rodd
  3. That's all I need--As long as the camera works. It will fit into the guidescope like an eyepiece and Maxim DL will use it to guide--I use pulse guiding--all through the USB serial connection to the computer--no guide cable. Pulse guiding is a better way to guide from what I was told--one less cable. Rodd
  4. You can definitely power the guidecam through the ASI 1600. I have to because I only have 2 USB ports. One is for the mount, the other is for a USB hub into which I plug the ASI 1600/filter wheel/Lodestar2x group through 1 cable, my focus controller, and my lap top. I use Maxim, and getting it to recognize the Lodestar 2x required a driver patch for starlight Xpress. Now, it works lie a charm through Maxim. I will go the OAG rout eventually--but that's more $$ and I already have the Skyris--I was hoping to use it in place of the Lodestar 2x for its smaller pixels. I have guided effectively at 1,000mm with teh lodestar--but I would like to see if a better guider resoluition will improve guiding and sharpen up my images. Rodd
  5. So I may have the same issue with the AP vario guider--I have extension tubes, but no way to shorten the distance. The big question, though is if I plus it into the ASI 1600 USB 2 port, will Maxim recognize it as camera 2. Will it perform as my Lodestar 2x does. If it will--that would be great--but the interfacing of software/hardware is NOT one of my strong suits. Rodd
  6. That certainly is possible. I have used the Skyris cameras on USB 2--they just cant deliver really fast frame rates--which I wont need. But it still might glitch the system. Only one way to find out I suppose Rodd
  7. All good questions. I need a higher guiding resolution than I have, so my options are limited. I am ordering an OAG--but these things take time. Meanwhile--I could use a 2x powermate on the guidescope or try a smaller pixel camera--but getting my current setup to work took quite a bit of effort. So, who knows if it will work. Probably not. I will need a driver--and then maybe a patch to boot (like with teh Lodestar). Its always something. Rodd
  8. Currently I image with the ASI 1600 and that camera powers the filter wheel and lodestar 2x guider, so there is one cable to teh computer. Would it be possible to switch teh Lodestar2x for a Skyris 236c? I need a smaller pixel guide cam and I happen to own the 236c. I run Maxim DL. Rodd
  9. The dust lanes look better in the refractor image--no question--they are almost completely missing in the 14" image--I submit that the 14" is better resolved--but the refractor has more detail (count the dust lanes)--The original crops I refer to. Rodd
  10. Only 1 hour of 60 sec subs..well framed, guided and processed. I'd say you are off to a great start! Rodd
  11. I would go with a powermate over a barlow. And I think you should try it--perfect optics or not. No image is perfect. Rodd
  12. Actually, I read somewhere in the literature for MD, or a tutorial, can't remember where that cropping is fine, but nothing else. The idea is you can't change the pixels, can't modify them from the raw state. cropping just removes pixels--it does not alter the pixels that remain. In fact, Mure Denoise has no way of knowing if you cropped or not. Rodd
  13. You do very well Carole. Rodd
  14. Why can't you people understand that this was about Astrobibn--not SGL? Forget it--don't respond. I have had enough. You have all missed my point. If I hadn't expected it, I would be upset. Meanwhile--the good images will continue to get likes......DUH! Rodd
  15. Now they have 2 ED lenses. What do the color correction graphs look like? Rodd
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