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  1. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Well--I am signing off now--it does not work. I can't even get full illumination out of the Lodestar--Its dark and the images still look like white off center half circles. Same as before. So I am done. Supplier has not responded to emails or calls (all weekend). I will return the OAG and go with a guide scope. I really wanted better guiding though. Oh well. I am thinking of the Sky watcher EVO guide. Any Good? Thanks for everyone's help--the response was simply amazing. I hope I can one day return the favor. Rodd
  2. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    I think the filter wheel is pretty standard--but thanks for you help. Maybe I'll get lucky in about a hour and it will be in focus. Rodd
  3. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    There is no way to get the prism parallel to the sensor like that--the 3 wings of the connector that the lock screws tighten against are situated so that the prism pedestal must come in at an angle. I am beginning to hate threaded connections--its all the way or nothing--no room for positioning. As a result--my prism is at an angle--not right on a corner--but not like yours either
  4. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    No one to borrow things from. The prism arm is pretty stable--tight.
  5. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    But its not--Folks use the ASI 1600, ZWO OAG, and Lodestar. From my understanding its a common setup. Its not like I designed this myself.
  6. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    I do not doubt you. I hope I am as fortunate as you Rodd
  7. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Maxim... The exposure is set to .001 sec--the lodestar can't do that short. Its a bright sunny day--the main image was taken at .001 sec through an Ha filter. The lodestar has no filters
  8. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    It shows white where too much light is on it. That's what I was talking about with focus--no way to determine--its just flooded with light. The prism is only partially in the light cone--you can see the line--but there is enough light to wash that area too--just not as badly. I think the prism needs to be longer, as that is one way to (the only way) to focus the lodestar--bringing the end of the prism stalk closer or farther from the lodestar sensor. But it can't go any closer because then there won't be enough stalk to stick into the light cone.
  9. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    OK--lots to report. Here is what I did: 1) I pointed the scope at some distant trees. I am fortunate to be using a camera that can take .001 sec exposures with an Ha filter, as it is a very sunny day. See image 1 to verify main focus (not perfect but OK). 2) I tried the lodestar without a spacer between the OAG and filter wheel, with a 16.5mm spacer, with a 21 mm spacer--and with the 16.5 AND the 21 (I was wrong--they can be coupled together as the wing nut portion threads off). 3) One problem is the Lodestar can't take short enough exposures. Hence, there is no way to verify focus. However, based upon what I did see, the best is without a spacer and the prism out as far as it will go into the Lodestar housing. See image 2. You can see that the prism is not really in the light path far enough--the prism arm needs to be longer. When I tried with the 21mm and 16.5mm spacer together, I could not achieve focus with the ASI 1600--not enough inward travel. The only way I could get the Loadstar to display anything but pure white, or a view that resulted from the prism not penetrating the light cone--was with no spacer as in image 2. I have no way to know if its in focus or not--the signal is too high due to sunlight. I tried making a pin hole (taped up my B-Mask except for a small opening in middle. It did not make any difference--it may have cut the overall brightness a bit--but image 2 still looked like image 2. Doing it during the day is very tricky. Too much light. Not sure what to do now. ASI 1600 Ha .001 sec focus Best Lodestar image
  10. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Thanks Ray--I really appreciate your help. Rodd
  11. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Its all ZWO products, so yes...should work!
  12. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    No--the wing nut part is built in--can't be removed, so they can't be used between the camera and filter wheel. They came with the OAG
  13. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    I can't use both. the spacers are attached to a 3 pronged wing nut type thing. the 3 wings are what the OAG thumb screws tighten against to hold the OAG in place. The spacers and wing nuts as I call them can only be threaded into the OAG--not each other
  14. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    To clarify--The distances/spacers were calculated for both scopes, and he knew I was going to try the TOA first, so the calculations are for the TOA with reducer. As far as I know--the ASI 1600 threads directly into the filter wheel and never uses spaced between the camera and filter wheel. between the OAG and filter wheel yes--but I tried that. I think I will go fiddle now in the day time (its a sunny day hear-though cold 0 degrees C (better than -10 I know.
  15. Being down provides one with the opportunity to improve upon the images once thought complete. In this case, I have managed what I believe to be a fairly significant improvement. Perhaps not as detailed and distinct, and without Ha, and not much tail--but I think the new version is more balanced and does not ask too much of the data--which is one of the main flaws with the original. First image is new version, second image is the old version. this data is a combination of the Televue np101is and TOA 130. Red-56 10 min, Green 54 10 min, Blue 40 10 min, Lum 76 10 min.