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  1. NGC 281

    Wow...a real critics eye. Maybe a bit--not so much on my screen. It may have to do with no flats available for the blue channel. 66% of the image relies on 5 blue subs. That can't be good! Rodd
  2. Good luck--I did 20+ hours and it was lacking. My skies are mediocre at best though. You can do it.... Rodd
  3. NGC 281

    Trouble with my mount (fixed) trouble with my filter wheel (not fixed), and stormy weather has taken me out of the game for a bit. Finally got the mount sorted out (bad cable), and was able to collect a very limited amount of OIII on the Pacman to add to my previously collected Ha. No where near a completed image--but its all I am likely to have for a while. It will be some time before I can image for real (filter wheel jams requiring me to frequently take camera off the scope to turn), which screws up my flats and makes imaging difficult. I guess I am lucky to be able to put together any image at all considering. Waiting for the ASI1600mmcool to arrive and hopefully will be able to collect some decent data while the STT gets sent back for diagnosis (again). There is something funky going on in the brighter red areas. Maybe too much saturation. Maybe just noisy due to limited OIII and no SII data. TOA 130 at F5.38 and STT-8300. 11 30 min Ha and 5 30 min OIII
  4. Looking good--and NGC 1333 is a TOUGH target! Rodd
  5. IC410 The Tadpoles Nebula

    Looking good Barry Rodd
  6. A quick Pelican

    Looking good. OSC? Rodd
  7. M33 at last

    Thanks Mike--I'm done (please!) Rodd
  8. M33 at last

    Perhaps 1 final tweak--nothing major--but the contrast in the disc is improved--not sharpened, but a differential histogram modification.
  9. M33 at last

    Thanks Adam, and you are correct--that is the last one. I don't want to fool with it anymore. Rodd
  10. M33 at last

    Wow..Thanks Graem. I appreciate the kind words and look forward to seeing your M33 Rodd
  11. M33 at last

    I suppose it would not be complete without one last modification. A touch of fine scale sharpening to reveal individual stars in the spiral arms. Still not sure about the blue level--but that is easy to change.
  12. M33 at last

    Thanks....Like walking on a tightrope 200 feet in the air! Rodd
  13. M33 at last

    Thanks Brobro. Broad band is a bit different than narrowband. Ha typically takes longer to collect, and its pretty impervious to light pollution so the sky fog limit is taken out of the equation. I usually take 30 min Ha subs. But 1 hour subs for Ha are doen by some. When adding Ha to the red channel and to the lum channel, only a percentage of it is added usually--otherwise the image would look too red. The long subs ensure a clean signal so noise is not added to the image. Rodd
  14. M33 at last

    Thanks Kirkster! Rodd
  15. M33 at last

    Thanks Mark. Rodd