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  1. But Planetary, Lunar, Solar, are still very much dooable--and these are are very rewarding (I've not done solar, but I assume). And Ha can be shot (especially for inserting into galaxies). It depends on teh sky brightness though. My astrodark meridian has a mag of 18.52, whicjh I bet is brighter than your nautical dark Meridian in July. That's just a guess. My point is the time where the sky is 18+ can still yeild data. So maybe one does not have to miss teh entire summer? Rodd
  2. Rodd

    M51 HaLRGB

    Thanks Peter....your opinion means means a lot!
  3. Rodd

    M51 HaLRGB

    Thanks T. I must have a problem with my iPhone. It usually depicts images very well. I have noticed the battery is starting to drain very quickly
  4. Rodd

    M51 HaLRGB

    I am looking at the images I posted on another screen and they all look exceedingly bright and washed out. Is this they way they look? My processing screen at home may be set differently. The images on that screen look just right. But on other screens they look terrible. Let me know if they look overly bright to you.....anyone. Please Thanks, Rodd
  5. Looks good. The choices are endless, I know. I am looking forward to a broad band rendition. Broad band emission nebulae are tough for me in my sky, but I will give it a try. Rodd
  6. Rodd

    M51 HaLRGB

    Thanks Ray--yes, I came to my senses. I appreciate your nice comments Rodd
  7. Rodd

    M51 HaLRGB

    Here's a bit closer in
  8. Rodd

    M51 HaLRGB

    I wish I could delete the above and start again--I realized I could not fix the issues and reprocessed. Ha was strangely scant for 9 hours of data, and I did not control the deconvolution process well enough. Now at least I don't grimace when viewing at full resolution
  9. Rodd

    M51 HaLRGB

    Thanks Carol. The first few in ages were binned in software 2x2 so their zoom in size is restricted. The last image is unbinned and i think a bit sharper....once I reprocessed it. I over did things a bit before. Regarding the Ha. I basically follow the Light Vortex tutorial. I remove the red continuum from the Ha channel using Pixel Math and an extracted red channel from the RGB image. Then I create a mask from this Ha cleaned image and place it over the RGB image. then I insert the Ha (everything in linear state still). The Ha only appears where there is Ha nebula. If you dont remove the red continuum you get a red hue in places where there is no Ha. I do the same to the luminance master as well--but only a little bit of Ha. Anyway2--its a bit involved. PM me if you would like me to give you more details
  10. Rodd

    M51 HaLRGB

    Well--I did it again.....over [processed. I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls the football away and I land on my back.....every time!. Here is a less processed version
  11. Rodd


    Thanks Goran. I am,,,,,,,most of the time
  12. Rodd


    Here is the star cropped out and an unbinned image. I think the unbinned version is definitely sharper and a better image at normal viewing, but I o not like full resolution. I wish there was a say to retain the unbinned look, but restrict the size for full resolution viewing. Oh well....maybe people won't pixel peep!
  13. Rodd

    M51 HaLRGB

    Here is an unbinned version. I think the details are much sharper at normal viewinh, but full resolution reveals some errant processing. I guess the question is, how many folks use full resolution viewing?
  14. Rodd

    M51 HaLRGB

    Thanks Craney!
  15. The end of galaxy season for me. I was able to capture a pretty decent full data set--green being the lightest at 30 subs--not quite the 4 hours I had planned, but I am up against a coming monsoon like period and then the Moon--As it is it has taken me 2 months to capture what I have. I've had it! Looking forward to a faster optic and wider FOV. One image left before I change WR-134. I just can't decide if I should use the reducer or not. TOA 130 with ASI 1600 Red: 45 300sec Green: 30 300 sec Blue: 48 300 sec Lum 60 300 sec Ha: 109 300 sec I am sure I will be toying with this for some time. I might even capture more lum. We'll see.
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