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  1. Rodd

    LDN 1622

    Thanks, Barry. I am considering adding color--the reddish images I have seen are quite nice. Rodd
  2. Rodd

    NGC 1333 LRGB

    Thanks Brian...It is pretty subtle Rodd
  3. Rodd

    LDN 1622

    I’ll check that. Thankd Rodd
  4. Rodd

    LDN 1622

    No I mean the disignation on the screen was LDN 1622
  5. Rodd

    LDN 1622

    But I saw LDN1622 when I zoomed in. Rodd
  6. Rodd

    LDN 1622

    Thanks, Don. I really like the way your CdC interface looks. Mine is pretty basic. I hope to download the newest version so I can see more targets. Rodd
  7. Rodd

    LDN 1622

    Thanks, David. It is an intriguing target and makes a very nice color image. Rodd
  8. Rodd

    NGC 1333 LRGB

    Thanks, Ken--neck and neck!
  9. Rodd

    NGC 1333 LRGB

    Thanks, Graem...coming from you that means a lot! Rodd
  10. Rodd

    LDN 1622

    I think CdC will find it as long as its there Rodd
  11. Rodd

    NGC 1333 LRGB

    Uh oh...we are tied (I don't count). Rodd
  12. Rodd

    NGC 1333 LRGB

    Interesting--I think I feel the same, though it depends allot on the screen I view it on Rodd
  13. Rodd

    NGC 1333 LRGB

    Thanks Danny, in your cabin of earth and wood Rodd
  14. Rodd

    NGC 1333 LRGB

    Thanks Sam Rodd
  15. Rodd

    NGC 1333 LRGB

    Actually--lets put it to vote. #1 (darker) or #2 (original-brighter)

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