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  1. Sorry all for ANOTHER post--but I finally got this scope nailed. Here is the final Ha stack--21 30 min subs. I threw all subs in--even 3 or 4 with FWHM around 4 (the last 6-7 had FWHM around 2, so I am getting the feel for the focus). This image has very little processing. Tiny amount of selective sharpening in the core--took about 10 minutes. I guess there is no substitute for allot of data (except maybe allot of GOOD data). Still have a ways to go but we're having fun now! After 2.5 months of clouds I had 3 consecutive nights and it looks like I'll get a 4th tonight. Bleary eyed! I can differentiate 12 stars in the core of the central cluster. I find it amazing that these scopes and cameras can capture one star on top of another and reveal it.
  2. After seeing that wonderful 4 panel mosaic in Ha of NGC 7000 and Sh2...(can't recall the number), I tried to figure out why my Ha image was so much inferior. I think this version is better, but still lacking. This is a stack of 10 30 min subs--same amount of time as each panel. I took out 2 subs that had high noise levels. For a pixel scale of 1.11 arcsec/pixel, it sure does not hold up as well as I had hoped to zooming. I guess a combination of a slightly soft focus, poor seeing/transparency, and an F7.7 focal ratio. More, well focused data will no doubt help. Also--maybe better calibration. This was calibrated using only 1 flst again. Optec is semding me a replacement Flat-Man, so in the next few days I can see if a good master flat helps.
  3. I use 3nm Astrodon NB filters. They are awesome. I chose to get all of them 3nm. But I also have Baader NBs that came with the camera and I have the 7nm Ha installed as I have 8 positons on my filter wheel. I have not yet done a comparison, but with the Astrodons I get no halos, and it seems easier for me to process the stars without magenta rims. I would recommend them. the literature indicates that while less % of light pass through the filter, there is a resultant higher signal to noise ratio. Rodd
  4. Amazing--I guess that 1600 has proved itself. There is so much detail and so little noise in this image its astounding. Rodd
  5. Wow--I didn't realize the big target to left was so big. This is a great image. Rodd
  6. Nice colors Carole. This target is well suited to monster FOVs--or mosaics. Nice job, Rodd
  7. I love the wispy reflection nebula just below the bright star in center. Great imager. Rodd
  8. Very interesting target. And I am sure a very difficult one to image well. Good job Rodd
  9. Nice mosaic. What a FOV. Rodd
  10. The framing is great--lots of galaxies there. The C8Edge did this one justice. Nice scopes the Edges. Rodd
  11. There is allot of detail in there for an 80mm scope. Nice. More data! This one willhave depth (as the lagoon does). Rodd
  12. Looking great! Longer subs wouldn't hurt (not sure if you are equipped for it--but 4 min is pretty long, so you could probably do 10). Pile on the data and this one will develop nicely Rodd
  13. Nice framing. Love this nebula, but I too find it not well positioned for imaging. You have captured allot of the surrounding region, which I like. Rodd
  14. Great image. The image scale is huge--Is this a crop? I don't recall seeing a big galaxy near M81/82--Awesome image Rodd