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  1. Applys to space as well--I like it Roddd
  2. Nice image--The tail would be nice, but many images of the triplet that have a bright tail are out of balance to my eye--the galaxies being overly exposed--kind of like galaxies in the FOV of IFN shots--ultra colorful and loud. This image has perfect balance, nice stars, and a depth of space--the background looks like space, not a 2D representation of it Rodd
  3. Here is the SHO pallet just for kicks.
  4. Thanks Geordi!
  5. By the way--who is JG Magee? Nice Quote
  6. What's left to do but experiment....haven't had a clear night in over a month. This is about 4.5 hours of data in 20 min subs using the np101is and STT-8300--but with Baader filters instead of my Astrodon. My goal was to mimic the visual spectrum as apposed to the SHO pallet. Red was 80% SII and 20% Ha, Green was SII, and Blue was 90% OIII and 10% SII. From memory its pretty close to how it looks in RGB--though the details are more prominent as I added the Ha as a luminence layer. Could have more blue I guess. Both the SII and OIII channels were pretty weak. I am looking forward to revisiting this target and collecting much more data.
  7. Thanks Chris--There was a time when I had pretty clear skies for many days out of a month. I think 17 in one November. That is definitely not the case now. I have not imaged in over a month. Very frustrating. Rodd
  8. Thanks Lewis.
  9. Thanks Artem!
  10. Thanks Ken!
  11. Fixed the stars Barry-- a whole reprocess. Data is kind of lean though.... Better Ken?
  12. I think I'll wait till I get allot more data for printing. But I agree its a worthy target.
  13. Thanks Ruud!
  14. Thanks Ken--yes--way to far. I am redoing it, but really with the limited data, I probably should wait till I can shoot it again. Rodd
  15. You're absolutely right Barry--I noticed that after I posted. I think I ran deconvolution and it went too far and I forgot to undue it. I think I need to redo the shoot to really do this target justice.