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  1. History of eyepieces

    Yes, I've read that document more than a couple of times, despite some typos, it gives a very comprehensive description of eyepiece development, and more, such as checking aberrations in eyepieces, possible improvement of SAEP in eyepieces etc.
  2. Yes, when no one sees it, it's all right to say it has none. But, when someone sees it but I don't, then it is "to my eye" or IME, calling it has none is plainly wrong.
  3. Don, Thanks for reminding me the second link, I'm under the impression that my post https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/547588-say-it-aint-so-26mm-nagler-is-out/page-3 a year ago is one of the first (if not the first) to use that link for explaining that SAEP exist in many EPs, when some persisted in no SAEP in new Naglers.
  4. Great summary of the look-alikes.
  5. Binoviewer

    Glad that you had easy time for merging. IME, 7mm might be too high for binoviewing with f10 SCT, with binoviewer without GPC, C8 is operating around f12 (110mm binoviewer length increases scope's focal length with about 340mm), you were practical using 340x on the Moon, the focusing difficulty you had were likely the atmospheric disturbance. Also, without GPC or barlow, the increased focal length of SCT resulted in too much inward focus travel, i.e. much more forward moved primary mirror, therefore increased spherical aberration, which contributes to less sharp image too. That 7mm Luminos has narrower AFOV than X-cel LX seems odd, are you sure you saw the field stop in Luminos? it has shorter ER and wider AFOV, you need to place your eye noticeable closer to see the field stop.
  6. As Stu and others have pointed out, the brightness of the extended DSO doesn't increase with larger aperture, compare to a samall scope, it's the bigger image size at the same brigtness (assuming same exit pupil) making the smaller details visible, as the anology here.
  7. Leica ASPH Zoom Question

    John, As you've sent the zoom for service, maybe you can as well ask your contact to put a replacement eye-guard in the return package? Some have the eye-guard broken quite easily( mine is intack after three years), and Leica seems to be aware of the weakness of this eye-guard.
  8. Binoviewer

    Congratulations for entering the binoviewer world. Merging the image is the first big obstable (to me at least), so try to siege the oppotunity for testing it on the Moon. My guess is that your choice of EP pairs is a bit on the high-mag side, shorter focal length EPs are more difficult to merge than longer ones, using barlow or OCS with longer fl EPs is a way mitigate the merging difficulty too. The Ultima LX are monsters, For not using a barlow or OCS, I'd have chosen 9mm(or 11mm) X-cel LX and 18mm ) X-cel LX, if I were you.
  9. If I were you, I'd be trying to locate a USED 5" to 7" MN from Intes Micro, a scope type you've not looked through yet? buying used should ensured that you have miminum loss in pounds
  10. Binocular eyepiece choice.

    Kind of a surprse that no recommendations in 5 hours when asking an EP advice There's not many 11mm around, ES 82° has one, slightly over your budget(£100/each), https://www.firstlightoptics.com/explore-scientific-eyepieces/explore-scientific-82-degree-series-eyepieces.html FLO has 30-day trial policy, so you can try it first to see if it works for you, e.g. checking if you can take in the full 82° AFOV. Eye-relief of this EP is not suitable for observing with glasses, if you don't have astigmatism or only very mild astigmatism in yorus eye(s), 2mm exit pupil should be fine not using glasses.
  11. Yes, that's word of wisdom. The trick is to learn to use the equipment you have along the lines of its strengths. When one does that, then their optical chain can perform miracles..." The red-marked words means (to my ears) that we need to understand both strength and weakness of what we have (a scope or an EP or something else), so that we can make best out of it. A SCT, e.g. is not a wide field scope, it is f10, but it's not a f10 newt, meaning that a standard SCT has its field curvature and coma, that wanting a wide field , sharp to the edge view of an standard SCT is looking for a hens teeth. UWA and XWA EPs, have their great wide AFOV well-corrected for shorter focal length scopes, but tehy do weigh quite a lot, and more CA than SWA or narrow AFOV EPs, it's better to know these so that one can handle it (counter-balance system, know your CA tolerance, etc).
  12. You have the Docter, among the best, and 100° ES for XWA, it'll be your call if your collection is completed Personally, I'd think that you'll need to add a 30-35mm EP for faint large nebulas (even if you add a refractor) before making the call. That's my perception too
  13. It may be easier than you think. When I'm out in dark site with C8, with the intension of making most of the few observations oppotunities, 31mm Aspheric and Leica Zoom are about the only EPs I needed for hunting faint fuzziee, galaxies mostly. with magnification 70x to 230x, it covers over 90% of my needs.
  14. I'd think this TS has more or less all the feathers you want, the picture in TS site explain it well. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5964_TS-Optics-Photoline-90mm-f-6-6-FPL-53-Triplet-SuperApo---2-5--focuser---3-focus-positions.html e.g. you can can have fast f4.9 and flat field, and you can use it with binoviewer in low power mode, it's fairly compact and the price with a flattner is in par with 92mm AT.
  15. I'd think you'll need keep the Handgranade 31Nagler too, just to go with your Vixen for the Veil.