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  1. emadmoussa

    Open-Air Pier Mount

    Nice job!
  2. Been looking around for a simple power tank. And that's all I can find (or something similar) within my price range: I don't want the ones with lights and all the singing-and-dancing features, just something simple, a metal box maybe that has a 12v plug, that's all. Any suggestions? In the £50 range?
  3. emadmoussa

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to SGL.
  4. emadmoussa

    The longest you've had a scope?

    I'm actually buying a 6 year old Meade LX200 12-INCH for under 3K (over 5K new). It' in excellent condition. I'm assuming, I shouldn' worry then, especially about the computer system?
  5. emadmoussa

    The longest you've had a scope?

    Probably John will win this game with his (previous) bazooka scope.
  6. emadmoussa

    What's your dream telescope/equipment?

    When you guys speak about the 70s, I feel like a little child. Although I feel very old amongst my friends.
  7. emadmoussa

    The longest you've had a scope?

    I remember reading about and being fascinated by it when I was in middle school...
  8. emadmoussa

    The longest you've had a scope?

    Been there, I used a shiny stainless steel tray. Was very young and unknowing (like I'm super wise now!! :D).
  9. emadmoussa

    The longest you've had a scope?

    How about electronics? Any one?
  10. emadmoussa

    The longest you've had a scope?

    Electronic or manual mount?
  11. Personally, I had had my 80ED for nearly 2.5 years before I sold it. That's the longest I kept /used one scope. Then again, my whole astronomy experience was 3.5 years before I had to sell everything due to family circumstances, academia, and work situation. Now I'm back and hoping to get a scope that I'd use for many years to come. I see a bunch of guys on SGL who've had their 'beloved' scopes for over 15 years and still going strong. Can the electronics of, say, a GoTo system actually survive for that long? What's the longest you've had/used a scope fo?r
  12. Looking for the following items: 1. Baader Clicklock 2" Visual Back for SCTs 2. Dielectric 2" diagonal with 99% reflectivity PM me, please. Thanks
  13. emadmoussa

    Which EQ mount is this

    It's probably the same as this one, which means it could be a generic, basic equatorial mount.

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