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  1. Brand-new in box with compression rings. £10 delivered.
  2. The adapter is brand-new; high-quality and has compression rings. The solar filter is homemade, I think, and was made for the 80ED. It works and fits well. £20 delivered for both. Thanks!
  3. I bought it a couple of months ago and used it only twice. Honestly, it's magnificent, super sharp edge to edge. You can never go wrong with this beast. Mint condition in box. I'm asking for £195 delivered.
  4. I could swear I put a price on it (damn Ipad ). I was looking for £115 delivered.
  5. I bought this ep 3 months ago (from the US) and used it about 5 times. I was extremely pleased with its performance; bright and edge-to-edge sharp. It's on par with much more expensive eyepieces out there.
  6. I got this for Xmas. It's basically mint in box. Used it twice and was extremely happy with its performance. This is an exceptional eyepiece and works well in most scopes. I'm only asking for £65 delivered.
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