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  1. emadmoussa

    Altair Wave Series 102EDT f/7

    Cracking scope! Curious, what kind of mount are you using?
  2. emadmoussa

    *WANTED* Alt-Az Mount

    I don't think the AZ4 is sturdy enough for a 6" refractor, I'm afraid. Thanks for the offer anyway.
  3. emadmoussa

    Lunar Eclipse 21st January 19

    In my town, it was cloud eclipse. The moon looked fantastic, I'd like to imagine.
  4. emadmoussa

    Lets hear it for moths

    This theory, more of a fact now, has been going for a while now. Does anybody listen?! Light pollution is like other forms of pollution, the result of many factors such as ignorance, selfishness, indifference, and greed. Somebody I know is obsessed with green energy and air pollution, yet she won't care leaving every light in her house on, even when she's not there. Half the story or simply misguided idealism and hypocrisy?
  5. emadmoussa

    Meade 8" UHTC SCT

    MEADE LX90 UHTC SCT 8-inch in excellent condition and working order. This is a wonderful Schmidt Cassegrain with UHTC optics (Ultra High Transmission Coating). UHTC isn’t just a marketing gimmick, the images in this telescope are truly bright. I had the Celestron C11 and I found the LX90 8” UHTC more satisfying despite being a smaller scope. I love this scope and I’m sincerely hesitant to sell it (didn’t expect I was going to, frankly). It’s given me fantastic nights under the stars and many WOW moments. However, because I own a slightly smaller apo refractor and got a larger Dobsonian on the way, an 8” telescope in between won’t, I expect, see the use it deserves. The scope is in pristine condition and comes complete with the necessary accessories and more: Meade Autostar Hand-controller with a protective case. Finderscope UK plug + cigar cables 4mm + 25mm Plossl eyepiece Bob’s knobs collimating screws (brand new and haven’t been fitted yet) Mead 1.25” SCT diagonal Homemade dew shield Given its condition, I think £800 is a fair price (seen ones go for a bit more even though not in as good condition). But...I’m open to reasonable offers. Or, swap/part-swap with a 12”-14” Dobsonian or a decent Alt-Az Mount. You can collect from Glossop, Derbyshire. Thanks!
  6. emadmoussa


    Who's the observer? This guy...?
  7. emadmoussa

    COMPLETED - SOLD - Vixen LVW 42mm

    Very nice. They're classic and are, nowadays, 'astronomically' expensive.
  8. emadmoussa

    COMPLETED - SOLD - Vixen LVW 42mm

    A little off topic...I'm curious about the star map in the picture? What is it?
  9. emadmoussa

    First snow -ish...

    It's snowing heavily right now. And, yes, it does make LP a lot worse. Rarely do I go into the hills. I've been up to my eyes, TBH. Maybe in Spring.
  10. emadmoussa

    New EP or just a Barlow?

    Curious, how did you find the 7.2 - 21.5 zoom? Planning on getting a Hyperion Zoom, which I'm quite familiar with, for the 100ED. But was also wondering if the 'cheaper' Skywatcher option is as good or close - minus the narrower field of view, of course.
  11. emadmoussa

    New EP or just a Barlow?

    I had an ED Barlow once, but was forced to sell all my kit before I even tried it. So, not sure what to expect.
  12. emadmoussa

    Some people...

    Didn't it take that way. Don't worry! I completely see your point.
  13. emadmoussa

    Some people...

    Oh, had those...many times. It's becoming like the rough town of the internet, aka, Gumtree. Sometimes, you receive offers that make your blood boil. I recall my e-bike was for sale for £950 and someone offered £400. And, as an incentive, he was going to 'collect today.' It isn't always about money for them, just opportunism.
  14. emadmoussa

    Some people...

    I tend to do what I believe is right not expecting anything in return. I'm just shocked that I still get shocked when some people show very little regard to basic human decency.
  15. The choice is either to pay £80 to get a 7mm planetary eyepiece or just buy a 2" ED Barlow for half the price. I'm aware more glass reduces light transmission, but how much on average? I'd rather settle for an EP, but the budget is tight, hence the question.

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