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  1. emadmoussa

    COMPLETED - Reducers Meade - celestron - SOLD

    Don't believe this. I put an ad up for a Celestron reducer for a whole week, then just one day after I've paid £100 for a brand new one, this ad comes up IRONY!
  2. Hiya, The reason I prefer a Celestron is that Meade focal reducers have been hit or miss.
  3. emadmoussa

    Which. Scope .

    For AP, I'd go the refractor route. A 4" apo refractor is also good for visual. I had one, although not the ES version, and it was brilliant. Other SGL are more qualified to answer your questions about astrophotography.
  4. emadmoussa

    ** Wanted ** Focal Reducer for SCT

    I'm looking for an f6.3 focal reducer to use on my Meade Schmidt Cassegrain. Preferably a Celestron version. Thanks!
  5. emadmoussa

    Celestron focal reducer end/dust caps

    I can buy the reducer from you and solve your problem?
  6. I guess, like you say, won't know until I've tried. I contacted an SGL member who's got a Meade reducer for sale. We'll see.
  7. emadmoussa

    Paint stripping plastics (and more!)

    I just it sanded down, sprayed it with a primer and then applied a couple of coats of white paint. It was wonderful and last for two weeks!
  8. emadmoussa

    EPs in the range of 24-35mm?

    But you drive a Mercedes, don't you?!
  9. An LX90 GPS with UHTC, but there are contradictory views whether or not it's an ACF. I've been reading and the general agreement that an ACF won't make a lot of difference to a visual observer. Also, some astronomers have been reducers with this scope version without a problem. I'm getting a GPS version with tons of accessories, including EPs, which would save me at least 1K (enough for a grab and go frac set-up )
  10. emadmoussa

    EPs in the range of 24-35mm?

    Oh boy! The Takahashi is a similar price tof a second 12" LX90 SCT I loved my SW 80ED. In fact, I had two of them, one I sold along with everything else when I had a family crisis. The other was loaned to a friend, been 3 years now and I don't think I'll ask for it back. He uses it as his primary imaging scope, wouldn't ask him to return it. My favourite frac was the Teleskop Service 6", almost performed like an apo and was built like a tank. Again, sold to sort out our situation. I think it was the only scope I was very sad to sell. Didn't have a choice. Someday maybe I'll get it back and have it flex some German muscles against your Japanese Takahashi.
  11. The Celestron f6.3 looks identical to the Meade and Antares f6.3. I wonder if they're actually the same product with different names as a lot of other things in astronomy gear? Generally, the Celestron seems to have good reviews (mostly in the UK), while the Meade has a bigger market in the US, but the reviews seem to vary. The same applies to Antares reducers.
  12. emadmoussa

    EPs in the range of 24-35mm?

    Yes, agreed, visually they aren't that great, but I tend to think of them as metaphysical and, as you say, scientific wonders. Fracs are great for star clusters, especially open clusters, which I believe you like. Do you know about the Bresser AR 102 ED? It's quite cheap and has very good reviews.
  13. emadmoussa

    EPs in the range of 24-35mm?

    I had the C11 and used it literally twice on Saturn - before I dropped a screw inside it and sold it. The planet was razor sharp, to be honest. That being said, I'm getting the UHTC version which is supposed to deliver very sharp views. It's got very positive reviews. You know I'm a frac fan (will get a 4" apo soon), but aperture still rules. Fuzzies are my passion and the SCT will deliver.
  14. emadmoussa

    EPs in the range of 24-35mm?

    Will have a loo at those. I remember he had a Celestron CPC, right? What was wrong with it?
  15. emadmoussa

    EPs in the range of 24-35mm?

    I was also looking at my first big EP, the Baader Scopos 35mm. They're no longer available, I think.

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