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  1. It now has a ground board. Manage to get some time over the Bank Holiday weekend to knock this up. Two bits of 18mm ply. Bottom an octagon, top a circle 520mm in diameter. Decided to try Teflon pads over a lazy suzan, although I’ve made it so it can be easily fiddled with and modified if required. There’s a sheet of 2mm textured ABS in an attempt to get the required “sticktion”. Seems to work well, although I’ll only find out for sure when using the telescope. To keep costs down I went for a sheet that doesn’t quite cover the base. Anything larger would have been twice the price and I wasn’t s
  2. Very nice. This is the kind of thing that I want to try. Although being in Bortle 8 I’ve really got to travel somewhere else.
  3. I like this as it’s immediate and still gives the feeling you are looking through a telescope.
  4. I did this last Tuesday, 6th April in the early hours. My second attempt at M3 and personally I’m happy with the result given the limited gear and my inexperience. Taken with an iPhone 12, cropped and edited with the standard camera app plus Filterstorm. Telescope Slywatcher Skyhawk 1145P on EQ1 with economy motor drive. StarGuider 12mm eyepiece. Single 30 second exposure with the standard camera app. After doing this, messing around and observing M3 for a couple of hours I decided to see if I could see the Leo Treo. I’ve never tried looking at these before. And Leo wasn’t in a good posit
  5. Many thanks Martin. I’ll let you know how I get on, good or bad. But I’m confident I can make something from it. And it was great to meet you too. All of this brings back memories of my first telescope as a child. And back then something like this would have been my dream telescope.
  6. Many thanks to @Grumpy Martian for arranging to meet me at a motorway service station near my home and giving me this telescope for free. There are some “dimples” on the primary mirror so it might require recoating. But I’ve already done a rough collimation, propped it up against a garden chair and looked at a random bit and of sky. It seems to focus OK. It hasn’t got a base so I’ll need to make one out of ply. Will probably take a while for me to get going although my daughter wants to use it now.
  7. Hi Martin, Sorry, only just seen this. If you could do that, I guess it’s this Thursday 1st April, then that would be brilliant! Rownhams is closest to me but whichever is easier for you. Please let me know as soon as you can, Peter
  8. I would take that. But it’s a bit far from Southampton especially in the climate we are in at the moment. Still almost tempting.
  9. These are great sketches and thanks for sharing. As someone else has already pointed out - it looks just like you are looking down the eyepiece. And as far as I can tell skilled sketching is the only way to create a picture that looks like the image you’d see in the eyepiece. A camera can’t do it.
  10. This is our setup as it stands but it’s very much a work in progress. We’ve only had a small telescope - a Sky-Watcher 1145p with EQ1 for a few months. Many of the ideas I got via old threads on this forum. Really wanted to avoid a GEM mount but I’m now getting to quite like it. Mind, it’s not so great for my daughter as I have to set everything up first, find a target (sometimes with a bit of help form her) and at that point we can both take in the view through the eyepiece. And being in Southampton, Bortle 8, doesn’t make it any easier. Although tinkering (I do enjoy tinkering) and tig
  11. I recently came across this. It might have been mentioned before and you all know about it so I apologise if that’s the case. I’ve found it quite useful... https://spacemath.gsfc.nasa.gov/SMBooks/AstrophotographyV1.pdf
  12. Welcome! I’m new here and very much a beginning. But I would certainly be interested in any sketching skills and wisdom.
  13. I should be out looking at the moon tonight as for once it’s clear. But sadly I have other things to do. So here’s my first attempt at a nearly full moon from last month, February 25th. Sky-Watcher Skyhawk 1145p, StarGuider eyepiece (I’ve forgotten which one), iPhone 12 and a cheap no-name phone mount. I just pressed the shutter button. Edited a little in the standard camera app.
  14. From my rather light polluted sky’s I’ve had virtually no luck even seeing a fuzzy blob when I’ve looked at things like M3 with any sort of moon. However, once the moon has gone I’ve had much better luck. Still hard to see much detail but M3 is a far better sight. I even managed a phone picture which bought out some structure.
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