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  1. Piero

    What Diagonal?..

    I love my bbhs but that is not cheap. s/h TV Eventbrite?
  2. Piero

    24" dob soon

    That's stunning, Gerry! Well worth waiting for it! Looking forward to reading your first light report.
  3. Piero

    orion optics mirror cell holder

    The aperture of my skywatcher Dobson is 203mm or 8in, not 200mm.
  4. Piero

    orion optics mirror cell holder

    The Orion optics mirror size is in millimetres (e.g. 200mm), whereas skywatcher mirrors are in inches (8 inch). Not sure that you can do that. Other members might confirm or dismiss this, though.
  5. Can someone owning a skywatcher flextube 12" dobson let me know the eyepiece height from the ground at different inclinations of the telescope, please? (E.g. pointing at the Zenith, 60 Deg, 45 Deg) Thanks, Piero
  6. Piero

    Televue Panoptic

    Yeah, it's a little gem that one. Congratulations on getting one.
  7. Piero

    Vixen HR's VX10

    The Sun in white light is interesting with the HRs.
  8. Piero

    Vixen HR's VX10

    The HR are great little eyepieces, but I tend to prefer my barlowed Zeiss zoom to them. Just a larger fov and more comfort to my eye really. The HR are superb and if one likes orthoscopic EPs, the HR deserve a try.
  9. Yes, spending money on observing under dark skies is certainly a better option. On the other hand, dark skies are not required for planetary observations (unless you want to catch Pluto!). Seeing is far more important. UHC and OIII filters do improve the views under moderate light polluted and dark skies. Unfortunately, under the new LED-based street lights, they are less effective. It is not related to the cost of the filter or whether this is narrow or line-based. LED lights are bad for astronomy because they emit light across the spectrum, EVEN on those bands that are passed through a UHC or OIII filter. Therefore, the filter is not really working because it passes both the nebula light and the light pollution caused by LEDs.
  10. Mm.. LEDs spread light across the visible spectrum uniformly or so, as far as I am aware, whereas an UHC filter filters (EDIT: what I meant was "passes") one specific area of the spectrum. Therefore, I am not convinced that a UHC filter will be really effective against LEDs. It is against old street lights as those emitted in the yellow mostly, which is cut off by an UHC filter.
  11. Piero

    Upgraded to an OOUK

    Looks great! Congratulations!
  12. I have the APM 30mm UFF, and had Maxvision 40mm, Vixen LWV 42mm, ES 30mm 82, and Vixen NLV 30mm previously. I did not run an exhaustive comparison as Louis did, but the quality of the APM 30mm UFF at the edge is remarkably better in my Tak 100 and 8" dob. It is also very sharp on axis in my opinion. To be honest, it is the best long focal length eyepiece I've ever tried, and its AFOV is more than enough for my tastes. In addition, its modest size is more than welcome. This UFF 30mm, Docter 12.5mm +/- VIP barlow are a great combo in my opinion.
  13. Piero

    Vixen HR or Takahashi TOE?

    I use my HR 3.4mm and 2.4mm with a TV60 and they are superb - the best I've own. With the Tak-100 I prefer ZZ+VIP (same combo mentioned by Gerry) because it offers a bit more FOV. The HR works superbly on that telescope too though. Another super combo is the Docter 12.5mm + VIP. Love this on Jupiter with the Tak.
  14. I have the 30mm APM UFF mentioned by Louis. Great eyepiece in my opinion. You can get one from APM telescope.
  15. Piero

    Lunt 20mm HDC

    Weight is certainly an advantage. I don't have an E13, but the weight of my Docter 12.5 + Baader Pushfix adapter is similar. Swapping between the Lunt 20 and the Docter does not need any rebalancing on my scopes. The eyecup of the Lunt 20 is also very good.

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