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  1. mm.. dangerous answer Merlin! You gave me food for thoughts about saving up for 1 year and enabling my Tak for h-alpha..
  2. So, if having a front etalon is better, a owner of a ~90-100mm refractor could get something like a Coronado SolarMax II 90mm filter set with rich view tuning and 15mm blocking filter for about the same money of a Lunt 60mm Pressing Tune and FT.. ( https://optcorp.com/products/coronado-solarmax-ii-90-h-alpha-filter-w-bf15 ) Any downside?
  3. After reading a few threads about Lunt H-alpha telescopes here on SGL, I did a bit of research for curiosity about Lunt options. Can someone explain me what is the advantage in getting (1) a front Lunt 60mm Ha Etalon Filter + B1200 Block 2" (http://astrograph.net/epages/www_astrograph_net.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/www_astrograph_net/Products/"AG0LS60FHa2/B12") compared to (2) a dedicated solar scope Lunt 60mm + B1200 block? Also, I can see that (1) can be used with different telescopes, but the frontal aperture of the filter is 60mm so differences between telescopes of different apertures will be on magnification (unless I miss something...). Piero
  4. Congratulations for your new purchase John! Looking forward to reading your thoughts as I may start saving up for one one day!
  5. Help me understand eyepieces.

    This seems field curvature (FC) to me (as pointed out by others above). If I understand correctly, you cannot reach focus at the same time on the whole field of view. Assuming that you play with the focuser, can you get pin point stars on axis (at the centre) and off axis (near the edge) when you focus? - If you do, this is a sign of FC. Both my refractors shows FC to some extent (the shorter TV60 shows much more!). - If you don't get pin point stars off axis, it depends on how they look like. A more detailed description would help.
  6. I use them while finding targets, but once the target is in the eyepiece, I take them off. Unless you suffer from astigmatism, you don't need them.
  7. Observing Hood

    The monks hood arrived today and it seems really high quality to me. It just needs a brand name on it! Seriously, the fabric is very good and the hood itself is massive. I haven't yet tried it, but I have no doubt that it can cover ones eye from any external light. Highly recommended!
  8. Observing Chair

    I need to try it and see how it goes. Thanks for the advise!
  9. Observing Chair

    Thanks Shaun posting this! I recently bought a cheap but reasonably good tripod camping stool for observing with the Tak+AZ4. It works okay, but I'm just struggling (as many before me!) to set the best height for the tripod. Extensible chair or pillar would be the solution, but for now I am just using this stool.
  10. The Docter is a great eyepiece. It's a medium-medium/heavy weight Champion though! Personally, I wouldn't use a pair for binoviewing because of the eyepiece weight. Some people do though: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/387859-kowa-highlander-new-eyepieces-in-the-pipeline/#entry4970448
  11. The zooms that I have work well, but to me they become real weapons when combined with a good barlow. I often combine the Zeiss zoom with the VIP barlow (1.76x + baader adapter attached to the zoom.. ~2.23x), and the Nikon zoom MC1 with the Zeiss barlow (2.86x). Not cheap combos, but they give some of the best sights I've ever had, qualitatively speaking. I'm not into binoviewing, but a few people regularly use a pair of (adapted) Nikon zooms with their binos.
  12. If you don't mind ~15mm e.r., the Lunt HDC offer great views. I own the 20mm and is certainly a keeper. The weight is also low, so you should not have serious balancing issues. I'd keep a 1.25" set though. 1.25" eyepieces can always be handy, especially with small refractors. Lunt HDC at APM-telescopes: http://www.apm-telescopes.de/index.html?key=lunt hdc&lang=en&desc=false&anzahl=20&manu=0&cat=0
  13. I'd say that the main reason why I don't feel the need of other eyepieces is because of the zooms I own. At high power in particular, they just do the job, and they do it very well!
  14. Observing Chair

    Hi Shaun ( @Pig ) , when you have a chance, could you post a photo of your wood stool plus foam, please?
  15. Hi John , I'll certainly wait for it! That would be a great Christmas present! One month ago FLO contacted me saying that it might be ready by the end of October, but I'm aware that it took about 6 months for many people. The choice of the colour was a tricky one. I like the red AYO, but the Tak is mostly white with blue writings and some black here and there. My current tripod is a SW 1.75" steel with black top. So eventually, I ordered a black AYO because it fits with most setup. That mount head looks just great! In my opinion it is outstanding on your Berlebach tripod.