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  1. I have the 30mm APM UFF mentioned by Louis. Great eyepiece in my opinion. You can get one from APM telescope.
  2. Piero

    Lunt 20mm HDC

    Weight is certainly an advantage. I don't have an E13, but the weight of my Docter 12.5 + Baader Pushfix adapter is similar. Swapping between the Lunt 20 and the Docter does not need any rebalancing on my scopes. The eyecup of the Lunt 20 is also very good.
  3. Piero

    laser collimator or not

    I have a Glatter + tublug collimation tool, it is fantastic, but not cheap. It can collimate the primary, the secondary, and with some care also the distance of the secondary from the focuser. A Cheshire is sufficient to do the job, though.
  4. Piero

    Another milestone passed on SGL

    Congratulations, John! It has been a pleasure to read your comments over the years and no doubt that they represent a remarkable contribution to the forum and its members. Thank you and well done!
  5. Piero

    Downloading the Dust on the Red Planet

    Superb image! Congratulations!
  6. It looks beautiful, John! Congratulations on your new telescope! Looking forward to reading your reports!
  7. rain and clouds here too...
  8. De Agostini is an Italian publisher. Essentially, they are selling 70 issues to attract readers to Astronomy (~1 per week). It seems that issues come with a piece of a telescope, a Jones-Bird design as Peter pointed out. Considering the cost of an 8" Skywatcher dob and the access to freely accessible astronomy forums (and a few astro forums exist in Italy), I don't think this project is worth it, particularly because purchasers will eventually obtain a toy telescope.
  9. Piero

    Liquid water lake found on Mars

    Here's the article published on Science: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2018/07/24/science.aar7268
  10. Piero

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    Sounds like a plan! On eyepieces I'm pretty much done, after sorting out the longest focal lengths. What I'd like is a Quark eyepiece (from FLO) and then putting my thoughts on how to get a Dobson with certain specs.
  11. Piero

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    The docter is a fantastic eyepiece and I like it even more after semi permanently fixing the baader pushfix adapter to it. Now I can screw the VIP in T2 mode to both the Zeiss zoom and the docter, essentially gaining a 6-5mm UWA when needed. Plus, no need of 2" to 1.25" adapters..
  12. Piero

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    Nice one! I find the 20 HDC stunning with the Tak. My current set of 2" eyepieces is: 30mm APM-UFF, 20mm Lunt, Docter (w adapter), and Zeiss zoom.
  13. I never looked through a Morpheus, but I had the Vixen SLVs 5mm and 9mm. The SLVs are lovely eyepieces in my opinion and optically on par with the TeleVue Delos, apart from the colour tone which was slightly (but noticeable) more neutral in the SLVs - something that I prefer. My SLVs were combined with the Baader VIP 2x using my TeleVue-60. The combo works well. Very well actually. I found that the VIP improved the already good views delivered by the SLVs to almost the top end eyepieces I own. Barlow or not-barlow.... Well, in my opinion, adding a (good) barlow can be a great way to save money, but swapping it all the time can be annoying. It can be valuable when you have, let's say, two medium power eyepieces which are barlowed to get two high power eyepieces. In this case, the barlow stays in the focuser (e.g. on a F6 telescope: 12mm, 8mm ===2x==>>> 6mm, 4mm). This option technically works fine, until the person catches the "what-if" bug and decides to add a 5mm and maybe a 7mm too, hoping to observe more than what the already owned eyepieces provide. At that point, the barlow becomes a frustrating tool, and is often replaced with other eyepieces. Said this, barlows can offer a great tool when combined with a zoom, instead of a single focal length eyepiece. Not many members use this combo, but those who do seem very happy. My Baader VIP 2x is almost exclusively used with a zoom eyepiece. If you are interested in this direction and want something of good quality but on the budget side, you could read this thread by Mod John.
  14. Piero

    What did the postman bring?

    The 42mm gives an exit pupil of 5.67mm in my Tak F7.4. Under my moderately light polluted skies that was useable but the upper limit for me too.
  15. Piero

    What did the postman bring?

    Glad to read that the items arrived safely and as expected. Enjoy them!

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