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  1. I am using the talent cell power pack which seems to last for ages. I have seen that the smaller one actually slides into the battery compartment (not fully, but enough to give a nice tidy solution).
  2. I've just took a very similar one on my ipad. The moon is very photogenic tonight!
  3. Nice one, good shout. Scope is out cooling....fingers crossed!!!
  4. I really like, do you mind if I use it for my Ipad wallpaper?
  5. I have just bought some Opticron 8 x 42 TF3's, mainly for days out etc, but surprised how good they are looking at the night sky.
  6. Hi and welcome. I'm sure someone will be along to answer your photography questions soon. I am just a pure observer.
  7. Hi Fish, The Telrad doesn't quite work like that. You are correct in thinking that the circles are projected onto the plastic screen, but like an aircraft hud, they are only seen when you look at the correct angle. It seems to the eye that they are actually being projected in the distance. So, no there is no parallax error with a telrad. Once you have aligned the Telrad to your scope/finder it will always be pretty bang on. You just adjust your eye alignment to see the circles, then put them over the target. Easy.
  8. Loved the photo, hope you don't mind, but i've downloaded it to add to my other astro pics...
  9. I got my copy through the post and it's ok. I should take yours back and exchange it
  10. I must have looked similar when I saw Saturn for the first time
  11. Nice report DD, and you have given me some top tips for what to look at next time i get outside :-)
  12. hobbes22

    Hi all.

    Hi welcome to SGL, what eyepieces do you have? I have the same scope and with my old 6mm planetary ep, Mars was just clear enough to see some detail. I have now sold that and replaced it with a 8mm BST starguider but haven't had chance to try it yet.
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