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  1. If I post using my PC I do normally check spellings in a different window and cut and paste them in if I have them wrong. If I have a name wrong in any posting it's a sure sign I posted from my 'phone where it is not as easy to check or to type, or where the auto-complete has wrongly kicked in and I haven't noticed. Since the 'phone postings are usually when I am nearly asleep at night this probably doesn't help. LOL
  2. Many thanks folks, I'm glad you didn't mind me asking. I have a book that I'm taking out with me so I'll note down all these suggestions so I have them to hand. The nebulas at the moment I haven't found time for, but the stars are an easier find as I get used to my kit. I'll certainly try all these targets, and have a look at those lists. A basic star is a so-what pinpoint of light, but these coloured and multiple stars have a far greater interest thing for me. I found Castor again last night (no clouds - yay, extremely cold - frozen, but no dew - hurray, all the water vapour was frozen - conditions looked good no 'twinkling'), with the standard 10mm Plossl that came with the telescope (which seems a perfectly adequate little eyepiece to me). Castor from a single spot of light at 26mm resolves, with the 10mm, into perfectly separated dots of light that even appear to have crisp edges - if dots can have edges, i.e. they seem more than pinpoints of light. It's not very scientific, but they are very 'pretty' to see. I am looking forward to trying those you've pointed me at. Thank-you
  3. I know my telescope is not huge, huge, but reading around on the web it seems that 8" is sufficient light gathering for some naturally coloured objects to show their true colours. I wondered if anyone had a few ideas of coloured obects I could try for. I've read about Alberio (sp?) one orange and one blue double star, but my goto sends the telescope nearly horizontal and I can't peer over the garden hedge to see it, so I don't suppose I will ever get to see it. Are there any more coloured things up there tbat I might be able to resolve the colours of with my 8" Dob please .
  4. I guess one positive to come out of astrology is that it must be yet another sub-section of the population who take the time to look up, learn a constellation or three, and must, in the process, admire nature's best effort. So many folks walk around with their noses in computers these days that I bet there are loads who have never admired the night sky or smelled a flower.
  5. SilverAstro, that's right - it applies to goats as well, she used to make appearances at local shows for milking demonstrations. To get her used to people we used to load her up, drive her to where we lived and take her for a walk around the housing estate, then load her up and take her home. Then rules and regs cut in, the housing estate wasn't a 'holding' and the paperwork burden effectively put an end to it.
  6. This gets more interesting, but I think we should be very careful. I note SGL is very keen on applying its, quite fair (IMO), rules against certain subjects of discussion and if we want to see this thread through I think we should try to keep its course on-topic and neutral.
  7. Thanks all. I hadn't considered filling it with something, but it is a good idea if I find it moves too much. It is easy enough to fit the ply onto the top, but I guess it is possible to also turn it upside down and fill it with something if I have some way of attaching the plyboard/flat surface to the other side, Mind you some long bits of wood screwed to the plyboard like legs and dug into the filling might serve - there is no edge on the base to screw anything into, but a system that bolts all the way through might work - I'll have a think if I run into problems. Mind you I have high hopes for a clear evening tonight so I might get a chance to try it out. Dan - Great minds and all that I ordered an adjustable stool for observing yesterday!! Kind of a belt and braces decision.
  8. So after having had and seen several recommendations I've had a bash at a water-butt stand 'riser' for my new Dob. The base wasn't quite big enough for the Dob's feet - they'd have gone on, but it wasn't 'secure' so I've added a bit of 'marine' plyboard with three coach bolts to the top and reinforced any gaps underneath with more board. I've built what I intended to (and quite pleased with myself to have done so), but it is fair to say that there is a little 'flex' in the system from the movement in the plastic walls of the stand that the dob stand alone doesn't have. Can anyone see this as a problem with the motorised drive on the system please? It is quite strong though - I can easily jump up and down on it. I must admit it has lifted the telescope to more easily 'used' less back-breaking height and this is a def. plus point. So have I built roughly what other people have and can you see it working please?
  9. Now which of you is my tall, dark, rich, handsome, stranger?
  10. So you actually think there are people out there who whole-heartedly believe in astrology? I can honestly say I have never met anyone who has indicated to me that they do. I tend to look upon astrology as a bit of fun, written to be broad enough to always find a way of being applied to someone's life if they think about long enough. To give a starting chat up line if one is needed. Of course its all tosh, yet I bet most folk know their zodiacal constellation of birth and possibly their Chinese animal. They are just those bits of knowledge you seem to acquire. In common with most people I actually fit the common traits normally associated with my star sign, but its all cleverly done so that everone can see the positive traits in their descriptions and associate themselves with said positive attribute. It's human nature to find a way of applying good things to yourselve esp. if you are told you should demonstrate them. I find the same with my Chinese star sign. Its all cleverly done to work that way. I am also sure that it was just the one chance in 12 that my ex. was the Chinese starsign said to be most incompatible with mine. Those are good odds to win on, but folks never look at things like that. No, I don't think folks believe in horoscopes Surely they are just read for fun.
  11. johnfosteruk I wanted to go out observing, I think SilverAstro popped out earlier too. The day looked set fair for a good evening here, it was a clear as a bell until about 3pm then a load of flat 'mackerel' clouds rolled in and you could scarcely see Venus let alone M42 which I had designs on. If I look out of the window at the moment you wouldn't think there were any stars in existence :-( Still I've had many smiles from this thread and its been fun 'getting to know' folks a little better with some spirited 'banter'.
  12. ajk - "Woosh!!" Over me 'ed Ooops!
  13. Are you sure you don't mean in Pisces - it would explain a lot ;-)
  14. SilverAstro, as you probably know I haven't been around SGL for very long, but I am enjoying this thread - I am getting a huge kick out realising that (as I might have expected from astonomers) that I am in respected and esteemed company with scientific skills and knowledge - it's a whole different level of conversation to other places I've logged onto.
  15. Maybe you were, but the mark of a person is being able to exercise restraint when it's appropriate ;-)