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  1. I hope you have fun with it and lots of clear skies. It looks just like the sort of classic telescope that as a child you envisage a telescope should look like. Apologies to other Dob relector converts, but they don't have that classic telescope look about them like the one here does do they?
  2. How much is there in the budget? There is a solar eclipse somewhere in the States this year!
  3. If it's like mine I was able to buy a three pin plug mains power supply from FLO for mine. HTH
  4. Alfian, I used to think the same about maps and satnavs (I read maps really well), and used to not think that a satnav could ever beat me and and a map - until I ended up on list of big D statistics and started to drive alone and realised that balancing the map on the steering wheel couldn't be safe and got a Tomtom - best decision I ever made and properly pre-programmed it is brilliant. I think this is why I am so open to the idea of the GoTo unit making sense. Again though the active words are 'properly pre-programmed' with where you want to arrive at and how you want to get there (i.e. properly calibrated), otherwise, as with blindly following the TT, with the GoToyou can end up in the middle of no-where with no conception of how you got there or any idea of where you are! This is why it helps to have some idea or where you expect the GoTo to get to :-D
  5. You watch something like that and could very easily believe that it was sky rather than us that is moving couldn't you?
  6. Ooops.......Damn these cloudy nights: As above plus: Meade colour filter set 2 (#11 Yellow Green, #25A Red, #47 Violet, and #82A Light Blue) - Yes, I know I said I wasn't going down the coloured filter route, but for a tenner (yes, a tenner!) I thought I'd see what effect they have - I paid more than that to park in York for over 5 hours the other week! Explore Scientific H-beta 1.25" filter and Baader ND 3.0 1.25" filter - couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, and I guess they will always be worth what I paid - they do seem to be another 2 filters that I see mentioned from time to time - what with the UHC and O-III already obtained and now the H-Beta I think that's nebulas here I come! I might try the ND 3.0 with the moon - yes? I've also got a dual mounter for both the RA Finder and Red dot scopes both at the same time - I hope I can get them both angled correctly (it's been even too cold during the day to find out. There's a guy in Poland on ebay making the dual mount holder on a 3D printer for £8 + postage - I thought the cash was low enough to write off if no good, but TBH I'm rather impressed with the object. I've got a rather flash adjustable ironing seat to view from Also on order is the expensive branded film to make a solar filter from Oh, yes, and I've got another aluminium box full of foam on the way!! Did I mention I'm not impressed with cloudy nights - Mind you I am resisting the EP's as I think I have most bases covered there now.
  7. Agreed - I've used mine around 10 times so far and the only nebulous looking faint grey fuzzy I've viewed is M42 in Orion and you can't really miss that one if Orion is up there as on a clear night you can practically see it with the naked eye. I tend to think there is a bit of a black art to viewing faint grey fuzzies. Edit: Should that be a 'grey art'?
  8. As you know I don't use a set, but more senior SGLers might be able to comment - is this a binoculars and tripod scenario?
  9. You could send the new one to me to hide long term and I'd promise not to tell
  10. Well it wouldn't keep things dry, but I've been looking for a solid windbreak like structure to try and keep a cold wind off. I can't run to these, but someone might find them useful - I thought they were rather useful looking:
  11. Oh, I forgot to add that if you are in a hurry the Goto (as I did allude above), doesn't stop me spotting Jupiter and a clear spot in the sky dashing into the porch to lift the scope and stand outside, lining Jupiter and the scope up with the top of the kids swing (I have the space to have a bit of shift around), grabbing a handy EP and being on Jupiter in about 3 minutes flat from sitting in my front room. The Goto system on my set-up certainly has no issues with if you want to use the scope manually (though I get the impression this isn't the case with all of the electronic systems?)
  12. Sounds like plenty of DEET needed. Could you wrap yourself up in a mosquito net?
  13. I must admit I too struggle with the notion that the Goto means you don't learn your way around the sky. When I've had it working the Goto has been quite instructive - I know where a lot of objects are now that I didn't last November (telescope bought in December). It's difficult to work out the reasoning around people not thinking that it is less 'educational'. I don't know how many people out there let the things drive and peer through the EP's and never look up to see exactly where they have been plonked, I certainly don't. On the contrary I think you will find the majority of Goto users probably know exactly where we have been plonked within minutes of arriving and could then go back there manually. In fact with my telescope it is sold on the basis that to save in the time it could take to drive itself there you can roughly shunt the telescope to where the object is and then let the Goto do the final positioning - to do this would require prior knowledge of where you want to end up (as I think was alluded to above). Mind you the reason I bought the telescope with the Goto was probably more for the tracking. I liked the idea of the Dobson when SGL were helping me - simple, foolproof, cheap, light-gathering etc. However, I knew that my family were going to want to look too and they wouldn't be able to get the hang of gentle nudging - let alone the time taken for everyone to take a peak (they had experimented with my Ex's many years ago - I still recall the hilarity of cries of 'I can't see the [mild expletive] moon' when it was by far the largest thing in the sky!). So, when I found I could one of these lovely Dobson telescopes with a finding things computer and that could stay on an object for upwards of half hour at a time it sounded an ideal solution and I am pleased with it for my needs - some might argue that I should have spent the extra cash on a larger mirror, but looking at what I have we couldn't have managed much bigger for regular use and I am really pleased that I went with the tracking system - the Goto bit is just an added plus.
  14. The finderscope and 2 EP's sounds right to me. Generous extras are good too. Make sure you also get the base!! LOL
  15. Go-on then I'll take 'em both - PM incoming