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  1. Oxford fabric chimnea cover used here on a 200P - check out the well known auction site for loads of shapes, materials and prices - also check out patio furniture covers - no need to pay the earth and some are very good quality materials.
  2. That's a steady hand, at 1/60th the detail in the moon is wonderful - great shot IMO
  3. I've spotted Mars in the late evening a couple of times this week and that looked spectacular to the naked eye too!
  4. I've got the 200P flextube goto. There isn't much that is that is overly technical about setting them up. Any goto system works in a similar way. The 200P is undoubtedly improved by the WiFi gizmo that you can get for it which attaches to a mobile phone app. FWIW if I bought again I'd get the same scope.
  5. What I always find astonishing about pictures of telescopes like that is it all boils down a fairly standard off-the-shelf EP that anyone can own jammed in the EP holder!
  6. I wonder if the OP has seen this thread? If not it might be worth them looking through at least page one an looking at the pictures and explanations.
  7. FWIW if you haven't already found it check out this thread, esp. the pictures on the first page and the explanations it has some great information in it:
  8. I wear glasses, I use Morpheus, I don't find any issues fwiw.
  9. Check out chimnea covers and patio furniture covers (Esp. for stacks of chairs) on places like Amazon and ebay. Various grades and materials - fabric and plastic based - Oxford fabric is fairly durable for patio things I've found. I find a chimnea cover goes over my Dob a treat.
  10. Deionised water IS different from distilled, but I cannot imagine either damaging optical equipment. DI water is often used for steam irons and topping up lead acid batteries and I imagine would be useful on optical equip. or for mixing with IPA https://www.amazon.co.uk/CarPlan-DIW250-De-Ionised-Water/dp/B00FRIH094/ref=sr_1_5?adgrpid=54722411738&dchild=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI19Ounpjf6wIVTOd3Ch2w_wUaEAAYASAAEgJk0vD_BwE&hvadid=259088749393&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9045038&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=9815806837557291122&hvtargid=kwd-306094015612&hydadcr=28150_1724812&keywords=water+for+irons&qid=1599761568&sr=8-5&tag=googhydr-21
  11. I don't have anything that really needs cleaning, but I must admit to an inbuilt resistance to waste cash on over-priced supremely marketted materials that can be purchased for a fraction of the price by buying generic equivalents (lots of medications come under that hat). Thus, I would not buy the Baader Wonder fluid on principle as I believe that generic diluted in purified water, isopropyl alcohol would probably serve in exactly the same manner. However, just a point about the content of SDS sheets. An SDS sheet is only OBLIGATED to list any chemical ingredients in a product which are themselves classed as 'hazardous' under EU definitions. Thus, although it is probably the case that the missing %age content on the Baader wonder fluid IS pure water (that's what I tend to imagine it is myself), it doens't HAVE to be water - it could be any other ingredient not in itself deamed 'hazardous', so it might be an inert non-haz. natural additive, or something like sodium thiosulphate. So just because there is missing percentage on an SDS sheet it need not be just water.
  12. Oh, well it was just an idea to do a search and see what I could find. I don't use kit like that so I wouldn't have appreciated the difference.
  13. It's a long time ago (but that doesn't stop stolen gear from being recovered), but I searched in SGL threads for the word 'stolen' and came up with an EQ6 - and a white one here mentioned in the third posting on the thread: is it a possibility?
  14. Is there any danger with all these satellites that we will planet-lock ourselves with spacecraft being unable to find a route through the space junk?
  15. FWIW I wear specs and never use any of the provided eyecups on any of my EP's I just hover above them at appropriate height to see things nicely. The only thing I've ever had which I need to use eye cups on, strangely is my new (2nd hand) bins that I got from SGL they are Nikon prostaff P511 10x50 and just will not become useable unless I've wound out the eye cups.
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