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  1. Oh dear... oh dear....

    Looks like a load of tat to me a quick internet search reveals that you don't have to spend much more to get something you might stand a chance of actually seeing something through. I.e. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01KV9C3HM/ref=sspa_mw_detail_1?psc=1 I think at 3 he might still be old enough to be frustrated if he can't see something through it. I think I'd take it off its stand and tell him its to play pirates with!
  2. Am I the only one that finds it astonishing that whatever way up The Plough is or where it is relative to Polaris the ploughshare still points towards it. The Constellation must just rotate around the North Star.
  3. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Apparently Santa has got a delivery to the North Pole :-D
  4. Following on from my thought chain above - why not consider a truss tube 10" - the performance of the 10" mirror with the additional portability that the truss tube will allow.
  5. As you've got EP's I think it boils down to portability vs. more light gathering. If you can't see yourself wanting to regularly transport it anywhere then maybe the 10", if you want to regularly dump it in a small hot-hatch and zoom of to somewhere dark then the 8" might be more convenient. Don't forget that both also come as extendable tube versions.
  6. You guys all need Skoda Octavia Estates! There are very few practical objects that cannot be fitted in back if an Octavia estate! I once had an in-tact dining table and 6 chairs in one and, if memory serves , another time we managed 3 bicycles without needing ro remove their front whèels!
  7. anyone? Teehee - it's even better than the great reflector vs refractor debate!
  8. Dropping items onto the main mirror! I must admit I hadn't even considered the chance of doing this. In fact I would have thought that the truss tubes would have minimised this possiblity, i.e. if you dropped something through the middle gap that there would be a good chance of it falling through onto the floor and if you dropped something at the secondary vanes end I would have thought there was a good chance that it would fall out of the side before it hit the primary - something that couldn't happen with a solid tube. In fact I would think you'd need to have the OTA fairly vertical before something falling at any point on a truss tube setup would be likely to hit the primary.
  9. Somehow, I've managed to avoid this calamity :-D OK, so I'll concede - it sounds like a shroud or not at night may depend on your local situation.
  10. The ring nebula I found to be one of the most astounding things in the sky - it just seems too artificial and neatly shaped to be real
  11. The slide is as smooth as silk - niallk, I sense there is a chance that you haven't played with one of these - for your own interest if you get a chance I think you would find it interesting to experiment with one Only strictly necessary during the day I look at how mine is put together and it seems pretty indestructible to me - I wouldn't mind betting there are folks with older ones than mine who are having no mechanical issues I am not sure about this as the secondary faces the same direction as on the fixed tube and is the same distance from the end of the OTA. I actually have dew shields, but I've not needed to fit them.
  12. I'm sure your solar finder is where my Swiss army knife in it's black leather pouch is. That's been AWOL over two years now. However, I did find an important document that had been lost for over 15 months when I cleared my desk recently so I still hope it could turn up.
  13. Gas struts suddenly failing

    In my experience with car boots it's going to be the cold. The gas expands less when the strutt is cold. The seals could also contract or crack in the cold letting some gas escape
  14. solar filter

    I really like the cake tin approach. I wish I'd have done that - brilliant idea.
  15. "No truss rods to put together" is a bit misleading. On my 8" Dob the truss rods are in situ. You just loosen three nuts and literally pull the top up into the air until it stops and then tighten the hand-driven nuts backup - 10 seconds tops and as quick to reverse! I know some of the really big truss rod OTA's are a bit more like a Meccano set, but the Skywatcher flex-tubes are simplicity itself to extend and use and then collapse.