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  1. JOC


    You could also do with scrolling down and viewing the pictures on this page even if you don't read the text:
  2. JOC


    I set mine horizontal and take off the cap. Possibly, invest in a Cheshire (not at all expensive) and follow this guide to check http://www.astro-baby.com/astrobaby/help/collimation-guide-newtonian-reflector/ Assuming that this is without the Barlow (otherwise you would be down to 3-5mm - which might make things a little harder, but I would think you'd see something with a 10") you should see something nice with the moon at 10mm - I have an 8" and I get cracking views at 10mm. Are you winding the focus in and out enough? On my Skywatcher the focus wheel has a screw on it - in the middle that it is really easy to grab and twist by accident - if this is twisted then no amount of twiddling the focus wheels will get the focus turret to move in and out. Make sure when you twist the focus wheels that the focus tube is actually driving in an out. In the dark its really easy to imagine that it is moving because you are twisting the wheels when actually nothing is happening because this fixed focus screw has been accidentally moved. It does sound a daft thing, but I only mention it because it has happened to me.
  3. Not to mention how cold it can be at night in the winter - there are some dedicated folks on SGL who layer up with overcoats and all and sundry to go out and view in any weather, but, although I have the coats and hats, I often don't have the inclination to step away from the sofa and the fire! NB. Considering the nice kit I have this is a real shame - the way I look at it is that I have the kit when I want to use it, but as noted above it's not often.
  4. Don't go out and buy one from a camera shop, or Argos, or Jessops or a National geographic one and don't be seduced by the pictures on the sides of the boxes or in their blurb . Also, get a hold of your husband's and your own expectations. Before buying it is well worth taking a look at this thread: Even if you don't read all the text scroll down and look at the pictures - the tiny ones were taken with a 4" telescope.
  5. JOC

    WOW ..... An AAPOD!!!

    Well done, that's a nice shot. I find it quite amazing at how much detail you can see of the moon just with home kit. I see a lot just with what I have, but that's a super shot. A worthy winner.
  6. Just for my own interest I'm going to add one of the single subs to this page. It's still amazing how many more stars appear when they are stacked!!
  7. Well I am quite amazed, the camera did appear respond to changing the aperture setting with the Yongnuo lens in place - on the low end the adjust runs it down to the expected F1.8 and allows it to run up to F22 on the high side. It's more than running the numbers on the screen too, as I def. got a change in shutter length when I tried it on an aperture priority setting as though the iris (in the lens I assume) was indeed changing in size and controlling the amount of light that was entering. The camera is essentially an 1100D (it's actually a Rebel T3 - a 'grey import' I think, but it's been a nice camera).
  8. I have been very impressed by just how compatible the lens is - yes it is that one. All the autofocus things work so I guess everthing else will too. I just read that it was a 1.8 lens and assumed that the camera couldn't alter this, but as you point out, maybe it can, but via the camera itself. I'll certainly have a look and see when I have a few minutes tomorrow, it has to be worth a few minutes fiddling. Many thanks for the idea.
  9. Do you find that you need to put a foot or both on the castor stand to use the scope and does doing so cause any vibrations? I love the big Dobs with handles and wheels in that thread though!
  10. JOC

    Wooden pier

    You could drop some WBC bee hive sections over the top - that would look pretty!
  11. JOC

    Broken my Duck

    I know it's not what's needed for an technically 'good' astro photo, but I must admit to a soft spot for photos like that with star-bursts all over the place - those are far nicer shots aesthetically to put on the wall!
  12. I had taken some care to buy some suitable bolts and had added a really good strong wooden top to my one to make the mounting face a little bit larger for the Dob base width, but even that didn't help with the flexing issue. Filling it with cement would probably work, but then it becomes fairly unshiftable so you would want to know where you wanted to stand it and concrete it almost in situ I think. I guess then it might even be possible to drop out the concrete like a sand castle and dispense with the plastic stand altogether.
  13. They may not be desirable, but they sure are pretty! TBH I am surprised that you didn't get any tails with a 2 min exposure unguided. I've been sticking to 10 and 15 seconds which is far less time to avoid any rotation effects.
  14. FWIW I built a lovely top for a Water butt stand base for my 8" Dob and it brought the height up wonderfully. The only issue was that there turned out to be sufficient flex in the Water butt stand (which did feel solid) for the movement to be noticeable, and I reluctantly stopped using it. I think would have been OK if I had filled it with concrete and let it set before turning it over to use. In the finish I got a couple cheap adjustable height bar stools from ebay and keep one set high and one set low.
  15. Err, for the novice - what's wrong with it?

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