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Found 65 results

  1. After receiving great advice from this group, I decided to purchase this TeleVue 2x Barlow! It's going on my Skywatcher Evostar Pro 80mm. I have an ES 6.7 eyepiece I want to use with it. Can’t wait to give it a go!
  2. Hello you wonderful people,sorry i have not been on here much lately,busy life and terrible cold/flu, i am considering purchasing a Barlow lense, and i would very much appreciate your thoughts and input, as a total newbie, i dont know very much, i know i want to get a 1,25 x2 barlow, but is it ok to buy a generic or should i buy a brand name and spend a little more, does it matter what i buy. I have seen them ranging from £6.00 upwards i was thinking of getting the celestron for about £25. Anyway thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment, best regards Dave.
  3. Hi I have a Meade sct and I’m a complete novice and was wonder where to install my 2x Barlow lens. Thanks in advance for help
  4. Hi there, I am still new to amateur astronomy and astrophotography. I recently took my first steps towards moon and Jupiter photography. While I am satisfied with my moon pictures, I am struggling with Jupiter. I am a bit desperate, so I hope that maybe someone good give me a couple of useful hints so I can learn and improve. When shooting Jupiter without any barlow lense or eyepiece, I manage to get a sharp picture and am actually reasonably satisfied with the results (see attachments named "ok.."). I use Firecapture to shoot something like 3000 single images (mostly JPEG because I had issues with other formats.. maybe this is one of my first mistakes) and stack them afterwards. When recording AVI movies with Firecapture and dissecting them to single pictures afterwards, my results are less sharp than taking photos, so I sticked to recording images instead of movies. When the image is stacked, I continue with editing using Registax. After tweaking around, I obtain a sharp image of Jupiter as a result. Now to my issue: I want to obtain bigger images from planets, especially Jupiter, and therefore bought a premium 3x barlow lense. I tested it on the moon and was very satisifed when comparing the view (and images) to my cheap 2x barlow lense. So I think I managed to see the difference and I think that the new barlow lense does quite well. When putting the ASI ZWO cam into the barlow lense and shooting Jupiter, the effects of the seeing increases (as I expected) and the image starts getting more noisy, but the single frames I see within Firecapture are still ok (at least that is what I think, maybe I am wrong there). I play around with the values for gain and shutter speed, select the Jupiter profile and start shooting (max. 180s because of Jupiter's rotation, I receive around 20 - 50 FPS, depends on the shutter speed, ofc). After 3 minutes, I receive between 2000 and 4500 single JPEGs, depending on my settings. Of course I know BMP or TIFF should be better, however I often have issues with Firecatpure's BMPs/TIFFs when putting them into pre-processing software such as Pipp. I pre-process, stack and edit my images and then still have a blurry Jupiter in front of me (see attachment, images named "stack.."). No matter what I do and how I tune the settings within Registax, Jupiter won't become any sharper when using the stacks which were recorded through my 3 x barlow lense. Could this be because of my recordings (bad image format, not enough frames..)? Do I need more frames when recording through a barlow lense? Or can't I do any better under the conditions of my site (see below)? Are there any tricks when recording through a barlow, do I need other settings or shall I use another software? I attached the stacked image ("stack6_raw.tif") and am curious if someone could get more out of it. For me, this tif looks like the stacked pictures of the small Jupiter pictures, and I managed to get them sharper. So I wonder if it's me or if I simply can't expect more when using a barlow lense? If so, how can I shoot bigger and sharper pictures of Jupiter then (without having to switch my telescope, I know that my Newton is not the "planet killer"). I am greatful for all hints! My equipment and software I use: EQ6-R Pro with GoTo 8" inch Newton (200PDS 200mm 1000mm f/5) 3x Premium Barlow ASI ZWO 290 Color and cooled Recording: Firecapture Preprocessing: Pipp (Planetary, output in TIF) Stacking: Autostackert 3 Editin: Registax6 My site: Germany Small town, lots of light pollution, but it's still "ok" Mid - strong seeing on most days stack6_raw.tif single_stack6.tif single_small_jupiter.tif
  5. Selling an 2x ED Barlow - not required and I'm pretty sure I only used it once! It's this one on FLO - http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-eyepieces/skywatcher-ed-deluxe-2x-two-inch-barlow-lens.html Caps but no box, but will be securely packed and protected for delivery. Pics to follow later... £35 Price includes UK delivery
  6. Found an old (apparently USA model) celestron C8 SCT a while back, its a bit hit n miss with collimation and the optics - (some very strange star test shapes :P) but when it works it works well Here is a couple images from a couple months back. Thanks for looking. This particular night seeing was reasonably good, and collimation wasn't too bad either. Celestron C8 / ASI120MC / 2X barlow - captured in sharpcap2, stacked in autostakkert!2, wavelets in registax6
  7. My telescope is the Skywatcher Explorer 130P GoTo Is it worth getting a 2.5mm EP for my telescope or a x3 Barlow lens. I'm asking because i would love to see mars and Saturn closer up for finer detail.
  8. Are these same as the Baader, or different lenses in a Baader body?
  9. For less extreme magnification than 2x but which would take 2 inch eps, I was considering the Antares 1.6x Barlow. Using it in my 500mm refractor and 1260mm dob the latter with a Paracorr 2. Is this a good Barlow to get?
  10. Hello (again) I have a Skywatcher Deluxe 2x Barlow for sale. Hardly used, so in great nick! £15 inc. postage. Thanks
  11. Great little Barlow, but as I have an ES FE, I don't really need it. Excellent condition and it will be posted in a bolt box. £22 posted to mainland UK. PayPal preferred.
  12. so I'm getting a new set up that's a lot easier on the back and I've got everything ironed out expect one critical element, pardon the pun. Here is the layout http://www.telescope.com/mobile/checkout/basket.cmd my dilemma is choosing a decent 2" Barlow. I've narrowed the choice between the Celestron 2" 2.5x luminos https://www.telescopesplus.com/collections/telescope-accessories/products/celestron-2-inch-luminos-2-5x-barlow-lens and the orion 2" 2x http://www.telescope.com/mobileProduct/Accessories/Barlow-Lenses/Orion-2-2x-Barlow-Lens/pc/3/c/41/102344.uts I'm only looking between those two and I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom from those of you who use one or the other on their 10" dobsonian telescope. Thanks for the assistance and clear skies everyone.
  13. Datyson DC623 x3 "Achromatic" Barlow lens, Chinese made, cost about £12 inc postage (from ebay). On arrival I saw it was all-metal and finished in black. All the screw parts were rattly loose so I was easily able to confirm that it contained just one negative lens element. I wanted something to check out how my f5 200p Helios behaved at around x300, so I took a chance on ordering one of these cheap Barlows. In my 127mm Mak it made the view bigger without adding any obvious crud of its own. In my f5 Startravel, it worked and the aberration of the scope itself masked any possible defects in the Barlow. In the 200p, paired with a Baader Classic Ortho 10mm, it split the double Pi Aquilae (1.4") which I had struggled to see otherwise. Verdict: worth considering if you don't need or can't afford a premium quality Barlow. The lens alone would cost more than the asking price if ordered from an optic lens supplier.
  14. After a great hour viewing i stuck the dmk 21 mono into the 9.25 sct and put the IR pass 742nm filter and did a few barlow shots then just some random rilles ect enjoy i did avaerage 1200 frames 900 stacked
  15. Having had another go at imaging Jupiter, I used both a Celestron Ex-Cel 2x and an unbranded 3x barlow. Comparing the results of the two, the 2x drizzled 1.5x looks better than the 3x. I guess I'm stating the obvious that all barlows are not equal, but the question then is, how do you choose one? Given I have a Meade 8" SCT as my primary planetary scope (2000mm focal length, f/10), I'm thinking about getting a nicer barlow at or above 3x specifically for use in planetary imaging. Any specific suggestions?
  16. Hello everyone, I've got a question. I want to upgrade the visual back on the Mak 127. The standard back on the Mak is not pleasant to work with as seen in the image. I need to get rid of this plastic thing. I purchased a mak to sct adapter when I bought the scope, I never got around to doing anything until now as I've just acquired a Baader 2.25x barlow as shown in the image. Now, I've had a go of attaching the the Baader Barlow into the original plastic thing on the mak, it works .... but I'm not happy with the connection being made with the two locking screws, as there is still movement when the barlow, t-ring and Canon DSLR are all in the train. I've been having a look on FLO for some work around, does anyone have some input as to whether this will work. Mak to sct adapter-> Baader 2 inch to 1.25 reducer adapter->Baader 2.25x barlow + T ring & DSLR https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-2-to-125-reducer-adapter.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/BaaderT2ext-1508153.html Any input or a better way of securing everything is greatly appreciated! Another option I've come across is this , Baader ClickLock 2"-1.25" Adapter and Baader T2 Extension Tube to bring it to 40mm when attached to the mak to sct adapter. Anyone have any experience with this?
  17. This may be a dumb question but can you stack barlows together? like a x3 under a x2 or the other way, would it be x5 or x6?? I was thinking of getting a x3 barlow for higher magifacation .
  18. Expensive. Has anyone got/used a Zeiss Abbe Barlow? Are there lower priced equivalents proved equally as good?
  19. I just bought a T-ring adapter for my nikon d3000 and want to connect it to my celestron powerseeker 127EQ, I have read some tutorials about focusing but can't understand it clearly.. (English is not my native language and there's no much info in spanish) SO I saw in a video that I can use a barlow lens to achieve focusing but I'm not sure if this works, I have a 3x barlow. Am I missing something? Is there any other piece I'm missing for achieving focus? I have seen many videos where they connect the t-ring to another weird tubes to enlarge everything but I dont know if I need those.. I'm a total noob in this Can someone explain to me how prime focus works? What else I need to buy to focus? Help please
  20. Hi All, I need to get a new 2x Barlow lens and looking online prices vary from a few quid to several hundred quid. While I am happy to go on a research tour of the internet, I thought I would get more mileage out of this group. :-) My telescope is a Bresser AR-102S/600, is there anything in particular in a Barlow that I should be looking for? I am just getting into AP, but do like to just look at things every now and again. Thanks in advance for any advice. James
  21. Hi everyone, I am just starting to use my canon 1200D with my telescope using a t-ring and ofcourse want more magnification but i want a set of barlow lenses not just say 2x or 3x, so i hit ebay looking for cheap but sort of ok quality ones, I came across datyson ones for under £10 which on at least one site have good reviews but obviously i am not going to take the word of a site i dont know that sell thems word for it so I figured i would ask here, if anyone has tried these and can give a honest assessment of them it is the members on this site
  22. Mainly for my TV Genesis, I am looking for a 2 inch, 2x Barlow for use with LVW 42mm & NLVW 30mm eyepieces. To have good quality 21mm & 15mm equivalent eps with 2 inch fitting. Prefer to be able to insert the Barlow fully into my diagonal's ep end. 2x isn't exact magnification, as optical quality is more important. Any increase in eye relief is OK so a TV Powermate's speciality in not increasing the er is not essential. I decided to try a decent Barlow with my rich field scope first, to see if I want to really upsize aperture & focal length in a refractor.
  23. In basically as new condition, with one slight mark on the barrel which was there from new. This is a Revelation fully multi-coated three element x2.5 Barlow. It has a non marring compression ring fitting and is 1.25" format. Has both caps but I don't think I have the box still. Looking for £20 plus £2.50 P&P via PayPal fees paid or bank transfer. Offering here first, then will put on ABS at the weekend. Thanks, Stu
  24. Evening everyone. Quick question about eyepieces in simple terminology: I understand that the lower the number of an eyepiece, the more zoom it provides, and different makers provide different FOV. My question is that, for example, if I use a 2x Barlow with an 8mm ep, would I have a 4mm ep? (12mm+2x = 6mm; 40mm+2x = 20mm, etc.)
  25. Hey guys, I recently purchased the Orion XT6 and I've been very pleased thus far. I've been using a 25mm eyepiece, and was slightly disappointed. I'm very new and didn't realize all the technical stuff about eyepieces. I'm very much into viewing things like the planets, not as much deep space. (Jupiter and Saturn especially) So, that being said, should I get a 10mm, a x2 Barlow or should I just get something else? I'm really looking forward to seeing your suggestions! (If you have any photos of Jupiter or the planets using one of the eyepieces with no added zoom from the camera, etc that would also be great) cheers, Tom
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