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  1. Aperture Fever Strikes!

    One final word of thanks to @alanjgreen for drawing my attention to the add for this scope in the first place
  2. Aperture Fever Strikes!

    Thank you, Iain and thank you for your help with the decision to buy the scope. Greatly appreciated
  3. Aperture Fever Strikes!

    It’s arrived! Big thanks to Steve @steppenwolf for meeting me and selling me his scope! Rest assured that it’s found a good home where it will be well loved
  4. Galaxy hunting with a ghost

    Fingers crossed, Gus. It’s been beautiful all day. Barely a cloud to be seen. Just arrived home and it’s a total cloud out. I’m not complaining though. Had a couple of great sessions this week. Hope those clouds stay away for you
  5. Galaxy hunting with a ghost

    Thanks Gus! The ghost is well worth seeking out. It’s an easy spot if you’ve got decent skies
  6. Galaxy hunting with a ghost

    Great guide, Stephan. Thanks for sharing
  7. Galaxy hunting with a ghost

    Thanks Alex. Glad you enjoyed It’s a great feeling when the weather finally turns in your favour. Have an awesome time. Looking forward to your report
  8. SH2-278

    Lol there’s no shame in it, Gerry. It’s going to take more than a Telrad and a copy of the S&T Pocket Sky Atlas to find a target like that There can’t be many amateur astronomers on the planet who would even conceive of looking for something like that, let alone actually see it. It’s very impressive. Do you think you’ll be able to do it with one of your existing eyepieces?
  9. SH2-278

    What a stunning target. Very best of luck with that. This is article I found on it, for interest. http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/2015/mar/05/gravitational-lensing-creates-einsteins-cross-of-distant-supernova
  10. SH2-278

    Every time I see your signature, I wonder when it will be ready! Really looking forward to reading of your adventures with the 24” dob. With your observational skills, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to read that you spotted a little green man waving back at you
  11. Pedalling against the tide.

    Having never used a telescope, when I got my first scope, I immediately threw away the manual. No need for that. As a result, for my first few sessions, to make the telescope go up and down, I used to crank the T-bar on the EQ mount. You know, the one where you set your latitude for polar alignment! It made it pretty hard work getting onto targets. A quick hunt through the bin for the instructions and I soon saw the error of my ways. NEVER READ THE INSTRUCTIONS
  12. Star Hopping

    I went for a Telrad and it made a massive difference to me. Originally I was using Sky and Telescope Pocket Atlas. Now I tend to use SkySafari with the Telrad circles as Stu showed. I don’t have a finder beyond that. There are times when a RACI would definitely have helped. Doing it through the eyepiece takes a lot of getting used to with everything being reversed. It comes with practice though
  13. Galaxy hunting with a ghost

    The ghost was ace! Really nice interlude to the galaxies. Norfolk Star Party! Bring it on
  14. Galaxy hunting with a ghost

    Thanks Stephan. I couldn’t think of another reason for the name for Jupiter’s Ghost. I’m soon to be the owner of a 10” dob and Markarian’s Chain will certainly be one of my first targets with that
  15. Deep Sky and a little bit Solar system

    Great report, Gert! The 130mm SkyWatcher scopes are great performers! Like you, I've tried and failed to get the E and F stars with mine!