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  1. Interesting. I'm not sure but would assume it's the older version
  2. Got it off AstroBuySell. I'd been planning on getting the SkyWatcher Filters too but got lucky and found the Astronomiks second hand for not too much more than what the SkyWatchers cost new. I'm sure they'll keep me happy for some time. I've nearly assembled the basic set of kit I wanted, after that no more purchases this year! I'll just be putting what I have through it's paces
  3. Just picked up a bargain second hand Astronomik OIII. Here's hoping for lots of clear skies this summer
  4. It's literally a red dot. Is it worth investing in a proper telrad? Something like this? Ooops. I've gone a bit off topic here though I guess the method of finding would have an impact on what map you'd use.
  5. I just bought the S&T pocket atlas. Was using it with Stellarium yesterday to get an idea of how useful it would be. Initial impression is that it's great for inspiration as to what to look at but not detailed enough to find/identify the targets with. I'll probably pick up SkySafari plus as a companion to the Atlas when it next goes on sale. Looks like they normally reduce it towards the end of May. I think the Atlas would be more useful with a better finder. Currently I only have a red dot finder
  6. A UHC filter is basically an OIII and H-Beta filter combined, or at least that's my understanding! So there's no advantage to combining them
  7. This is why I went for the UHC first. An OIII filter is definitely on the list though. Will the UHC really be that limited on the Veil?
  8. I've just picked up an ES68 24mm and an Astronomik UHC filter which I'm hoping will give some good views of the Veil over the summer
  9. Job done Thank you for all the encouragement and advice!
  10. I'm committed now! Wish me luck!
  11. I've tried a few shots with my iPhone 6 but it's always horribly over exposed. No colours. Good work
  12. I was going to centre spot the primary mirror on my SkyWatcher Explorer 130 tonight using the guide below: I couldn't figure out how to get the primary mirror assembly off though. I found the thread below: It's put me off doing it a little bit. I'm worried about damaging the mirror or not being able to get it back on afterwards. Is it worth the effort to centre spot it? Are there better options for collimation?
  13. I was out doing the same thing tonight There's a fantastic app called Gas Giants which is super helpful with identifying the moons and seeing when the GRS is facing Earth
  14. Are there any decent budget OIII filters? I had the SkyWatcher one on my shopping list. Though I want to get the UHC first
  15. Last night's viewing accessories šŸ˜