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  1. 4mm University Optics Ortho

    Looking for a 4mm University Optics Ortho. I’d prefer the HD version but would be happy with the volcano top version Many thanks
  2. 4mm Ortho

    Edit: This should been Triton not Titan. Don’t think I need 300x for Titan
  3. 4mm Ortho

    Thank you everyone for all the great advice. All the Vixen eyepieces mentioned sound really good. I've decided to still go down the ortho route first. I've had such good experiences with my existing orthos and haven't been troubled by the eye relief. They can also be picked up cheaply secondhand so cost isn't a concern. If I don't get on with the ortho then I'm sold on a 4mm SLV I may even get the SLV to compliment the ortho. Options are always good!
  4. Hope and Patience win

    Great report, Stephan. Whilst observing last week with some members of the local astro society, we talked about how much conditions can change over the course of a session. Objects that seem dull can become bright and impressive 20 mins or an hour later. Always pays to revisit!
  5. 4mm Ortho

    Very interesting! I just picked up a 7mm Meade RG Ortho. I’ve been told that I’m now allowed to play with it until my birthday though My eyepiece collection is turning into a collection of wide fields for DSOs and orthos for planetary and doubles. The SLVs almost sound too good to be true. Ortho performance and good eye relief!
  6. 4mm Ortho

    Thank you, John. Excellent review! Your reports on seeing Titan last year are the inspiration for this eyepiece purchase! A 4mm gives me 300x in my dob which should be enough...I hope! I’m managing a 5mm BGO pretty well in a manual dob. The short eye relief on the 4mm was something that was on my mind though. It was this report on CN that prompted my thinking on the UO ortho: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/588856-tak-toe-4mm-vs-the-world/
  7. 4mm Ortho

    Thank you. Definitely helps! The SLVs seem to be popular. I’ll have to do some digging. Would be interesting to see if anyone has done any side by side testing of a SLV with a traditional Ortho
  8. 4mm Ortho

    Thank you, Gerry. I was wondering whether the volcano top UO Ortho was also one to watch for. Sounds like it’s a bit of luck of the draw as to whether you get a good copy or not. That’s the nice thing about orthos though, low cost so not a big deal to pick up a few to try The results you have with the H130 never ceases to amaze me. If I find myself looking for a travel scope to go abroad with then I think it’d be the H130 every time! Vixen are releasing a 3.4mm in the HR range so there’s hope for some longer FLs in the future
  9. 4mm Ortho

    I’ve decided to get myself a 4mm Ortho to give me another step up in magnification for double stars and planetary. A 5mm BGO is currently my highest mag eyepiece. A bit of reading around suggests the University Optics HD Ortho in 4mm is particularly good. Anyone have experience with this eyepiece or have suggestions of other Orthos to look for? It’s good to have a few options when looking secondhand
  10. The struggle with M 101

    Just went back and saw the pic! Awesome! Had a look through an 18” dob for the first time this week. Amazing and the skies weren’t that good that night!
  11. The struggle with M 101

    Awesome reports, Calvin! What scope were you using? Purple haze from M51! You really hit the jackpot that night!
  12. The struggle with M 101

    I’ve had this same struggle. Darker skies was the answer to seeing it. Here’s the thread I started last year asking a similar question
  13. Jupiter - Good seeing tonight 20-04-18

    lol I will almost be greatful for some cloud and an early night. Last 2 nights I’ve told myself just a quick session and then stayed out for 2 hours or more!
  14. Jupiter - Good seeing tonight 20-04-18

    Well that makes 5 consecutive nights observing for me. Absolutely knackered but it’s been absolutely awesome. Tuesday night at the dark site was the best night but every night has been fun. Long may it continue!
  15. The seeing seems to be really good tonight. I’ve gotten so used to Jupiter being a wobbly mess that I’d forgotten how stunning it is when the seeing is good. Loads of detail to be seen. Just a shame the GRS isn’t on display. Give it a look if you’re up