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  1. Littleguy80

    Balancing on the lid of the Teapot

    On returning to Mars and Saturn, the seeing had improved but still wasn’t great. I had the Cassini Division and at least 4 moons. On Mars, I could pick out darker regions. I believe this was Valles Marineris, assuming SkySafari is accurate. Still over a month until opposition too!
  2. I've been considering getting a RACI finder scope for my dob to replace the straight through 9x50 finder scope. One thought that occurred to me this evening is that I have an ES68 24mm eyepiece that isn't seeing much use now. Could I use this in a finder scope? I believe you can get RACI finders that take a 1.25" eyepiece? Could anyone recommend such a finder or offer thoughts/advice on this type of set up please? Does this give much benefit in practise versus a standard RACI?
  3. Littleguy80

    Balancing on the lid of the Teapot

    Had to stay up late for work tonight, just from home, so popped out for a quick session. Saturn and Mars to start with, seeing wasn't great but still very enjoyable. After that I cruised around Sagittarius with the 20mm, picking up M22, M24, M25, M16, M17 and M8. There were others but those we the ones I lingered on. It was really nice because I found everything from memory. No referring to SkySafari or anything else. When I get done with work, I'll grab another look at Mars when it's a bit higher
  4. Littleguy80

    Wanted: 8 or 9 x 50mm RACI Finder

    Hi @chaz2b, if @david o isn’t interested for any reason then I would be. Only if David doesn’t want it though. I don’t want him to miss out on his own wanted post!
  5. Littleguy80

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    Thank you The observering came from here: http://r-sky.org/en/products/observing-hood It’s quite popular amongst SGL members here. There’s a good member’s review thread:
  6. What a service! Thanks Grant. Much appreciated as always
  7. Not sure if this started since the upgrade but have noticed some odd behaviour on iOS with pictures not being properly scaled. See screenshot below as an example:
  8. Littleguy80

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    Thanks, Doug. I guess I’ve made my mark here. As this thread shows, I have many deep and meaningful thoughts on the wonders of the cosmos to share....
  9. Littleguy80

    Jupiter: NEB happenings

    Recent views of Jupiter have been fantastic. I called my wife out to see the GRS this evening. She had no trouble seeing it which was her first time. A really distinct orange colour compared to the rest of the planet. I’ve been enjoying those two festoons too. I feel like they may be getting bigger. I seemed to be able to follow them further towards the centre of the planet compared to other sightings.
  10. Littleguy80

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    14 years of marriage have managed her expectations of what I’m prepared to do to get a laugh She refers to me as her fifth child instead of her husband
  11. Littleguy80

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    I still have my Minion onesie in reserve Great stuff, Doug. You’ve kept me entertained If anyone on here has an interest in astronomy as well as fashion, there are some great views of the GRS right now!
  12. Littleguy80

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    My onesie are actually my standard observing attire when at home. Heck, I even do the school run in them. Every now and then my wife tries to have me committed
  13. Littleguy80

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    Red knock off crocs of course! What else would go with a monkey onesie and an eyepatch?!?
  14. Littleguy80

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    If you say so, Doug...
  15. Littleguy80

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    See you on the catwalk, Doug!

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