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  1. Nutritional information provided below. The views through the eyepiece are pretty sweet
  2. Hi Col, There’s a maxvision 40mm 68 degree eyepiece, which I believe is optically the same as this, currently for sale. You could use that as a guide.
  3. Price dropped to £185 with Royal Mail special delivery. I can be persuaded to include the can of beans
  4. I bought a tin of beans for the traditional big eyepiece and beans picture. Picture taken in daylight to more clearly show condition of eyepiece as I suspect mention of the minor marks may be putting people off. I also wanted to mention that this does work well with my 80mm frac too. Superb views of the entire veil with an OIII filter. This is an excellent affordable alternative to the 31mm Nagler Type 5.
  5. Posted on ABS too. Will accept close offers from SGL Members though.
  6. The eyepiece comes with the original box and end caps. There are some minor marks in the paintwork shown in the pictures. New price from FLO is £309 plus shipping. £185 which includes Royal Mail Special Delivery. Excellent eyepiece which has served me well. Got my first Horse Head observation using this. This eyepiece has been a crowd pleaser at my astro society, particularly when viewing Andromeda with M32 and M110 in my 10” dob.
  7. For an introduction to affordable high quality eyepieces, you can't beat orthos. If you want to push your observations to the limits on faint objects then orthos are the way to go. I did some comparisons of my 5mm Baader Genuine Ortho vs my 5mm Pentax XW. The BGO had a very small edge in contrast but felt much harder work to use with the small FOV and short eye relief. The result is that the XW is my first choice in most cases. However, if I'm struggling to pick something out then the orthos come out. That's why there's a 9mm BGO that sits next to the 10mm Delos.
  8. My frac has only really been used for white solar in recent months. It was still clear around 11:30pm when Mrs LG went to bed so decided to take the frac out. Started out playing around finding the Messier clusters in Auriga, then the Eskimo. Had a real battle to see anything of M51 but thoroughly enjoyed that challenge. After that I decided it was time for the Moon. Used the Nag zoom then switched to the Vixen HR 3.4mm as the seeing looked good. Really lovely crisp views. I’d forgotten how good this little scope is. It was only when I went inside for another eyepiece that I even realised it w
  9. If you’re quick https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=171636
  10. cheers for the heads up on a second edition for affinity photo guide just placed my order with Dave so can't wait till it arrives 

    1. Littleguy80


      No worries. I found the first edition really helpful. Looking forward to getting the second edition too. Will be good to learn about the new astro features in there :) 

    2. fozzybear


      my copy turned up today fast delivery as only posted out Saturday. Normally around 3 weeks from the UK so maybe things getting better with the postal service

    3. Littleguy80


      Excellent. Mine arrived on Monday so was pleased with that. Looks really good. Looking forward to getting stuck into the new features :) 

  11. I think it depends on how you like to learn. There are example images you can download and then follow the guide to process them. I found this to be a really good way to learn the different tools and techniques. The new edition does cover the new astro features
  12. Yep. Just send me a private message with your address and I’ll pop it in the post for you.
  13. I’ve just preordered the second edition of this book. I’ve found it to be very helpful. Offering it up to anyone who would like it.
  14. I thought it would be fun to find all the iterations of my eyepiece case on this thread. The first version for my first telescope, a SkyWatcher 130M on EQ2. There was even room for a red light torch in those days. The arrival of a 10” dob led to the first major rework and a couple of 100 degree eyepieces. There was still room for the Telrad though. Things really took off after that. It became a world of widefields and orthos. A decidedly fuller case now! Finally my most recent rework. I don’t think there’ll be anymore major reworks but never say never!
  15. Thanks Piero! The 2” conversion resolved all the issues I’d had with my eyepieces reaching focus with the VIP in my both by Dob and Frac. Big thanks to you and @YKSE for this great tip.
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