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  1. Looks like its paid off, Some nice detail in the image, Nice thing about HA filters they allows you to get some telescope time when the moons out and about. You must pleased for a first attempt. Well done Paul
  2. I would be well chuffed with what you have achieved, Three very nice captures indeed. Well done Paul
  3. Great improvement over the last take on it, Shame about the weather, none the less a much smoother with better colors. As Peter said, excellent control of Alnitak. Well done, Paul
  4. That's come out lovely, Probably one of the most photographed double clusters in the sky, And for good reason, very subtle processing has made for a nice rendition of these clusters well done. Paul
  5. Nicely done, this ones a first for me, As you say, not often photographed,. Thanks for sharing, Well done Paul
  6. You must pleased, I know i would be , The colors, detail, and processing , are very nice. Well done Paul
  7. Shame about the clouds, That being said, that's come out well for 3 subs, Hopefully you will be able to add more data to it soon. Paul
  8. That' a cracking image, very nice depth, colors, detail, and processing what's not to like Well done Paul
  9. That's up close and and personal, Liking the detail very much, the only criticism is the color, Every thing has a mauve type cast, not sure what would be causing it . Hope you don't mind I hade a very quick play in PI and come up with this photo. but because it has already been streched I couldn't do a lot more to it. I would run it through your software again and have another play, It looks like you have some nice data there. well done Paul
  10. That's come out a treat, Nice to see that area in all its glory, Looking forward to your next wide field. well done Paul
  11. That's quite a mosaic you have there and nicely done to, I Don't very often see southern images on here and makes a nice change from the norm. well done Paul
  12. Super image of a target I have never seen before, Liking the colors and processing very much. Well done Paul
  13. Very nice indeed Emil, I'm liking the second image more, it appears sharper and more contrast, and for me give a more moody feel to the whole image. Welcome to narrow band imaging, and a spectacular 1st shot with it. well done Paul.
  14. Hi Everyone, I was caught snoozing on this target on Saturday night. Checked outside just after 6pm as all the apps and forecasts said it was yet going to be another night of cloud/frost rain and just about everything else apart from a clear sky, Imagine my surprise when putting some rubbish out at 7pm and it was clear Having not imaged for months due to the above, i was over keen to get imaging Shear panic set in with the rush of maybe acquiring some heavenly photons lol. Anyway this unfortunately is only 13 x 7minute subs taken with asi294 pro osc with my newly acquired optolong extreme filter. dithered and guided. needed at least double the subs to get it looking more like it should, hey ho, got to work with what you get I suppose. thanks for looking , clear skies everyone. Paul
  15. Sometimes less is more, love both images in mono, The starless one to me adds a more mysterious feel to it, Nicely captured and processed Adam. well done Paul
  16. Very nice Bob, Have to admit I think this is the first time I have seen this one. nicely captured and processed. Paul
  17. A wall hanger for sure Richard, Combing the data from previous sessions has made for a very detailed deep image That one can not stop looking at. superbly processed . well done Paul
  18. Nice catch on these, i see you have what looks like a piece of thin plastic to take up the 1mm slack on the diameter of the lens, good idea I have just purchased two of the rings and some self adhesive felt off Amazon. Thanks for sharing the info Paul
  19. Congratulations on your new scope she looks a beauty, remarkably you managed to get a few hours under the stars with it, Mind you by doing so you put the rest of the UK in clouds lol Hopefully, you will be posting some eye candy with you new scope some time soon, fingers crossed. Very nice first light by the way, keep um coming. Paul
  20. Very nice capture, loving contrast the filter is giving, did you have to increase exposure times with the your new filter or was it about the same as normal. well done Paul
  21. I know what you mean, But don't drive yourself nuts over it, its easy to catch processing madness lol. Paul
  22. A bit late in the year for this guy, but what seems like a absolute age ago I took this, I have done some tweaks to to it, to present here, Taken at the beginning of July with a modified Canon 1100 D with astronomic cls clip filter Scope was a SW 8 inch quattro Mount was the SW EQ6 guided total 36 minutes of exposures if some one fancy's having ago at processing the image, I have put it up as a FTS file complete with hot pixels, dust bunnies , gradients and light pollution lol not for the faint of heart. Please submit on here if your up for a challenge Thanks for looking Paul Autosave002.fts
  23. Killer camera and scope combo , Loving the image, the only thing I would say, and this is obviously personal preference, where you have gone quiet deep with your setup, the Galaxy looks a little washed out as there is so much lum / brightness , detail and resolution are out standing and the colors are great. well done Paul
  24. There are some nice images in that collection, Monkey head and north America nebulas are my favorites. Not sure why but M31 and m45, the stars look quite bloated did you mix the color data with a much lower resolution. Otherwise Nice pics Well done Paul
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