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  1. I was specifically looking at CLS-CCD, I think the L-Enhance is very narrow band?
  2. Hi I want to replace my UV/IR block filter with a CLS-CCD as I want to reduce as much light pollution as possible. However the pricing variation is pretty massive: Altair Astro - £80 Optolong - £108 Astronomik - £179 I can't see the Astronomik being 2 times better than the Altair. Any opinions?
  3. After the embarrassment of posting someone elses (test) data accidentally, I took the opportunity to get some more lights on M33 last night. Pretty happy with the result so far. This is 100% all mine this time I promise. M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Tuned Skywatcher Esprit 80 ASI294 MC Pro Orion 50mm Guide Scope Orion Starshooter Polemaster 70 x 120S lights @ 120gain 40 x Darks 40 x Flats 40 x Bias M33 Final V1 Web by Andy Thilo, on Flickr
  4. This one 100% is mine :D, just a quick and dirty edit in PI with LR tweaks M33 Final V1 Web by Andy Thilo, on Flickr
  5. My rig is running at the moment. Tested different combinations of exposure times/gain. Didn’t see much difference tbh with autostretch in APT. Hopefully have another 60 subs this evening to add to the 30 I already have. See how that helps. Seems M33 is pretty dim though? Especially compared to Andromeda.
  6. Mystery solved, I had captured M33. Only problem is, like an idiot I didn't check the lights directory when stacking in PI and used some test subs from M51. So it wasn't my photo :(, deleted it now. I processed my M33 and need more time on it, there's not a lot of detail. Think I need to take longer subs with lower gain, maybe unity (120) @ 240secs. Hope to get out tonight to get some.
  7. Can an admin or mod delete this post please? It’s not my data, I screwed up and accidentally used some test data when I batch processed in PI. I did take images of M33. Sorry everyone, feel like a fraud
  8. Well now I'm even more confused. I just checked the APT log. 2019/12/02 18:16:02 (UT 2019/12/02 18:16:02) Op PointCraft: Image solved in 6s using 420 stars 2019/12/02 18:16:02 (UT 2019/12/02 18:16:02) Op PointCraft: Detected FOV size (arc-minutes) - 161.03 x 109.66 2019/12/02 18:16:02 (UT 2019/12/02 18:16:02) DBG PointCraft: Found Ra 1.5639353935, Dec 30.6594658445 2019/12/02 18:16:02 (UT 2019/12/02 18:16:02) Op PointCraft: Successful centering! Target is in 3 pixels. 2019/12/02 18:16:03 (UT 2019/12/02 18:16:03) Op Settling after GoTo or Rotation change. Those RA/DEC figures are for M33. In fact M51 wasn't even visible, it's barely above the horizon. So how do I have a photo of M51..... I'm so confused right now.
  9. Well I was supposed to be photographing M33 haha. Thought it looked a bit small in APT's stretch
  10. Selling my 60D which has had the front filter removed. Body is in superb condition with only 3653 shutter actuations. Includes 2 x genuine Canon batteries which hold good charge, mains charger, 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro SD card, Optolong CLS-CCD clip in filter and 48mm T-ring adaptor. There is a fault with the screen rotation so when the screen is showing on the back of the camera, it's upside down. However when flipped out it's fine. Might be an easy fix and I believe something to do with the microswitch in the hinge. I captured my first ever DSO with it as shown. £300 for everything inc postage. Paypal or BT.
  11. Not only that, a larger size sensor with less MP in theory has less noise.
  12. I understand what you're saying, I guess it's why people have multiple scopes. Widefield for Andromeda/Orion, Deep for Dumbbell etc.. At the moment I have my Esprit 80, maybe in the future I can get another or sell the 80 and get a wider one and longer one.
  13. I guess my main point was the cost. To add a filter wheel and 3 dedicated filters if not financially possible for me at the moment. Obviously in the future I'd like to go full narrowband, but as I've only just started, I need something I can grow with and is easy. I would have stuck with my 60D if it weren't for the fact I got the 294MC Pro for effectively £350. I'm not sure I follow with the 'fit on any chip'. The object size in the frame is related to the sensor size and focal length of the scope.
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