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  1. Anyone got one for sale?
  2. Hi Trying to figure out backfocus spacing availability for a Edge HD 8" with Moonlite CHL focuser. Anyone measured what's available both with and without the reducer? Any photos of setups would be great please Thanks Andy
  3. Bob says they’re M3 x 12. Bit weird that they’re metric and not imperial.
  4. I want the original screws though, I have Bobs Knobs, I want rid of them
  5. Hi Anyone know the size of the collimating screws in the secondary mirror? My scope came with Bobs Knobs but I want to replace them with the original screws which unfortunately didn't come with the scope (it was 2nd hand). Thanks Andy
  6. I'm considering the ESATTO, seems like a great solution and far cheaper than a Moonlite with motor. Only thing is I'd have to get an Orion TOAG to replace my Celestron OAG to save backfocus. What's the general consensus on the ESATTO with and without a reducer on the Edge 8"?
  7. Yeah the 290MM might be an excellent planetary/guide scope camera, but it sucks for OAG. Can't see any planets from where I live anyway so no loss :D.
  8. Long shot, anyone using the above combo? I don't think the size of the Edge makes a difference. Wondering how you setup focusing in NINA? Backlash, settings, step sizes etc..?
  9. Final update, success! Sold the ZWO OAG and my 290MM and bought a Celestron OAG and a 174 mini. I was careful setting up to get my measurements right and not block the 294's sensor and last night used it for the first time. Focusing the 174 was so easy, I focused the main scope on Arcturus, synced my mount and plate solved in NINA. Then in Stellarium, I moved slewed the mount so the OAG would see Arcturus and focused the 174. I started imaging M94 and was having trouble with guide stars but soon realised I needed a brighter star to guide on. The 174 shows a huge FOV in PHD2, very impressed and so easy to focus compared to the 290MM. TBH I originally ordered a 290mini but the supplier sent me a MM as the minis were out of stock.
  10. Apparently an ERF isn’t needed at 80mm but using a 2” uv/ir filter doesn’t cost much. This needs to go in front of the diagonal.
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