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  1. That would play well with a quark, where abouts are you?
  2. Just had a look at some of your images, real stunners there with the 12" newt, love them
  3. Cheers, I know it's not everyone's thing but makes a change when you've done it in mono many times
  4. Crater Copernicus 93km wide. Love the ejecta ray pattern from it. Taken last night Mak 180 Fuji Xt2 Televeue 2.5x powermate 250 frames stacked
  5. I found that my 533 always has a green bias and do the same as Magnum which pretty much neutralizes the colours with a tweak in photoshop
  6. Been a while since doing any lunar, had a nice clear evening so thought I'd pull out the 180 mak ZWo224mc 130 frames
  7. I prefer A with the stars less prominent
  8. Haven't used mine for a while but this is an image from 5 years ago with a Meade f6.3 reducer
  9. looking for an Orion or ZWO version 2 slim oag with all accessories
  10. Baader 1.25" oiii visual filter #2458395 excellent condition £50 plus £3 postage Astronomik clip filter to 2" M48 adaptor, New unused, use your clip filter in a 2" fitting on a scope £15 pl £1.80 postage---SOLD---
  11. the little scope and camera have done very well for the exposure time, another 90 minutes would have been better, i'll try again if it clears this week
  12. thanks, just the wrong end of the season to get much more time on it and our weather doesn't help
  13. First light for my Sharpstar 61 mk2. A very short session when the clouds cleared, just 90 mins (18x5) integration with a ZWo 533mc
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