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  1. As an update on the 180 MAK I'm quite pleased with this 200 frame stack
  2. A 3 pane mosaic each or 65 frames Skymax 180 Fujifilm Xt2
  3. if dimmed the background and taken down the blue which i think looks better
  4. I agree that less stars would look better, i just grabbed the first one i had but i think i have more suitable ones. As a concept i think it adds a nice contextual background. The only time I have seen stars around the Moon was during an eclipse and we know they are there just cant see them. I will play a bit more with the technique, this was a first go.
  5. Full Moon from last night overlaid on a background star scape of mine. Not sure about this, first time i've tried it and I guess it's a marmite technique. Fuji Xt2 skymax 180, 6 pane mosaic
  6. thank you, might be a bit flat tonight
  7. 6 pane mosaic each of 250 frames with my fuji xt2 and skymax180
  8. Don't try this till you have a tracker, shorter focal lengths are more forgiving on tracking. A Pentax M135 f3.5 is pretty good and very cheap. you can then get a pentax to canon adaptor.
  9. Zoom lenses tend not to be that great for our purpose. You'd be better off with a prime lens. to give you an idea this shot was with an old M42 Zeiss 135mm f3.5 lens on a tracker mount and stacking frames. A Tamron 90mm macro f2.5 the older is a very flat field lens. You don't need autofocus and i'm sure there'll be a lot more lens recomendations..
  10. This is my best Hi res shot to date, taken with a skymax 180 zwo224 & 2.5x power mate 100 frames stacked
  11. Come through nicely, I was on this last night just in HA
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