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  1. Yes it is quite a good crop and I used an Optolong L- enhance filter on loan from a friend
  2. I suspect internal reflections, I'll have to check. I use the focuser and reducer on other scopes with no issue's. Could be something shiny in there.
  3. Close up of the Horsehead Nebula, tricky being a dark object against, well more dark space. I originally took 12 exposures and just wasn't enough so added more back in 2016. processed today. The swirly rings are from some reflections, The old coatings are degrading on the scope which doesn't help but not too distracting. Taken In HA though an old Meade LX6 8" f6.3 sct reduced to f5. 31x600 second exposures Arik One-1 Baader 7nm HA. #atikcameras #meade
  4. maybe I'll stick with what I've got, I had seen the Baader 3.5nm but wasn't sure myself
  5. Thanks Peter, The Baader filter has done a good job. I have been wondering about the 3nm Antlia but I'm quite happy with this so far.
  6. Horsehead and Flame nebula in Orion. Taken last year but only processed today. It's 21 x 600 second exposures (3.5hrs) Baader 7nm HA, Atik one-6 camera, Meade 127mm s5000 triplet. #atikcameras #meade
  7. OOh these are nice, just trying to see if I'd benefit changing my HA 7nm Baader for one of these. Thanks for doing the comparison
  8. thanks Lee, quite happy with the filter and yes a good find when you can't do any imaging
  9. ok cheers. I'm quite happy with the Baader, but you always wonder what the improvement would be. I have another hobby which has to share the time and Money too. Pretty easy at the moment with the rather rubbish weather we've been having
  10. Thanks Mike. I've just looked at your link, great set of widefield images. How do you find the 5nm Astrodon compared to the Baaders
  11. I found a file from September 20th last year I hadn't processed. It's the region around the star Sadr in Cygnus with the Crescent nebula. Taken in Hydrogen Alpha 41 x 5 min exposures (3hrs 25.mins) Samyang 135mm @f2.4 Atik One-6 camera, Baader 7nm HA filter. Pretty much as wide a field as I can get. #atikcameras #samyang135
  12. they are stunning images, would love to get 147
  13. It's amazing just how large some of these objects are. I think the camera has done well for only 2 hrs, wonder how much better it would be with another hour or two.
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