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  1. I have both, the 3x is 3 cms longer. Looking through them they optically not the same
  2. First light of a secondhand OMC140 which I had to take apart and clean, sure the dead fly wasn't going to help. 2 panels single frames with a fuji XT2
  3. Swift delivery of the rings, super well packed, thanks John
  4. As an update, my sensible side was caught napping and the "gun hoe - lets spend some cash" side of the brain bought the 180 Mak today. I'm mad, it's lovely and now the clouds are here. Oh well there's a season ahead to see how things pan out.
  5. i thought i'd have a little go on the Moon with a rather dusty omc140 I bought last month, bit of cloud now though
  6. Hardly used in excellent condition. It's a very substantial bit of kit. I have an OAG on the camera so really haven't used this much. Looking over it I can't see any signs of use. They are around £130 new. £80 plus £5 towards postage
  7. looks good, just itching to know how it performs, if it's good they might start selling a few.
  8. Hi Dave thanks for your input. I had pretty much decided on not getting the Mak till a few more conversations which has me back on the fence. It's to do with our turbulent seeing conditions in the UK and that a smaller scope could cope better, where a larger one can amplify the poor seeing effect which I understand. I'm lucky in as much that I can still keep the C9.25 if I bought the MAK. Pity I can't just borrow it but that's not generally how sales work. I like the focus mod on the one in the sales section, quite neat. I tend to swap a Moonlite between my 2 SCT's. I'll sleep on it again but I know the seller wants to move it on soon.
  9. A reply from ens said they used one in a mak newt at jellingcand is was a good eyepiece. Not very conclusive and couldn't find anyone else that had looked through one. Still interested to know.
  10. Ok my sensible side has won I'll save my money and play with what I have.
  11. Trouble is I'm not sure I have the weather to get the use out of the ones I've got. Just a shame that my local friends don't have one I could try....
  12. savers & spenders......I'm not unhappy with the images I get from the sct, here's one. Maybe a should stick with it and keep pushing...............still thinking
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