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  1. Another go with the Samyang 135 on my Fuji Xt2 with an Altair triband filter 22 x 4 mins @ f2.4 iso 2000
  2. For various reasons I've not been able to compare the 2 scopes. I hope to get set up for Mars and I suspect aperture will win there
  3. very nice, i've just done the same with a samyang 135, good to see a comparison
  4. framing was pure luck as the ccd body was bolted down, just received a lens collar so hopefully will get rotation. Hope you get good results with the redcat, what a nice loan.
  5. cheers Dave, I'd been on the fence for ages about this lens, how much use would it get for the price but i'm really pleased with it and will probably use it more than I first thought. Stepdown rings have been suggested to get rid of the star spikes, I don't find them too obtrusive but it's an option. Not sure what size ring to knock it down half or 1 stop.
  6. I finally worked out how to get this attached to my Atik One-6. The main issue is back focus. I bought a ZWO canon/M42 adaptor and had to take some of the thread off in the lathe. This still didn't quite reach focus and a friend told me about the infinity stop adjustment. I can now get to focus, yey, although I will buy one the the bayonet replacement to m48 when FLO have them in stock as I think this will make a more rigid connection. Processing is what I could remember and this is the result of 14x10 mins HA @F2.8 I'm happy with this and that the lens is good
  7. Thank you. I'm pleased with the star shapes and that it gives a decent image at f2, not many lenses are good wide open. Might try f2.8 and will do calibration frames next but pleased what an unmodded camera has picked up. I was on the fence for ages but glad i bought one
  8. Agree, it was more of a test of flatness of field.
  9. It's a start after the summer shut down. I'be been itching to try one of these lenses so bought I used to see how they are. This is the first test on an astrotrac mount. 10 x 120 second exposures on my regular Fuji Xt2 no calibration frames. Idas LP filter
  10. this adaptor looks to solve a couple of problems, I don't have the lens but this makes it more versatile
  11. As an update on the 180 MAK I'm quite pleased with this 200 frame stack
  12. A 3 pane mosaic each or 65 frames Skymax 180 Fujifilm Xt2
  13. if dimmed the background and taken down the blue which i think looks better
  14. I agree that less stars would look better, i just grabbed the first one i had but i think i have more suitable ones. As a concept i think it adds a nice contextual background. The only time I have seen stars around the Moon was during an eclipse and we know they are there just cant see them. I will play a bit more with the technique, this was a first go.
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