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  1. Sunday was clear so out with some scopes. This was with the omc140 and fuji xt2 camera. 2 panes each of 115 stacked video frames.
  2. We went 3 years ago and didn't see the lights. Very stormy weather.
  3. it was a couple of hour window in the clouds, normally its what you had.
  4. I did make a change to be clear for an event
  5. My shot of the eclispe with a Skymax 127 Fuji Xt2 2 panes each of 200 frames stacked
  6. Almost full Moon tonight, Xt2 on an OMC140 ,2 x 30 second videos shot, converted to avi then the best 150 frames were stacked and stitched together
  7. Thanks you. Just seeing what I can get out of my Fuji camera to see if it's a worth while Luna tool. Itching to try the ZWO224 when the weather allows
  8. Hi Steve, The colour is there with just increased levels of saturation. In photoshop or any software that allows layers. This only had 5 saturation layers each one a copy of the previous. Can't tell you my settings as I can't remember, still fiddling around. The colour ads a new dimension for me, just the weather has really interfered with my new found enthusiasm.
  9. Another shot with the fuji/mak combo. It was just to see how well a mirrorless camera in video mode work work out. Not to shabby compared to an astro camera. 600 frames stacked
  10. A bit more experimenting with colour saturation. 500 frames fujifilm xt2 on my skymax 180
  11. I had a mn78. Stunning views but long and heavy.
  12. Thanks guys. I've quite enjoyed doing something new. The weather hasn't helped though, have to wait till next time.
  13. Having seen some of the lovely saturated colour Luna images I wanted to have a go. It ads a new dimension to the images and whilst some people wont like it, some will and that's fine. I'm quite pleased with this attempt and will experiment further with this technique. Fuji Xt-1 and 127mm scope
  14. Looking to try some lunar colour. I love the punch of the last image just the blue is a bit too bright for me.
  15. Great to here of some real world use, sounds quite reasonable for the money. Easy eye placement can be a real help when doing outreach.
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